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    The chambermaid who had gone to take the treats meant for the newlyweds was relieved that someone spoke French. And also that they were kind to her. She was more than used to rude guests, specially when they were American. These seemed like good Americans, she decided, thanking the couple profusely before leaving them to go back to the chamber maid station.

    The other one was not nearly as lucky. She had been prepared for the fact that the Agent didn’t really know French, but thought he did. And for the fact that he gave the word asshole its meaning.

    But she wasn’t prepared to hear that from a guest she had taken room service to. And she was a lot less controlled than the clerk downstairs. So, when the Bodyguard stepped out, he would see the enraged chambermaid slap the Agent’s face. Along with the blow, she would exclaim “Cochon Américaine!”¹ in a loud voice.

    In the other occupied room, a Gentleman, hearing the commotion, opened the door and peeked out, while the Lady on the bed was busy taking off her shoes and stockings.

    Curious, the man stood where he was, waiting for what would transpire.

    The chambermaid turned to the two men and spoke to nobody in special. “Ce porc américain m'a dit qu'il me veut le monter comme un cheval!”², she explained, folding her arms and pursing her lips, the image of offended virtue.

    ¹ American pig.
    ² This American pig told me he wants me to ride him like a horse!

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    The Agent was shocked when the chambermaid suddenly slapped him.

    "What the hell?! You fucking bitch, I'm going to get you fired!"

    He yelled at her in perfect English. He didn't give a shit if she could understand him or not. How dare she slap him? What was wrong with this hotel, didn't the stupid women speak their own language?! The Bodyguard had just left the newlyweds' room when he saw the chambermaid slap the Agent. He couldn't hid the smirk that formed on his face. The Agent was such an asshole, he deserved it. He hadn't heard what was said but knowing the Agent, he put his giant foot in his even bigger mouth again. The smirk quickly disappeared when he heard the threat. He knew the Agent meant it. If the Actor was worried what firing this asshole would mean to his career and personal life, it made him shudder to think what the Agent would do to some poor chambermaid. The Bodyguard stepped in between them and told the chambermaid.

    ~"I am sorry he's an asshole and said that. He is a true American idiot and doesn't-"

    The young woman was rightfully angry and the Agent was angry that he had no idea what she was saying but he knew it was about him.

    "Tell her that she'll be sucking cock for a living now."

    He'd make sure the only job this girl could get is to be a prostitute. The Bodyguard glared at the Agent.

    "You aren't helping."

    "Helping?! That soon to be whore assaulted me! I'm going to sue this hotel!"

    The Agent yelled, surely getting the attention of everyone on the floor. The Bodyguard was angry too. Angry that he had to try and protect this jerk, instead of punching him in his giant nose. He was an arrogant prick, who didn't deserve the life he was living off of the Actor's dime. So full of himself, that it never occurred to him that he was the one with the problem, not a young lady whose native language was French. The Agent's yelling quickly got the attention of the Actor and the Wife. They had barely started to drink their champagne before this started.

    "Oh, God...Not again."

    The Wife groaned, shaking her head. They really couldn't take the Agent anywhere.

    "Stay here."

    The Actor told her and walked down the hall.

    "Rich, there's no need to sue. I'm sure this is just a big mis-"

    "There's no misunderstanding, Martin! I tried to tell this 'woman'-"

    He waved his hand at her in disgust, as he continued to tell his client.

    "-Thank you and she slaps me instead!"

    The Bodyguard spoke up and said.

    "No, you didn't. She says that you said-"

    "She's a fucking idiot who doesn't understand French!"

    The Agent yelled back.

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    The chambermaid obviously didn’t understand what the Agent said, but she knew it had been less than nice. It wasn’t hard to come to the conclusion that the man didn’t have anything nice to say, after all. The way her eyes narrowed made very clear that she was furious with the man. Those disgusting Americans came to their country and thought they could do and say whatever they wanted. She really felt like showing them all.

    When the other man decided to intervene, it calmed the chamber maid down a little. As the man continued to talk, though, she turned red as a strawberry. She knew from his intonation that whatever he was saying wasn’t good. And she wasn’t about to be treated like shit by an American pig who didn’t even know how to express himself in French while in France.

    The woman turned to Paul in curiosity. She wanted to ask what the Agent was saying, but he just wouldn’t shut up.

    The Gentleman, shaking his head, retreated into his room and closed the door. He had better things to do than to watch a chambermaid fight a hotel guest, after all.

    As the Actor tried to cool things off and the Agent yelled, the woman took a step forward and slapped him again.

