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    Abby Walters

    Abby was a little disappointed that Angie's husband wouldn't be coming. She and Jake didn't have any friends that were couples and she thought it would be nice to make some. It would be another step in their relationship. But Abby learned a long time ago that you couldn't pressure a man. She just hoped that eventually J and Jake could meet and maybe be friends. If not, well, she and Angie could still be.

    Game Days were always a big deal in Abby's home. Nicholas loved them and Jake and Derek both came. Like her, Derek never missed a game. Derek also seemed to like Jake, which was good. Jake was becoming an important part of their lives and she wanted to include him in things like this. And not have to worry about Derek being jealous or feeling replaced. He would always be Nicky's father. It was important to her that she and Derek got along with each other and any one the other was dating. While she still had some lingering anger over how her marriage ended, she never let Nicholas see it. She'd vent to her sister and put on a happy face meeting one of Derek's girlfriends. Currently, he was single, though. He had went on a lot more dates than she had since their breakup.

    The park hosted quite a few games on the weekend and parking wasn't an easy job. Abby and Derek actually started going together, it was easier to find a parking spot and it gave Nicky a chance to be with both his parents. Once Nicholas was with his team, Derek and Abby were talking with each other at the bleachers. Abby was proud of herself, she had gotten to the point in her life that she and Derek could communicate as friends. She didn't want to stab him in the groin every time she saw him. She saw Angie and waved to her.

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    Jake Turner

    Jake knew Angie wasn't happy with him. She wanted him to meet her new friend, and normally he would have indulged her. But today was game day for Nicky and he had plans for Abby. He was always excited to see Abby. Being with her...He hadn't felt the way with his own wife in a long time. If he was a real man, he'd tell his wife their marriage wasn't working out for him anymore but Jake didn't like confrontation or change. He'd rather hide what he was doing then face the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately, for him, the two women in his life were going to find out far sooner then he ever hoped.

    He told Angie and Sally to have fun and headed to the park. Abby always went with her ex and he would meet them there. He was sure today would be no different.
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    Angela Parker

    Angie had to admit she was a bit upset that she couldn't take Jake along with her to meet her new friend. It would be nice to do something as a family, but she was getting used to the fact that she couldn't really expect Jake to spend more time with them than he did. It made her a little sad because Sally was growing up, and she would soon be less interested in spending time with mommy and daddy, and Jake was missing out because he was always working. Letting out a long sigh, Angie decided to enjoy her day.

    After a shower and bathing Sally, Angie dressed them both in similar outfits - light wash jeans and a pink t-shirt for each -, another thing she wanted to enjoy while she could. She was sure in no time she wouldn't be cool anymore and her style would be lame for her daughter. While she was looking forward to seeing Sally grow into a young lady, she wanted to enjoy each step of the way while it lasted.

    Once they were ready, Angie checked the car seat and got Sally safely on it. The drive was pleasant, with music, talking and laughing, and both Sally and Angela seemed to be okay with the fact that it would be just the two of them. Once she parked her car, Angie got Sally out of the car and indulged her request to be carried. It went by so fast, so why not?, she considered, moving towards the bleachers and looking for Abby. As soon as she saw her new friend, Angie smiled and waved back, moving to join her and Derek as quickly as she could. "Hey, Abby, thanks for inviting us again", she greeted, before smiling and offering Derek a hand shake and then turning to Sally. "Honey?"

    The little girl looked at Abby curiously and then at her mom. "Hi, Ms. Abby", she finally greeted, letting out a shy little giggle. Angie rolled her eyes. "She'll warm up to you soon, don't worry".

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    Abby Walters

    It was too bad that Angie's husband couldn't join them, but Abby was sure they would still have fun. Perhaps, they could arrange a double date sometime. Just for the grownups, that could fun.

    Abby smiled at Sally, bending down to the little girl's level.

    "It's nice to meet you, Sally. Your mom has told me lots of nice things about you."

    She stood back up and nodded her head at Angie.

    "It's fine. Nicky was shy like that once."

    "Yeah, when he was about three."

    Derek added with a smile and Abby introduced her ex to her new friend. He told Angie.

    "It's nice to meet you. Any friend of Abby's is a friend of mine."

    It was nice that she could consider Derek her friend now. Abby looked at her watch and said.

    "The game will start in about half hour."

    It gave the kids time to warm up, Nicholas had already with his team and Jake should be here soon. He hadn't missed a game yet.

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    Jake Turner

    For once, Jake truly did have a work thing come up. He wouldn't miss Nicholas' game, but he was going to be late. He was getting ready to leave for the park when one of his clients called him. Demanded that he come to his office and double check some numbers. The man was certain an employee had stolen some money from him.

