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    Keith Allerton

    Keith was pretty sure that Tom would have loved to make him swallow his teeth. He was also sure his brother-in-law knew better than that. Keith knew Tom was afraid of what he knew, and that was the only reason that kept him safe. With a smirk, Keith simply shrugged when Tom left the room.

    Without a care in the world, Keith fell asleep quickly, and slept as well as though he was in his own bedroom.

    Keith was sleeping so well that he slept right through his alarm, and was still on the couch when Dani woke up.

    He wouldn't have even noticed anything if his sister had not pulled the blanket off of him. The young man opened his eyes slowly and sat up in bed.

    Rubbing his eyes, Keith didn't seem startled at all. When his sister asked what he was doing there, the young man smirked. "He didn't tell you, eh? I wonder what else... never mind".

    Raising his hands in a gesture of peace, Keith stretched for a moment. "I was sleeping up until you woke me up, but since you did, I'm making my way home now, before you have the time to say everything I can imagine you are thinking".

    Just as he had said, Keith would walk briskly towards the door, and try to leave quickly, before Dani had the time to say anything, unless she stopped him in any way.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Dani did love Keith, he was her baby brother. But loving someone didn't mean you had to like them. And honestly, she wasn't sure if she even liked the man Keith had become. He was a moocher and Clearwater was small enough that Dani knew she wasn't the only one who didn't like Keith. She was just one of the few who wouldn't hurt him. As tempting as it was. With the blanket in her arms, she gave Keith a confused look.

    "What else what?"

    She asked, wondering what Keith meant about Tom. She knew her brother well enough to know he said that purposely. To get under her skin. She and Tom didn't keep secrets from each other. At least she didn't think they did. Did they? Leaving her confused gave Keith the chance he needed to quickly sneak out of her house.

    Dani didn't try to stop him, she let him go. She threw the blanket back into the closet. Then she walked back to her bedroom and woke up her husband the same way she woke up her brother.

    "So, he just went home, did he?

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    Tom Burns

    Tom should have known by now what a promise from Keith Allerton was worth. He knew before his wife even spoke that she had saw her brother on their couch He was tempted again to knock that little asshole's teeth down his throat. If he was not Dani's brother, Tom would have beat the shit out of him long ago. He sat up and ran his hand through his hair.

    "Sorry, he wasn't going to leave and....I just wanted to make sure you got some sleep. Which you need for your meeting."

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    Keith Allerton

    Keith couldn't help but laugh at his sister's puzzled look. He would have loved to tell her what he knew, but that could wait. "Nothing!", Keith still replied before leaving the house, whistling happily.

    Keith was really hopeless, and he would probably never grow up. He hadn't so far, so it was almost a lost cause. While other people were working, getting married and having babies, he was busy partying, drinking and womanizing on a regular basis. When he needed money, he would either hit someone up or do an odd job or two and then live off of that money for a few months. For a man of simple needs, that was enough for now.

    Finally getting to his small room, Keith greeted his landlady in a cheerful intonation. "Gooooood morning, Mrs. Gerda!", he greeted, smirking at the woman's sour expression. "Old hag", Keith murmured to himself as he slipped into his room and dropped on his bed, planning to sleep for the rest of the morning.

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    Margareth Parkinson

    While Keith went back to bed, Margareth was getting off hers. As usual, she was up early and planning on getting some work done. Not that she really needed to work to pay the bills. Her husband worked and made enough money, but Mrs. Parkinson felt bored being home. Benjamin was out of town, and her 'special friend' couldn't spend all of the time with her, after all. And, despite her misdeeds, Mrs. Parkinson felt happy to offer some help to her neighbors.

    After having breakfast, Mrs. Parkinson prepared a pot of fresh soup and got it in some Tupperwares. She would go visit a friend who lived by the mayor's house, who had recently had a baby, and take her some food, offering some company as well.

    And, hopefully, she wouldn't have to see either the mayor or that husband of hers. They were the last people she wanted to see right now.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Dani had a feeling it was more then nothing. She knew her brother, he didn't make comments like that unless it meant something. Or he knew something....But she also knew he liked to blackmail people for things. Family or not. It was annoying. She sighed at Tom. She was angry to be lied to but he did have point. Knowing Keith was here, no doubt from some scandalous night...She would not have slept well. Besides, it was just a white lie. Not a huge deal.

    "Yeah, I suppose you're right."

    She replied, getting dressed. She did have an important meeting. She needed to push the thoughts of Keith and his words out of her head. For now. She and Tom got Jared up and had breakfast with him. Tom would be taking him to school today. She gave her husband and son kisses.

    "Have a good day at school, Jared. Love you."

    She told him and then said to Tom.

    "And you have a good day at work, love you."

