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    Can we change a thread's title?

    Can we change a thread's title?

    Hi, so, I've gone into my initial post on a thread that I wanted to change the title of the thread, but when I save the edited post, it doesn't change the title of the thread after all. Am I doing something wrong? Or is changing the title no longer a possibility. It's no big deal, I'll just add a new thread with what I need and bring the relevant posts over. I just wanted to ask for going further.

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    I did a test and I'm able to change a thread's title. It could be because I have admin powers, though. If you want, I could change the thread's title for you. Or at least attempt to.

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    Great. Thanks, Jenny. I have two threads I'd like to change the title.

    1) I'd like to change "The Myst Saga" to "Planet Tulan: The Home of Myst"
    2) I'd like to change "The Torture Chambers" to "Planet Tarturus"

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    You're welcome. Both have been changed.

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