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    "Yes, solid milk. People like it on bread. To make it taste better."

    Corrine told Murkel, wondering if the goblin would like it. After all, her new friend was scared of cows. Would she find it odd to eat something that came from them? When Murkel shrieked, the human healer reached over and squeezed her shoulder.

    "It'll be okay..."

    At least she hoped it would. She looked out the window and prayed that Rhys and his crew were safe.
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    Rhys was relieved to see both Cadie and Roman were safe. As the storm got worse around them, he already regretted his decision to take his ship and crew out into the open sea. The last thing he needed to was to lose any of his crew.

    "Glad you're both okay!"

    He yelled to them and said to his crew.

    "Let's turn her back around and go home!"

    "Aye, aye, Captain!"

    The crew yelled, it would prove difficult, though. The winds were strong and the waves were turning violent. However, Rhys decided that the king's treasure ship would have to wait for another day. It had waited this long, it wasn't going anywhere. He needed to get the ship back home, before anything else terrible happened.

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    Dutch smiled at the kids and told Guiles.

    "Let me give you some advice, young man."

    He said and whispered in his ear.

    "When a woman tells you not to worry, you normally should."
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    Murkel did indeed like milk. They had milk back home; it came from their goats rather than cows, but it was the same principle. Under other circumstances, Murkel would have enjoyed trying butter. As it was, she was too distracted. The food she put in her mouth seemed tasteless with the worry so heavy on her mind, and she still felt an empty ache in the pit of her stomach.

    She needed to go home. Right now that wasn't an option, and it was hard not to dwell on all the worrisome possibilities.

    Murkel distracted herself by watching her companions, and noticed Corrine glancing at the window yet again.

    "You waiting for someone?" she asked the healer curiously.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Corrine couldn't help but worry about Rhys. The storm was bad and if Murkel was right, things were only to get worse. She looked over at her new friend and said.

    "Kind of. I'm worried about my fiance. He's a sailor and he was supposed to go out to sea today."
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    Murkel frowned slightly, but tried to hide it.

    "Not a good day for sea," she said honestly. "But probably be okay. Try not to worry too much. Gonna be okay, yes."

    She knew she needed to try to take her own advice, but she too was worried about the people in her village - and how she was going to get back.
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    "No, it's not."

    Corrine sadly agreed with Murkel. Today was definitely not a good day to go out sailing. She just hoped that Rhys had stayed on the land. But knowing him...He might have set out. He told her constantly his desire to find that treasure. Believing it would give them a good start at light. Corrine didn't care so much about money. All she wanted was for Rhys to be safe.

    She gave Murkel a smile. It was a small one and a little worried one at that.

    "You're right, I'll try not to worry."But probably be okay. Try not to worry too much. Gonna be okay, yes."
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