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    Blake Doakes

    Blake knew that when Becca told him to shut up, she was joking. It was nice to have one being in this town he could be himself around. When Becca confirmed the meeting with the landlord, Blake nodded his head.

    "Sounds good. See you then."

    He wished 'Fido' a good night and met her in front of the house on Friday. It look nice on the outside, but until Mrs Miller invited him in, Blake could not enter the home. If he had tried, he would have been burned. Once inside, though, he had to admit, it looked nice. Very nice, it was a surprise the old woman had such a hard time renting the place out.

    "It looks nice. But...."

    He was about to say he was curious why no one wanted it until he saw her, Laura, on the top of the stairs.

    "It looks we'll have a third roommate."

    Blake told Becca quietly, motioning with his head towards Laura.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca was really excited about this house. Hopefully they would be able to rent it and have a place where they could feel safe to be who they were. This place looked really nice, and Rebecca planned on doing her best to secure it for her and her future roommate.

    When Blake started speaking, Rebecca, who had been looking out a window, turned her attention to the vampire.

    When he stopped speaking, Rebecca walked to stand on Blake's side, and followed his gaze up.

    As soon as she saw Laura, Becca raised an eyebrow and sniffed the air softly, looking for a scent.

    "Now I know why they can't rent it", she whispered very quietly after not finding one. After considering the situation for a moment or two, Becca looked at Blake and then at Mrs. Miller.

    "We love the house! We'll take it, right?", she asked Blake, not acknowledging Laura for the moment. She felt someone should be in the house, and who better than herself and Blake? At least someone should be around and see Laura, and... whatever, they would figure it out.

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    Laura Rhoades

    Laura watched the newcomers with great curiosity. They seemed....different. But how, she wasn't sure. She could have swore that the man saw her, and the woman he was with noticed her as well. That was a first, she thought. Surely, they would ask Mrs. Miller why she wanted to rent the house out when Laura was still here!

    Mrs. Miller was hoping for the best, she thought Blake and Rebecca were nice young people. She had no idea that either one could easily have killed her, probably without breaking a sweat. She just wanted to rent out the house so badly. Every since that poor girl had died, it felt like the house was cursed. It was such a burden to her and her husband.

    When Becca announced she and Blake would take it, Mrs. Miller grinned.

    "You will?"

    She looked at Blake with hopeful eyes, praying he would say yes. Laura glared when she heard what Becca said. Her eyes narrowed and the lights began to flicker.

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    Blake Doakes

    "Yeah, definitely."

    Blake said quietly, for Becca's ears only. This ghostly blonde was definitely the reason the poor woman couldn't get anyone to rent the place. As nice as it was and a very reasonable rate.

    When Becca told Mrs Miller they wanted the place, Blake nodded his head.

    "Yes, we will. I love it. After seeing it, I can't imagine living anywhere else."

    He looked up to see Laura's reaction and could tell she was not pleased. Although flickering lights didn't scare the vampire. Once the human landlord was gone, he and Becca could talk to her. Maybe help her move on.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca showed Mrs. Miller a bright smile. Poor woman, she was probably at her wit's end. Lucky for her, she had two people standing before her who could handle this house. A ghost wasn't exactly stranger than a werewolf and a vampire, right? All they had to do was secure the house now and communicate with the... permanent fixture.

    When Blake agreed with her on taking the house, Becca relaxed. Good. This house really shouldn't go to anyone else.

    "I can't wait to start a new life here, it's such a lovely house", she stated, shooting a quick glance to Laura.

    "Oh, I almost forgot. What is the policy regarding pets?", Becca asked, showing her sweetest smile to Mrs. Miller. "We love dogs, but we're very careful with training them and making sure they're not disruptive", she completed, splitting her attention between the lady and the ghost, and pretending not to notice the lights flickering.

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    Laura Rhoades


    Mrs Miller told Rebecca and Blake with a grin. She was so excited, she could have kissed them both. Finally, she and her husband could make some money off this little hell hole.

    Laura watched them all with a glare. Obviously this couple would be harder to get rid of then the rest. Well, they wouldn't be getting any rest in this house. It would not be their dream home. No, it would be a nightmare. Laura would make sure of that. Interesting, though, that the man and woman seemed to more aware of her then anyone else had been.

    When Becca brought up a dog, Mrs Miller replied.

    "Oh, you may have as many pets as you like."

    The lights were flickering, again. Back before that poor woman died outside the house, Mrs Miller only let people have one pet and pay a $100 deposit. With the house being empty so long, she was far more lenient now.

    "Just pay a $25 deposit per a pet."

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    Blake Doakes

    "I think we'll be very happy here."

    Blake said in agreement. Even if they would an extra roommate, he thought as he glanced up the stairs and saw Laura. She was very angry with them. He had a feeling he and Becca could have had a dozen cats and dogs and Mrs. Miller would have said yes. She looked thrilled to be unloading the house.

    "Great. I'm ready to sign the lease. How about you, Becca?"

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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca smiled when Mrs. Miller said she could have as many pets as she liked. The girl suspected her previous policies had been a lot stricter. But now, she suspected Mrs. Miller would let her have a petting zoo in the house if she so chose. She toyed with the idea of saying her dog was a service animal and getting out of the deposit, but she wasn't that cruel.

    "Happily. We only have a dog for now, so please do add the deposit to what we already need to pay, will you?", she requested politely. "It's an emotional support dog and very well trained, so the neighbors will barely know it's here". 'Damn right', she thought to herself. "It stays in my bedroom all the time and it's very trained regarding not soiling or ruining things, so you have nothing to worry about". 'As long as I can get the sleeping pills on time', she added mentally.

    She then turned to Blake and smiled at his words.

    "Sure. I can't wait to move in", she added. "So, I'd say sooner rather than later is for the best", she completed, looking at Mrs. Miller with her brightest smile. "How soon can we move in?".

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    Laura Rhoades

    Rebecca was right in her suspicions. Before Laura Rhodes had died, Mrs Miller was far stricter on her policies. But over the last decade, she realized beggars could not be choosers. She'd let Rebecca and Blake could have just about anything they wanted as long as they signed that lease.

    "I'm sure it will be fine. The neighbors won't bother you much."

    The neighbors didn't stay long anyway. The house creeped out a lot of people. Mrs Miller was sure who ever lived next door would be shocked anyone was willing to live in this house.

    "As soon as you like. If you want, you could move in tomorrow."

    Mrs Miller said with a smile, which became forced when Laura caused a light bulb to explode.
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    Blake Doakes

    Blake had the same feeling that Mrs Miller would have given them just about anything they wanted. The woman looked thrilled to be unloading the place. He nodded his head to Becca and said.

    "I agree. I'm more then ready."

    Although he could tell Laura did not like their reply. Well, she'd get over it. She'd have to. She was stuck with them.

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