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    Character sheet template and information

    Character sheet template and information

    Template for character creation:

    Physical description (it can be very basic if a picture is provided):
    Current residence:

    Relationship status:
    Significant other, if applicable:

    Talents and skills:

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay:

    Additional Information (any relevant information not covered before):
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    Agnes Drake

    Age: 19

    Physical description: Agnes is of average height with a slender hourglass figure. She has auburn hair in loose curls, muddy-green eyes, and a quick smile that is not always quite genuine.

    Current residence: Rose Abbey Rectory

    Relationship status: Unmarried

    Significant other, if applicable: N/A

    Parents: Cardinal Marcellus Drake (father) and Lady Marguerite Swift (mother, deceased)

    Siblings: Two half-siblings from her mother's marriage, Anne and Lawrence Swift, with whom she has little contact

    Personality: Agnes has learned to be highly adaptable. She has two faces: the agreeable, demure, flattering public persona and the deep confusion and conflict beneath. For her whole life, Agnes has been what others want her to be. She has yet to discover who she truly is.

    Talents and skills: She has skill with various courtly pursuits including music, dance, falconry, and riding. Agnes has experience in running her father's household, and has had significant religious education conveyed by him. She has also been educated, however, in the arts of attraction and seduction and the ways of the bedroom.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: Agnes is the illegitimate daughter of a supposedly celibate cardinal and a lady of the court who was married to someone else at the time. She and her father know that she will never be queen, but they see potential for advancement nonetheless; by attaching themselves to an ambitious family with royal aspirations, they have the opportunity to elevate their own position in the world. Agnes knows she must be prepared to leverage all her charms to secure her father's position, and her own.
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    Name: Victoria Montgomery

    Age: 47
    Physical description (it can be very basic if a picture is provided): Long blonde hair that is going finally starting to go white with age. She has blue eyes. She is about 5' 6" with a curvy built.
    Current residence: Montgomery Manor in Norfolk

    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other, if applicable: Henry, Duke of Norfolk
    Parents: Alexander (deceased) and Gwendolyn (alive) Dumont
    Siblings: None that are living. Her brother, Adam, was the only other Dumont child to survive into adulthood and he was killed in battle.
    Children: One that is living, a daughter named Emma (18 )

    Personality: Victoria is a very intelligent woman. If she been born a man, she'd probably been one of the advisers to the king. She is the true leader of her family. She is ambitious and driven. She knows what she wants and tries to get it. She has patience when it comes to achieving her goals. Believing good things come to those who wait. On the flip side, Victoria is also manipulative. Not above using her only living child to achieve her goals. She is quick to anger, even with her daughter and likes to control every detail of her child's life. Making her believe that she would want to please Victoria all the time. She can be cruel to those she believes are beneath her.

    Talents and skills: Victoria has a quick mind and thinks fast on her feet. She also is very good at embroidery and household management.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: Victoria has been married for thirty years to Henry, the Duke of Norfolk. Their marriage was arranged and pleased her father. Her father was an earl and had high hopes for his only living child. He always wanted to advance his place in English nobility. Being how highly regarded the Duchy of Norfolk is in society, Alexander was pleased to arrange his daughter's marriage to the oldest child of the then Duke of Norfolk. Especially when the bloodline was a distant cousin to the throne. Victoria and Henry married when she was seventeen and he was nineteen.

    Victoria and Henry only have one child, Emma, who survived to young adulthood. Much like her father, Victoria has high hopes for that Emma and made sure she had the best education possible. She'd love nothing more for her daughter to become a queen and to run the kingdom through her.

    Additional Information (any relevant information not covered before): While Victoria and Henry have been married for thirty years, Victoria has had a long standing affair with Edward Moore, Duke of Suffolk. Rumors are he fathered her daughter, not Henry.
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    Name: Edward Moore

    Age: 50
    Physical description (it can be very basic if a picture is provided): Short grey hair that was once brown, blue eyes, and trimmed grey bread. Edward is about 6' tall and still in good physical shape for his age.
    Current residence: Moore Manor in Suffolk

    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other, if applicable: Katherine, Duchess of Suffolk
    Parents: Thomas and Mary Moore, both deceased
    Siblings: None, was the only living child.
    Children: Two sons, Thomas (28 ) and Edward (23)

    Personality: Edward is a smart man and people often come to him for advice. He seems to be a trusted friend of many and he is good at making people believe he cares more then he actually does. He has ambition but also has patience. He is not above using people's trust in him to get what he wants. He can also be very snobby to those who are below him in society.