    She saw them off and almost drove off her to her office until she double checked her brief case and realized she had forgotten some important papers in her home office. She went back to get them and when she locked her house up again she saw her. Margareth Parkinson. Nice enough lady...Except Dani had seen that woman exchange looks with Keith...Dani wondered if Mister Parkinson knew. Ever polite, Dani waved.

    "Good morning, Mrs. Parkinson."

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    Tom Burns

    Tom was relieved that Dani calmed down a little about Keith being here. Keith was a source of arguments in the past for them. Keith seemed to like to cause drama where ever he went. Not the way Tom liked to start a day. At least Jared seemed unaware his uncle had even been there. After breakfast, Tom returned Dani's kiss and told her.

    "Have a good yourself and love you too."

    After saying goodbye, Jared in the car and Tom drove him to school.



    Tom asked as they waited at a stoplight.

    "Do you and Mom not like Uncle Keith?"

    Tom swallowed and looked at Jared through the rear-view mirror.

    "Of course not, he's family. Why do you ask?"

    "We never invite him over and...You and Mom always seem to get angry talking about him."

    Tom sighed quietly and said as he continued to drive as the light turned green.

    "Well, Mom and I don't always agree with the choices he makes. Sometimes....Uncle Keith doesn't always make good choices and it upsets us because we want him to do better."

    Well, Dani did. She wanted her brother to be a better person. Tom was to the point he'd wish someone would beat the shit of Keith to knock him down a few pegs. He was so tempted to do it himself, but being the husband of the mayor and the fire chief of this small town, it would look horrible. Thankfully they arrived at the school and Tom parked the car.

    "Does that make sense?"

    He asked and Jared nodded his head.

    "Yeah, kinda."

    "We can talk more about it tonight, with Mom, if you want."


    Jared would probably take him up on it. Tom opened his door and gave Jared a hug after he exited his car.

    "Love you kid. Have a good day at school."

    "Love you too, Dad."

    Jared said and headed in. Tom got back in his car and headed to the fire station.

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    Margareth Parkinson

    Margareth was humming softly to herself, happily, when she was about to knock on her friend's door. Before she could do it, though, the woman heard a voice and stopped on her tracks. She would have known that voice anywhere, even if she was hard of hearing. After staying still for a moment, Mrs. Parkinson turned around with a polite smile. Getting on the mayor's bad side wouldn't do. She lived there, after all.

    "Mrs. Burns", she greeted, equally polite, adjusting her Tupperwares - from which a nice smell of soup came - so she wouldn't drop them. "Good morning, it's a pleasure to see you", the woman completed.

    No, it wasn't a pleasure at all, but Margareth wouldn't even dream of saying that. And she didn't dislike Dani, she simply felt uncomfortable around her. "I believe you must be in a hurry, but could we have a sit down at some point?", the woman asked. She left the sentence in suspense for a while before completing. "It's about a project I have been working on with the Elementary School children, but we would have to run it through your office to make sure everything runs smoothly", she explained. That wasn't really a surprise. Even though her first child was still a few months away, Mrs. Parkinson was known for getting involved with everything the local Elementary School did, as a way of keeping herself busy.

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    Dani Allerton-Burns

    Dani had the feeling that Margareth would rather not see her. Dani had learned to learn body language early in her career in politics and it was easy to see the woman's reaction to her. Even if she was polite. Just like Dani was her. Being the mayor, she couldn't not be.

    Dani nodded politely to her. No, it wasn't a pleasure to see one of her brother's possible lovers. She wouldn't care so much, if he was sleeping with single women. But no...That wasn't good enough for Keith. He thought he could do whatever he wanted. Regardless how it made the rest of his family look. She swore her little brother got off on drama. The more drama, the better.

    Dani raised her eyebrow slightly when Margareth asked for a meeting. Well, she doubted it would be about Keith. When the other woman said it was about the a project, Dani nodded her head. She knew the woman was very involved in the school.

    "Sure, I'd love to talk to you about it, Mrs. Parkinson. I have a full day today, but...."

    She reached in her purse and pulled out her appointment book.

    "I have some time tomorrow afternoon. How about two o'clock?"

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    Margareth Parkinson

    Margareth was relieved that Dani knew how to keep polite to people she didn't care for, as Margareth was sure was her case. It wasn't really a surprise, as Keith wasn't exactly discreet in their relationship. Mr. Parkinson was probably the only person who didn't know anything, mostly because he was often out of town, and didn't listen to rumors.

    Well, she shouldn't think about her husband now. There were more relevant concerns to be dealt with right now.

    When Dani said she had a full day, Margareth nodded and waited patiently. She smiled when the other woman mentioned having some free time the next day. "Two o'clock works perfectly for me, thank you very much", the woman replied in her usual intonation. "Have a nice day!", she completed before ringing the doorbell of the house she had come for.

    Once the door opened, Margareth would wave for Dani, casually, before greeting Dani's neighbor and being invite in. Being on the mayor's bad side - even more than she probably was - would be a bad idea, after all.

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