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    Character profiles

    Character profiles

    The Wife

    Play by: Melissa Rauch

    Name: Angela (Angie) Parker (has kept her maiden name)

    Age: 34

    Profession: Writer for a lifestyle site, blogger (works mostly out of her house).

    - Despite the somewhat nerdy looks, Angie is extremely open to socializing and loves to have fun;
    - She has kept her maiden name because - in her own words - she didn't want the hassle of changing names once she got married and then back again in case the marriage didn't work out;
    - Before she got married, Angie made sure to come to an agreement with her husband that both of them would each have one day a week to go out without the other, and weekends would be family time;
    - Angela would work anywhere but in the house up until her first and only child was born, and then switched to working at home to be more available once they had their only child so far, a girl who is now 4;
    - Every Wednesday night (her free night according to her deal with the husband), Angie will go out with old friends and an eventual tag-along for an all-ladies night somewhere nice, and she will encourage her husband to do whatever he wants when his free night comes along, as she doesn't really believe there's any reason not to trust him.
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    Name: Abigail "Abby" Walters
    Age: 30
    Profession: Real Estate Agent


    -Abby has one son, a twelve year boy named Nicholas, and has raised him as a single mother since he was two years old.
    -Nicholas' father, Derek, was her high school boyfriend, who got her pregnant during their senior year. Abby gave birth to Nicholas two weeks before she graduated.
    -Derek and Abby were briefly married. They got married because their parents pressured them into it. Their marriage did not last, because Derek cheated on her with his co-worker. Their divorce was finalized when Nicholas turned two.
    -Nicholas spends every other weekend with his dad and Derek pays child support. Abby keeps an friendly relationship with Derek, for their son's sake, although she'd never trust him again.
    -Abby kept Derek's last name, because she didn't want to have a different last name as her son or to go through the hassle of changing it back.
    -Abby loves her job for two reasons. One, because she likes helping people find their dream home. The other is because her work hours are very flexible.
    -Abby is very devoted to her son and goes to all his school events and practices and games for sports. He is her whole world.
    -Abby has rarely dated since her divorce, her focus had been on her son, but her sister and friends pushed her back into the dating world recently.
    -Abby actually doesn't like people who cheat on their partners, but has no idea her boyfriend is married.

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    Name: Jacob "Jake" Turner
    Age: 36
    Profession: Accountant


    -Jake is part owner in an accounting firm and works long hours outside the house. Especially during tax season.
    -Jake grew up as an only child with an extremely overprotective mother. His mother was always worried about him being hurt or becoming sick. So, she sheltered him almost too much.
    -Jake would have liked his wife to take his last name but he didn't fight her about keeping her maiden one.
    -Jake loves his daughter very much, but isn't as close to her as Angie is. He also thinks that his daughter might love Angie more then him.
    -Jake and his daughter call Abby's girls' night out, their "date night". He tells Abby he is visiting he visits his mother once a week on that day.
    -Jake uses his free night to spend time with Abby but tells Angie that he's hanging out with guys from his work.
    -Jake met Abby when she showed him new office spaces.
    -Jake would have loved to play sports as a child but his mother wouldn't let him. When he found out Nicholas was into sports, he felt drawn to the kid. Living out his sports dream through him.
    -Jake wasn't actively looking for a mistress when he met Abby, they just clicked. He told Abby his wife died to explain the ring on his finger.
    -Jake is torn what to do about his situation. He still loves Angie but feels their relationship changed after their daughter was born.
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