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Thread: Saber Vortex

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    Saber Vortex

    Saber Vortex

    Planet Information:

    Name: Saber Vortex
    Location: Matrix Quadrant
    Current Thread: Saber Vortex
    Surface Conditions: Green, lush, and full of life. Green fields, forests, and a small ocean.
    Ruler/Owner/Governing Body(s): Sojourn and Optimus
    Primary inhabitants: Villagers who live in various towns and wild animals.
    Unique Planetary Conditions: The planet is a perfect balance between wildlife and human kind. Small villages were built so that humans could sustain their lives without missing their link to the peaceful world that surrounds them.
    Brief History: The Saber Vortex was given as a wedding gift to Sojourn and Optimus by Sojourn's father, Lord Mattson. The planet, with its natural beauty is considered the jewel of the Matrix Quadrant. Sojourn and Optimus try to be kind rulers to their people and have raised their children, Reiss and Angel, here since their births. The planet is protected by the dragons.

    ((I started a new thread for Sojourn and Optimus' home world in this alternate universe. ))
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    The Saber Vortex was the home world of Sojourn, Optimus, and their family. When the rulers and their daughter disappeared, the people were in shock. Sojourn and Optimus were kind rulers and not the type to just up and disappear. They thought perhaps an attack could be next, although Sojourn and Optimus tried to live in peace, that wasn't always possible since they were Firsts. Their son, Reiss, had been away on a diplomatic mission when the rest of his family had disappeared. Although Reiss could protect himself in a fight, he was a good speaker and tried to always use diplomacy before brute force. It made him the perfect person to represent his family and his world. He had worked out a treaty with a nearby planet in the Matrix Quadrant and returned home to tell his parents the good news.

    "Mom, Dad, I'm home!"

    He called out as he teleported inside the family palace and was shocked that no one was there to meet him. He searched the rooms, calling his parents' names and his sister's name as well, getting no reply. Chancellor Wallace, an older gentleman who had worked for the Royal Family for years, found him.

    "My lord, thank the stars you are here!"

    "Chancellor, where are my parents and my sister?"

    Reiss asked and his shock grew when the chancellor replied no one knew.

    "What do you mean you don't know?! They wouldn't just disappear without saying a word!"

    The Secundae exclaimed, upset that his family was missing. He knew his parents, they wouldn't leave without saying a word and neither would Angel. Even if she wanted to go on a date with some boy their parents might not approve of. The chancellor replied.

    "I know, sire, and we truly do not know. We have searched for them but it's like they just disappeared."

    One moment Sojourn and Optimus had been questioning Eli, Angel's current suitor, in the dining hall and the next everyone was gone.
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    After the initial shock that his family was missing wore off, Reiss' mission now was to find them. He searched around the palace and questioned the servants but he had no answers. All he knew that Eli had come over to the palace and his parents and Angel had entertained him for lunch. Reiss was sure both his parents had been drilling Eli for information. They were very protective of his little sister, as was Reiss. No one realized anything had happened until a servant went back to check on them but realized they had all disappeared. There had been a search but no one knew where they had gone. Reiss was not having any luck in the search himself. He thought perhaps the dragons would know, they were the guardians of their planet, surely they'd know if a First or other god had been around. He was surprised to find just Hayley, Drags' mate, there.

    "All three of them are missing too?"

    Hayley nodded her head.

    "Yes. Me no can finds they."

    Hayley had no idea where Drags, Grimlock, and Swoop had went. She had not being feeling too well early and the three of them had went on a treasure hunt but they never came back. Reiss frowned.

    "Something big is going on."

    He mused and Hayley agreed, not liking it at all.
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    Reiss and Hayley decided to work together to search for their missing loved ones but they had no luck. They even thought that perhaps Reiss' grandfather, Mattson, or his uncle Cid might be able to help but soon discovered that they were missing as well. They returned to the Saber Vortex with no leads and felt defeated. Hayley roared in anger.

    "This stupids! Peoples and dragons no just goes missings!"

    "I know."

    Reiss replied to his dragon friend, he felt just as angry. His whole family was missing and he had no idea where they were or who took them.

    "We will find them, Hayley."

    He assured her. He didn't know how or when but they would find them. That much he was sure about. Hayley nodded her head and said.

    "Yes! And when we does, me sets jerk who tookeds them on fire."

    Reiss smiled and told her.

    "I'll gladly let you do it."

    He wasn't normally a very cruel young god but this person or persons had taken his parents, his sister, his grandfather, and his great uncle. They definitely deserved whatever rage a dragon could hand out.
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    Despite their best efforts, Reiss and Hayley had no idea where their loved ones had went. It was needless to say that both the Secundae and the dragon were angry.

    "We needs to finds they!"

    Hayley declared, she was so angry and ready to set an entire city on fire. Thankfully for the people of the Saber Vortex, Reiss was able to keep her temper under control. At least for now, it seemed.