    Talents and skills: Edward is a skilled swordsman and horseman. He speaks carefully and has the ear of the king.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: Edward grew up as a close friend of the late king, the current king's father. Although the Moore family had never been high up in noble society, the king created the Duchy of Suffolk just for him. Edward loved the late king as a brother and is like an uncle to the current king. His close relationship with the king, secured his place as a close adviser to the king and gave him a very desired place in the court.

    At twenty, he married his wife, Katherine, who has given him two sons. He married both his sons off to women of noble blood and is a grandfather.

    Additional Information (any relevant information not covered before): While he and Katherine act in love in public, Edward's heart belongs to another. Katherine has bored him for many years and Edward has carried on a secret affair with Victoria Montgomery, the Duchess of Norfolk. Rumors are he fathered her daughter.
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    Name: Emma Montgomery
    Age: 18 years old
    Physical description: Emma is very well proportionate and not at all unpleasant to the eye, with a noble bearing she has inherited from her mother. Her hair is brown, and her eyes are blue like her mother’s (note: I know the actress I chose doesn’t have blue eyes, but we’ll consider Emma’s are, as she would take it after both bio parents). She stands a bit below her mother’s shoulders and has a healthy build, with rosy skin and a body with curves in the right places.
    Current residence: Montgomery Manor in Norfolk, with her parents.

    Relationship status: Single
    Significant other, if applicable: None
    Parents: Henry and Victoria Montgomery, Duke and Duchess of Norfolk
    Siblings: None living, she was the last child to come and only one to survive childhood.

    Personality: Emma has what could be described as a pleasant personality. She is very lively and loves the company of her peers and relatives. She is intelligent as her mother, and wants to have a good life and move up in the world, with Victoria’s help. Luckily for Emma, she was born with a calm disposition, and is often willing to do whatever her mother wants, not only because she fears Victoria’s anger, but because she is much more devoted to her mother than she could ever be to Henry. Despite her young age, Emma has already noticed her nature makes her easy to trust, and plans on using it to her - and her family’s - advantage when the time comes for it to be useful.

    Talents and skills: Emma has received an excellent, and somewhat strict, under her mother’s watchful eye, education. Everything a girl should learn to be a Queen - of course, she didn’t know that was the plan - was taught to her. Emma is excellent with needlework, has learned Latin, French and Spanish with tutors, and - her favorite subject - is very well versed in music. Her religious education was also very careful, but she is not very sure about her religious views, except for the fact that believing what the King believes is the best policy.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: Emma was born to (at least that is what most believe) Victoria and Henry Montgomery. She was their youngest child, and the only one to survive childhood, which she attributes both to luck and to her mother. Emma remembers being ill only once in her life, and she has a vivid memory of her mother on her bedside, telling her that she would get better, and would come out of it stronger. Young Emma wanted to please her mother so much that she did get better, and has been in perfect health since.

    Emma’s life has been devoted to learning everything a lady needs to know, and to pleasing her mother. She knows that pleasing her mother will get her ahead in life, and plans on doing as she’s told to reach the top - and to pull Victoria along, as she knows she won’t achieve her goals without her mother’s expert advice.

    Additional Information: Despite liking the man who figures as her father, Emma is much closer to her mother, and eventually looks to the Duke of Suffolk for advice from a strong male figure, as Henry is basically dominated by his wife. She also feels a big responsibility to her mother for being her only surviving child, and feels that she needs to be the perfect daughter.

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    Cardinal Marcellus Drake

    Age: 59

    Physical description: Marcellus is of average height, and still possesses an appearance of physical strength, though he has developed a bit of abdominal paunch in his later years. He has grey hair, and is generally clad in either the regalia of his office during official functions or more casual clerical clothing in his leisure time.