    Hey, I have to meet with a client. I'm going to be a little late, but I will be there. I promise.

    He texted Abby. He hoped it wouldn't take too long. He knew Abby always got there earlier because the kids needed to do warm ups first. Hopefully he wouldn't miss too much of the game, maybe just the first half.

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    Angie Parker

    Angie would have loved Jake to join them, but she was starting to get used to the fact that he wouldn't be there for them. It did hurt a little every now and then, but it was - sadly - becoming less painful as time went by. Pushing these thoughts aside, Angie decided they would have fun today, and Jake would join them whenever, if it wasn't too late.

    Sally smiled at Abby and nodded. "It's nice to meet you too." Angie smiled, feeling proud of her little girl.

    When Derek joined the conversation, Angie smiled at him and shook his hand. "I think I can say the same. We're new friends, but I'm sure it'll be a long-lived one."

    Angie nodded when Abby said the game would start soon. "Great, I guess I'll walk a little with Sally so she'll be able to sit still during the game. You know how they are at this age," she commented with a grin. It was true that having a kid Sally's age demanded a lot of energy, but Angie wouldn't trade it for the world.

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    Abby Walters

    Abby felt bad for Angie. She imagined it was hard for her that her husband seemed to be too busy to spend time with her and their daughter. It wasn't her place to judge the state of her friend's marriage or what type of father J was but...Derek always made an effort to spend time with kid, even if he had proved to be a pretty crappy husband. She hoped that Angie's husband wasn't fooling around her. Making the excuse of work to not spend time with his family. Derek had done that...It was probably nothing, she thought. She didn't know the man and thus she didn't have the right to judge him. She just hoped he realized how lucky he was. Not all women were as understanding as Angie seemed to be.

    "I think it will be too."

    Abby agreed with Angie, with a smile on her face. They were new friends but she hoped that their friendship would last for a long time. Hopefully next time they tried to all together, Jake would be on time and J wouldn't have to work. She nodded her head when Angie said she wanted to take Sally for a walk before the game started.

    "Sounds good. Little kids have a lot of energy."

    She said with a smile, she remembered when Nicky had been that little. He couldn't still very often either. She and Derek went to get seats for them and saved a seat for Jake when he got there. She got his text and replied back.

    It's fine. Hope you'll be here soon. I miss you.

    Once the game started, Angie would see how proud both of Nicholas' parents were of him. Cheering him and his team on.

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    Jake Turner

    I miss you too.

    Jake texted back to Abby. He truly did miss her. He loved spending time with her. It was wrong, though. He knew he was playing with fire. Every time he made plans with Abby, he knew that. Despite everything he was doing, he still did love Angie. A part of him felt guilty about what he was doing. Not spending time with his family, lying to both women. He felt guilty but he couldn't help himself. He wanted it all. He worked hard, why couldn't he have it all? Abby and Angie ran in different social circles, their paths would never cross. Or so he thought. As it often happened, he debated not going to the park. The more time he spent with Abby and her son, the harder it was getting to keep this up. He was living two lives. One with Angie and Sally, the other with Abby and Nicholas. Right now, Abby wanted to take things slow, which worked out perfectly for his dual life. But someday, she might not. What was he going to do then? That was a problem for Future Jake, a man that Jake didn't envy.

    Jake parked his car, by the time he had arrived at the park, the football game was going into half time. The little league team had some cheerleaders performing and people would get some snacks. He knew where Abby would be. She and Derek always came early to get the same spot.

    I'm here.

    He texted her. He just had no idea as he walked over that he'd be giving everyone a half time show they would never forget. He waved hi to Derek as he walked up. Not seeing, at first, who all was with his girlfriend's ex.

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    Angie Parker

    Angie really enjoyed walking around with Sally a little. She loved every little bit of having a small child. The closeness that came with it, the fact that her baby girl still needed her, and watching Sally learn and grow. It broke her heart that Jake was missing out on all of that, but she couldn't really do much about it. She could see that his job was his priority, and a part of her was grateful that he was still married to her at least. Sally would have an intact home for a while, and that was all Angie wanted for her.

    Once Sally had spent some energy, Angie took her to seat with Abby, taking a seat near Derek and chatting with him a little until the game started. She had no idea what half time had in store for everyone.

    When the game went on half time, Angie decided to slip away for a while and take Sally to the bathroom, so she would be comfortable for the rest of their time there. When Jake walked over, she was getting up to go do exactly that, but her eyes locked in on her husband for a moment while she tried to figure out what the hell he was doing there, and a part of her already suspected something was up, but refused to believe it without actually hearing either her husband or her new friend say it.

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