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Thread: Gotham City

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    Shayera helped the detective out of the dumpster.

    Pleasure to meet you Detective Reese. I'm Hawkgirl of the JLA. I just happen to be in Gotham for a little R&R and noticed you diving out of the building. I think you should come with me and have someone with medical expertise take a *look at you.
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    Now out of the dumpster "I think your right,There's only one problem"Reese's eye's go blank as he passes in to the darkness of *unconsciousness
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    Black Canary

    Dinah nearly jumped out of her skin when Robin suddenly appeared behind her. Whirling around, she gave him a look of mock indignation, mixed with a little annoyance at herself for not seeing him earlier

    Ugh - you Bat-people and your scary-voice act. Honestly, you trying to give me a heart attack? *hand on receiver* Copy that Oracle, I'll start around the base of the building - hopefully he'll be screaming or something.

    Winking at Robin, Canary jogged towards the flaming tower, once more wishing for some Bat-gadgets. This wasn't the first fire she had been caught in - and it probably wouldn't be her last. She wove through firemen and passed hoses and cops with radios on her way to Chimera Tower. She didn't hear any screams from the building, but something must have gone wrong with the guy's radio because he wasn't answering. Rounding a corner, she stood stalk still and gaped at the sight of a winged heroine pulling a filthy officer out of a garbage bin.

    Hawkgirl?!? What are you doing in Gotham? It's not exactly number one among travel agents as a spot for R&R.
    Oracle, the officer is safe - Hawkgirl's got him.
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    Shayera caught the unconscious detective as Dinah spoke up. Turning toward Dinah with the detective in tow, Shayera laughs.

    No, Gotham my not be an ideal spot for R&R Black Canary, but I'm not your normal type of gal either. My idea of R&R doesn't fit the normal persons description.

    Shayera smiled at Dinah.

    Looks like I arrived just in time. Let's get the detective over to the ambulance and you can fill me in on what's going on.
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    [quote=Gotham Girls]
    Quote Originally Posted by "Dinah/Canary":30maz4gk
    Alright Oracle, I'm on the scene. Where's Robin? *sees the Chimera Tower partially engulfed in flames* And please tell me that idiot cop is not anywhere between the 5th to 10th floor.
    Oracle laughed when the blinking red dot on her screen clearly showed Robin directly behind Black Canary.[/quote:30maz4gk]

    The Alley Behind Bill Finger Tower

    "Sorry, O and BC. *B is a bad influence," Robin chuckled. *

    Quote Originally Posted by Gotham Girls
    "Canary, good news and bad news. Good news, I don't think the idiot cop is between the 5th and 10th floor. The bad news, he's not popping up on any of my visuals. Find him, asap."

    "Robin, status report on the rescued female."[/color][/i][/b]
    "Our Jane Doe is currently unconscious. *Paramedics are taking her to Gotham General. *Looks like she inhaled a lot of smoke. *No broken bones, lots of cuts and burns according to what I heard. *But I'd love to question her when she comes to. *Jane Doe may know who did this and why she was way up there."

    Hidden under the shadow cast by the glaring mid-day sun, Robin watched as the paramedics took the woman he rescued minutes ago to the hospital. *

    "O, I'm headed home for a shower, a change of uniform and a nap. *Buzz if you need me."

    Robin reached for his grappler and fired into the Gotham skyline. *How was he going to slip home now in the daylight? *Maybe he could crash at Steph's it was closer, the Boy Wonder thought. *

    When he reached his hidden Bat-cycle, Robin changed his mind and made his way back to Wayne Manor. He had civvies and a fresh uniform in the 'cave. *But what he really wanted right now was one of Alfred's patented peanut butter sandwich!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gotham Girls
    "Glad you could join us, Hutress." Babs replied, sighing a bit. "Aside from an unaccounted cop, I think we're done, but we do have a new case. I'll see you at six. Sharp."
    "Right, six," Helena said with a sigh as she put her comm down.

    She walked back into the living room and plopped down on the couch.

    "...six. Sharp." She said in a mocking tone.

    I guess I could try to be a little more cooperating, she thought as she changed the channel, after all, she did help me get my job. The least I can do is show up on time. Helena then turned to look at her wall clock. But maybe she won't mind if I'm a few minutes late...
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    Black Canary

    Hah! You got that right! I suppose, now that I think of it, Gotham IS the best place for you to have some fun. I'd keep out of the way of you-know-who, though. He's a little territorial.

    Dinah looped an arm under the other side of the detective and helped Hawkgirl carry him to the paramedics. They made it part way before they were swarmed by GCPD who quickly took hold of their brother-in-arms. Brushing her hands against one another, she looked at the winged warrior out of the corner of her eye.