    Current residence: Rose Abbey Rectory

    Relationship status: As a member of the celibate clergy, the Cardinal is ineligible to marry.

    Significant other, if applicable: Despite his clerical vows, Marcellus was caught in a long-term liaison with Lady Marguerite Swift many years ago. The situation was doubly scandalous, as Lady Swift was married to another man at the time, and she became pregnant while her husband was away at war, leading to the discovery of the affair. Marcellus publicly repented and atoned for his failure to keep his vows, and Lady Swift subsequently died in childbirth. There have since been rumors of other affairs whispered among the servants, but the Cardinal has been more careful to ensure no proof could be found of any other trysts.

    Parents: Lord Howard and Lady Martha Drake, both deceased

    Siblings: Marcellus was the third son (thus his entry into the priesthood, as he was not the heir.) His oldest brother Howard Junior died, and was replaced by second son Constantine as the Drake heir.

    Personality: Publicly, the Cardinal is a pious man, entirely devoted to religion and the church. He has generally been forgiven for the affair years ago, and openly acknowledges and supports his illegitimate daughter. He is congenial, intelligent, and quick-witted. Privately, Marcellus is also highly ambitious with a significant ruthless streak, which his clerical persona carefully hides.

    Talents and skills: Marcellus is a skilled orator, well-read, and well-liked by his parishioners. He is fluent in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and has sufficient knowledge of Italian, French, and Spanish to communicate with his international counterparts in the church. He is sufficiently charismatic that he is able to get away with a great deal with people still assuming the best of him.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: As a young man, Marcellus was shrewd enough to realize that he would not obtain power through his family as the third son of an only moderately wealthy house, so he sought his advancement through the church instead, joining the priesthood and ascending through the ranks to achieve his current position of Cardinal. His career was temporarily derailed but not destroyed by his affair with Marguerite Swift, and with time his repentant sinner story made him all the more popular with the common folk. With the current instability of the crown, Marcellus sees yet another opportunity for his own political advancement via leveraging his daughter's charms, and he has no hesitation to use her as needed for his own gain.

    Additional Information: There have also been very occasional, very faint whispers that the Cardinal has been sexually inappropriate with his daughter, however these have generally been dismissed as malicious slander toward a righteous man.
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    Humphrey Heron, Duke of Northumberland

    Age: 37

    Physical description: Humphrey is tall, lean, and a little bit gawky in how he carries himself, as if he isn't quite sure what to do with his height. He has chestnut hair that is starting to go grey, brown eyes, and a slightly large nose. He walks with a limp as the result of a war injury.

    Current residence: Alnwick Castle in Northumberland

    Relationship status: Widower

    Significant other, if applicable: Currently none. He was married to Edith Grayson Heron for five years, until her death. He has shown no inclination to remarry.

    Parents: Duke John and Duchess Elizabeth Heron, both deceased

    Siblings: A younger sister, Louisa, who is married and lives in London with her husband and children

    Personality: Humphrey is quiet, one might even say shy, but is personable once he becomes comfortable. He has little interest in court life, and unlike many other nobles, lacks pretension or guile. He enjoys reading and spending time outdoors. Humphrey has a strong moral compass, and is quite religiously devout without being showy about it.

    Talents and skills: Because he is considered wise, Humphrey is often asked for his advice - but that advice often goes unheeded, because he refuses to tell people only what they want to hear. His educational background is solid but not exceptional. He is an excellent rider and a good swordsman, having spent time in the army. He manages his duchy well but has shown no desire for further political advancement.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: Humphrey had a fairly ordinary childhood for a British noble, though he preferred being outside to the stuffy confines of high society. When he was twenty-one, he was married to Lady Edith Grayson; it was an arranged marriage to secure a land deal, as was common for their social class, but the couple developed a genuine affection and eventually love for each other. Although they did not have any children, Humphrey was content. After they had been married for five years, however, Edith was killed in a shipwreck on the way back from a trip to France after a delay caused wife and husband to have to travel separately. Grieving heavily, Humphrey joined the current war effort (as the kingdom always seemed to be at war somewhere) until a serious injury forced him to return home. Humphrey would prefer to spend his days in Northumberland, enjoying the countryside and looking after his own people, but he keeps being called to court to advise the crown, an honor that can hardly be refused.
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    Name: King Theodore III
    Age: 27 years old
    Physical description: King Theodore is tall, athletic, and has a youthful and healthy appearance, with broad shoulders and a well-kept body. Despite being the king, Theodore keeps active with running, riding horses, training with weapons and all kinds of physical activity he can.
    Current residence: Hampton Court, London

