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Thread: Planet Tarturus

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    Hera had a feeling that Lissix and Mellichior's wedding would be short and sweet. This was a business deal, nothing more. There would be no declarations of undying love or anything romantic. She was very pleased to see that Lissix had noticed her. She gave him a smile and a slight nod of her head when he passed by with his new wife. Obviously he was interested in talking to her as well. When the guests were permitted to enter the reception hall, Hera didn't got to Lissix right away. She didn't want to seem desperate. Yes, she wanted an alliance with him, she wanted Zeus dead but Hera was never desperate. She'd only agree to an alliance with Lissix if she got what she wanted in return. After mingling with some guests for a little while, she felt she had made the groom wait long enough for her company. She told Hebe and Eris.

    "I'm going to have a chat with our host, you two behave."

    She spoke to them like their were small children, not adults. She didn't want either Eris in her crudeness or have Hebe offend someone by looking at them funny. She didn't want either girl to ruin things for her. She gave Lissix a slight bow and presented him the wedding present she had picked for him.

    "Congratulations, Lissix. I do hope this union proves to be very profitable for you."

    She knew he wasn't the type to marry for love. He married because he was getting something out of it.
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    Eris & Hebe

    Eris was bored two minutes into the wedding. Even a wedding that was essentially a business transaction, was boring to her. Hebe thought the wedding was cold. People should marry for love, not power or for other things...Although their mother talked to them like small children, both nodded their heads when she told them to behave at the wedding reception. Eris hoped that Lissix would agree to the alliance and they could get out of this place. She wanted to cause some chaos on some poor, unsuspecting souls. Hebe just wanted to leave this awful planet and its demons behind.

    "I hope we get to leave soon."

    Hebe whispered to Eris. Eris, who surprised her, nodded her head.

    "Me too."

    "Really? I thought you'd like this place."

    Eris shrugged. She enjoyed causing pain and chaos but a place like this got boring fast to the goddess.

    "It's not as exciting when the people aren't fighting back or trying to run away. A place like this...A person's will is already broken and they are just begging to die...It's not that much fun to me."

    Hebe nodded her head. Not that she had ever tried to do anything close to what Eris did, she didn't think it would be much fun to torture someone.

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