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    Nice! As soon as we have the vict... ahem, husband, I'll start working on the IC.

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    I should be able to get the bio up up for him in the next few days.

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    Great! No rush at all!

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    Question about the daughter, do you have plans for her? I was wondering if she could be girly girl and not into sports at all. I was thinking that one thing that drew Jake, that's the husband's name, to Abby was that Nicholas is into sports and Jake's mother was so over protective that he never got to play them, even though he wanted to. He loves his daughter but he's living out the sport dream through Abby's son.

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    That definitely works. Since Angie has decided to stay home to devote more time to the kid, it definitely makes sense that she will be much more into "girly" things than sports, as most of her time is spent around her mother.

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    Awesome. Because I also think Jake is jealous how close Angie and the daughter are. That he felt neglected by his wife and feels his daughter loves Mommy more. Because I totally have to justify his cheating for him. Not that is a valid excuse.

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    We all know the true reason is that he just couldn't keep it in his pants. lol
    But I'll pretend to believe this reasoning.

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    True but a cheater has to justify things in his own mind.

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    Jake's bio is up.

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