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    Discussion and comments

    Discussion and comments

    I'm gonna create a CS for Keith after I put Maggie's up.
    I'm considering here whether or not we should pull back a few years so we could give it some context and make this last longer?

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    I took over the role of Tom.

    I think he'd get along with Keith until the little brother found out about Tom's affair.
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    I think morally, Keith won't give a flying... flower about it.

    But I'm pretty sure he'll put his dearest brother-in-law in the list of people who owe him little treats for his silence.

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    I think there's going to be a whole list of people who want Keith dead.

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    I suspect so.

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    Finally got the IC thread up. Thanks for being patient, twin and brother-in-law!

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    I'm mean, Keith gets Tom.

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    Bad, bad twin. XD

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    LOL, but I read it as Keith wanted to see Tom.

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    Suuure you did.

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