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    Jake Turner

    Jake would have loved to finish watching his game. But he supposed that's why he had DVR. He could watch it later, after Sally was in bed. He found his own life boring at times, so he was glad his daughter had not commented that she thought it was too. When she asked about his mother, he replied.

    "Yeah, she was worried I would get hurt."

    His mother was very protective, too protective. Getting hurt was part of growing up. He felt like he had missed out in a lot of fun because he was the kid whose mom wouldn't let him do things the other kids did.

    "Sally, would you like to sign up for dance class?"

    He asked her, she was old enough now she could take them if she wanted. Although she had no interest in sports, he thought she should still be active in something. It would help her make new friends and stay in shape.

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    Angela Parker

    Angie was also having fun. It was nice to meet Karen again, and Abby was a really nice person. She was almost glad her other friend had not been able to meet her there. At least, she would have the chance to branch out a little.

    When Abby mentioned that finding something both her husband and daughter could enjoy would help, Angie nodded. "I'll start working on it. I really want them to have a good relationship", she commented. "I love the fact that she is close to me, but I feel she needs to be this close to both of us. It makes everything easier. Though she's pretty good about staying home with J when I have to go somewhere".

    Watching the two sisters play with each other that way made Angie shake her head. She couldn't help but laugh and shake her head. It was a lot of fun to be with those two.

    "You two look just like two kids", she joked, laughing softly.

    Angie then nodded when Abby said the next home game would be in two weeks. She could definitely find a way to take Jake and Sally along. Maybe Sally would even have a little bit of fun and start enjoying sports if she could see other kids playing and watch it live instead of through a TV. "I think I will. J loves sports, and maybe Sally will have some fun as well. And maybe our guys can meet each other too", she commented, having no idea how well 'their' guys already knew each other.

    Back home, Sally shook her head when Jake said his mother was worried that he would get hurt. "That's kinda silly. Mom says children get hurt all the time", the little girl commented.

    When Jake asked if she would like to sigh up for dance class, Sally thought for a moment or two.

    "I think so", she finally asked, turning her gaze to her father. "Would you come watch me dance, Dad?", the girl asked, giving him her version of puppy eyes.

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    Jake Turner

    "Your mom's right, it is silly."

    Jake replied to Sally with a smile. One thing he did love about Angie was she let Sally be a kid. Of course, no one wanted to see their child get hurt, but you also couldn't keep them trapped in a bubble either. Angie understood that and was letting Sally have a much better childhood then he had.

    Jake gave Sally a smile as he drew his card.

    "Of course, I will. I'd never miss it. If you want to try it, we'll talk to Mom about it when she comes home."

    If Sally was involved in dance, he'd definitely go watch her. Be a proud father and videotape it even.

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    Abby Walters

    Abby was having as well. It was always great to hang out with her sister, and even better to make a new friend. Both Abby and Karen nodded their heads in understanding. Both sisters were close with their own children and understood how much a mother would love that. But if a child did have a second parent, it was important for the kid to have a close relationship with that person too. Karen smiled at Angie.

    "I'm sure you find something for them. Brenda and her dad bonded over watching 'The Three
    Stooges' when she was two."

    Sometimes a simple thing, like a show, helped. Both sisters were sure Angie would be able to help J and Sally find something to bond over too. As for when they were goofing around, Abby told Angie.

    "Karen's a big kid at heart."

    Karen shrugged, not denying it all, and said.

    "You're only as old as you feel."

    When the conversation turned to the game, Abby said.

    "Awesome, the more the merrier. My boyfriend should be there. He never misses a game. And I'm sure Sally will have fun. Even if she finds watching the game boring, it's near the park's playground, and many of my son's teammates have younger siblings she could play with."

    Abby then added.

    "My boyfriend loves sports too. Although his mom was one of those overprotective mothers that never let their kids be kids. She never let him play sports."

    Abby disagreed with that viewpoint. While she didn't want Nicholas to ever get hurt, but she also knew she had to let him be a kid. Kids got hurt, it was part of life. She wanted Nicholas to have a good childhood. She felt bad that Jake's mom hadn't felt the same.

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    Angela Parker

    Sally smiled and nodded when Jake agreed with her and mom that not letting a kid play sports because they might get hurt was silly. It was good that everyone could agree on that, as she wouldn't have to be divided between mom and dad.

    Waiting for her dad to finish his turn, she smiled again when he said he would watch her dance.

    "Cool", she replied. "I hope mom lets me, I think it will be fun".

    The little girl nibbled on her lip, thinking a bit about how it would be to try dance lessons. Shrugging, she took her turn and started picking her brain about something else to talk to her dad about.


    Angela laughed softly when Karen said her daughter had bonded with her father over watching 'The Three Stooges'. "That sounds like a lot of fun. I plan on finding something as soon as possible. She is still young and it's the perfect moment to get this done, before she gets to that age where she doesn't want to hang out with mom and dad", she commented. She would have to talk to Jake and find something, instead of simply hoping things would work out.

    She smiled when Abby said Karen was a big kid at heart, and teased her friend. "You should have seen her behavior back in college", she joked. It had been a nice time, but neither of them had been crazy wild. They had probably just partied as much as everyone else, maybe even less.

    Angie nodded when Abby said her boyfriend should be at the game. "Great, we can introduce our guys to each other, and they will have something to bond over. I know J misses having someone to do the whole watching and talking about sports with, so maybe if they get along, he can get company for that", Angie commented, hoping the two men would indeed get along. She shook her head when Abby mentioned that her boyfriend's mother had been overprotective. "I guess that's more common than I thought. My mother-in-law was like that as well. Still is, in some ways. I'm trying to do the exact opposite with Sally. You are only a kid once, after all", she completed, thinking mothers should think of letting their kids be kids more often.

