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    Strange Journeys

    Strange Journeys


    When he first stepped onto the tarmac at Madrid–Barajas Airport, the first thing that crossed Asif's mind was how warm it was. Probably, though, it was just his own perception. He was getting used to the colder temperatures in their new home in Northern Russia. Not that he particularly liked the weather. Hungary's climate had been more than chilly enough for his liking, having grown up in Pakistan.

    There wasn't much time for weather musings. Asif allowed himself a brief moment of enjoyment of the warmer air, then located the terminal entrance and gestured toward it. Their team would be small, so as not to attract undue attention with a massive influx of immortals. They would be meeting Fatima in a small lounge near the Lufthansa boarding area - public and ordinary enough that it wouldn't seem shady, and an airline none of them had flown in on.

    Fatima wasn't exactly keeping a low profile, Asif thought with confusion. Her tight jeans and stylish hat were attracting some looks from the few people in the lounge. Perhaps she just didn't know how to blend in, but if so, how had she made it this far as an immortal "enforcer"? Their own group had dressed in ordinary, forgettable clothing that wouldn't stick out in any major European airport.

    At least Fatima did look pleased to see them. She made a beeline for Jasmine first, and said, "I'm so glad you came! Thank you!"
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    Fritz Yeats & Claudia Haas

    Fritz and Claudia had both agreed to come along for the mission. A small team was needed for possibly rescuing Fatima. It was hard to know what to think, when the Vampire and the Hybrid had been told the situation, neither knew if they could trust Fatima or not. Perhaps she was being truthful or she could be leading them into a trap. Well, if it was a trap, the HPL would have a fight on their hands. Fritz had been a combat pilot before his forced turning. While Claudia had not been a skilled fighter before her turning, she was learning now and it was difficult for many, immortal or not, to hold their own against a Hybrid. Both were shocked at the way Fatima was dressed when it was confirmed this woman was the one they had traveled to Madrid for.

    "For supposedly needing help, she sure likes to draw attention to herself."

    Claudia whispered to Fritz. Fritz nodded his head.

    "No shit."

    He didn't like that at all. If she wanted help and was in danger, why dress so flashy that everyone knew you were here? Fritz and Claudia had taken the effort, like their friends had, to make sure they were dressed pretty ordinary.

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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine wished Bruno could have came with her but he was back in Russia. If things went bad, which they could, then she didn't want their kids to become orphans. Not to say Jasmine had a death wish, she didn't anymore. Since being free of Nathan Betancourt, she had a lot to live for. But she had no idea what would happen. Although she had every intention of returning home to her family, it would take a lot to take her down. Besides, given her husband's size, he was would draw too much attention to himself. Even if he wasn't recognized thanks to his former boxing career, most people noticed a seven foot, three hundred pound man. Turner's search about Fatima's phone had not been helpful. It was a burner phone and all he could tell was that she had been in Brussels before Madrid since she had paid for it in cash there. The shop owner had been no help and the only other thing Turner could find out that Fatima really was in Madrid like she had said. While Bruno couldn't help but be noticed where ever he went, Fatima surely could have tried to blend in better. The other immortals had. Jasmine frowned seeing her and while Fritz and Claudia hadn't told Fatima what they thought of her outfit, Jasmine was pretty blunt about what she thought about her choice of clothes.

    "What the hell are you wearing? You might as well paint giant red target on your back and hold a sign that says 'shoot me'."
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    Fatima and Asif

    "Oh, they wouldn't expect one of us to be dressed like this," Fatima said. "It's safer this way, trust me."

    Asif frowned slightly, finding that a bit of a non-answer. He wasn't quite sure what she meant by 'one of us' - immortals? enforcers? - nor which 'they' she thought might be on the lookout. Asif knew he was the last person who had any clue about women's fashion; Lina had gently reminded him of that a few times when he'd gotten overprotective about their teenage nieces' wardrobes. He told himself he should just let it go. Fatima's showy apparel had set him a little on edge, though. He hoped that she hadn't endangered them all for the sake of a hat, which seemed shallow even for her. Or worse, that she wanted to make sure she was followed.

    "Shall we go?" Fatima asked, still speaking directly to Jasmine. "I just have this." She indicated a small overnight bag.