    "I know, Hayley. But we have no idea where they are."

    "Then we searches planet to planet untils-"

    "Hayley, that would take forever."

    Reiss gently told her. It was tempting to just go planet to planet but there were thousands upon thousands of planets and to search each one...No, it would never work. He could tell from Hayley's face she knew he was right. He didn't like sitting at home, doing nothing either. Especially if his family was in danger but there wasn't much else they could do until they had an idea where their loves ones were or at least who took them.

    "Well...takes Sojourn talisman and we goes to they!"

    Hayley said, surely the talisman could take them where ever the other dragons and Reiss' family was. Reiss sighed.

    "I wish it worked like that but it doesn't. It can only take us a time or place, not where someone is."

    The Sojourn talisman could take them to any place in the universe or even into the past or future, but they had to say where they wanted to go. He couldn't just say for it to take him to his parents, it didn't work like that. He wished it, did because life would be so much easier right now.

    "Then whats we does? This no workings."

    Hayley couldn't keep doing this and honestly, neither could Reiss.

    "I'll reach out to the other Firsts and their worlds. See if other gods, dragons, or other mystical beings have mysteriously went missing."

    It wasn't much but it was something, better then just sitting around the Saber Vortex. They should see how deep this problem did run. Hayley didn't care much for the idea, she'd rather find who took her mate and burn him or her to crisp but she accepted what Reiss decided to do. She just hoped someone would be able to help them find the others.
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    "...So Reiss and India decided to work together to find their loves ones."

    Cid, the Ancient God turned talking orange cat, said.

    "Then what happened?"

    A young voice asked. Cid and his great nieces and nephews were sitting in the gardens of the Saber Vortex. Cid was reading from a story book to the kids. The kids were the grandchildren of his nephew, Optimus Prime. Cid licked his paw and turned the page of the book. He frowned at it. He thought a moment and added.

    "Well...ummm....Grandpa Mattson was rescued, Reiss and India helped everyone go home, and Jas and the dragons helped free the Pocket Dimension of the White Witch. The end."

    Cid shut the book closed. The kids were not happy with his ending.

    "What? How?"

    The kids started asking a million questions. Sojourn, who had been sitting with her grandchildren, stood up. She held her infant granddaughter against her hip and held out her free hand for the book.

    "Uncle Cid, let me see that."

    She said and Cid handed her the book. It didn't take long for her to see why Cid had ended the story so abruptly. Apparently someone had, most likely someone orange, had gotten a hold of the book. Instead of the normal black ink, the ink turned into orange scribbling. Similar to what a young child would write. The writing was the rambling of a very drunk clone god. Eventually the writing turned into crude drawings, mostly stick figures. She handed the book to her husband.

    "You'd better check the wine cellar."
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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime had to agree with his grandchildren, that was a rather weird way for Uncle Cid to end the story. Then his wife handed him the book and it all made sense to him. The God of the Spark shook his head at it.

    "I think you're right, my dear."

    He told Sojourn. He had a feeling that some of the palace's wine was definitely missing. No doubt a great deal of it, given the clone's drinking problems.

    "Is what Uncle Cid said really how it ended?"

    One of his grandchildren asked.

    "For the most part."

    Optimus replied, although a lot more was involved then the short summary that his uncle had provided. Like the fact that Eli had to go through some trials and eventually Angel decided to give her heart to another. His daughter and her love life was another tale. He smiled at his grandchildren as he set the book down.

    "It's okay, kids. Nana and I have a really good story we can tell you, instead."

    "What's that?"

    Eager voices asked him.

    "Well, it's a story I know that Nana and Uncle Cid know very well too. It's a story about adventure, heroic battles, great triumphs, devastating defeats. A story involving love and betrayals. With time travel, boom tubes, Ancient Gods, and all around crazy antics. A story that proves that family is the important thing in all the universe."

    The kids looked really excited at their grandfather.

    "What story is that?"

    "Why the story of our family."

    Optimus said with a smile.

    ~Want to help me tell it?~

    He asked his wife telepathically.
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    Like her husband, the Archer Goddess believed that they would replacing a lot of stolen wine. It was just a shame that in those antics, one of the stories had been lost. Although it didn't take long for Optimus to come up with another story to tell. Sojourn smiled at her husband. The kids were definitely eager to hear the story now. What Optimus described was all true. All things and more had happened to the Prime Family.

    ~Of course.~

    She replied telepathically to him. She took her seat again, sitting with their infant granddaughter on her lap.

    "Gather around kids. The story of our family all started the day Grandpa and I meet in Elysia..."

    ((All right, Corey and I decided to retcon the reboot attempt. At least for our characters. I hope no one minds. We all had a good idea going but it wasn't finished and I think too much time has passed for it begin again. So, instead, it was a story that George Cloney retconned out of existence after drinking half the wine from the Saber Vortex's palace wine cellar. ))
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