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    Supernatural Roommates - The IC Thread

    Supernatural Roommates - The IC Thread

    Rebecca Allen

    The full moon had just ended a while ago, and she was still feeling exhausted. One more full moon just finding a place where she could be safe, and still injuring herself. She was so sick of that. There had to be another way. She also felt really lonely. A need of company that she couldn't really shake. It wasn't the lack of a life partner. That was something she knew she could never have. But it was company. A surrogate family, if she could call it this way. Or at least a permanent home. Not that she could afford one on her own. But maybe... maybe there was a way.

    Pushing those thoughts aside for now, Becca clocked in for the day and changed into her work clothes and shoes before going to the janitor closet and getting her materials. Despite the fact that her job involved cleaning up all kinds of bodily fluids, Becca actually didn't mind it at all. It was better than to interact with many people all the time, as she was very rarely called into an occupied room. Only every now and then did she have to talk to a patient, but often times, she was called in to do her job when the patient was taken out of the room for an exam, or something else.

    Today, though, it seemed that fate had wanted to mess with her. Every other room was occupied, and some male patients had decided they wanted to make small talk. She felt like growling at them, but that was not an option. Being polite and distant was the only thing she could do.

    The day seemed to last 36 hours for her, and when night came, along with the end of her shift, Becca was tired and grumpy. She had just taken a shower and changed into street clothes when she noticed someone walking by. She knew it was Blake, by his scent - he always smelled of grave dirt to her, even though she would never actually tell him that, as she was not one to want to upset one of the few people she could befriend.

    Walking up to him - in a way that she could see her before she approach, as she knew he could get startled by certain things -, Becca greeted Blake in the usual friendly intonation she used with co-workers, and using the nickname she only used when nobody else could hear them.

    "Yo, corpse. Have you got a minute?", she asked, not wanting to waste too much time, in case he happened to be busy at the moment - and really feeling like leaving that place, as soon as possible.

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    Laura Rhoades

    "It's very nice, don't you think, dear?"

    A woman asked and the man agreed.

    "I'm glad you both like it. If you follow me, I'll show you the bedrooms."

    An older woman's voice said to a young couple. They were dating and ready to take the next step. Living together to see if they were compatible to make a long term commitment. Unfortunately, for the couple and the woman trying to rent the apartment, there was another young woman in the apartment. A woman, who for the last decade, believed the apartment was hers.

    And it had been hers, well, until she died. Although Laura Rhoades didn't know she was dead. She had an argument with her boyfriend and had stormed out. She had been so angry, fuming that she had caught him 'flirting' again. She had never seen the car coming. She had died two days later in the hospital. Laura's soul had not moved on, she didn't even know she was dead.

    Laura thought she was still alive, she thought she had been alive when she left the hospital and came home. She hadn't accepted her death. But she was angry. Everyone in her life had moved on from her. David had left, her parents and brother didn't even talk to her anymore. She had no friends now. All she had was this apartment and her landlord, Mrs. Miller, was trying to rent out her home. Again! Laura had lost count how many times this had happened.

    "Dammit, Mrs. Miller, you can't do this!"

    Laura yelled as Mrs. Miller came into the bedroom she was in with the couple. Mrs. Miller hit the light switch to turn on the lights in the room. Laura stormed over to her landlord.

    "I know David left but I'm still here. I'll pay you. I'll-"

    As always, Mrs. Miller ignored her. The landlord was talking to her potential tenants instead.

    "Hello? I'm right here!"

    Laura said, waving her hand in front of Mrs. Miller's face. Again, she was ignored. Mrs. Miller grinned at the young woman as she said.

    "You'll love the closet. It has enough room for-"


    Laura screamed out, causing every light bulb in the room to burst in her anger. Mrs. Miller and the couple gasped in shock.

    "Does that happen often?"

    The man asked and Mrs. Miller bit her lip. It did happen, a lot. Actually none of her tenants stayed long because weird things happened.

    "I...ummm....It's an older house. They have issues sometimes, but also character. My husband and I will always come right away if you need anything. Come, let me show you the bathroom."

    She suggested to the couple. They exchanged a nervous look but agreed. The rent was very reasonable. Actually much lower then most people in this area asked. Although there was a good reason why. Laura Rhoades didn't like sharing her home with anyone.

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    Blake Doakes

    Blake would need to make a stop at the blood bank on his way home, he thought. The vampire tried to keep a low profile. It was pretty dumb to just grab random drunks in alleys to feed his bloodlust. Cops noticed when people were drained of their blood. And being back home, he didn't have the luxury of a coven protecting him. Although he didn't regret coming back home...His regret was he hadn't seen his sister one last time before she died.

