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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca pretended she hadn't noticed the light bulb, and kept a pleasant smile. "Tomorrow would be wonderful!", she replied in a cheerful intonation. In truth, she really couldn't wait to move out of her current dwelling, wiht the nosy landlady being up her ass all the time. It wouldn't be long before the woman would see something, and Rebecca just couldn't take this risk.

    That, and she felt it would be better to just start working with their roommate as soon as possible. The girl needed to vacate and go wherever she was supposed to.


    After getting everything settled with Mrs. Miller, Rebecca asked her a question or two and thanked the woman profusely for renting them such a lovely home. As soon as she left, Becca went to her current home and packed the few things she had - she had never had too many stuff anyway, so it was a quick process, with the cage being the most troublesome item.

    Still, she was ready to move into the house by sunset the next day, and bringing her stuff in hadn't taken long.

    Setting the last box on the floor of the living room, Rebecca looked at Blake.

    "The house is actually really nice, gotta admit, corpse", she stated with a grin. "Extra roommate and all. I wonder if we can get her to pay a part of the rent?", Rebecca joked, all the while looking around for the other resident.

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    Blake Doakes

    Blake chose to ignore Laura's tricks with the lights as well. The ghost would have to be dealt with, but not with the landlady here. He had a feeling Mrs Miller would not be visiting very often either.


    It didn't take them long to get into their new home. Blake didn't keep that much either in personal belongings. He did have a picture of his wife and son. Although it was in black and white and he hadn't seen them since he had shipped out after the Attack on Pearl Harbor. He had no pictures of his daughter, he had never met her. Although he knew she existed. Once he had learned how to use the Internet, he had researched what happened to Rose and the kids. He had learned Rose remarried, not that he had blamed her. He just hoped her second husband had treated her right. Isaiah had served in the military as well. After he retired from service, he opened an auto repair shop. Bethany, that's what Rose named their daughter, had become a teacher. Both his children had gotten married and not only had kids, but grandchildren of their own. Bethany had named her first born son after him.

    How odd it was to have everyone in your life move on from you. He thought of going to them but knew he couldn't. He was supposed to be dead. He was dead, in a way.

    Speaking of the dead...Blake nodded his head to Becca.

    "You did a good job picking it out, Fido."

    He said to her and added.

    "Given the way she was messing with the lights, I don't think she'll agree with that."

    He had feeling their extra roommate might not even know she was dead. Or if she did, she wasn't a happy spirit.

    "You can come out where ever you are. We know you're here!"

    He called out to Laura to show herself.

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    Laura Rhoades

    Mrs Miller was thrilled to finally find some people to rent the house to. She felt like she had won a million dollars in the state lottery. The sooner she gave Becca and Blake the keys, the happier she was. She made it the easiest transition she could. She told them where they could mail the monthly rent and promised that she and her husband would only come over if the two needed anything. She had no plans at all to ever make surprise stops.


    While Becca and Blake were thrilled to be in their new home, Laura was pissed. This was her home! How dare that old bat rent it out?!

    Although she thought the new tenants were weird. They must have some kind of weird fetishes. Using the nicknames of 'corpse' and 'Fido'. When Blake called her out, Laura appeared on the bottom of the stairs.

    "Good, you know I'm here. Then leave. This is still my place. I don't care what Mrs Miller said."

    Laura told them, angry they were here. In her anger, it didn't even cross her mind that Rebecca and Blake were the first people to see her in a decade.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca laughed when Blake commented on her doing a good job picking out their new home and calling her Fido. "See? I know some special tricks other than sitting and asking for my dinner", she joked, feeling happy to be there.

    She then rolled her eyes when Blake mentioned that Laura might not want to pay a part of the rent. "Damn".

    Looking up at the lights, she stopped what she was doing and crossed her arms, waiting for the ghost to make her appearance.

    "Jesus, Casper, you're in a bad mood, eh?", she replied to Laura's angry words.

    "How about you politely come down the stairs, sit down and have a pleasant conversation with us?", she suggested, concluding the girl didn't seem to know she was a ghost now. "It would be in your best interest, because we're not going anywhere, girl. You're gonna have a very hard time scaring either of us away".

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    Blake Doakes

    "It's good to know you're well trained."

    Blake joked with Becca. Although the joking died when Laura joined them. She looked angry and he had dealt with enough ghosts over the years to know why. She thought this place was still hers and he and Becca were trying to take it from her. Something was keeping here her. She might not even know she was dead. Since he had became a vampire, he had met more then one spirit in his immortal life. And he figured he might as well get it through Laura's head that she was dead.

