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    Reminder about Story Sub Forums.

    Reminder about Story Sub Forums.

    To aid new posters in knowing what stories are active, any sub forum that has went more then 90 days without new posts will be archived and moved into the "Awaiting Posts" section of this site. If there is renewed interest in the story, it can be moved back by either posting in this thread or by PMing a Steward (the most active three currently are Jason, Jenny, and Corey).

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    I have archived three stories that have not had new posts since January. They were: The Hunger Games, Guild Wars, and Fall of Civilization. Please post here or PM a Mod or Admin if there is renewed interest in reviving these stories.

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    RWBY and Underworld: Aftermath have been moved to the Awaiting Posts section of the forum. If there is interest in reviving either story, please post here or send a member of Q&Q staff a PM.

    Crossgen Campaign should be moved but...It was those stories that founded this site and for nostalgia reasons only did I not move it.
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    Due to the following stories not having new posts in over a year, I moved them to the "Awaiting Posts" section of the forum:

    Crossgen Campaign
    Court Intrigues
    Haunted House

    If there is any renewed interest in them, please post here or send a PM to a member of the Q&Q staff and the story forum can be revived.

    I know the old policy was 90 days, but Optimus Prime and I agreed that we can give more leeway in the amount of time to give for new posts before moving the stories. We're all pretty busy with real life. But if over a year as passed since the last new post, then it is time to move the stories.

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