Posted by gagl? (Member #2317) on 10-13-2002, 01:35 AM
::GAGL stands alone on the very edge of a far cliff, thousands of miles from any sign of civilization, this is where he comes to think, the young god does this a lot. unbeknownst to him he is not the only one there, hes not even the only gagl. A mirror image of the young god slinks through the bushes, the only noticeable difference is his eyes, the sheer horror of looking into them is indescribable::

ThiS iS wHEre You dIE, YoUNg OnE. ::the voice was random, eerily calm one second, deafening shrill the next. the "clone" held a long spear and his intent was obvious. GAGL was ready for him::

::the clone found a way to slink around GAGLs every attack, he was taking a beating like no other had taken before. one lucky shot sent the clone tumbling to the ground. GAGL took every drop of being in him to clear the ENTIRE cliff off the face of Elysia::

::GAGL lie in the smoking crater wondering what exactly that was. he was in so much pain he could lie there forever, and so he would, the spear in his chest made sure of that. Thousands of clones now fill the crater. one turns to speak to the others.....::

He wAS stRoNG, hE tOOk tHe lIfE oF OnE oUr OWn, wE UnDERestiMATeD ThEse "fIrsT", We cOUld LOsE mAny In thE BaTTlE CoMIng EvER CloSER.

::with that they took their true form, no form at all, they simply faded out.::
Posted by m2damachine (Member #1595) on 10-14-2002, 12:10 AM
::dashes over to help GAGL. The clone comes up behind her. "what are you doing helping the clone?" She walks off with gagl? wondering if he's telling the truth::
Posted by k dogg 777777 (Member #1690) on 10-20-2002, 09:01 PM
i'm just gonna stand here and let him die.....
Posted by m2damachine (Member #1595) on 10-25-2002, 10:44 PM
Sees dogg standing there and wonders. "shouldn't they be at each other's throats by now?" then realizes that the real gagl is in the hole. ::Smacks gagl?:: How could I be so dense?
Posted by GAGL (Member #1214) on 10-26-2002, 06:09 PM
if you hadnt noticed here k dogg, this story died when i got bored of RPing. therefore, im still alive, just resting in the whole.

::grabs a hold of the puny secundaes neck and squeezes relentlessly, sucking the soul from the useless creature. The young god then grabs the spear and thrusts it through the chest of the secundae who dared play with a god. a surge of energy traveled through the spear splitting the dogg into five pieces scattering them across this world. He then gets up and walks towards m2::

I am now going into hiding, if you ever need me, gather the five k dogg fragments and i will appear.