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    Cloney seems somewhat concerned for Chronicler's inability to teleport.

    "Don't worry, Herb, old pal. This sort of thing happens to some First after they reach a certain age. It doesn't make you any less of a god," Cloney tells Chronicler, while patting the hooded First on the shoulder.

    "In fact, medical science may have the answer to your teleportal-disfunction."

    Cloney pulls out bottle of small blue, glowing pills.

    "Alchemiac Incorporated introduces Telepiagra. Just take one pill and it will give you the get up and go needed to- um- get up and go. In no time at all you'll have the teleporting prowess and stamina of a First half your age. And won't the missus be happy with you as you teleport her all over the galaxy... all night long."

    Cloney hands the bottle of pills to Chronicler, and leans in close to whisper to the hooded First, "Some side effects of Telepiagra may include: dizziness, headaches, the pigeon-sweats, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, spontaneously becoming related to Meteoro, impaired vision, spoon knee, hypotension, sudden hearing loss, and Alf-quote-tourette's syndrome. If you should experience a teleport that lasts more that four hours seek immediate medical assistance."

    Cloney then concludes this advertisement for Telepiagra by giving a thumbs up to the viewer, which no one else can see or guess at existing.

    Meanwhile, Ilona is about to return to trying to gain some useful information about the Matrix Quadrant, but the arrival of a werewolf distracts her from this task. The werewolf rushes up to the vampire woman and gives her a respectful bow.

    "Mistress," the werewolf greets Ilona. "We've run the picture of the spell book through our database. We found nothing."

    Ilona glances over at Ruri and the two First, contemplating the idea of prolonging their disruptive presence any longer than is absolutely necessary. After some consideration she replies to the werewolf, "Show the image to the Oracle. She may glean some truth about it's location."

    The werewolf now looks away from Ilona as her suggestion has hit upon some very unpleasant information he had wished to put off revealing for as long as possible. "I knew you would order me to do as much, and so after our database revealed nothing I brought the image to the Oracle."

    Ilona senses the fear rising within the werewolf, and knows he has some bad news for her. Her pale hand reaches for the whip that rests coiled on her hip. She may have to either punish this creature or slay him, depending on how terrible this news may be. "Go on."

    "The Oracle began screaming. She- she plucked out her own eyes and screamed more. She wrote out these coordinates with her own blood... Then she died," the werewolf explains while holding out a sheet of paper with galactic coordinates written on it. The werewolf's hands shake, and his body tenses as if preparing to flee from Ilona's potential wrath.

    Ilona snatches the paper from the wolf. She glares upon the fearful werewolf, which sends him running off and out of the cargo hold. The vampire will not punish him now. Not for simply delivering this bad news. She will, however, allow him to run off in terror and suffer under the silent threat of possibly being punished later.

    Ilona looks upon the coordinates. They mean nothing to her. They're definitely not worth the price of a good Oracle. Having a being that can gaze into the distant and unseen reaches of the cosmos, and predict the actions of enemies and prey, is extremely valuable. Now, without the Oracle, the Blood Lance is potentially half-blind. And all because the orange fool wants to impress some odd woman.

    The vampire wants to uncoil her whip and unleash her fury upon the trio of guests, but she knows such actions would be futile. She knows she can't kill or harm the clone. The other First might possess some dangerous power and destroy Ilona before she could hit him. And death would only free this Ruri girl from the torment of travelling with the clone.

    Ilona takes in a deep breath. She must store up this rage. There will be time to unleash it upon a helpless world of mortals later. After Ilona seeks out and abducts another Oracle. And definitely after the infestation of Cloney and his companions is sent on its way.

    "I have coordinates for your lost book," Ilona calmly informs the trio. "I can get you there soon, and then we will part ways. You will continue your quest for idiocy, and I will try to rebuild what this visit has torn down."

