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    Yay! Great news, Anne, and you're right: if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!
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    Thanks, Xetal. This is just such a relief!

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    Glad you got good news, Anne!
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Thank you! I'm still getting used to it, myself.

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    Very happy you got some good news, Anne.

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    I'm glad things are looking much better for you, Anne.

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    Thank you, jenny and Corey. This is the best news I've had in a while on the health front.

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    Going on holiday (to Orlando) so I won't be posting until 4 March. Don't behave yourselves while I'm away - how boring would that be?

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    Hope you have a fun and safe trip!

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    Have fun, Xetal.

    Now for some apologies on our end (and I apologize in advance for the foul language but I can't not write it):

    The last few days have been really shitty for us. Corey and I discovered that a now former friend decided to steal Teddy's money box. We always give our son our spare change and he saves it up for his birthday. The bitch and her asshole boyfriend stole the money he was going to use for his birthday. Money had he had been saving for almost a year, since his last birthday. Obviously, we were beyond pissed off. It is shitty enough to steal from anyone you call a friend, but to steal a child's money....That fucking crossed the line and we are done with her. I hope they forget we exist, because they don't exist anymore to me. The worst part is I found out they are heroin addicts, the woman has two little kids, and they clearly stole Teddy's money for their next fix. Fucking assholes, I hope karma bites them hard in the ass. Anyway, it left us both in a very foul mood and not creative at all. You all know how much we love our son. It pissed me off more then I've probably been in my entire life and I have never seen Corey as pissed as he was when he learned that these two assholes, who we allowed in our house and thought were friends, stole from him and made him cry. We went and changed all the locks in our house because of this.

    On a very positive note this showed us who our real friends are. Our real friends are supportive of us. Angry for what happened and because I set up a Go Fund Me page for him (to show Teddy that there are more good people then bad ones in the world), they have been donating money to him so he has an awesome birthday in April. He already has more money now then what was stolen.

    Because of all the good vibes and love, we're in a much better moods and will get back to posting. Again, I'm sorry for our lack of posts and communication the last few days, but after what happened, neither of us were up for being online much.
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