    “Dites ce cochon Je ai trois frères et ils viendront lui parler si il me met en difficulté!”¹, she told Paul, turning her back on the Americans and preparing to leave the top floor.

    ¹ Tell this pig I have three brothers and they will come talk to him if he gets me in trouble! (Using Google Translator, so if something is wrong, forgive me).

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    The Bodyguard was trying hard to control his temper. He had never liked The Agent since the day they met, when he was hired by the Actor. It made no sense to him why the Actor kept such an asshole around. If the Bodyguard had had his choice, this man would have been fired years ago. When the Agent went off, claiming the young woman didn't understand her own language, the Bodyguard yelled.

    "What world you were born on?! She lives in France, you fucking moron! Why the hell-"

    "Don't you ever talk to me like that again, you little fa-"

    The Agent's anger turned from the chambermaid to the Bodyguard. How dare the "help" speak to him like that? He wouldn't even be here if the Agent hadn't put out ads for the Actor needing a bodyguard. The Actor had been gotten extremely popular in the movies and he thought it made sense to hire some protection from the mobs of women who wanted to sleep with him and the men angry that their girls did. Little did he know until a few months after the Bodyguard accepted the job, how close of friends they two would become. He was going to call the Bodyguard a very derogatory word, when the chambermaid slapped him across the face, again. The woman was once again the receiver of his anger.


    The Agent was reaching for her, when the Actor knew he needed to step in. He needed to calm his agent down, before this whole thing got of control. They could be kicked out of the hotel or worse. He was his boss, he paid the Agent's paycheck that let him live this privileged life, surely he would listen to him. He certainly hoped so, this was not the impression he wanted to leave on the French people. This would get out, back to America and that couldn't be the type of reputation the Agent would want for him when he traveled. It would look bad on them both and might hurt him with his fans and the movie studios back home. If he couldn't control his agent, why would he get movie offers?

    "Rich, that's-"

    The Agent had no idea what the woman told Paul but he knew it was about him, maybe the whore had made some threat. Especially given how she was trying to walk away with her head held up high.

    "Don't you dare walk away, you-"

    The Bodyguard had had enough, he couldn't control this temper anymore. He was tried of the way this man treated people, he was never taught to treat anyone like this. He did something he had wanted to do for three very long years.

    "Shut up, Rich."

    He said and punched him in the jaw. Knocking the older man out instantly and causing him to fall backwards into his room. He landed hard on the floor, since the door had been open and didn't stop the fall. The Actor looked at him in shock.

    "What the hell, Paul?!"

    "He's been deserving that a long time, Martin, and you damn well know it."

    He replied, he wasn't about to say he was sorry. He only wished he had knocked that asshole's teeth out a lot sooner. The Actor looked down at the Agent, deep down he knew that the Bodyguard was telling the truth but...The Agent was going to be so pissed when he woke up and...Things could get worse for him. The man held all the cards to what it took to destroy everything he worked so hard for. This punch could ruin everything, all it would take was one phone call and his life would be ruined. The Actor tightened his jaw and said as he looked up.

    "Paul, you're fired."


    The Bodyguard exclaimed. The Actor raised up his chin.

    "You had no right to hit Rich. You can't control your temper, so your services are no longer needed."

    The Actor said and for a brief moment, the Bodyguard was speechless. Then he got his voice back and he was pissed off.

    "Seriously? 'No right...'After everything he said about that young woman and everything we- You're siding with him?!"

    The Bodyguard waved his hand at the unconscious man. The Actor nodded his head.

    "Yes. You are welcome to keep your room for rest of our trip, I will pay for your ticket home, and I will give you a full week's pay, but after that-"

    "I don't need your fucking charity, Martin. I'm leaving, right now."

    The Bodyguard had had enough of this shit. He was done with both the Agent and the Actor. He had extended family in Nice, he'd take whatever money he had left and visit them before he eventually decided to return to America. If he ever did. The Bodyguard stormed past the Actor to get to his room. The Actor sighed and dragged the Agent's heavy body inside the room and closed the door. The Wife, who had been a quiet and very shocked witness to it, all rushed out of her and the Actor's room to the room given to the Bodyguard. Maybe she could smooth things over, she thought. She'd talked to the Bodyguard before he left for good.

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    The chamber maid had planned to simply leave that scene. That wasn’t a place for a lady, and that man obviously didn’t know how to be polite. She was a chamber maid, but that didn’t mean she was there to be mistreated and yelled at. The young woman, whose name tag identified her as Colette, had the pride of the poor working class person. She respected others, and thus deserved to be treated with respect.