    Cloney hasn't been paying much attention to the unfolding drama that Ilona has to deal with, because he's busy counting the zeroes on the check from Alchemiac Incorporated. Another good ad placement means another new speed boat for Cloney. "Cha-ching!"
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    At first, MystikChronicler tried to listen to what Cloney was saying, but as soon as he began to spout out nonsense about pills, he waited for the clone to finish then walked away. He studied the deck for the first time since he got here. There were all sorts of creatures that he had only heard about in stories, but he recognized them all the same, Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombie. The white skinned one, Ilona, seemed to be their leader. He needed her cooperation if he was going to get out of this. Gathering his robe about himself, he stood facing Ilona and went down to one knee. "Milady, I assume this vessel is yours to command. I am MystikChroncler, but you may call me your humble servant."
    Clones under the MC account: Berchnal, Justine, The Zee Twins: Daizee and Maizee, A Man of Mystery, Styx and Kratos
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    Ruri was about to suggest to Ilona to hit the firing range and make the targets look like the Clone. She knew of others who found this a valid way of reducing frustration. And she only found one target that looked like her once. Its maker is now the janitor at a pre-school. But than MC opened his mouth. Ruri sighed. "You do realize you just claimed the Renfield name tag right?" she comments.
    "Idiots, too many Idiots."

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    For Ilona, a kneeling, submissive First makes a very tempting target for feeding. True, she has fed recently and has an exceptional control over her bloodlust, but to feed off of the blood of a god is to gain the power of that god. MysticChrinicler now presents Ilona with a path to great power. All she has to do is lunge forward and hope her supernatural speed will be enough to-

    No! Ilona steps away from the kneeling First. She knows never to trust in the situations a First presents to her. No matter how they might tempt her, their power will always trump her own ambitions. Ilona thinks back on her former general in the dark armies, the vampire Lamias. Through great cunning and cruelty Lamias had gained vast power. Power which he thought could rival the First. Power which he used to try to fight a war against them. Power which Qwaring, the god of gadgets, has put to use by trapping Lamias in the heart of this ship. Now Lamias' ambitions and lust for power will energize this ship for an eternity.

    "The only service I require," Ilona says coldly to Chronicler, " is for all of you to leave this ship as soon as you can. We have much work to do in this new realm, your presence only delays that work."

    Ilona turns away from the two First and one young admiral, and exits the cargo hold. She will not play the games of these First any longer. Ilona will endure their presence until she is able to exorcise them in any way that she can.

    Cloney, noticing the cold reaction that Chronicler's kneeling received, approaches the hooded First. Cloney gives Chronicler a pat on his hooded head.

    "Nice try, Herb," Cloney smirks and tells the other First, "but I think the ladies like it better if you to play hard to get."

    Cloney recovers a handful of Marshmallow Peeps, which he pockets. He then continues onward towards the door leading out of the cargo hold.

    "Follow me, fellow Quest-Goers! I'll pilot this ship-thing to the dreaded Planet of the Book-Thieves!" Cloney announces to everyone, as he makes his way into the dark decks of the Blood Lance.

    The passageways of this cruel ship are a catacomb of sleek metal corridors, lightless corners, blood-red lights, and chambers where unholy monstrosities perform their dark, sadistic works. The ship is populated by many horrible creatures. The zombies shamble about, psychically shackled the ship's computer, which uses them to repair and maintain the ship. The savage werewolves and vicious vampires make up the bulk of the army contained on the ship, stalking its deck to protect it and fight for its mistress should anyone challenge the might of the Blood Lance. Finally, there are the animated skeletons, with their empty sockets alight with the dark energy of the ship. These skeletons act as the servants of the crew, repairing and maintaining weapons, and seeing to the needs of all that serve Ilona.

    After a few mishaps (attempting to play fetch with werewolves, accidentally causing an ion leak in one of the propulsion power conduits, tickling a few zombies until they succumbed to a giggling fit, and unintentionally, not to mention impossibly, flooding an entire deck with grape jelly) Cloney at last arrives on the command bridge of the Blood Lance.

