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    Oh man, what an awful thing to do. I'm glad his birthday fund is back where it should be before those jerks stole from him.
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    Enjoy your trip, Xetal! That sounds fun!

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    I'm very to hear about the trouble with Teddy's Birthday Fund. That gal has definitely earned the status of "unperson." It takes quite a bit to earn that status, but some do, as a friend elsewhere and I were discussing just earlier today. {wry look}

    I'm glad the fund is already recovered. That is a relief. {HUGS}

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    Thank you both. It was awful but lots of good stuff came out of it. We're buying Teddy a new money box tomorrow and going to surprise him by putting the money in it. He only thinks he's getting money from me and Corey. He has no idea about the extra that was donated.
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    I bet he enjoyed that surprise.

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    He did. We got him a new change box and had all the money turned into small bills. Teddy's very happy and grateful with how things turned out.

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    That's great! I'm glad there's a happy ending to this difficult incident.

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    Glad all's well that ended well for Teddy. The 'boy' next door (he's nearly 40 now, but we've knowm him since infancy) is an addict. Nice guy, but when he needs a fix he has absolutely no morality whatever. His parents can afford to keep him from messing about with the neighbours and he knows how to game the system for state aid (he's quite unemployable.) But we can never, ever trust him - and to be fair he's never tried to gain that trust. His parents are getting old now, though. When they die I just wonder how long he'll stay out of prison - or unlynched.

    We had a great holiday, thanks. So nice to get some warm sunny weather into our ageing bodies!
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    I am too. It's still shitty but at least Teddy's happy now. It's quite sad what addicts are willing to do to get their fix. Sorry to hear what your neighbor's kid is like, Xetal. Although I'm glad you had a good trip.

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    I'm glad your holiday went well, Xetal. That's great!

    Too bad the neighbor's "boy" is so difficult. I hoep he continues to not cause you trouble for a very long time. {Sympathetic Smile}

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