I keep trying to write up a history of the group Dave and I met in, and a related group that we still both belong to. That won't happen tonight. Suffice it to say that just noticed early this month that interested people couldn't find us by searching for the author who attracted everyone to it, Mercedes Lackey. We've - well, I've, since my Master's in Library and Information Science taught me the basics of how to test a library catalog, search engine, or other search function - started to work on becoming easier to find, but we don't know much yet.

Separately, I've noticed that when you want to find a social group, it's hard. There's really no god place to search. The best are social networks like LiveJournal and Facebook, which host some groups as a service for their members... but each of those only search their own groups. There's no good place to search multiple platforms at once.

We need some place where folks who might be interested in us can find out we exist, something of what we're about, and how to find out more if they're interested. That means we need to figure that out for ourselves well enough that we can tell others. Then we can worry about a place to get the word out.

And I have to got to bed, so I'll sleep on this and get back to it in the morning.