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Thread: Planet Tarturus

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    Eris & Hebe

    When Zeus left Mount Olympus, it eventually fell. Without his leadership, the gods turned on each other and Hera proved to be the wrong person to lead them. Not that she'd ever admit that. Instead, it was all Zeus' fault and Hera was determined to get him back for it. Even if it took centuries. Eris and Hebe had survived the downfall and had stayed close to their mother. Eris hated her father now as much as Hera always had. While she had always been closer to Hera, it wasn't until the downfall did she actually hate him. It was his fault, he had abandoned them. It had taken some time but Hera had finally learned where he had gone. He was calling himself Cid in this Bright Universe and...he had a new family. That angered Eris, he replaced them. Sure, he called Optimus his nephew, not his son, but still...Hebe didn't hate her father, not like Eris and Hera did. She still had love for him but she never told them. They would say it was childish to love a man who had left them all, had replaced them with a new family. Perhaps it was but Hebe was always a little too naive. She wanted to hear his side of the story. Why he left them...Why he had a new family...Why he never came for them...Until, she talked to Zeus, she would not hate him. But Hebe knew to keep those thoughts to herself. She was weaker then Eris and Mother would not protect her if she knew what Hebe was thinking. Eris had been the one to save Hebe's life during the downfall, Hera would have left her for dead. She was always Hera's weakest child. Hebe did not like Planet Tartusus at all. It was dark, it felt evil....Far worse then place in the Underworld her uncle Hades would send the horrible souls. She wrapped her arms around herself as she and Eris followed their mother. Hera was in the lead and like good daughters, they were a few paces behind her. They were here for a wedding but Hebe didn't see it as a joyous occasion, not like how most weddings were.

    "Eris....I don't like this planet."

    Hebe whispered and shivered when some monster hissed at her. Eris glared at the monster and replied quietly to her sister.

    "You'll be fine. I won't let the beasts touch you."

    Since the downfall, Hebe was the only sibling she had left. Eris felt closer to her now then she had in the past. She still thought Hebe was weak but it was nice to have someone then just Hera around. Plus, Hebe did all the chores, which Eris approved of. Eris added with a smirk.

    "Just be glad this god we're meeting already has a bride."


    Hebe asked, having a feeling she wouldn't like her sister's explanation. Which she didn't.

    "Mother was thinking of offering you up to him."

    Hebe's mouth dropped open in shock.

    "Are you serious?"

    Eris nodded her head and Hebe wrapped her arms tighter against her chest. She definitely wouldn't want to be a possible bride to the god who thought this place made a good home.

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    Eris wasn't just picking on Hebe, it was true. Hera had been all set to offer up her younger daughter to Lissix. It had taken Hera time but she had finally found Zeus, he called himself Cid now and he had a new family. A fact that Hera reminded her daughters about every chance she got. Zeus was giving the love they deserved to Optimus and his family instead. The problem with her husband was that he was almost impossible to kill. He had been the strongest of the Olympian Gods and she knew that time hadn't changed his strength. She and others had a tried to kill him and had always failed. She needed help and Lissix seemed like the perfect god to seek out. Hera figured if she and her girls helped him, he would help her. She'd let him torture Zeus, surely that would be fun for him. After all, didn't this god enjoy seeing how much one would suffer before begging for death? She didn't even have to do the killing blow, she just wanted to see the life leave that jerk's eyes. It was his fault, he had left them and Mount Olympus had fallen. She tried to hold it together but it was impossible. At least, that was how Hera remembered it. She would never admit that anything was her fault in the downfall. It was the absent king's fault instead. She might be a queen without a kingdom now but Hera still acted as a queen. She walked like a queen and talked like one as well. To anyone who saw it her, there was no doubt this woman was royalty.

    "I am Hera, the Olympian Goddess of Marriage. I am here with my daughters, Eris and Hebe, to bless the union of Lissix and Melicchior."

    She told the guard. She was here to offer a blessing but also to talk to Lissix and make him an ally. She wanted Zeus dead and she didn't care how many people she had to help this god kill to get it.
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    Mellicchior was relishing her role as a bride, and she was taking her time to get everything just the way she wanted it. When one of her ice sculptures, which her father had said were foolish for her to insist on having, started to melt, she had ordered the slave from the glacial planet Crustus, beaten for not keeping the ice cold enough. In fact, the Crustusi slaves that her father had given to her as a wedding present were her favorite form of entertainment. They had the ability to draw cold out of thin air, but they required that there be a little bit of moisture in the air which was something that Tarturus had in short supply.

    Guests had started to arrive, and Melicchior was delighted that many of them had the smarts to genuflect to her. Many offered her presents of slaves, wealth, and weapons, but Melicchior was growing bored. She desired a witty repartee with someone she considered her equal, which is why when she heard that Hera and her daughters had arrived, she ordered that Hera be brought before her before they could see her groom. Lissix would just have to deal with it.

