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Thread: Arabian nights

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    Quote Originally Posted by SillyLittleClones
    |*Zahida*| (etc.)

    "Zahida cannot be here until she is healed and well. I would not permit our young Saira to see her because of the severity of her situation."

    The Head Priestess spoke those words with as much courtesy as she could permit herself to give... which wasn't much. Saira's name was said with a tightness to the tone of her voice.

    "Now... if these things are as frightful as you say, then perhaps-"

    At that moment there was a soft creak. One of the doors behind the long carpet where Saira and Farouk sat opened and a hesitant young Priest peeked his head in. He looked a bit rattled to be disturbing the Council of the Elders... what young Priest wouldn't though? He swallowed as all eyes, save for Saira's and maybe Farouk's were leveled upon him. The Head Priestess' brow furrowed as the youth entered. He walked hurriedly, not looking at anyone until he approached the Head Priest. Naturally he went to him because he was the head of his gender's faction... their half of the Temple's say. He represented them. Once he got within the safe vicinity of the Head Priest, his fear of the Council melted. He bent and whispered hurriedly into his Elder's ear before rushing back to the door. The Head Priestess looked at the Head Priest, wondering what was so important to interrupt a very important Council meeting.[/font]
    Mesoh Nusitu:"The Master can heal her if she wishes so,a healing spell for him is nothing to A master sorcerer."
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    ((She is healed and well - the Healer took care of that and it is Zahida that the young priest went to announce. ))
    Bring it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacen Bell
    Mesoh Nusitu:"The Master can heal her if she wishes so,a healing spell for him is nothing to A master sorcerer."
    Silence Mesoh Nusitu,I may be able to cast a spell and heal some one.But these people when they heal some one also heal there soul...which regrettably is some thing I can not.
    The bellowing manDead
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