    Her plan to walk away was foiled, though, when she heard the sound of someone punching someone else. Having grown up in a home full of boys, she was more than used to that sound. A small smile showed on her face when she saw that it had been the Bodyguard who had knocked the Agent unconscious. The man definitely had it coming, disrespecting people like this.

    The conversation that happened afterwards was in English, and therefore she couldn’t understand it. But from the expressions and intonations, she could notice that something was very wrong. The conversation seemed tense, and the way Paul stormed past the Actor made her sure that the two men would part ways. From what she had gathered, the man who had punched the other had worked for the other one. Had, as in no longer worked for him now.

    The young woman stood there, nibbling on her lower lip for a while. It was clear from her expression that she felt guilty. After some reflection, she moved towards the elevator again, almost sheepishly. The young woman wouldn’t take too long to return, though. Apparently, she had only gone downstairs to retrieve something.

    She didn’t know whether or not the man was alone, or what he was doing in there - packing, maybe? But she did know that all of that had started because he had taken her side on the argument with the man. So, in a shy voice, she would ask, after knocking, if she could come in. He might as well not want to see anyone, after all.

    While the whole commotion happened up on the top floor, at another floor, someone called for a bellboy. The person handed the boy an unaddressed envelope and a bill that made a pretty nice tip, and instructed him as to what should be done. The game was on.

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    The Bodyguard had barely unpacked anything before all that shit started with The Agent. It wouldn't take long to leave this place. He had enough of it all. The Agent, the secrets...It was too much. He was tired living like this. Even if it did hurt to say goodbye. The Wife knocked on his door. He opened it and sighed at her.

    "Can I come in?"

    She asked and the Bodyguard replied as he moved back.

    "Yes, but Diane, if you are here to make me apologize, you are wasting your time."

    "I'm not here for that. Paul, I've known that asshole longer then you have, you did something I wished had happened to him years ago."

    The Wife said as she walked inside and he shut the door. He nodded his head. Yes, she had known the Agent longer. She had been his secretary before her marriage to his biggest client. It always surprised him why no one had ever kicked that man's ass before or how she had been able to work for him as long as she had.

    "Then why are you here?"

    He asked, he had no ill will towards her, but they weren't best friends either. They would never met if not for the Actor.

    "Because you shouldn't leave. Look, I know you and Martin had a fight, but he'll calm down and-"

    "I'm done and I'm leaving. My mind is made up."

    "Really? But you and him-"

    "He's always going to side with Rich and things will never change."

    "He feels loyal to him because Rich gave him his big break. You know that."

    The wife replied, she also knew what kind of man the Agent was. She knew a lot of things about him, things the other two men didn't know.

    "I know but I can't live like this. Diane, you need to convince Martin to fire him."

    "But I...Do you know what Rich does to people who try to leave?"

    She asked quietly, because she did. She had worked for him for five years. She saw what happened to people who fired him as an agent. He did ruin their lives, spreading vivacious rumors about them. Making them unhireable in Hollywood. When an up and coming actress fired him because he made too many sexual comments about her, he said she was a lesbian, when she wasn't. She had been raped by a bastard a few weeks later that decided to force her to enjoy dick. The wife had heard the young lady had committed suicide not too long afterwards since she could not heal from what happened or the press around it. The Bodyguard sighed, she sounded just like her new husband. Too afraid to stand up the Agent, although he didn't know how truly evil the Agent could be towards his former clients.

    "Do you realize what he'll do to your lives if you don't get rid of him?"

    The threat the chambermaid threw out, the warning the hotel manager gave him. The French people weren't the only ones who hated the Agent's guts. Other people did too and someday he would piss of the wrong person. Someone who wouldn't just throw verbal insults. When that day came, the newlyweds could be caught in the crossfire. The Wife sighed as she looked down at the carpet.

    "I know but...Martin will never fire him."

    "I know..."

    And he couldn't be around to see what happened. He had had enough and it was time for him to move on. He reached out and squeezed the Wife's shoulder.

    "But I can't be around this anymore. I'm done living lies and putting up with that prick...Take care of yourself and Martin, Diane."


    He dropped his hand and looked over at the nightstand.

    "I have to finish gathering my stuff and make a phone call. Try not to let Rich be a third wheel in your marriage."


    She realized there was nothing she could say or do to change his mind. She sighed in defeat and replied.

    "Take care of yourself too. Goodbye, Paul."