    The bridge is a populated by over a dozen undead revenants. These creatures were raised from the dead and partially grafted to the control consoles that they currently work at. Undead creature and unholy technology has been melded in order to create navigators, sensor operators, gunners, and systems engineers that can perform their tasks with speed and efficiency that few creatures can achieve. At the forefront of the bridge, on a platform that is above and in front of all that serve on the bridge, like some tyrant-god to be worshipped, is the captain's chair. This lofty seat overlooks a techno-mystical scrying window. Through this window, the captain can see all that happens in or around the ship.

    Cloney races across the bridge, up a set of stairs, and plops himself down on the unoccupied captain's chair. He mischievously rubs his hands together as he ponders the trouble he can take this vessel into.

    "First thing's first, it's kind of dark in this place. Fly us into that big bright thing," Cloney commands the bridge crew.

    "That's a star, lord of fools!" Ilona angrily hisses as she emerges from a shadow beside the captain's chair. Her chair. Though, she makes no move to take Cloney out of that chair. She knows such action will likely cause more trouble than it's worth. Instead she turns towards the bridge crew. "Set a course to the oracle's coordinates. Full speed!"

    The ship lurches slightly and a wave of dizziness and numbness shoots through all in the vessel as the dark matter engines are charged to full power, and the ship is launched into a vortex that sends it across the galaxy at faster than light speeds. The dizziness and numbness gradually begins to fade as the ship continues to travel through the vortex.

    Travelling via mystical vortex seems to hit Cloney right in his Peep-filled stomach, as he hunches over and vomits into a glove he swiped from Eli at the Inn. After the brief moment of violent indignity, Cloney soon recovers his composure and hands the now soiled and accursed glove to a nearby zombie.

    "Here, fella, file this away for the Cloney Quest scrap book."

    The confused zombie takes the glove and shambles off as the ship's computer tries to process what the heck it is the clone is talking about, which seems to be an ongoing process at this point.
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    Shortly, the Blood Lance slips free from the mystical vortex and pounces out into normal space. It arrives in the shadow of a rather mundane-looking planet of blue oceans and land masses covered in green vegetation. Several screens of phantom energy manifest on the bridge, displaying data on the planet. The Blood Lance's computer has compiled information from its own records, sensor scans, and files downloaded from the planetary archives of the Qwaring of this universe.

    According to the ship this world is classified as Terra-6, one of many worlds that appear to be replicas of a planet called Earth. The Qwaring archives hypothesize that some unknown entity or group had created these duplicate Earths for some mysterious purpose. Though these worlds share the same geology, native life forms, and very similar histories, they also develop properties, or quirks, that are unique to the individual world.

    Terra-6 is currently in the 1920's era of Earth's historical development. The countries of the world are currently balanced in a period between two world wars, and in the early stages of an economic depression. The Blood Lance seems to have some difficulty isolating any magic or psychic energy readings from the planet. Such energies are either being masked or are manifested in some form that the ship is not accustomed to seeing. One well versed in magical studies, or with any experience with scanning these energies, might conclude that there is possibly some things very dark and powerful that are unseen within this world.

    Ilona, not showing any interest in this world, or what mysteries it might hide, turns to address her guests. She is about to tell them to prepare for immediate teleportation down to the planet, and far away from her and her ship, but she is instead silenced by a horrible realization... Where did Cloney go?

    "Down we go," Cloney announces, as he finishes hot-wiring a helm console. Though he is an idiot, and a drunk, and a kleptomaniac, and- He may be many things that would make it seem impossible for him to have the technical prowess required to take control of the ship's navigation systems, but he does have years of experience in stealing vessels from the Nadesico, Metallus shipyards, Negation armadas, and Verioskian rocket fleets. He knows at least enough to plug this random wire into this weird thing and twist that other thing and eventually something should happen.

    The Blood Lance lurches forward as Cloney guides them into a clumsy tumble towards the dark side of the planet.

    "Get away from there, lord of fools!" Ilona hisses as she tries to lunge at the clone. The ship bounces off of Terra-6's atmosphere, rocking the entire vessel and knocking Cloney out of Ilona's path. The vampire woman instead slams into a bulkhead. Cloney stands back up and returns to ineptly piloting the war ship.

