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Thread: Let's discuss!

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    Are we going to base this story in Tudor England again? I ask, because I'm going to work on Victoria and need to decide if she's the Duchess of a real place or a made up one.
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    Definitely, it's easier for us to work having this basis. Feel free to make up any place you want.
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    Either way is fine with me, but it seems like Tudor England at least makes a convenient frame of reference, though I wouldn't want us to be too bound by real history.
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    Nah, I'm often more in the inspired by vibe than in the based on vibe, it makes life easier.
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    It all sounds good to me.
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    I'm going to use a real Duchy name, Victoria and her husband are the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk.
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    Victoria's up, obviously I'll edit once I know what her daughter's name is.
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    Cool, I'll have mine up during the weekend.
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