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    Attention All Newly Registered Members!

    Attention All Newly Registered Members!

    It has come to my attention that despite repeated attempts, the activation email will not send. This leaves you unable to enjoy our site. I have been unable to get a hold of the owner to fix this error. However, I am able to manually activate your account.

    I apologize for the inconvenience this causes. Please post your username below and I will activate your account. I will check this thread everyday.

    We are very happy that you have decided to join us.
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    Posted this on the login/logout issues thread, but I can't seem to see it (even if it says post already exists when I try to post again :\)


    Hi, folks! It is I, Kulit.

    I have forgotten my password and tried retrieving it, but I'm not getting the email that contains the reset link. Nada in inbox, nada in spam.

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    I reset your password, kulit. Anne will send you a message about what it is. I don't want to post it here in case a spammer sees it.
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    I got the clue from Anne, but i don't remember my old password at all. LOL XD

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    I reset your password all together. I have no way of retrieving your old one. What I reset it to should work and then you should be able to make it whatever you want when you log in.

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    Oki! So Anne has it, yeah? I'll wait then. XD

    Thanks, Jenny!

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    I told her what the password was. After you get logged in, you can change it to what you want. I can post the default one here, if you want.

    And you're welcome.

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    I told kulit her thru Facebook PM. Not the most secure system, but it can be reset, as Jenny said.

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    Thanks, Anne.

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    You're welcome.

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