    The ship sways and once again makes its way down towards the planet, as the orange clone proudly addresses Ilona's angry hiss,
    "Relax, Ilogna. I've got this. I'm really good at this ship driving stuff. Just ask Ruri. I drive her Go-bots all the time."

    It is at this point that a bolt of lightning snaps across the dark skies of Terra-6 and bites into the port side of the Blood Lance. The lightning sends a shudder through the decks, and leaves a jagged line of heated red on the hull, but does little damage.

    "What was that?" Ilona asks as she recovers from her failed assault.

    "See, even with bad weather I'm still a good driver," Cloney brags as he continues to pilot them down towards the North American continent, where Cloney is reasonably certain they will either find the missing book or at the very least hotdogs and sitcoms. "Besides, lightning never strikes twice."

    No sooner are Cloney's words of confidence allowed to travel the length of the bridge that the skies of Terra-6 once again strikes out with lightning. Another bolt strikes the war ship, and another shudder runs through the vessel.

    "Never strikes three times?"

    An instant later three more bolts of lightning impacts the descending ship. This time the trio of bolts staggers the vessel and flips it over into a falling spiral.

    "Maybe it's ten times?" Cloney mutters.

    "Curse you! Curse you and your entire bloodline, you infernal creature!" Ilona shouts as she grabs hold of a railing and prepares for a crash landing.

    Cloney makes a valiant, yet incompetent, attempt to regain control of the ship and bring them all into a safe landing. Unfortunately, despite all of his confidence and bluster, Cloney is not a good pilot. There are also the dark skies of Terra-6, which continues to pummel the Blood Lance with lightning strikes. It would seem the full fury of the heavens were being aimed entirely onto this dark ship, as if this vessel and its unholy occupants are being targeted by nature itself. If not nature, then whatever malevolent forces happen to manipulate the nature of this world.

    "Hold on, I've got this," Cloney, unwilling to surrender an iota of his blind confidence, announces to his passengers. An instant later the Blood Lance smashes into a swamp. The war ship skips across this landscape of muck, trees, water, and primeval vegetation for nearly two miles before eventually sliding to a halt.

    Cloney, much like almost everyone else, was thrown to the deck during the crash. After a moment to recover, and to make sure he still has the correct number of vital appendages, he stands back up. The clone dusts off his clothes and reports to the everyone,
    "See? Smooth as silk."

    "KILL! YOU!" Ilona screams as she once again lunges at the clone. Her razor sharp talons reach out for Cloney's throat. Unfortunately, a power conduit that was damaged in the crash finally blows out and sends a section the bridge's ceiling falling onto Ilona, and pins the vampire beneath nearly a ton of metallic wreckage. Cloney is left untouched by the vampire's attempted murder and the collapsing section of the bridge.
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    Ruri comments "Actually, I have safe guards." when the Clone mentions his piloting skills. And expecting things to go badly, she quickly activates her personal force field and grabs something study. The lightning quickly proves her right. And the crash more so.

    Ruri looks at the wreckage and the enraged vampire under it. "And you were doing so well."

    She turns to those still standing. "As your captain is down, you sorry collection of things have two options - listen to the Clone or listen to me." She pauses for a second. "Begin repairs so we can get off this planet before there is trouble. Avoid the natives. And try to make sure this bucket doesn't flood. I will escort the Clone to find what he wants outside the ship to ensure things go smoothly. If you consider leaving us, I have a ship that is half energy cannon and a long memory. Any questions?"
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    Nearby, in town.....

    A dark haired man in a suit looks out the window of his office at the storm. Lighting hits the same spots more than once that he can see. He curses in a foreign language for a moment. After a moment he sighs, "Flipping cultists. Should know better by now than to write them off as cooks. Too bad I couldn't get the local of their little ritual out of them. Now, they got their blood stained lance and untold horrors it can unleash."

    He walks over to his desk and pours a shot of whiskey and downs it. With another sigh, he grabs his hat heads out as the storm starts to break out. "And I guess its up to Domingo Flats to stop 'em."

