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    "He probably did."

    Hera agreed with a glare. Zeus had to ruin everything. Being exiled wasn't enough. Obviously he had to die for his grip over to them to finally end. Just as she had not taken off the necklace or bracelet that trapped two of Zeus' beloved children, Hera never went anywhere without the talisman. Such a wonderful thing it was. She took it out of her pocket and said.

    "Yes, let's find him. This time he will die."

    Hera said with a sneer on her face. With Zeus dead, then things would finally be the way she wanted. She was sure of it.
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    However, things did not go as planned. Hera and Hades used the talisman to go to where they had exiled Zeus but he was not there. Zeus had not remained on the planet long.

    The planet Zeus came to was called Vega, an interesting planet. Full of life and people loved to gamble. The planet was full of casinos and people who thought that lady luck was on their side. He met a young goddess, a Secundae they were called, named Aurora there. She had found him hurt and near death on the streets. She had been adopted from the Orphanage on Elysia by a casino owner to work for him. Her powers were protection based and he wanted her to use her powers to protect his casino. Aurora didn't truly like that, she thought her powers should be used for helping people, not protecting someone's money. But he had adopted her to work as a servant and that's what she had to do.

    Aurora found Zeus and nursed him back to health. She wasn't sure why she cared if he lived or died, but she did. And it didn't long for Zeus to care about her. She reminded him so much of Hebe. So, sweet and kind. By the Gods, he really missed Hebe. He hoped she and Athena, he missed her a lot too, were okay. Zeus and Aurora bonded quickly but there was one thing Zeus didn't like. He didn't like how, Harrison, the casino owner, treated Aurora. He was very angry to learn he had only adopted Aurora to make her work for him. Harrison didn't like him either, Zeus would tell Aurora grand stories of Olympus, to help her see there was more the universe then Vega and the casino.

    Harrison only gave permission for Aurora to let Zeus stay when he was healing. When it was obvious that Zeus was healed, Harrison wanted him to leave. Zeus had no problem with that, he wanted to go back home. However, he also wanted Aurora to come with him. She was far too good for this world. And as close as they had gotten, he felt protective of her. Like he couldn't leave her behind. Harrison wouldn't hear of that and a fight had broke out between Harrison and Zeus. Unlike Zeus, Harrison was a First but rather weak one. He was the First of Greed and for good reason. He only cared about material things and didn't know how to fight. If not for Aurora, Harrison probably would have died. She stopped Zeus from killing him and saved Harrison's life. When Zeus asked why, she replied that they were better then him. Zeus agreed and told Harrison he'd only let him live if Aurora was free of him. Harrison fearfully agreed. Since Aurora was a still a Secundae and with no family now, Zeus adopted her as his little sister. So she could stay with him and not have to return to the orphanage.

    They decided to try and find Olympus. They did eventually find it and it saddened Zeus greatly to find it had became a lifeless planet. To not know what happened to his family. Aurora comforted him and the two decided that they would start new lives somewhere else. To leave their pasts behind them, both adopted new names. Zeus began to call himself Cid. Since she had met Zeus, he had always called her Rory, and Aurora decided that would officially be her name now.

    Cid and Rory traveled all around the universe, trying to find a new home. During that time, Rory ascended to Firsthood. Taking on the title of the Goddess of Protection. Their travels eventually led them to the Saber Vortex. That planet finally became their home. There, Rory caught the eye of Jett Prime, the King of the Saber Vortex. After a few years of dating, she married him in a grand ceremony. Cid was very happy for her, especially when she and Jett soon afterwards welcomed their only child, Optimus.

    Cid lived a good life with Rory and her family until the day Hera and Hades had finally found the Saber Vortex. They never showed their faces but Hades used his powers over the dead to send an undead army after the planet. Trying to destroy it and all its people. Rory gave her life to save her planet and protect it from the invaders. Her loss devastated not only her family, but the entire planet. In her final act, Rory placed a protection spell over the Saber Vortex. Her hope was to prevent any supernatural or immortal enemies from attacking it again. Only those she considered her family could teleport onto the Saber Vortex.

    Rory's final spell angered the Goddess of Marriage and the God of the Underworld greatly. They had found Zeus, but he was now safe. Hiding on the planet with Rory's husband, who eventually left himself, and her son. But they could be patient. After all, he couldn't hide forever on the Saber Vortex. And they were immortals, they had all eternity to get their revenge.
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