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    Cloney Quest OOC...

    Cloney Quest OOC...

    Here's a general OOC thread for the Cloney Quest thread.

    Here we can share any ideas, planning, and/or discussions. Plus I figure we can use this space to post information on characters and locations for future reference (I for one forgot the names of the gangsters I cobbled together and should probably post some kind of bio-ish type list of them).

    Character bios:
    Ruri (I couldn't find a recent bio, but I figure much of the information should be close)

    Other characters:
    Deputy Glen Dylan - A polite, and by-the-book small town law officer.
    Domingo Flats - A mysterious pulp adventurer and adversary of the cult.
    Elder Torquent - A grizzled, middle-aged cult leader with aspirations of godhood. He seeks to recover his stolen artifacts in order to complete a dark ritual that will destroy the world and give him vast power.
    Ilona - A vampire and former captain of the Bloodlance. She is currently scheming to retake her ship and somehow make Cloney and Ruri pay for many recent misfortunes Ilona has had to endure.
    Jack Aubrey - A low level delivery driver for the city's mob. He has been driven mad by the dark, forbidden words of a stolen arcane book.
    Lenny "The Hawk" Ricciardi - A mid-level crime boss, he runs the bootleg operations in his gang's city.
    Vincent "Sweet Vince" Hewett - Formerly a low level delivery driver for the city's mob, but has recently been turned into an undead creature that is enthralled by the dark book.

    Mob Goons:
    The goons are a trio of enforcers that accompany Lenny "The Hawk." They're well armed, currently freaked out, easily angered, and very brutish men with a talent for violence.
    Mack "Shanks" Salgado, Carl "The Chin" Deberio, and Bob
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