    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other, if applicable: Queen Esther
    Parents: King Theodore II, Queen Camila (both deceased)
    Siblings: No surviving siblings. One of his siblings - Charles, the first one after Theodore - survived to young adulthood, but died in one of the many battles the country has faced.

    Personality: King Theodore does his best to be a just man. He wants the best for his country and family, and believes deeply in loyalty to those who rely on him. Despite caring deeply about those he loves, the King knows that he needs to care for the nation above everything, and will do it even to the sacrifice of his personal happiness at times.Talents and skills: King Theodore received a very well-rounded education. He was taught Academics, Languages, Religion, and trained to be a good swordsman, as he needed to know how to defend himself in battle if needed. He is a very good jouster, dancer and speaker as well, making him a very well-liked young King.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: (Will add to this as needed)

    Additional Information: King Theodore has been married to Queen Esther for three years, and loves her deeply, but she has failed to give him a child so far, and it has been causing unrest, as the king should have at least an heir by now, perhaps even a spare as well.
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    Name: Queen Esther
    Age: 20 years old
    Physical description: View picture
    Current residence: Hampton Court, London

    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other, if applicable: King Theodore III
    Parents: Lord Francis Steward (living), Lady Constance Baker-Steward (deceased)
    Siblings: Isabel, 21, living, Arthur, 16, living

    Personality: Queen Esther is a meek and loving woman, very unassertive, despite being pleasant. She cares deeply about those she loves, but hasn’t really been raised to speak up and stand up for herself.Talents and skills: Queen Esther was raised to be a good woman. She was taught how to write well, sew, embroider, had a very strong religious education, and learned French and Latin at home. She as also raised to marry well, and taught to always obey her husband’s word.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: (Will add to this as needed)

    Additional Information: Queen Esther has been happily married to King Theodore III for the last three years, and has yet to give him a child, either son or daughter. As it is often considered that it is the woman’s fault, the Queen has been hearing more and more whispers about her being barren and unfit to be a Queen. The King has been pressured into giving her up and finding a more fertile woman, but has been resisting so far.
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    Name: Katherine Moore

    Age: 48
    Physical description (it can be very basic if a picture is provided): Long black hair that is starting to grey with age and blue eyes. She has an hourglass figure and has stayed in decent shape for her age.
    Current residence: Moore Manor in Suffolk

    Relationship status: Married
    Significant other, if applicable: Edward, Duke of Suffolk
    Parents: James and Anne Cromwell, both deceased
    Siblings: One brother, George Cromwell, Earl of Surrey
    Children: Two sons, Thomas (28 ) and Edward (23)

    Personality: Katherine is an intelligent but soft spoken woman. She is friendly but does not express her own views very much. Especially if they counter what her husband's views are. She is a devoted wife and mother, even if she has no actual love for her husband. She also is deeply religious.

    Talents and skills: Katherine is skilled in needlework and has a good singing voice. She was also a good mother, personally seeing the care of her sons.

    Background story up to the beginning of the roleplay: Katherine was born to the Earl of Surrey and his wife. When her father passed away, her elder brother became Earl. Katherine was married off to Edward Moore, the Duke of Suffolk. It was a desirable marriage, since Edward was close friend's with the then king.

    She has born Edward two sons, both who were married off to noble women and have children of their own.

    Additional Information (any relevant information not covered before): While Katherine and Edward pretend to still love each other, they have grown bored of each other years ago. Katherine has deep feelings for Henry Montgomery, instead. Although she's never has acted on her feelings because she believes deeply in her wedding vows. Viewing Henry as just a dear friend.
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