    "We'll be staying overnight here," Asif said. "To take in the sights. We'll fly out tomorrow morning."

    Sightseeing was not, of course, their true agenda. Asif would have enjoyed seeing more of Madrid, but it was too dangerous for immortals to just wander an unfamiliar city, especially when one of those immortals was potentially already wanted. They would probably just hole up in a hotel. Asif had booked a full day in Madrid into their travel arrangements for the sake of their cover story. Flying from Russia to Spain for the day was eccentric, but flying from Russia to Spain for half an hour would have raised red flags for any national security agency worth their salt. They had to at least put in a token appearance of being tourists when it came to their paper trail.

    Fatima didn't look too happy about this, but she accepted it with a nod and sigh.
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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine shook her head at Fatima's logic for being dressed that way. No, usually someone dressed that way to draw attention to themselves. Like they didn't want someone else to lose sight of them in a crowd. She had done that herself more then once on a mission for Nathan. She wondered if this was all a mistake, Fatima wasn't acting like a woman scared for her life now.

    "Take off the stupid hat and we'll go."

    Jasmine grumbled at Fatima. If she was trying to make sure someone else followed them, Jasmine would be damned if it was going to be easy.
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    Fatima and Asif

    There was a flash of anger in Fatima's eyes, and for a moment Asif thought she was going to call the whole thing off and storm away. That moment passed, though, and the fiery gaze cooled. Fatima tore off the hat, releasing a torrent of jet-black curls down her back in the process as the loose bun she'd been wearing came apart. She dropped the scorned hat on the table with more of a thwack than was necessary and said, "Fine, are you happy? Can we go?"

    The resemblance between Fatima and Lina was so strong, Asif thought. That resemblance ended at the physical, though. Asif couldn't help thinking that his wife was by far the more beautiful of the two sisters, because Lina was lovely on the inside as well as the outside.

    Ignoring Fatima's tone - rather ungrateful, Asif thought, when they'd risked their own lives to come here because she claimed to be in danger - Asif said, "Alright, let's go find a hotel."

    Fatima leaned toward him and whispered, "How are the rooms going to work? I don't feel safe sleeping alone. If I could share with you...?"

    Absolutely not! Asif thought, but that was rude to say.

    "We'll get one room for you three ladies, and another for Fritz and me. That way no one is left without backup," Asif decided.

    He couldn't help but notice the slightly disappointed look on Fatima's face.
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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine saw the anger in Fatima's eyes and met it with steely expression back. She didn't give a crap if Fatima didn't like the demand. She wasn't in control, she was the one who wanted help and Jasmine would be damned if she was going to risk other people's lives. She was so ungrateful at the moment that Jasmine wanted to snap her damn neck.

    "Yes, much better."

    Jasmine told her coldly and nodded her head to Asif that it was time to go. While she truly believed everyone deserved a second chance, she'd be a hypocrite if she didn't after all she had done, she couldn't help but notice that once again it appeared that Fatima wanted to get Asif into bed more then worrying about her own life. She kept her tongue under control as they checked into a hotel. Two rooms, one for the men and one for the women. Once Jasmine was inside the room with Fatima, she told her.

    "I swear to God if you are wasting my time and risking my friends' lives coming here I will give to Aric Lantos myself."

    Naming the founder of the Human Protection League, a man she doubted wanted anything to do with immortal enforcers.
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    Fritz Yeats & Claudia Haas

    Neither Fritz nor Claudia could believe this Lycan. Did she have a death wish? Because walking around like she did made it seem so. Perhaps she thought they were stupid or naive. Yes, they wanted to help people but only people who truly wanted it. If she thought she could just lead them into an easy trap, she'd have a rude awakening. Fritz couldn't believe Fatima's attitude and if he had been an asshole he would have told her to have fun with the HPL on her own because he was out of here. It wasn't right, though, and he decided to bite his tongue when she slapped that stupid hat down. He told Asif quietly as they headed into their hotel room.

    "It's amazing how two people can be raised in the same home but be so different."

    Claudia followed Jasmine and Fatima into the other room and blocked the door in case Fatima decided to storm off when Jasmine finally went off on her.

    "Enough games."

