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    Character Sheet Template and characters

    Character Sheet Template and characters

    The (insert what your character is here)

    Age (in the case of ghost and vampire, age when they died):
    Profession, if any:
    Brief background information:
    Misc: (anything you consider relevant)

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    The Werewolf


    Name: Rebecca "Becca" Allen
    Age: 24 years old
    Profession, if any: Janitor at a hospital near her house
    Personality: Like any wolf, Becca is suspicious of strangers, and extremely loyal to her friends. The people she shares the home with are, in a way, her pack, and she's willing to help and protect them in any way. During the full moon, she is very much on edge, and will often stay in her room and avoid spending too much time talking to others, as she has yet to learn how to control herself.
    Family: Undisclosed. She has left them behind and changed her last name after her shift.

    Brief background information: Rebecca's father is a doctor, and her mother is a teacher. She was a happy child, living a safe life with her parents and two younger siblings, whom she loved deeply. As she got older, Becca started babysitting her siblings and being a virtual second mother, keeping them fed, clean, and making sure they had their homework done before her parents got home.

    It was partially because of her love for her siblings that Rebecca turned into what she is today. She was going back home from a day out with her younger sister, when she was 19, and her sister was 16. When a man showed up from an alley, since it was night and there was nobody else walking nearby, Rebecca thought they were about to be robbed, or, the worst case scenario she could imagine, raped. Feeling that she would die if someone hurt her sister, Rebecca asked her to run and tried to gain the girl some time. Unfortunately for her, the man wasn't look for money or a girl. He was a werewolf, and was changing and completely out of control.

    Rebecca tried to run on the opposite direction as she knew her sister would go, but she couldn't outrun the werewolf, and got bitten and seriously injured.

    When she woke up after the first change, Rebecca decided that it was for the best that her family believed she was dead, and she moved out of her small town and took a random last name, finding a job and trying to live without attracting too much attention. It was when she started struggling financially that she decided to look for a place to live in with a couple roommates. To her surprise, they seemed to be good people, and understand that she was different without questioning too much.

    Misc: Rebecca keeps a cage and tranquilizer tablets she manages to get from the hospital pharmacy every month in her room, so she won't cause too much trouble and hurt anyone when she has her "off" nights.
    Misc #2: Becca likes to call her vampire friend "corpse" every now and then when she wants to push his buttons.

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    The Ghost

    Name: Laura Rhoades
    Age: 24 (age of death)
    Profession, if any: Waitress
    Personality: Laura was a friendly person and loved to try new things. However, she was also prone to jealously. Especially when it involved her boyfriend. She gets very irritated when she gets ignored by people.
    Family: Steven and Marcia Rhoades were her parents. Jefferson was her younger brother.

    Brief background information: Ten years ago, Laura was working as a waitress to get through college. Her parents were too poor to afford flat out sending her but that was okay with her. Laura thought the degree would mean more if she earned it herself. Laura had dreamed of being a teacher. She could only go to school part time. She was living with her boyfriend, David, at the apartment. She and David didn't always have the best relationship. David was a giant flirt and their last fight involved another girl. Laura stormed out of their apartment and did not pay attention as she crossed the street. She never saw the car coming towards her and died in the hospital two days after being hit.

    Misc: Laura doesn't realize she is dead and thinks everyone in her life has ignored her for the last decade and moved on without involving her. After, she died, she left the hospital and returned back to her apartment. Where she has stayed since then. Her concept of time has been lost over the years. She believes she's only been out of hospital for a few months, not years.

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    The Vampire

    Name: Blake Doakes
    Age: 97 years old (appears to be 25)
    Profession, if any: Maintenance Man at Becca's hospital, Served in The United States Army during World War II
    Personality: Blake is nice guy and has a strong sense of honor and loyalty. He was proud of to serve his country and is a patriot. He disliked any one who disrespects their country. He also dislikes bullies and to this day still suffers from PTSD and that is triggered by loud noises. Blake loved his family very much and has some sadness that he stayed forever young while his family got older and that his children grew up with out him.
    Family: Peter and Janelle Doakes (both deceased), two younger siblings named Gavin (deceased, died at 23) and Fiona (deceased, died at 87). Before he was turned he had a wife named Rose (currently 95), a son named Isaiah (currently 76), and a daughter named Bethany (currently 74). He also has grandchildren from his children.
    Brief background information: Blake was happily married to Rose, his high school sweetheart. They had a son, named Isaiah, and were expecting a second child when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Blake enlisted in the Army the next day, along with his younger brother, Gavin. Isaiah was four when Blake left and Bethany, his daughter, was born when he was in the Army. He never got to meet his daughter. Blake was believed to have died during D-Day, June 6, 1944. Gavin did die during the attack. However, Blake was turned by another vampire and spent the next almost seventy years living in Europe with a Coven. He finally returned to the United States when he did some research online and learned his sister, Fiona, passed away. He got himself a quiet job at the hospital, where he has easy access to blood. And befriended Becca, who is just as abnormal as he is.
    Misc: Blake suffered some hearing loss during the Attack of Normandy, a bomb exploded near him. And he has some scars from it that never healed from the attack. Blake does not share his species' prejudice to werewolves. He calls Becca "Fido" when she calls him "corpse".
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