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    Great! It's added to my to-do list! =)

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    Awesome, no rush at all.

    PS, since you hit 25 posts, you should be able to select an avatar now.

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    If everything runs smoothly, I should have it either tomorrow or the day after. ^-^
    And nice, gonna get on it!

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    We should have characters up by the weekend.

    Do you have an idea in mind about the actual crime? I know we said murder but what about the victim? Young, old, male, female? It could be totally messed up and have the victim be a relative or even girlfriend of my defendant character. Because everyone suspects the significant other anyway.

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    No rush at all!
    And stop reading my mind, please, that's rude. XD
    I was thinking about a female, but didn't have a position for her. Your idea works perfectly!

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    Great minds think alike. Sojourn and I can read each others' minds at times. It's actually a little scary.

    All right, I'll go with girlfriend then and get my two characters to posted.

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    She reads mine too, that's one of the reasons why she's my twin.
    Yeah, you're my BIL, deal with it lol

    And cool, looking forward to seeing them!

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    Lol, it's good to have SIL, though.

    And I've posted them. I went with the defendant being young. Let me know if you'd like any changes.

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    I'll be a nice one!

    And checking them out now!

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    They look great! I feel bad for the young guy! =)

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