    How odd was it to still look twenty five when everyone he had loved was getting old and dying. That his children were grandparents. Not that he could go see Isaiah or Bethany, the daughter he had never met. They had thought he died on D-Day during World War II, like their mother had. He missed Rose and he learned she still lived here. She had remarried, of course. And about ten years ago, became a widow again. Not that he had blamed her. Isaiah had been so young and Bethany had been a baby when he enlisted. He would have died on D-Day if not for Tomas. Tomas was his creator, he had saved Blake from death and Blake spent the next seven decades in Europe with Tomas' coven. It was only when he looked on the Internet, that was such a nice thing that people invented, and saw his sister's obituary, did he realize how much he missed home. Tomas had given his blessing for Blake to return to the States. Although Tomas thought Blake would only be gone for a little while and would return to Hungary. After all, it wasn't like Blake could just go back to his family. He was just an old memory to them. A ghost.

    Blake wasn't ready yet to admit that he should have never came back here. A job at the hospital, as a maintenance man, was a smart choice. He was always good with his hands and he had easy access to blood here. He just had to be careful to not set off any read flags. He had been surprised to meet Rebecca Allen. He wasn't the only one who wasn't 'normal' here. Despite their species not normally getting along, Blake never shared other vampires' prejudices towards werewolves.

    Blake grabbed his bag out of his locker and said to Becca.

    "Sure, Fido, what's up?"

    Whenever she called him 'corpse', he called her 'Fido' in response.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca was always relieved when she could catch Blake alone. She knew he was the only person around who was also unlike everyone else. Sure, they were different - he was a vampire and she was a werewolf. Still, he was also a creature who couldn't just tell everyone else what he was. She wondered if that was why they were friends.

    Shrugging more for herself than for Blake, Rebecca decided to cut to the chase.

    "I've got an offer for you", she started, not liking to waste time with small talk. "Just tell me no if you want to, and know that this is in no way...". Rebecca paused and made a face as though she was disgusted at the very idea. It wasn't at Blake, it was more that she just seemed like the kind of girl who didn't like being with anyone. Or maybe she didn't like men, at least that was what some people said behind her back. "...sexual, or sentimental, or whatever. I'm just interested in your wallet".

    After this somewhat awkward comment, Becca fished her phone from her purse and pulled an ad for a three-bedroom apartment within a short distance from the hospital. Rent was a bit more expensive than either one of them could afford on their own, but two of them might have a better time paying it. "What do you think?", she asked, after giving Blake time to read it over. "I'm getting sick of living in a room with a nosy landlady, and I thought it'd be good for you to live in an actual house, where nobody would care about what you are?", she suggested.

    Once she had finished her pitch, Becca waited for Blake's answer, bouncing on the balls of her feet, as she always did when impatient or anxious. She would have to figure out a way of hiding her little "problem" from the closest neighbors, but it would be better in the long run. Becca was going insane with the whole not having an actual home thing, and it was getting to a point where she would end up eating her landlady for dinner one of these days, so maybe sharing her living space with someone who already knew what she was and wouldn't mind it would be the solution for her problems.

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    Laura Rhoades

    Laura watched Mrs. Miller lead the couple to the bathroom. And it just made her angrier. She knew that David was an asshole. After all, he moved out not too long after she returned from the hospital. He wouldn't even look at her as he packed up his things. It was his damn fault she had been hit by the car in the first place. Perhaps if he hadn't been flirting with that girl, then she wouldn't have stormed out and got hit. He had mumbled an apology and never came back. But just because David was an asshole, that didn't mean Mrs. Miller could just rent out her place. Granted, Laura didn't need a three bedroom place but still! It was hers and she hadn't left yet!

    Laura followed her landlord and the couple into the bathroom. Mrs. Miller was rambling on about the bathroom when Laura had enough. Laura stood in front of the landlord, not seen at all.

    "Get it through your thick skull, Mrs. Miller, I AM NOT FUCKING LEAVING!"

    Laura yelled in Mrs. Miller's face, causing not only the light bulbs to burst, but also the water faucet. Water started spraying everywhere. The three people screamed as water soaked them. The couple headed for the stairs and Mrs. Miller followed them.

    "Wait! Please, it's just-"

    "We're not interested!"

    The boyfriend yelled and he and the woman stormed out the front door. Slamming it behind them.


    Mrs. Miller said, wiping the water off her face. Now, she'd have to call a plumber along with an electrician. And this place was still going to go vacant. They couldn't even sell the house because of all its problems. Laura stood at the top of the stairs with a smirk on her face.

    "I told you I wasn't leaving. Now stop trying to give my house to someone else."