    On the other end of the planet, Lissix was busy in his torture chambers. He had several generals of his new army trained, so he had sent them out to beging procurring souls. He would need the souls for the training of the rest of his army. Plus, he needed to regain his powers as quickly as he could. He could sense something big was happening. He had heard rumblings that many of the First, those dreadful beings that had caused him headaches over and over again, were starting to make themselves known again. These First were just like cockroaches, they were pests that made a mess and destroyed so much, but when it came time to wipe them out, they were really good at finding a hiding spot. Well, Lissix just knew that the time was coming when the First would have no where else to hide. It was coming to the time when they would all be exterminated as the vermin they were.
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    Hera had no interest in meeting with Mellicchior but she was a guest on this planet and a good guest did not upset one's host. Especially when the host's father was Lucifer and her soon to be husband was a god that Hera wanted to make an alliance with. Hera could be charming when she wanted to be and knew how this type of game worked. She had played it plenty of times in the past. She and her daughters followed the guard to Mellicchior's room and gave the bride a smile.

    "Mellicchior, congratulations on your wedding."

    Hera knew it would be stupid to arrive at a wedding without offering a present and snapped her finger for Hebe to present one of the two wedding gifts they had brought. It was a small box but inside Mellicchior would find a blood red ruby pendant that was held on a black gold necklace. For Lissix, Hera had a matching pair of handcuffs but she would give that to him when she met with him.
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    Eris & Hebe

    Eris and Hebe followed the guard and their mother to Mellicchior's room. Hebe knew that every bride was supposed to be beautiful on her day but...That didn't seem to apply to this bride. Not that she'd ever say such a thing. Both young goddesses played the role of the good daughters, letting their mother doing the talking and not speaking unless they were spoken to. When Hera offered her congratulations, both spoke up.

    "Yes, congratulations."

    Eris said first.

    "Congratulations, may your union be very blessed."

    Hebe added quietly and looked at the floor until her mother snapped her finger to present Mellicchior's present. She stepped forward and held out the small, wrapped box. She looked at the ground. One to show respect to her host but also so she didn't have look into the bride's face either. She was very ugly and...Hebe thought the floor was much better too look at.
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    Mellicchior wanted to slap all three of the gods silly for the sheer fun of it. She despised all pretty things because when creatures, be their humans, gods or other sentient beings, thought they were beautiful, they were likely to expect that those they deemed less beautiful than they would grovel at their feet. But Melicchiior was not one to grovel to anyone except her parents: Lucifer was terrifying by his reputation, but Beelzebub was truly terrifying by her actions. In fact, her behavior was so disgusting, as was her appearance, that everyone who only knew of her from stories assumed that she was a male demon. After all, females of any species were normally assumed to be the lesser, more gentle and more beautiful of the species. But, Beelzebub also acted like she was a male. The only thing that ever gave her gender away was when she gave birth to Melicchior and her brothers.

    Hera's offering both in words and in material gift brought Melicchior's attention back to the present. She nodded at Hera's words and rasped her thanks in her most creepy serpentine voice. She did that for Eris and Hebe's benefit. While Eris seemed to be indifferent, Melicchior could tell that Hebe was truly unnerved by the bride.

    "I thank you for your blessings, all three of you. Now, leave me. I have to continue to get ready. Oh, the manner of things we women must do to look our best for our special day."

    Lissix, on the other hand, was no more concerned with getting ready as he was of any underhanded scheme that Lucifer might be playing in regards to his marriage. If Lucifer thought that he had the upper hand in this arrangement, Lissix would soon correct his mistaken assumption. It was true that he needed this alliance to restore his army and his power, but even drained as he had been, he was always going to be a match for a demon, no matter how high ranked that demon was. As he thought these things, as if on time, Lucifer made his presence known. Lissix took a deep sigh in preparation for whatever the father of the bride wanted, but Lucifer had turned aside and was speaking to a demon guard. In fact, he didn't even acknowledge his future son-in-law.

