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    Chapter 2: Battle of the Gods

    Chapter 2: Battle of the Gods



    Using their talisman, Hades and Hera beat Zeus and the others to Arena. Hades had been using a sparrow to spy on the others gods in the gardens of the Saber Vortex's palace. There they learned that Zeus wanted to find Hebe and Athena and that they wanted to find a talisman lost on this world to grant that wish. And that Gossamer, the bride of Phobos, was going to marry her guard, Nicolai, instead. Both Ancient Gods knew that it wouldn't be easy for Zeus to find his missing daughters. Although he had the bracelet and Hebe was with him right now. He'd need their talisman to free her and they weren't planning to give that up. Or for him to know that Athena was trapped in Hera's necklace.

    Plus, on Arena, they'd have better chance to ending Zeus' life once and for all. It was his fault, after all, that Olympus had fallen. Once he had been exiled, it all went to hell and Hades and Hera blamed Zeus for it. Since Ares, Enyo, and Eris had founded this world, Hades was sure they'd more likely side with him and their mother in this little battle. Especially when they found out what their missing citizens had been up to. Optimus Prime and Sojourn meant little to the gods. Just collateral damage. Although, since Zeus cared about the male Secundae, they would not object to killing him, just to hurt Zeus more.

    Hades looked to his sister-in-law.

    "Shall we see your children and grandsons? I'm sure the one boy will be very upset to hear what his intended as done."

    He remembered Phobos well, he would not like that Gossamer not only conceived a child with her guard but also secretly married him.
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    It had angered Hera that she and Hades had spent about a week laying low back on the Saber Vortex. They had found Zeus and she wanted him dead. After everything he had put her through over the centuries, death was something he deserved. However, it would have been stupid to attack him when he was nice and safe in that palace and with others. He wouldn't have such safety in Arena. Zeus had had many children but he wasn't always a good father to all of them. His relationships with Ares and his two favorite sisters, weren't as good as the relationships had been with Hebe and Athena. The kids and the twins wouldn't help Zeus at all. Which was perfect for Hera. She nodded her head to Hades.

    "Yes, it's time for a long over due family reunion."

    Hera was sure her grandson, Phobos, would very angry when she and Hades told him what Gossamer had done and how his grandfather had helped her get away with it all. Hera was sure there were guards all over Arena and waited for them to be approached. They didn't have to wait too long. She spoke arrogantly to them.

    "I am Hera of Olympus. Mother of Ares, Enyo, and Eris. Grandmother of Phobos and Deimos. And this Hades, my brother-in-law, and uncle to your lords and ladies. I order you to take us to my family."
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    Phobos and Deimos

    The guards were so accustomed to obeying orders from their gods that, upon recognizing the mother and uncle of Ares, Enyo, and Eris, they showed no hesitation in following the instructions they were given.

    "Welcome to Arena, my lady and my lord," the more senior guard said, and all of the guards bowed. "Please allow us to show you to the throne room. Lord Phobos and Lord Deimos are currently in attendance. Lord Ares, Lady Enyo, and Lady Eris have been away but are expected back at any moment."

    Phobos and Deimos were seated on their metal thrones. They stood when the other gods were escorted in.

    "Grandmother! Great-Uncle!" Phobos said, smiling warmly. "What a pleasant surprise! Welcome to our home!"

    Deimos merely nodded, but his expression had become less sour; coming from him, this was sufficient to indicate that he was pleased to see them too.

    "Guards! Bring some chairs for our guests!" Phobos called with an imperious gesture, but then he roughly cuffed one who tried to bring over one of the wooden benches their human audiences sat on. "No, you fool. Bring the good chairs with the velvet cushions. Our grandmother and great-uncle must not be treated as if they were mere common folk."

    When chairs he considered suitable had been brought, Phobos returned to his own seat... then belatedly seemed to notice the girl in a white dress who cowered by the foot of the throne. He prodded her harshly with his boot. "Get up," he said. "Bring wine to serve our guests."

    The girl moved awkwardly, seemingly in pain, but Phobos ignored her as she laboriously fetched a ewer of wine and four goblets.

    "Well, Grandmother and Great-Uncle," Phobos said with a smile. "To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?"
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    At least the servants of Arena did not make them wait long. Hades followed the servant and greeted his great nephews with a smile.