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    Blake Doakes

    Blake was sure one of the things that had started his and Becca's unlikely friendship was that were not human. She was a werewolf, he a vampire. It wasn't something you could share with too many people. Not unless you wanted them to break silver and holy water.


    Blake said, wondering what kind of offer Becca had for him. He knew she wasn't interested in him 'that way'. They were friends but neither had any romantic interest in the other. It wasn't even a species thing either. Honestly, he wondered if she even liked men. If she was a lesbian, he didn't care. He didn't have a problem with gay people and wasn't going to ask such a personal question anyway. He just knew whatever her offer was, she didn't want to have sex with him.

    Blake raised an eyebrow at her.

    "So you just want me for my money? I don't come cheap."

    He meant it as a joke but wondering if she realized it.

    "Just kidding."

    He quickly added and took the ad from her. She had a point, their own place, a house, would help hide their secrets. No nosy neighbors close by. Both of them could be what they truly were, without free of recourse inside its walls.

    "I'm interested. When you want to check it out?"

    He asked her.

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    Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca couldn't help but laugh when Blake asked if she just wanted him for his money. Blake was one of the few people she would allow to joke with her without getting upset about it. He was somewhat like her, so her boundaries regarding him were different from the ones she had set around everyone else.

    When Blake added his 'just kidding' after the joke, Becca punched the vampire's arm softly.

    "I'm not that dumb, you know. I can sit and roll on command", she joked back, shaking her head.

    Once she had handed Blake her phone, she waited for him to read it. There was an extra room to what they would need, but they could always find something to do with it, since having another roommate wouldn't be a smart idea. And they could afford it, so it didn't really matter much.

    When the vampire said he was interested, Becca sighed in relief and took her phone back. "I can put in a call whenever. The lady who's working it is available Tuesday through Saturday, 8 to 5", she replied, checking her phone calendar. "Friday after lunch would work better for me, or Saturday morning. Does either of these work for you?".

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    Blake Doakes

    Blake pretended that her light punch hurt him. He then said.

    "Oh, I know. I'm glad you're a well trained puppy."

    Becca was one of the few people in the world that Blake could joke with. After all, she was similar to him. They weren't human and they didn't have to keep up a facade around each other. It was nice to be yourself with someone. Even if they were a different species then you. She also understood what it felt like to have had to leave your whole family behind. She was alone and so was he.

    Blake nodded his head to her.

    "Sounds good. Let's do Friday."

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    Rebecca Allen

    Becca laughed when Blake mentioned that she was a well trained puppy. "Oh, shut up", she replied, still laughing. It was clear she wasn't upset at all at that comment, as Blake was one of the few people she would allow the freedom to joke with her that way.

    Falling silent after this comment, she waited for Blake to make up his mind. She really wanted to check out this place before someone else got to it first. Hearing Blake say Friday worked, Becca nodded. "All right, I'll set it up with her, and we'll meet there", she promised, before adding a quick 'goodbye' and leaving to enjoy her time off work.

    Friday afternoon

    As she had promised, Becca called Mrs. Miller and set up an appointment to see the house for rent with her future roommate. As she had informed Blake in advance, the woman was free to go to the house after lunch, at three in the afternoon. Confirming the date and time, Becca went on with her day after that, waiting for the moment to find out whether or not the house would be the perfect place to live.

    On the set day and time, Becca was waiting for the woman in the arranged for place. She greeted the woman politely and waited for her to unlock the door, stepping in the empty hallway. "Wow", she murmured, looking around. "This place is huge". After this remark, Becca turned to Blake. "What do you think so far? I think we can make this work pretty well".

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    Laura Rhoades

    Mrs. Miller was shocked to get a phone call that two more people wanted to see the apartment. After what happened with the last couple, she was certain she and Bernie would never rent it out. They sunk so much into the house. She was on a first name basis with most contractors in town. Ever since that poor girl died, it was impossible to keep anyone in the house long. And it was always in need of repairs. Maybe today would be the day, she hoped so. If not...Well, it would be tempting to take Bernie up on the offer to just torch the house. Too bad that was illegal.

    Mrs. Miller warmly greeted Becca and Blake.

    "Hello, it is nice to meet you. Please, come in."

    She invited the werewolf and vampire inside the house and began the tour. The tour she had done so many times, she could recite it in her sleep. Laura was upstairs when she heard Mrs. Miller talking. She groaned. When the old woman ever learn? Laura was not leaving. Never! She had never gotten an eviction notice. You can't kick someone out of their home without that. And refusing to acknowledge her when she tried to talk to her landlord did not count!

    "Here, we go again."

    She said to herself and walked out of the room and stood at the top of the steps. Sizing up Becca and Blake.

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