    Well, there's not too much going on - a string of antique thefts, this whole bomb-filled building with a chick tied inside thing. Pretty normal for Gotham.

    Canary hoped Oracle would give her the go ahead to fill in Hawkgirl. She'd hate to pee off the Leaguer with the shortest temper on record.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Canary
    Hawkgirl?!? What are you doing in Gotham? It's not exactly number one among travel agents as a spot for R&R.
    Oracle, the officer is safe - Hawkgirl's got him.
    "Canary, did you say Hawkgirl?" Oracle punched a couple of keys on her computer and in a few seconds, had a visual of Black Canary and Hawkgirl, carrying an unconscious Detective Reese.

    Tapping a few more times on the keyboard, Babs patched herself through the JLA's commlink and Hawkgirl heard a voice go through her earpiece. "Good to see you, Hawkgirl." She knew, however, that this might not be Bruce's reaction when he hears of this visit, if he hasn't yet that is. She double checked her control panel. No incoming calls. "So far so good." she thought to herself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robin
    "O, I'm headed home for a shower, a change of uniform and a nap. *Buzz if you need me."
    "Go ahead, Tim. Thanks for the help. I'll let you know if something interesting comes up from our Jane Doe. Say hi to Spoiler if you run into her."
    Oracle - Barbara Gordon, Batgirl - Cassandra Cain, Catwoman - Selina Kyle

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    Caitriona McIvor and Rhianna Thomas

    ::The unmistakable howl of a vehicle turning a corner on two wheels and then braking for a good 100m stretch could be heard over the occasional siren of the squad cars and firetrucks. Soon, a commotion among the crowd and police officers became evident as a red head appeared hopping over the hood of the police chief's car. She was dressed in khaki cargo pants and a green sleevless tank with a light blue long-sleeved button-up shirt tossed overtop. Her gloved hands pushed past people and vehicles as she made her way towards the ambulences. Canary and Hawkgirl would clearly hear her yelling at the people trying to stop her progress.::

    Rhianna! I think my sister was in that building! LET ME GO! I have to find her! RHYS!!!

    ::The woman was finally brought to the ground by several officers, still shouting her sister's name. Suddenly, the ambulence next to Canary shuddered and stopped its forward movement. It sounded like fists pounding on the doors and they openned, nearly causing the poundee to fall to the pavement. It was the mystery woman and she was staggering away from the ambulence, her words softly spoken, but insistent nonetheless.::

    Please, I must go! My sister is here and she needs to know I'm alright. I'll be fine, she's a doctor! She can take care of me - I don't need to go to a hospital! Look, I'm not even burned - too bad - please.

    ::The red-headed woman finally passed out again, her blackened lungs refusing to give any more oxygen to her body. However, the sight of her sister brought renewed vigor to the first woman who wriggled away and ran to her sister's side. She looked relieved and livid all at the same time and the paramedics may have been scared for their lives, for their eyes were huge as they regarded Cait. The cops were catching up, and the woman motioned with her hands for them to all calm down. With a much calmer voice, she pleaded with them.::

    Please, she's my twin sister. I have to be with her. You've got to let me ride. *attendants exchange looks as police officers grab Cait's arms* Look, officers, I'm willing to be charged with whatever, just please let me go with my sister. I won't leave the hospital, I promise.

    ::The officers conferred for a moment, then let her go. In an instant, she was in the ambulence aside her sister and the emergency vehicle started to pull away.::
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    Shayera laughed at Dinah's comment. She wrapped her arm around the detective and walked with Dinah toward the ambulance, until Detective Reese's fellow officers took hold of him. Shayera caught the sideways glance that Black Canary gave her, as they brushed hands against one another in the exchange of Detective Reese. She listened as Dinah gave her a quick rundown of current events.
    Suddenly, her ear piece rang out with the sound of a woman's voice. Shayera had not yet met Barbara Gordon, but she recognized her voice from communications she has had with the League. She also couldn't help but notice the apprehension in her voice. Shayera smiled as she greeted Barbara.

    Hello Oracle. I would say the same, except I haven't had the pleasure in meeting you yet. And don't worry about Bat Man, he already knows I'm here.

    Shayera's greeting was cut short by the sound of a woman's yelling. She watched as the GCPD brought the excited woman to the ground. She was surprised by the next set of events as an exact duplicate, obviously a twin, nearly tumbled out of the ambulance. She gave Dinah a look that perhaps they should lend a hand, when the two women were reunited and then departed together in the ambulance.

    Hmmm........never a dull moment. I knew this was the right place to spend a vacation.
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