    "Look, I'm going to be more blunt with you then Fido is. You're dead. You're a ghost. You need to move on."

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    Laura Rhoades

    Laura glared at Becca.

    "My name is Laura, not Casper."

    She replied, not connecting the reason why Becca would even call her that. Instead, she thought these two were weird.

    "'Fido'? What kind of nickname is that?"

    Laura asked, confused why Blake called his friend that. These two were very different. Not like anyone she had encountered coming in this place since Mrs Miller had tried to rent it out from under her. How the hell did that even work? She was still on the lease. Surely, there was some law saying that Mrs Miller could give 'Fido' and 'corpse' her place. Especially when she was still living here!

    While Becca wanted to chat, it seemed that Blake was far more blunt.

    "What the hell are you talking about? I'm not dead!"

    She exclaimed. He was right, she had no idea she was dead.

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    Rebecca Allen

    "All right, Laura it is", she replied, shrugging her shoulders as though it didn't really matter.

    When Laura commented on her nickname, Becca smiled. "You'll know soon enough", she replied simply, not really interested in sharing her personal secrets right now. Not that Laura could go around telling people, as nobody could see her. Still, she was more interested in preserving herself than in sharing anything about her personal life.

    Hearing Laura say she wasn't dead caused the girl to sigh.

    "Sorry, babes, you are", she replied sadly. "Tell me something, honey - how long has it been since anyone has ever.. you know, talked to you? Or you know... since Mrs. Miller has come here for rent?", she asked, not wanting to throw everything on Laura at once, but deciding there was no reason to shy away from the truth now that Blake had said it.

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    Laura Rhoades

    Laura gave Becca an annoyed look. She didn't understand these people's nicknames or why they thought Casper was an appropriate one for her. She wasn't dead! She couldn't be. She didn't die, surely she would know if she was dead! Weren't people supposed to see a light at the end of the tunnel? Or see their own body? Or something?! Laura didn't remember any of that.

    She didn't like that Becca confirmed what Blake said, although her questions made her stop and think.

    "I....Well....David and I got into a fight. I stormed out. I was hit by the car and...."

    Oh shit...She thought. Was she dead? Was that why David left? He had seemed to be crying when he packed up. He had ignored her and....Mrs Miller had ignored her too. Kept trying to rent out of her home. She looked around and saw that the house didn't look like it to did to her before 'Corpse' and 'Fido' came in. Before they called her out, she had was used to seeing her things but now they were gone. All her things were gone, the house was empty. Except for the things that the new roommates had brought with them.

    She ran her hand through her hair.

    "It's been a while."

    She admitted and tried to touch Becca, but her hand went through the werewolf's arm.

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    Blake Doakes

    "I am sorry, Laura."

    Blake told her, once the ghost girl let go of some of her angry and really started to think about what he and Rebecca were saying. He was sorry she was dead and knew that this was a shock to her. Why wouldn't it be? She didn't know she was dead.

    Like Becca, he was ready to share why he and Becca had such odd nicknames with each other. Although Laura was a ghost and it wasn't like she could go tell the neighbors that a vampire and werewolf had just moved in. First, they help her, then deal with the other stuff as need be.

    "Sometimes when people die unexpectedly, they don't even process it. They just go back to what they were used to. Not realizing that life has continued on without them."

    His family's life had carried on without him. He was, in a way, a ghost. He just could be seen by others. But for Rose and his kids, he was dead.

    "Let's try this again. I'm Blake and this is Becca. We can be friends. Help you find peace."

    Peace was something he'd never find. That he was sure of, but he could help her.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Becca felt her heart break a little for Laura. Poor girl. She had died suddenly, and didn't have time to process it. And now she was stuck here for some reason, not having crossed over.

    When the ghost tried to touch her, Becca didn't try to move away. A cold feeling passed through her arm, but Becca didn't flinch. Maybe with some effort Laura could actually do something, she thought to herself, choosing not to mention it by now

    "I'm very sorry about what happened to you", she stated sincerely. "I'm sorry you have stayed here too, since you should have... gone somewhere, I don't know where", Becca continued, sitting on one of her boxes.

    When Blake said they could be friends and help her find peace, Rebecca nodded. "Yeah. Sorry about calling you Casper, I didn't mean to offend you. Blake and I really need this place, for reasons you'll eventually learn about. So it would be better for everyone if we could all get along. What do you say?".

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