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    The price of fame (Optimus Prime) OOC

    The price of fame (Optimus Prime) OOC

    All right, brother, I have transferred all of our posts here and made my own. I'm putting up Sarah's info here as well, just for reference

    Name: Sarah Sinclair

    Age: 28 years old

    Profession: Stay at home mom

    Background: Sarah was raised at a pretty traditional family. Her father worked to support the family, and her mother stayed at home. The girl was raised to have a pretty strong work ethic and focus on her schooling. When she got pregnant at 19, still unmarried, her parents were so disappointed they didn't talk to her for a few years, but after the second child was born and they noticed the young couple was really serious about their family, Sarah's parents decided to give both their daughter and son-in-law a second chance. The relationship is still a bit shaky, as there was a lot of disappointment on both sides, but it has been improving slowly.

    Misc: Sarah has left her job when the kids came, and spends all of her time devoted to the family, making sure her husband doesn't have to worry about anything when he's working.

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    Name: Adam Sinclair
    Age: 30 years old
    Profession: Chef
    Background: Ever since Adam was a kid, he has loved to cook. His mother and grandmother encouraged his loved of cooking. Adam even went to a culinary arts school. His dream was to open his own restaurant. However, when his girlfriend, now wife, Sarah got pregnant, Adam took the first job he could get out of school to take care of his new family. While he got to cook and enjoyed it, he had to cook others' recipes and not his own.
    Misc: Adam didn't seek out fame. One of his co-workers signed him up for the reality cooking show and he took the chance to audition for it to better his family's lives.

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    Finally posted, sorry about the wait, man!
    Had totally slipped my mind that I hadn't added my post.
    Won't happen again. XD

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    Feel free to move to next morning's breakfast, or whenever else you want, bro!

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    One more down. I'm moving as fast as a crippled snail, I know. >.>
    Feel free to timeskip anywhere, bro. And of course, no rush!

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    No worries on the pace, sis. Take as long as you need.

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    Thanks, bro. Same goes for you, never a hurry.

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