    Soon, a short, red-skinned demon with a forked tail, red horns and pointy teeth arrived to announce that the wedding would begin soon. Lissix snarled. He was not going to have someone else dictate his time management for him. "It will be read for the event to begin when I SAY it is time," he kicked the little demon hard nearly knocking him into the lava pit. Waiting for several long minutes to prove his point that he would do what he wanted when he wanted, Lissix eventually left the lava pit, pausing to touch the entrails of one of his new captors, before entering his private chambers. He was dressed in the ridiculous outfit that Melicchior insisted he wear in no time. As he entered the temple that he had designated for the ceremony, he admitted to himself that he was surprised to see that his wedding had guests. Several pantheons had sent representatives, though he was not surprised to see that Erishkigal, Babylonian lady of the underworld, Anubis, Egyptian God of Death, or any other Death deities were not in attendance. He was pleased to see Bast, though. He had always found her pleasing on the eyes. In fact, as he looked around he saw that several pantheons were represented, but he did not see anyone from Olympus. Surely even Zeus would not offend him by ignoring his nuptials.
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    Hera shot Hebe a dirty look for her reaction to Mellicchior. While Hera personally found the demon woman quite ugly, she would never dare say it or act like she found her host's appearance disgusting. It was rude and Hebe would need to reminded a lesson in manners. As a queen, Hera had learned long ago the proper way of handling matters such a these, especially when you weren't in charge. As arrogant as she was, Hera knew that she wasn't in charge her and right now, Lissix truly wasn't either. This was Lucifer's show tonight and he'd do whatever what was needed to keep his little girl happy. Thankfully Mellicchior appeared to be amused by Hebe's reaction, instead of offended. Hera gave Mellicchior a slight bow.

    "You're very welcome. We take our leave so you can continue getting ready for your big day. Come, girls."

    She ordered Eris and Hebe and once out of the bride's earshot, Hera hissed.

    "Don't ever act like that again, Hebe."
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    Eris & Hebe

    Eris thought Mellicchior was ugly but she could care less what she looked like. This demon meant little to Eris. All she wanted was to meet with Lissix and get him to help them take out her father. He deserved to pay for leaving them. Hebe had a scared look in her eyes when Mellicchior spoke. She felt like snakes and spiders had suddenly crawled all over her skin. Her voice was so terrifying and Hebe was relieved to leave. She and Eris bowed as their mother said the goodbye and Hebe couldn't get away from Mellicchior fast enough. Although she swallowed hard when Hera spoke. She replied in a scared whisper

    "I'm sorry, Mother, it's just-"

    "So, she's...different...."

    Eris began, resisting the urge to say ugly or hideous, just in case some guests had some good hearing and told the bride and her father what was said.

    "She's still our host and what did you expect coming here? This planet isn't full of rainbows and unicorns."

    Eris said and Hebe's face turned red. While she hadn't expected a planet like that, although it would be nicer then this place, she hadn't expected what they arrived at either.

    "I...it won't happen again."
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    "It had better not."

    Hera warned Hebe. While she did love Hebe, in her own way, she would not have Hebe ruin things for her. The wedding was about to start and Hera made sure that she and her daughters were sitting close to the front. She wanted to make sure Lissix saw that she had graced his wedding with her very presence. After the ceremony, she hoped to talk with the "lucky" groom and make an alliance with him. She'd do whatever it took to make sure Zeus finally paid for everything he had done.
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    The wedding was short but by no means sweet. Lissix had planned to end the ceremony with a sacrifice of one of his tortured souls, but Lucifer and his attache, Renuzis, had convinced him that he had more delicate guests in attendance who might find offense with his display. For the time being, Lissix would listen to his future father-in-law, but only because he desired an alliance with some of the powerful entities who were attending his wedding. He was gaining his power back more and more each day, but he knew that he would need assistance from the more resourceful of gods in order to exact his revenge. He needed to find someone who was just as driven as he was to make these accursed First pay in order for him to put his plans into motion.

    When he first arrived at the temple, he had noted that the Greek Pantheon was completely unrepresented, but then he heard about Hera meeting with his bride. He had chuckled inwardly at that. Mellichior might pride herself for her "leadership", but she didn't have a clue what it meant to have a strategy or to negotiate an alliance with one as powerful as Hera. His hopes that Hera was here for an alliance were strengthened when he noticed the pains that Hera took to make sure that he knew she was there when the ceremony started. He hid his contempt for her daughter, Eris. He had no use for one such as her. Oh, her knack for cruelty was something to be admired, but Eris was unbending, thus she was useless to him. However, Hebe was another story. Her innocence, even in the wake of the horrible things she's witnessed, especially the cruelty of her mother, was the thing that sung to him. How he would relish an eternity with the girl, tormenting and twisting her beauty and innocence into something horrid. Except, at the moment, that innocence would backfire if he were to attempt to take Hebe as his prisoner. The only chance he would have would be if he could introduce a seed of hate or resentment into her heart. That would tamp down the purity in her soul enough that Lissix could get a foothold and take the girl for his own.

    Suddenly, he realized he was daydreaming as the "minister" was pronouncing him and Melicchior husband and wife. As they made their way down the aisle and to the banquet hall where the reception would be held, he made a point to look straight at Hera and nod hoping that she would get his message that he desired an audience with her.
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