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    A cabin, on the outskirts of the swamp...

    "One more time, Jack, where's the truck?" Lenny asks as his mood begins to tip from frustrated to violently angry. Lenny seems to tower over the nervously twitching Jack as he glares into the younger man. If Jack wasn't the cousin of Lenny's wife Lenny wouldn't hesitate to unleash his fury upon Jack. As it is, Lenny's fear of his wife's wrath restrains his full fury.

    "It's the book, Lenny. The book. The book," Jack mutters. He stares off into the many shadows that infest the dank cabin they currently stand in. The flickering of the dim lamps makes the darkness shimmer and dance for the jittery man.

    "Book. Right," Lenny tears his accusing gaze away from Jack, looks past the three hired goons that accompany Lenny everywhere he goes, and finally gazes upon a exceedingly slender man seated on the far side of the cabin. The thin man is Vincent, he's Jack's partner in this particular job. Instead of offering any helpful information, Vincent has remained silent. He sits in the dark, with only a faint candle flame to poorly light him and the pages of some old book he stares at.

    Lenny looks back at Jack. The glance is followed by a slap across Jack's worried face. Wife's cousin or not, the kid isn't in his right mind, and Lenny thinks a smack to the kisser should get his brain running.

    "You and Vincent are here for one reason, kid," Lenny coldly tells Jack. "Our source, down south, drops off his fresh batch of hooch here at the cabin, you load it into the truck, and then you drive it up to the city. You were supposed to have the truck at the city three days ago. So I come here and I don't see no truck. More importantly, I don't see no booze!"

    Lenny grabs Jack by the collar and shakes the younger man. A fortune is being lost right now.

    Something gets jostled loose in Jack, and the words begin pouring out from him,
    "You see, it was when we were waiting for the delivery. We thought we could make some extra cash. There's this bunch of swamp people. Vincent said they're some kind of hoodoo cult or something... back when he said things... I just know that whenever they went to that hick town, up the road, they paid for stuff with gold coins."

    "Gold coins?" Lenny releases Jack and enjoys a small chuckle. "Is that them swamp leprechauns, or something, kid? Please tell me you didn't drink all the booze. 'Cause then I would have to kill you."

    Jack pulls a small pouch out from his crumpled suit jacket and drops it to the floor. Even in the dim lamp light the gold coins that spill out from the pouch gleam and shine with the promise of a small fortune. Jack stares out at the shadows again as he mutters, "Or something."

    Lenny crouches down to collect and examine the dropped coins. To his surprise they appear real enough.

    "So we snuck into their camp," Jack continues. He shakes his head at whatever the dancing shadows tells him, and tries to focus on the story. "We got a bunch of the gold. Vincent took some statues, he said we could fence them for more cash. And the book. The book is old, and it was locked in that metal box, so it must be worth something."

    Much of Lenny's anger seems to have melted away. The sack of gold has paid the toll between the man's rage and his current state of rapt interest. Lenny urges his cousin-in-law on, "Where's the gold?"

    "On the truck, with the booze. We was going to take it all to you, honest. We were going to split the gold. We knew you could cash in on it better than we could." Jack's eyes drift over the dank cabin, navigating their way through the dancing shadows, barely seeing Lenny and the three other men that accompanied him, and finally finds their way to Vincent and that damned book.

    "But then Vincent started reading the book," Jack whispers. "He stopped eating. Stopped drinking. Stopped sleeping. I had to load the truck by myself. He just kept reading and reading. He would whisper things out of it. It's like he was pouring the words into my brain. Like cold critters all shaking and showing me stuff. I wanted to leave, but I couldn't. Especially after Vincent died."

    Lenny begins to understand that Jack has lost his mind. Maybe the kid got into whatever moonshine these swamp people make, and it's made him sick in the head. Maybe a few months of making this swamp delivery run has taken its toll on the kids mind. Maybe the pressures of crime have finally made the kid crack. Lenny can't help but feel sorry for the poor loon.

