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    Rebecca Allen

    "I'm so sorry about that, Laura." Becca replied, her voice quiet. She was happy they would be accepted here, though. Being accepted wasn't exactly something Becca was used to. Having someone be accepting, even if this someone was dead, made her feel better. Knowing that Laura was still here, though, was concerning, and she wondered what it was that she needed closure on. Whatever it was, they should probably figure it out and help her if they could.

    She laughed a bit along with Laura at the way she and Blake behaved. He was her best - and only - friend, at least had been before Laura entered the picture. It seemed that she'd find a new friend in the ghost, for as long as she was still around.

    Blake's comment about his finances made her laugh. It was true, neither of them was making a lot of money. But it was a job they could do without the fact that they didn't seem to have social lives bothering anyone. "As long as you can get me the good dog food, I'll be okay with that. None of that store-brand crap." She rolled her eyes, then hesitated a little when Blake offered to come along.

    "I think I'll be okay. I don't really expect to find, well... people like you and me around here. I'll tell you if I do, though."

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    Blake Doakes

    Blake did feel bad for Laura. He was sure it was a lot to finally accept she was dead. He couldn't imagine how hard the last decade had been for her, not understanding why her loved ones had not visited her. That they had moved on without her. Hopefully, he and Becca would be able to give her some peace with that.

    "I know, you're so spoiled, making me buy that organic crap. You'll make me broke with your expensive tastes!"

    Blake joked back to his friend but got serious when she said she'd be okay on her own.

    "All right."

    He knew Becca didn't need his protection, she was more then capable of protecting herself. However, he did care about her. After Becca left, he got a notebook and pen. He sat down next to Laura and asked.

    "So, who do you want me to track down for you?"

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    Laura Rhoades

    "Thank you, Becca."

    Laura replied to her with a sad smile. It was quite an adjustment for her to realize she was a ghost. Perhaps, with her new roommates, she could find some peace. For now, though, she wasn't ready. She laughed as she listened to Becca and Blake pick on each other. If she was going to be hanging around for a while, that was okay. She was already liking them both.

    She told Becca bye, she didn't think the werewolf would run into too much trouble. From what Laura knew about the neighborhood, it was relatively safe. Of course, it could have changed a lot in the last decade. And she didn't know vampires or werewolves were real until very recently either. Then again, she never really thought ghosts were real and she was one.

    Laura turned to Blake and told him.

    "I'd like to know how my parents, Steven and Marcia Rhoades, are. And my little brother, Jefferson. Although, I suppose he's not so little now."

    Laura said sadly. In her mind Jefferson was still a kid, but he wasn't anymore. He was an adult now. She wondered if he was happy. If he had a girlfriend or a family. She wondered if her parents were happy. And if they missed her....She thought of David and said.

    "And David Hawke. Can you look for him too? He is...was my boyfriend."

    Fighting with him had caused the car accident. She had been so stupid that day and it literally cost her her life.
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    Rebecca Allen


    Becca laughed when Blake she was spoiled. "You know you like taking care of me, old man," she joked back, shaking her head. If it was any other person, Becca would have been offended, but Blake could say pretty much anything and she would be okay with it. She supposed the same would be true for Laura once they became closer, which hopefully would happen soon.

    "No problem," she replied to Laura when the ghost thanked her. She was happy to help as she could, even though she was sure Blake would be more useful. He was better with people, after all, and had an easier time navigating the world where normal people lived.

    After saying bye to Laura and Blake, she went to take a stroll around their new neighborhood. She could smell people, lots of people. Some pets, and the smell of upcoming rain. It should come soon. Some trash, food being cooked... pretty much everything one could expect from a normal neighborhood.

    Smelling coffee, Becca decided to go ahead and grab some hot chocolate or something. Her roommates didn't really need to eat, and she did, since her metabolism was pretty fast and she was hungry most of the time. And getting to know someone who could act as a source of gossip was always good as well, so Becca went in and started chatting up the baristas after ordering her drink and a slice of pie. This would probably give Blake and Laura some time to talk as well, so it would probably work for everyone, and Blake could always reach her phone if he needed her or wanted to know where she was.

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