    The Hybrid was angry, she didn't leave her family for this. If Fatima wanted to work for the HPL, so be it. She could die with them. If this was a trap, then Claudia would hand Fatima over to them. If she wanted a second chance, well, she'd better change her attitude because right now, Claudia didn't want to risk her neck for this ungrateful woman.
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    Jacinta Sandoval & Eden McComb

    Eden and Jacinta had become good friends since both had been rescued by the community. Their pasts had been similar in some ways. Both had lost their mothers at a young age and while it was sad that both were victims of abuse, their friendship was strong and they were helping each other heal. The girls were hanging out in Jacinta's room, listening to their favorite artists on Jacinta's computer, when Jacinta asked.

    "Hey, Eden, have you ever wondered about your father?"

    Neither girl had a father in their lives. Eden it was because her father had abandoned her and her mother when Eden was an infant. For Jacinta it was was more complicated. Jacinta had been raised by a man who thought he was her father but she was actually the product of her mother's affair. Once Benito had learned that, he had began to abuse her. Eden shook her head.

    "Not really."

    Her reply surprised Jacinta, who asked.

    "Why not?"

    Eden shrugged.

    "My mom told me about him. His name is Brian and last she knew he lived in Cleveland. He decided a few months after I was born that he didn't want to be a dad anymore and signed off his rights. I have Uncle AJ and...I don't really want to know a man who thought it was okay to leave me."

    After Eden's mother had died, AJ had offered to help her find her father if she wanted. She had thought it over hard but had decided against it. He hadn't wanted her, would knowing her mother had died change that? Or would he wish she had just left him alone? Eden would rather be with someone she knew loved her. She never had to doubt where she stood with AJ or his wife and she liked it that way. Eden asked.

    "Do you wonder about him, your father?"

    Eden knew that Jacinta's situation was different. Jacinta nodded her head.

    "Yeah, I...He might not know about me..."

    Or he did and decided like this Brian had that he hadn't wanted to be a dad. It was nice to think perhaps her real father had been a good man, better then Benito.

    "Have you thought of looking for him?"

    Eden asked. Jacinta sighed.

    "Yeah but....I don't know anything about him. My mom let Benito think he was my father...."

    Which had been a horrible mistake because once he had found out the truth, he had began to abuse her. Eden reached across the bed and squeezed Jacinta's hand. She had been abused by Nathan but he had never pretended to be anything to her but an asshole. She couldn't imagine having the man twho you thought was your father and had spent all your life treating you as a daughter turn on you.

    "She might have let this man think it too."

    Eden suggested and Jacinta agreed. It was possible her real father didn't even know if she existed.

    "Maybe your sister knows who he is and just doesn't realize it?"

    Eden suggested and Jacinta frowned.

    "She might but...I don't want to ask her."

    "Why not?"

    Eden asked, surprised. Jacinta seemed to be very close with Paloma.

    "She doesn't like to talk about our mom anymore."

    Eden nodded her head. It made sense, after all, Paloma had had her world turn upside down to by her mother's lie.

    "Still, she's your sister and she loves you. I'm sure she'd want you to find out who he is, if you do."


    Jacinta replied, not as sure. She didn't want to upset Paloma bringing up the past. Eden told Jacinta she should talk to her sister. Jacinta said she'd think about it. Paloma wasn't home right now but Dipak was. After Eden left to head home, Jacinta asked him.

    "Hey, umm....Dipak, do you think it would be a bad idea to try and find who my birth father is?"
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    Dipak considered his answer for a moment before responding, then said thoughtfully, "I think the answer to that depends on why you want to find him, and what you are expecting from him if you do. If you simply want information - to know who he is, what he is like, to find out about your genetics, and perhaps even why he has not been part of your life - then no, I don't think it's a bad idea. I think those are worthwhile things, and learning about him may give you some closure."

    "If you're looking for him to act as a father to you, though - if you need him to fulfill a role - then I would suggest extreme caution. He may be unwilling or unable to do that for you, and I would hate to see you disappointed. There's no way to know what sort of man he is, or how he will respond to you. If you're alright with that, then I see absolutely nothing wrong with trying to find out what you want to know, and I'd be happy to help you find him. I just don't want to see you hurt, that's all."
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