    "Vincent isn't dead, kid," Lenny sharply tells his cousin-in-law. "He's been turning the pages of that hoodoo book the entire time we've been talking. Trust me, dead people don't read books."

    Lenny steps away from Jack and makes his way across the cabin and towards the darkened side where Vincent sits and reads. He places a hand on Vincent's shoulder. He tugs on the thin man's shoulder, trying to tear Vincent's attention away from that moldy book.

    "Hey, Vincent, we're taking you back- " Lenny begins to tell the thin man, but he is immediately silenced when the tug on Vincent's shoulder forces the thin man to turn and look at Lenny. Lenny lets out a loud scream and stumbles away from Vincent. In the low candle light, and from across the cabin, Lenny couldn't get a good look at Vincent, but now he sees him clearly. He sees far too much.

    The thin man is missing half his head.

    The dancing shadows reach out their long arms and take hold of Vincent. They pick up the dead man and drag him through a window and out of the cabin. Within moments Vincent and the dancing shadows vanish into the depths of the swamp.

    Jack, Lenny, and the trio of toughs are left all alone with the horror... and with that damned book.
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    The Blood Lance...

    The bridge crew recovers from the crash only to be faced with Ruri's ultimatum. They look from Ruri, to Cloney, to Ilona, and then back to Ruri. As Ilona had taken command of the ship during a time of vulnerability and uncertainty, Ruri now becomes the clear choice to lead them. The bridge crew focus on following through with Ruri's commands and spreading her orders to the rest of the ship. They'll follow her for now, until someone stronger eventually usurps her power, as is the way of this ship of monsters.

    Cloney gives Ruri a pat on the shoulder as he finishes off a martini he had begun drinking while his friend was intimidating the undead crew.
    "Nice work. Ruri. Now let's find my girlfriend's stolen book."

    Cloney climbs a ladder, pops open an emergency escape hatch, makes his way out of the ship, slips on a splattering of swamp mud, and slides down the sleek hull of the vessel.

    "Weeeeeeee!" Cloney cries out as he enjoys the slide down the length of the half-submerged ship. He eventually slides off of the vessel and lands on a small hover craft. Several of the Blood Lance's zombie technicians had been piloting the hover craft around their crashed ship, in order to perform a visual inspection for damage to the hull. Cloney landing on the hover craft tips the vehicle over, causing the three zombies to spill out of it and splash into the muck of this primordial swamp.

    Cloney sits down in the pilots seat. He leans over and waves at the zombies, as they try to struggle their way through the mud and towards an airlock.
    "Hey, guys. You should be more careful. Falling clones aren't as rare as you might think. Anyway, I'm going to borrow your hover-thing here. I'll bring it back with a full tank of gas, or whatever it takes."

    Cloney looks over the interior of the open-topped vehicle. There are enough seats for five, a scanning array, several survival and infiltration packs, and a communications device. Cloney reaches into his pocket and pulls out his trusty flask, only to discover that it is no longer so trusty, as it seems to have run out of its almost limitless supply of alcohol.

    "Hmmm. It might be time to restock at the nearest liquor store," Cloney ponders aloud. He then turns his attention towards the communications device, seeking to find some good music on the radio.

    Meanwhile, a cold mist slithers its way through the ventilation ducts of the Blood Lance. Ilona, sensing that her authority had been successfully taken away, had evaporated into her mist form and retreated into the depths of the ship. An agent of the Matrix Quadrant has taken over the ship. Something will need to be done. A direct strike will fail. Ruri is accompanied by two First and has the might of the Matrix fleet backing her up. Ilona will need to find some way of destroying her enemies. Some way that they will not see coming, and will not bring about the wrath of Ruri's people.
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    It took Domingo two brawls and an ambush to get some idea where Lenny's supply run was. Ok, now a few cops might be looking for someone close to his description if he was unlucky but the odds were low as most of those dirtbags had bigger issues to cover then some trouble shooter. Of course, Domingo wasn't one big on guns. He could use them but he found his fists worked a fair bit better for getting information. And next up was hiking into the swamp. Who knows what troubles he'd find there.
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