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    Star Surfing - The Roma Sector

    Star Surfing - The Roma Sector

    M'Fufu is spat out of a portal much like he gave the spatial transport cruel indigestion. *But as he floated in the void, he pulled out a silver surfboard and mounted it like he really knew how to surf. *He surfed in a circle as he waited for Minity to come out and play.
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    (Hope you don't mind)

    A youth in a gaudy blue suit and Scott Baio mask walks up to M'Fufu and presents him with a paper.

    "My name is Bob Labla. I represent on N. Radd. He is suing you for copy right infringement and emotional duress for stealing his look."
    Currently: Mirror, Varne the hunter, Jeldun, Mr. Makers, Motl the 6th, Chance, Odin, Berry

    Formerly Elixia but she got promoted to her own account.

    here are a collection of random images.
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    ((Don't mind at all. ))

    M'Fufu stares blankly at the youth for a second before saying...

    "I didn't steal anyone's look. *I look like myself. *All I stole was his board. *Plus, it wasn't like he was using it. *People dropped his book after Ron Lim stopped drawing him back in the 90's. *Dude's been a travelling bum on 4th street collecting unemployment for a while now."

    Still he takes the paper and looks it over. *Then he looks back at the kid and says...

    "Yo, ain't you that Charles in Charge dude?"
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    Minity elegantly floats in, flips her hair and adjusts her bossom...she smiles at those who greet her and then walks over to M'Fufu...

    Mufu...is he infected...should i incernate everyone here...

    Minity lifts her hands in the air, streching, in seconds she could lite the planet on fire...but she doesnt...instead she yawns and begins gazing at herself in a window...

    MMM...even Narcisuss would be jealous
    Mother of the Dawn and Daughter of the Sun
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    "Actually he has a new job this summer. As for my look, I have a really bad make up crew."

    Jumps back as Minity start the flaming and has the mask fall into the fires. Chance grins.

    "I've got a paper here that says I've had all my shots."

    Pulls out Odie's vet forms and hands them to Minity.

    "Tell me are you a pet lover?"

    Turns into his dog form and looks up at Minity.
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    Minity looks at the paper and when he asks if she was a pet lover her eyes turn wide with wonder as a smile covers half her face....quickly a leash is attached to the dog, and she begins to pet him...

    oh your soooo cute, yes you are, yes you are!
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    "Down Fido. *That's my shawty you kicking game to."

    M'Fufu pulls out the super-extra thick Sunday's edition of the New York Times out his trenchcoat, rolls it up and holds it like a baseball bat and then yells out...


    ...as he takes a swing at the pooka.
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    Instead of smoting pooka, he hits a pinata.

    Chance, in human form again, stands behind Mu'fufu dressed like a sleezy agent.

    "You got a good arm kid. You ever think about playing in the majors?"
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    After he hits the mess out of the pinata and realizes that all he smoted was a bunch of candy, he spins around and sees Chance dressed like a sleazy agent. *To which he coyly responds....

    " Well, I always wanted to be in the majors but I could never hit curveballs. *But I've been trying really hard lately and...



    WaitaMINUTE! *You're that Chance kid!"

    He reaches in his trenchcaot and pulls out a bazooka.

    "Gimme ONE good reason why I shouldn't light you like the 4th of July RIGHT NOW for what you did to Penny!"
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    Chance peels off the suit and kicks it into the flames. He looks utterly unconcerned at the bazooka.

    "Lets see, you're holding it backwards for one. It'd bounce off me for two. Minity might not like you blasting her new pet. This should be a good gig all things considered. And last and most certainly least, I lead Batman and Robin to Penny and they returned him to this universe."
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