    She saw herself out and headed back to her room to wait for her husband. She would try to take the Bodyguard's advice and talk to her husband about the Agent. She had a feeling it would be like talking to a brick wall. The Bodyguard planned to call his extended family in Nice when he heard another knock on the door. He wondered if the Wife coming back or her husband this time. He was surprised when he opened the door and saw the chambermaid.


    He looked at her name tag and saw it said 'Colette'.

    ~"Colette. What can I do for you?~"

    He asked her in French.

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    If Diane was worried about what Richard could do to those who tried to leave, she would have a lot to worry about soon. Because if Richard could ruin someone’s life for trying to leave him, X could - and would - ruin their lives just for leaving the place where they currently were. Of course, they did have a choice to leave. And X didn’t really have the intention of killing them. At least not all of them. As of now, only one of them had a death sentence over their head. But of course, it might come to this if they tried to cause too much trouble. If they tried to figure out who X was and managed to do so… well, two deaths aren’t really a problem for one who is willing to kill.

    Back upstairs, on the top floor, Colette had gone to Paul’s room to try and talk to him. She felt that he might leave the hotel, as the whole situation seemed very tense there. While she didn’t want him to leave, she knew that he might not have another choice. It seemed like it was his employer who was paying for his stay, and he might just stop, after all. But she wanted to talk to him and at least do something nice to the man before he eventually left.

    Waiting for Paul to open the door, she smiled to him when he did.

    “Vous en avez assez fait pour moi”, she replied quietly. “Je comprends vraiment la façon dont vous avez levé pour moi”, the young woman continued.

    She seemed a little shy, but presented to him what she had in hands, uncovering the plate. In it, there was a slice of a chocolate pie with walnuts. “Je me sentais ... je dois vous apporter un petit quelque chose”, she murmured. “Il n'y a pas beaucoup, mais ... Je voulais juste vous remercier d'avoir été si gentil avec moi”, the girl explained. After these words, she finally dared to step inside and close the door.

    “Je ne sais pas exactement ce qui a été dit, mais je suis sûr Viser plus haut pour me aider vous a causé des problèmes”, she stated, regret apparent in each line of her facial expression. “Y at-il quelque chose que je peux faire pour aider, ou d'en faire pour vous?”, she finally asked, now falling silent and waiting for a reply.

    Translations (made with Google Translate):
    1- You have done enough for me.
    2- I really appreciate the way you have stood up for me.
    3-I… felt I should bring you a little something.
    4-It’s not much, but… I just wanted to thank you for being so kind to me.
    5-I don’t know what exactly was said, but I am sure stepping up to help me caused you problems.
    6-Is there anything I can do to help, or to make it up for you?

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    Paul gave a Colette a smile back. It was tense, though, he couldn't hide that. This trip was supposed to be fun and thanks to Rich, it turned out to be awful. It pained him to walk away but he had no choice. Diane might have been able to talk Martin into changing his mind, but Paul didn't want her to. He was done with it all. It was time to move on with his life. His only hope was that Martin and Diane didn't suffer too much thanks to Rich. If they did...Well, he's hear about in the papers now. He was fired and Martin was no longer his problem.

    ~"You're very welcome and I'm sorry he treated you like that. You did not deserve it and I would do it again, in a heartbeat."~

    He replied to Colette in French. She did nothing to deserve the type of treatment Rich at thrown at the young woman. He would gladly defend her again from him, even knowing now what the fall out would be. If he had any regrets it was that he hadn't hit Rich even harder. A more happy smile appeared on his face when she presented him with a slice of chocolate pie.

    ~"Thank you, I love chocolate."~

    He said and truly did. Chocolate was one of his favorite things to indulge in. He took the plate from her and stepped back to let her enter the room. He told her.

    ~"It did but..."~

    Paul sighed a moment, as he thought of what happened. He didn't want to burden Colette or make her feel guilty.

    ~"Deep down, it was a long time coming. If anything, what happened made me realize what I need to do. So, thank you for that."~

    He had been stuck for a while. Too afraid to move forward and putting up with things he didn't agree with. While it hurt to say goodbye, it was best. He could move on with his life and not live in lies. That already felt more freeing. Maybe, someday, Martin would realize that was best too.

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    Colette noticed that Paul’s smile was tense. Despite her short temper, the young chambermaid was a sensitive woman, and had a warm heart. And even if she didn’t, she would probably still have felt something nice about him. He had put himself in a very bad situation to help her, after all. And he was a nice person, the nicest of all of the Americans who had only just arrived, apparently.

