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    Character Information

    Character Information


    Position in the roleplay:
    Misc (any information you want to provide about your character):

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    Name: Angela Malloy
    Age: 35 years old
    Position in the roleplay: Defendant's lawyer
    Misc: Angela is a wife, a mother and has worked very hard to get to where she is today. She has a very strong work ethic, and will carry on trying to figure out whether or not her client is guilty, no matter what. Bribery, threats, nothing will make her give up on getting to the bottom of the case and make sure that an innocent won't go to jail, and that a guilty man would not walk free.

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    Name: Anthony "Mad Dog" Leone
    Age: 40 years old
    Position in the roleplay: Actual criminal
    Misc: Anthony is a hitman for the Mafia, and enjoys his job immensely. The man is a sadist, and will kill, threaten, beat up, or do anything required of him with a smile on his face.
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    Name: Brandon Wallace
    Age: 22
    Position in the roleplay: Defendant
    Misc (any information you want to provide about your character): Brandon has been falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend. He had been a good student in school and a star athlete. All his hopes of a good career after college are down the drain. All his friends have abandoned him and most of his family. Other then his parents, who believe he is innocent and are sparing no expense to prove it. He wonders if even his lawyer, Angela, believes he is innocent.
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    Name: Vincent "Vince" Quincy
    Age: 39
    Position in the roleplay: Corrupt Police Officer
    Misc (any information you want to provide about your character): Vince once believed in being a good and honest cop. That was back when he was a rookie. Under his old partner's wing, he realized where the better life was and that was making friends with the Mafia. That partner has since retired, but Vince kept the same contacts and works on both sides of the law.

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    Name: Marisol Velez
    Age: 45
    Position in the roleplay: Prosecutor
    Misc (any information you want to provide about your character): Marisol is a recent widow with two teenage daughters. She truly believes in the justice system and that the evidence speaks for itself. She also believes she is the voice for her victims and always wants to bring them justice. She has a strong work ethic and would hate to an innocent person convicted of a crime they did not commit.

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    Name: Andrea "Andi" Summers
    Age: 30
    Position in the roleplay: Honest Police Officer
    Misc (any information you want to provide about your character): Andi's father was a police officer and she knew from the time she was six she wanted to follow in his footsteps. As did her two older brothers. She has a very strong sense of right and wrong and believes in what she does. Andi does not support the Mafia and will not be bribed. Her father was a good, honest cop and that's what she wants to be as well. However, once she was transferred to Homicide, she had been assigned to partner with Vince Quincy. She doesn't truly trust him.

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