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    Character's Bios, sheets, and such

    Character's Bios, sheets, and such

    A central thread for character bits for PCs.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Name: Amber Artemis
    Concept: Carefree Archer Cat Faunus
    Passion: Compassion
    Symbol: Narrow slit cat's eye with two concentric rings in the center of the pupil (as if a target in the center of the eye)

    Trait 1 (Semblance): Enjoy life and all it has to offer.
    Trait 2 (Complication): Prejudice from humans that take away the joy.
    Trait 3 (PC Tie): Be a light to others, and help with cooperation.

    Skill Rank 4: Archery
    Skill Rank 3: Melee Weapons
    Skill Rank 2: Acrobatics

    Basic Stats:
    Wounds: 0 0 0 (how many hits you can take before being out of the fight)
    Action Limit: 10 (max number of dice in your Action Pool)
    Strike Limit: 6 (max number of Strike dice you can use at once)
    Charge Limit: 6 (max number of dice in your Charge Pool)
    Defense: 2 (number of successes needed to inflict a wound, succ/2 round down to get wounds)

    Power 0: Quickdraw
    Power 1: Darksight
    Power 2: Maneuver Boost
    Power 3: Resilience
    Power 4: Chain Lightning
    Power 5: Zap
    Power 6: Multisoul
    Power 7: Soulbound Weapon
    Power 8: Weapon Upgrade
    Power 9: Weapon Upgrade

    Weapon: "Realta"
    Collapsed State (Non-weapon) - Folded over, hangs from belt
    Compound Bow State
    - Shock Aura
    - Multi-strike
    - Protection
    Bladed Pole Arm State
    - Power Strike
    - Haste


    Amber is a year older than most freshmen. Her hair is long and black, often worn in a pony-tail, with two yellow bows to tie off the hair, one at her neck, the other at the bottom of the ponytail. In contrast to her hair, her ears are white in color. They are larger than other cat faunus ears, and she does nothing to hide them. Instead, she has two amber jeweled earrings in each ear to draw attention to them. Her clothing of choice, when not in her school uniform, tends to be bright white and yellow colored tops and skirts that go down just above her knees. Her weapon, "Realta" hangs from a belt on her waist in its folded state.


    Amber is the youngest of three, and was born in a village in the Alpina Hills. Her mother owned a bakery in the village, while her father was one of the village protectors, despite having never been an official hunter. Her older brothers were twins, and were ten years older than she was. When she was eight, her brothers joined the White Fang, which was a peaceful organization at that time. They wanted to see change, and were quite vocal about it. The two were often getting into trouble for taking things too far. Four years later, a fight broke out between humans and a the faunus in the village. Her father went with others to try to restore the peace. When the fighting was done, her father and one of her brothers were dead. In the year that followed, her other brother grew more angry and more brooding before finally leaving the village completely. Amber, nor her mother, knew what happened to him. After that, Amber and her mother moved to the city outside Liddle Academy. Her mother opened up a new bakery in the city, but kept her ears hidden to avoid any trouble. Amber didn't like having to hide, and thought that becoming a huntress would be the way to help bring peace. Her training from her father and brothers helped her get into a fighting school to better prepare for the academy. She was denied the first year she tried to apply, but was not discouraged by it. The following year she was approved, which is why she's a year older than her classmates.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

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    Name: Albina Bartlesby
    Concept: Fluffy ‘Harmless’ Sheep faunus



    Make the world a little softer
    Sheep or wolf?
    PC tie TBD

    Acrobatics 4
    Melee 3
    Toughness 2

    Basic Stats:
    Wounds: 0 0 0 (how many hits you can take before being out of the fight)
    Action Limit: 10 (max number of dice in your Action Pool)
    Strike Limit: 6 (max number of Strike dice you can use at once)
    Charge Limit: 6 (max number of dice in your Charge Pool)
    Defense: 3 (number of successes needed to inflict a wound, succ/2 round down to get wounds)

    Soulbound Weapon 1
    Soulbound weapon 2
    Soulbound weapon 3
    Multi-soul 1
    Multi-soul 2

    Weapon: A ‘simple shepherd’s staff’
    Staff form:
    Baaaazooka form:
    Area attack, fire aura, elemental boost
    Whip form:
    Protection, Quickening

    Albina is a pale girl with dark blue eyes and silk-white hair. She favors soft, woolen clothing when not wearing her Liddle uniform, which she laces with a mixture of air and earth dust to enhance her Semblance. Curling sheep’s horns give her away as a faunus.

    Art by Yeaka


    The Bartelsby twins, Albina and Belinda - identical, save for their snow-white and black hair - grew up in northern Kagami, near the border with Corazon. While their village, Pasloe, had some limited agricultural production, it was mostly dependent on serving the limited border traffic with Corazon. Since most of the best-paying travelers were paying a significant premium for no-questions-asked service, the town guard could ill-afford to crack down on the increasing traffic and influence of the White Fang using it as a base of operation for attacks across the border.
    While one twin decided to join the White Fang guerillas while still a youth, the other dreamed of protecting everyone, just like the sheep their family raised. Even though a lot of the humans in the village weren’t very nice. And made jokes about how her family got their horns. Not all humans can be mean like that, right?
    In the White Fang, ‘The Black Sheep’ eagerly took to their guerilla operations, especially against the oppressive Queendom of Hearts. While she resents humans in general, she holds particular ire towards those in power over places where Faunus are oppressed (and by her reckoning, they’re oppressed everywhere).
    Albina, the white-haired twin, is on her way to Liddle Academy, to learn the ways of a huntress...
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