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Thread: Hiding text?

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    I don't believe we have a list but we could make one. Actually, that is a good idea.
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    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin (06-22-2016)

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    Hmm... I swear I answered this the other day...

    There's only three additional bbcodes that aren't native to vbulletin.

    split - which keeps the threads from opening into a new window when they split.
    cbrtv - which allows the adding of comic book resources videos into the posts
    and the just added spoiler

    And then there's an amazon referral linking one that was used on my blog. But I doubt anyone would want to use that since the only thing they'd accomplish is spreading my link around Plus the account was closed for some reason they gave a year ago.

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    I just thought that having a more-or-less obvious list of these would be easier than telling new and returning members where to look it up when they appear.

    At least, I'm hoping we grow enough to have this problem.

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    I have not forgotten your request, Anne. I'd just been very busy and haven't had a chance to work on it.

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    That's fine. I do understand being busy, even if the sort of busy I've been doesn't show much.

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    Here's the list link: BB Codes

    VBulletin actually has a very nice link that shows all their available codes.

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    Thanks. I think I just spotted it. The "BB code" link under "posting permissions?"

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    You're welcome. The link I posted is a sticky thread I made for this forum. That way we have something easy and convenient to show others who ask.

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    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin (07-16-2016)

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    I like that idea. Sticky posts are a good way to keep it easy to find.

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