Abby Walters

Abby was a little disappointed that Angie's husband wouldn't be coming. She and Jake didn't have any friends that were couples and she thought it would be nice to make some. It would be another step in their relationship. But Abby learned a long time ago that you couldn't pressure a man. She just hoped that eventually J and Jake could meet and maybe be friends. If not, well, she and Angie could still be.

Game Days were always a big deal in Abby's home. Nicholas loved them and Jake and Derek both came. Like her, Derek never missed a game. Derek also seemed to like Jake, which was good. Jake was becoming an important part of their lives and she wanted to include him in things like this. And not have to worry about Derek being jealous or feeling replaced. He would always be Nicky's father. It was important to her that she and Derek got along with each other and any one the other was dating. While she still had some lingering anger over how her marriage ended, she never let Nicholas see it. She'd vent to her sister and put on a happy face meeting one of Derek's girlfriends. Currently, he was single, though. He had went on a lot more dates than she had since their breakup.

The park hosted quite a few games on the weekend and parking wasn't an easy job. Abby and Derek actually started going together, it was easier to find a parking spot and it gave Nicky a chance to be with both his parents. Once Nicholas was with his team, Derek and Abby were talking with each other at the bleachers. Abby was proud of herself, she had gotten to the point in her life that she and Derek could communicate as friends. She didn't want to stab him in the groin every time she saw him. She saw Angie and waved to her.