Deep in the galaxy, a rather unremarkable planet revolves in orbit around a yellow sun. *The planet is named Rache, and the people worship a goddess of fertility and *sexuality, Laek. *Rache is a very hedonistic society which is encouraged and promoted byt the goddess, who resides in a castle high on a mountain with her husband, Drache.

Laek strolled down the palace hallway to the kitchen. *Stretching, she allowed her dark brown hair to cascade down her back. *She padded down the hall on her bare feet. *When she got to the kitchen, she flashed a smile as her twinkling violet eyes dazzled , Vasser, her male attendant.

"Vasser, could you be a dear and bring me a snack. *I'lm going to take a bath. *My husband won't be home for a while yet, so if you'd like, I could also use a help with washing my back." She flashed her sexiest smile as her eyes spoke suggestively to him. *

Vasser just gulped and did his best to hide the smile creeping across his face.