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    What's Happened to the back-arrow finction here?

    What's Happened to the back-arrow finction here?

    This is the only site where it happens, and for the last three days I can't use the back-arrow to negotiate my way around. That makes the Game Hall all but unusable...
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    I haven't done any updates to the site. When I use the back-arrow in the browser (Chrome) it works for me. I don't think Gary has made any changes either. He hasn't been around to do updates. One other idea, if it still doesn't work for you, instead of clicking on the link, right-click the link and choose to open the link in a new tab. Then you can just go through the tabs for the games.
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    The back-arrow hasn't worked in Internet Explorer since I came back. {shrug}

    I figured out to scroll up and use the links near the top of the page for navigation. There's a line that currently says *Forum*Town Square*Town Hall*What's Happened to the back-arrow finction around here? (with the *s actually being diamond-shaped graphics. Clicking on Forum, Town Square or Town Hall takes me to the appropriate menu. I'll probably go to Town Hall to make sure there's not another unread thread. There, I can go back to either Forum or Town Square to check on the Inn, which I know still has something unread. All the scrolling back up gets a bit annoying, especially in the Game Hall, but it works. {lop-sided Smile}

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    Ah, this is not the first Chrome-maintained site to give problems to I.E. users. Thanks for the work-around.

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    You're welcome. I'm afraid I tend to over-describe those, figuring it's better than under-describing.

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