    She smiled more happily as well when he smiled in seeing the pie. She had wanted to do something to cheer the man up, and a little sweet treat was always nice in dark moments.

    After closing the door, Colette stood with her back on it, not wanting to invade the man’s personal space. She was just a chambermaid, after all, and it wouldn’t be proper to get too close to a hotel guest.

    She listened closely to him, though, really interested in what the man had to say. It was sad to hear that the situation between him and the others had been so bad that it had come to this. With a sigh, the woman wondered if she could do something to help. Even if it wasn’t her fault, she felt that it would be the right thing to do.

    “Que puis-je faire pour aider?”, she asked quietly. “Je tiens à le faire jusqu'à vous en quelque sorte, après ce que vous avez fait pour moi”.

    Whatever Paul’s answer happened to be, he wouldn’t have the time to give it. Another knock on the door would sound, and a voice would announce that there was a message for the man. Despite feeling a bit awkward for being there, Colette opened the door and allowed the boy to step in. He greeted Paul and handed him a note.

    It was a pretty short note, and it read: If you leave this hotel, your secret gets out too, in English. There was nothing more to it, not a signature, or any other form of identification related to the sender.

    Translations (made with Google Translate):
    1 - What can I do to help?
    2- I would like to make it up to you in some way, after what you have done for me.

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    Paul knew that Colette felt bad but it wasn't her fault. She was certainly not the first person the Agent had pissed off and probably not the last. It was just what happened with her was the straw that broke the camel's back. He gave her a smile and started to reply.

    ~"You owe me nothing, I-"~

    The door knocked again and Paul wondered who it was this time. In a short amount of time, his room was becoming a very popular place.


    He told the boy and frowned reading the message. He only had one big secret and he doubted the people who knew it would want it getting out. Even if Martin and Rich were pissed at him for what happened, Paul's secret would hurt them even more if it came out. So, who the hell was this from?

    ~"Who told you to give this to me?"~

    Paul asked the boy, but he doubted the boy knew. His job was just to deliver messages, not pay attention who requested the information being sent.


    Rich groaned as he came to. Martin was sitting in a chair and had been watching him sleep. Rich sat up and grabbed his jaw.

    "Damn, what happened?"

    "Paul knocked you out."

    Martin offered and Rich looked at him in shock.

    "Why the-Wait, it was over that stupid chamber whore, wasn't it?"

    Rich asked, remembering Colette and the fight. Martin nodded his head and held up his hand to stop Rich from talking.

    "I already fired him."

    "You did? Wow..."

    Rich replied in shock, he thought he'd never see the day Martin cut Paul loose. He was happy, he knew how much the bodyguard had disliked him and the feeling had been mutual. Besides, Paul was dangerous to keep around. One wrong move and everything Rich had built for Martin would be destroyed. Martin nodded his head.

    "I did what was best but I think you to remember something, Rich."

    "What's that?"

    "I pay your paychecks, it's not the other fucking way around."

    Rich narrowed his eyes at Martin. He was the agent and Martin was the client. Rich was used to being in charge but...Martin was right, he was the money maker and Rich would be still working at that damn men's shoe store. Martin tightened his jaw.

    "I'm not done. So, just shut up and listen, for once in your life."

    Martin continued, which only angered Rich more. Still, he shrugged and motioned for Martin to go ahead.

    "What happened today will not happen again. I don't give a rat's ass what you think of Paris and its people, but you will not go off on those people or try to speak their language anymore. Your actions since we got here make me look like shit. And making me look like shit is bad for business. Fans will not admire me as much and movie studios won't hire me if you keep this up. If that happens, then we're both up a shit creek. I'll be busting tables again and you'll be-"

    "I got it! I got it...I'm sorry, Martin. It won't happen again."

    Rich told Martin, rubbing his jaw. He didn't want to go back to the days of shining rich assholes' shoes. He was the rich asshole now and he planned to stay that way. As much as he hated it, Martin was right. His actions today could reflect badly on his client, which would hurt future movie deals. Martin stood up.

    "It had better not. The only press I want for the rest of the weeks is me and Diane enjoying our honeymoon."

    "Same here."

    Rich grumbled and Martin left the room and headed back to his own. He paused a moment as he passed Paul's room. It was in between his room and Rich's. He thought of knocking on the door and changed his mind. Paul said he was done and had enough and it was best to let him go. Just as he reached his own door, the messenger boy arrived. He did wonder what message the boy was bringing to Paul but he reminded himself that what they had was over and that Paul's business was none of his business anymore. He should just focus on his career and his new bride. It was better for everyone that way.

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