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    Gossamer suddenly felt nervous and tongue tied, and she wasn't quite sure why. Perhaps, she realized, it was because on her homeworld, any sign of weakness or hesitation would be used against you by someone who wanted to get ahead. The horrible legacy inflicted on her people by the Family of War for generations ran deep, and old habits were hard to break.

    "I was wondering if Doviana could come visit," Gossamer said, pushing through the odd burst of anxiety. "We're parents now, and... well, we expected to have more time to prepare. We expected to be starting with a newborn. We want to do right by Karma, and... well, Sojourn suggested Doviana might have some advice, and it seemed like a good idea."

    Or perhaps she would have harsh criticism instead, if the orphanage caretaker didn't approve of their decision to keep Karma instead of finding her a new home.
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    Cid gave Gossamer a kind smile.

    "I am sure that would be fine."

    He looked over at Optimus, who was the actual leader of the Saber Vortex. With its protection spell, it was up to Optimus to decide who could enter the world. Unless, it was already family, of course. Knowing his nephew, he didn't think he'd object to Doviana coming for a visit. He turned back to Gossamer and told her.

    "She has been the caretaker for the Orphanage for many years. I'm sure she will be able to give you good advice."
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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus' uncle knew him very well. He had no problem with Doviana coming here. He could see Gossamer was nervous. Not just about taking in Karma but also asking them. He hoped, in time, she and Nicolai would both realize that his home was their home as long as they wished it to be.

    "Doviana is welcome here."

    The goddess raised many unwanted children, including Sojourn. He wouldn't mind meeting the goddess who had raised her. He told Gossamer.

    "She can come as soon as you want."

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    "Thank you," Gossamer said. "I think we should ask her soon. She's probably pretty busy and she may need to make time in her schedule before she can come."

    Or she might not come at all, though Gossamer left that possibility unspoken. She wasn't certain whether she and Nicolai were on good terms with Doviana. They hadn't gotten off on exactly the right foot, since Gossamer's mother had intended that the baby be forcibly taken by the orphanage when it was born, and then although Doviana had been very kind, there had been the whole ruckus at the orphanage at the end...

    Well. They would just have to wait and see. Gossamer didn't have a way to communicate directly with another world herself, so she would need to wait and see what resulted if her friends were able to get in touch with Doviana.
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    "You're welcome. I can leave right now to see her."

    Cid replied to Gossamer and true to his word, he teleported himself to Elysia. It didn't take him long to find Doviana. Despite it all, Doviana didn't hold any ill will towards Gossamer. In fact, her heart had went out to the younger First when she learned what her life was like. To know she was happy at the Saber Vortex, made Doviana happy and she would be happy to give her some advice. Although she had to arrange a temporary caretaker for the Orphanage in the mean time. Cid returned after chatting with her for about a half hour and told Gossamer.

    "She will come. She seemed pretty excited about it. She told me to give her a day, she had to get in contact with a friend she trusts to look over the orphans and that goddess can't be there until tomorrow."
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    "Thank you," Gossamer said. "I appreciate that. It'll be good to see her."

    No matter how their meeting went, Gossamer knew she owed Doviana her thanks the caretaker's attempt to help her, and it would be good to finally voice her gratitude.
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