    "It is good to see you both again."

    He told them, shaking their hands. He scoffed when a guard tried to bring them a wooden bench to sit on. What a fool to offer that to Ancient Gods.

    "Good help is so hard to find."

    He commented, thinking the idiot would have joined his Underworld kingdom if he was still on Olympus. Hades took a seat in a proper chair and accepted the wine that the servant girl served.

    "Don't you dare spill it on me."

    He told her, not caring that she was in pain. To Phobos, he said.

    "We heard from a little bird you are to be married."

    Hades then looked to Hera, since the 'little bird' had also told them that Gossamer had married one of their guards instead and Zeus had helped them. He thought she'd like to tell her grandson herself, though.
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    Hera was pleased she and Hades did not have to wait long. She grinned seeing her grandsons.

    "Phobos! Deimos! It's been far too long."

    She greeted both gods with a grandmotherly hug and a kiss on the cheek. She knew the sour expression on Deimos' face was his normal expression in life. She scoffed when a guard tried to have her and Hades sit on wooden seats. She nodded her head to Hades.

    "That it is."

    She was tempted to throw an energy ball at the guard but decided that guard was not worth it. She rolled her eyes at the slowly moving servant girl. She didn't care if she was in pain. Servants were beneath the gods. She took a sip of wine and slightly nodded her head to Hades. She waited to see what Phobos would say about his betrothed before she revealed they knew what his woman had been up to.
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    Phobos and Deimos

    Phobos sighed. "Yes," he said. "I am indeed engaged to Gossamer Portmore, the Goddess of Spite. I'm sure if you've heard about my engagement, though, you're also aware that the lady in question has become... problematic. "

    "He has no idea where she is," Deimos chimed in.

    Phobos briefly glared at his brother, but didn't bother denying it. "Unfortunately, Deimos is correct. For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, my future bride has chosen to make herself scarce. I'm certain we'll locate her soon."

    The servant girl moved silently between the gods, pouring the wine with her eyes downcast. She clinked one of the glasses faintly with a shaking hand, and more out of frustration with Gossamer than out of true annoyance at the minor noise, he backhanded the servant across the face. "Clumsy little fool!" muttered.
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    Hera nodded her head to her grandsons.

    "Yes, we did hear of that."

    She replied to them. She was about to say she knew where his intended was, when Phobos slapped the servant girl.

    "Stupid girl."

    Hera commented, feeling that her grandson was in the right to slap her for her little mistake. She reached over and touched Phobos' arm.

    "I'm afraid I have some bad news. During mine and Hades' travels, we found Gossamer. She was hidden on a world called the Saber Vortex, which your grandfather help rules. He hid her from you and allowed her to marry a guard."

    She looked at Hades. She did actually remember the name but she wanted to keep Hades involved in the conversation as well.

    "Do you remember what the guard's name was?"
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    Sojourn & Cid

    While yesterday had been a wonderful day, it had been Gossamer and Nicolai's wedding day, today was a new one. And surely all that arrived at Arena did not believe it was going to be as fun. They were in a hostile world and they would have to be on their guards. Not only did they had a talisman to look for but they would also try to help the people who lived in fear under the cruel Family of War's rule. Sojourn looked to Cid.

    "Any idea where we should begin?"

    Cid sighed. He truly had no idea where to start.

    "Knowing my children, if they took the talisman, they'd probably keep it in their palace."

    Which would be the most heavily guard place in the entire world.
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    Hades took a sip of wine and just shook his head in disapproval of the girl. She definitely deserved a slap across the face. She was quite annoying with that clinking of the glasses. When Hera told the boys what Gossamer was up to, Hades was sure Phobos was going to be even more angry. When she asked him what the guard's name was, he replied.

    "I believe he called himself Nicolai."

    Hades then took another sip of wine as he waited to see the boys' reaction to the news.
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    Optimus Prime

    They were here and it instantly felt different. His uncle had been right, this place was nothing like the Saber Vortex. Optimus hadn't even interacted with anyone on Arena yet but he felt tension in the air. He felt out of place here. He was a future king and he was in world where he had very few friends. He looked at Gossamer and Nicolai.

    "You know this world better then we do, I trust you both to lead us from here."

    Whatever the newlyweds thought would be the best course of action, Optimus Prime would agree to.
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