    Deciding that it would be nice to meet up and let Sally play around if she got bored with the game, Angie decided that they would go. "I guess it will be fun. Count the three of us in, then, maybe Sally will start finding sports more interesting if she cans see other kids playing them, who knows".

    After a pause, Angie looked at the menu again. "So, what are you ladies having? I confess I'll probably choose anything my daughter would find 'yucky', to celebrate a night out in adult company", she joked. Angie loved her daughter very much, but, being home with her all day, she did feel the need to hang out with grown ups and do grown up things every now and then.

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    Jake Turner

    Jake smiled back at Sally

    "I'm sure she will. Your mom usually lets you try about anything you want."

    Angie was pretty supportive of just about anything Sally wanted to try. While he would rather watch Nicholas play football, then watch a dance show, he did think Sally might like it. It was girly enough for her. Plus, it would be good exercise and she could make some new friends. Eventually, she'd have to go to school and couldn't be around her mother all day along. Although he didn't care much for dance personally, he'd be a proud parent watching his own daughter dance.

    He took his turn and asked.

    "I was thinking this summer we should take a vacation. Where do you think we should go?"

    Vacation planning seemed like a safe subject. And while each day he was getting more and more torn about what he should do about Angie and Abby, he still wanted to be involved his daughter's life. Even as his feelings for Abby and her son grew bigger....Maybe a family vacation would help him truly decide what he wanted.

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    Abby Walters

    "I'm sure you will."

    Abby told Angie, certain that Angie would find something for her Sally and her dad to bond over. Even if it was something as a simple as a show. Karen nodded her head.

    "I'm sure you will too. Plus, the sooner the better, before long, you get to be old like Abby."

    Karen stuck her tongue out at her sister. Although she was the older of the two, she still loved to pick on Abby. Abby playfully hit her arm.

    "Don't listen to her, soon, she'll be planning a graduation party and looking at colleges."

    Karen groaned. It was true. Brenda was going to be a senior in two years. Time flew by when you had kids.

    "Don't remind me! One moment, your changing their diaper and the next you're making sure they bring the car back in one piece."

    The sister laughed about the college memories.

    "Those were good times."

    Karen said and Abby joked.

    "I'm shocked you remember all of them."

    This time, Karen smacked Abby's arm in jest. When the talk turned to the game, Abby nodded her head.

    "Yeah, sounds like they will. It's a shame that some parents just want to keep their kids trapped in a bubble."

    It wasn't any way to live. Abby felt bad for Jake that his mom had done that to him. He missed out on a lot of fun as a kid. Well, maybe he and J could bond over that. Both sisters agreed that kids should be kids and that's how they tried to raise their own children. They laughed at what Angie said about the food choices. Karen said.

    "You totally should. You got a kid free night, Ang. Go wild."

    Karen decided to order a seafood dish, while Abby played it safe with chicken.

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    Angela Parker

    Sally nodded when Jake said Angie usually let her try anything she wanted. That was true indeed, mom often encouraged her to try new things. She liked it, even if some of the things weren't really interesting. Dance sounded like fun, though.

    "Yeah, I think she'll like the idea", Sally replied, watching Jake take his turn and taking her own.

    His question made the little girl nibble on her lower lip.

    "Maybe the beach, dad", she suggested. "It would be a lot of fun, and you can teach me to swim, can't you?", the girl asked with a big smile.


    Angela couldn't stop smiling in seeing the two sisters joking with each other. She really felt that she had missed out on having a sister, but she was happy for her old and new friend that they had one. And of course, she should be grateful that she had good friends to make up for that.

    Once they decided to order, Angie chuckled at Karen's remark. "Oh, I plan on going wild all right", she replied, before settling for a platter of sushi and a salad. She would have loved to be able to have sake, but since she was driving, Angie didn't want to risk it.

    So, she ordered her food and then turned her attention back to the two other women. "I can't tell you girls how great it is to be at a restaurant without a kid menu", she joked, shaking her head.

    After these words, she snapped a pic of the menu to remind herself of writing a piece on the restaurant later on. After that, Angie put her phone away and explained herself to the other women.

    "I always to that when I visit a new place, so I don't forget reviewing it".

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    Jake Turner

    "I think she will too."

    Jake replied to Sally. Angie did seem pretty open to the idea of letting Sally try new things. A much better mother then his own mother had been. His mother hadn't wanted to him to do anything fun. When he thought of how good of a mother Angie was to their kid, he felt guilty about what he was doing. He should stop, he thought. Tell Abby it was over and...But he didn't want to. What he felt when he was around Abby, he hadn't felt that way around Angie in a long time. He knew it was wrong but he couldn't help himself. He wanted to have his cake and eat it too.

    When Sally suggested that they go to the beach, he replied.

    "That sounds like fun. And, yeah, I can teach you."

    Jake said with a smile of his own.

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    Abby Walters

    It was fun to Abby to be hanging out with her sister and to make a new friend. Tonight was definitely turning out to be a very fun night. Both Karen and Abby laughed when Angie said she planned to go wild and there was no kids' menu.

    "It is pretty nice. Especially since there's no pizza."

    Abby agreed, she was used to eating at places that her son would like. Unless she and Jake were on a date, if she went out to eat, it was somewhere Nicholas liked. And for the about the last two years, he picked pizza. Now, she did like pizza, but one could get burned out eating it all the time. If Nicky had his way, they'd eat pizza for every meal.

    Abby nodded her head when Angie snapped a picture of the menu.

    "Hopefully the food will be good."

    "Yeah, then you can say this is a good place to meet up with old friends and make new ones."

    Karen replied with a smile. She was happy her old college friend and her sister were getting along so well.

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