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    Diane Hayes & Paul Westin

    It was all a terrible dream. Marrying Martin was supposed to fix all her problems, and now it felt like she had even more. He had been young and healthy. Diane didn't even recall him eating a chocolate bar or drinking a soda. How did one like that just die in their sleep? Would the papers say she killed him? That she was some kind of black widow, only wanting his fortune? It sounded like a plot from one of his movies. But it wasn't a movie, this was real life. And if they did say that...Would Rich support her or would he throw her in front of the bus? She didn't even want to consider that. Although, she had worked for him before she had been set up with Martin. She knew exactly what type of man Rich Porter was. He'd throw his on mother off a bridge to save his own hide.

    Paul walked with her to the elevator and up to the floor that Shane was on. Diane was lost in her thoughts and didn't pay the women much mind. She wished this was just a nightmare and that she would wake up. That Martin would alive and all would be well. Nothing in her life would feel well again. All she could think of was that Martin was dead and what would be expected of her now. She nodded her head to Colette.

    "I will, thank you."

    She said and Paul gave her a sympathetic look.

    "Diane, is anything I can do for you?"

    She sighed, and almost said that the only thing Paul could do was bring Martin back. Despite their fight...It would have been better for her to have him alive. Being his picture perfect wife had forced her into the media's eye, a life he had been an expert of handling, and one she had no idea how to navigate. She shook her head and patted his arm.

    "I'm afraid there isn't much that can be done, Paul. I'm sure that soon enough that vultures will descend on me."

    Vultures was how Martin referred to the media. Because he had been in movies, people felt like they knew him. That he owed them something. That was a life she had never wanted but, by agreeing to marry Martin, she had been forced into. She just thought she'd have more time to adjust to that life before he was gone.

    "Sadly...I fear you're right about that."

    Paul said and patted her hand. He was going through a whole assortment of emotions of learning Martin was dead. But even in his shock and disbelief, he knew one thing. He was lucky. All he was to the public was Martin's bodyguard. Some reporter might hunt him down to ask what type of man Martin had been. Hoping Paul would say something kind, but Diane was Martin's widow and they wouldn't leave her alone now. He couldn't protect her from that type of scrutiny and Paul wasn't sure how helpful Rich would be during this whole ordeal.
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    Colette and the Ladies

    Colette nodded when Diane thanked her. She sighed sadly and shot both Paul and Diane a sympathetic glance before excusing herself. No matter how much she wanted to stay in there, Colette had work to do, and she wasn’t anything for Diane. So, she had nothing to do with this situation.

    While she went downstairs, the chambermaid thought about what she could do as a small gesture of kindness for Madame.

    While Colette had nothing but kind thoughts, the two ladies had exactly the opposite intentions.

    They had done a part of the job, and now they needed to make their next plans. Martin was gone, and Pierre’s work had been done. They needed to make up their mind on who would be next.

    There was his widow, and the agent. Both were very attractive prospects, but the wife wasn’t as responsible for anything. She might be married to Martin, but she hadn’t been there when everything had happened. At least not in a capacity in which she could influence things.

    Deciding that they would focus on the agent first, the ladies started making their plans. They would need their lady friend to keep Porter happy… for a while.

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    Diane Hayes & Paul Westin

    Martin Hayes was dead and it was an bloody mess. Diane and Martin had no idea how to handle it. What was going to happen. Someone as a famous as that...It was only going to be a matter of time before the public found out. And then...Diane's life would never be the same. Knowing Rich, he was already plotting. Trying to decide his best course of action. His golden goose was gone. And he'd protect his own interests above all else. There was never any doubt of that. Diane was sure she'd be one her own.

    Paul told Colette by and asked Diane.

    "Do you need anything? Do you want me to stay or...get Shane?"

    Shane, her ex, who had traveled all the way to Paris. Shane...Who still loved her, despite how she had treated him. Diane wanted to see him but shook her head. He deserved better then her. He had loved her and she threw him to the side to marry Martin. Discarded him like he was trash.

    "No...I...I'd like to be alone, right now. Thank you."

    She said, she was in shock and she didn't want to deal with anyone or anything. She just wanted to go home, back to her parents, and pretend none of this had even happened. That she was just Rich's secretary and that Martin was getting ready for another movie role.

    Paul sighed and squeezed her shoulder.

    "Okay...Just call my room, if you need something."

    "I will."

    Diane replied and saw him out of the room. She looked around the new room and decided to take a shower. Maybe a shower and a nap would help. Paul thought of heading downstairs to his own room but looked down the hall. Diane might not want to talk to Shane, but Paul thought he should know. He did travel all the way here and...Diane needed someone there for her, she shouldn't be alone, thought. He decided he'd just head to Shane's room and tell him, himself.

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    Marie and Colette

    Marie was worried about Shane. The boy was so sweet, and what was happening to him was so unfair. This girl had chosen to marry a rich man who obviously didn't love her. Those artists from Hollywood didn't really love anyone but themselves. He probably had mistresses too, of course. Why would he keep to only one woman if he could have several? Maybe she should try and speak to Madame. Get some sense into her. Taking a deep breath, she went down to the front desk, taking a moment to see if she could spot Madame Hayes in the lobby. Since she didn't seem to be there, Marie was about about to ask where the woman was, when a younger chambermaid rushed by.

    Calling for the girl, Marie took a moment to ask her if she had seen Monsieur and Madame. The news the younger woman shared had Marie's eyes wide as saucers, but she simply thanked Colette and asked where she could find Madame, saying she would take some tea up. It was the best cover, and she was sure Madame would appreciate a warm beverage anyway. It should calm her nerves.

    It took Marie no time to change back into her work clothes and get some chamomile tea in the kitchen before going up to Madame's room. They needed to have a conversation. Madame needed to see that she had to go back to Shane now. What was stopping her anwyway? After a deep breath, the older lady knocked gently on the door, waiting for Diane to come open. If nothing else, she'd at least serve poor Madame a cup of tea and maybe convince her to eat something.

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    Diane Hayes

    After seeing Paul out, Diane took her shower. It didn't relax her much. Her mind was full of thoughts and her heart full of guilt. Paul was a good man, a better man then Martin had deserved she realized. A better friend then she had deserved. When she had agreed to this facade of a marriage, she hadn't thought it all the way through. Who all would be hurt by herself and Martin. She had hurt Shane and Paul. And yet Paul was still trying to be her friend. She didn't deserve a friend like him either. She had done this all for money. Sure, it was to help out her father but still...In the end, it was all about money. Martin was dead and she knew what Rich would do. She didn't even have to ask. He was going to throw her into the lion's den to save his own hide. Because that's what men like Rich Porter did. She had seen him do it others when she worked for him. This time it would be her turn. She had ruined her life once by marrying Martin, might as well have Rich ruin it all over again.

    Diane sighed and thought of writing letters. Letters to her parents and Shane, apologizing for all that she had done. Apologizing for what was going to happen next. She sat down at the writing desk and looked at the blank paper. She had so much to say, but didn't know where to start. Her mother....She had been so in the dark about all of this. She should know the truth, the whole truth. She should know why Diane would even consider marrying for money in the first place. She had promised her father once that she'd never tell her mother about his gambling problems. He didn't think she could handle it and what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

    "But, Dad...Your secret...the lies... it hurt me, Shane, Paul...Only Rich and Martin benefited from it and now Martin's dead."

    Diane said quietly out loud. She knew first who to write to. Her father.

    Dear Dad,

    I'm sorry but I can't do this any

    Diane began to write when there was a knock on her door. She put the pen down and got up to answer it. She thought maybe it was Paul again or Shane. Paul had said he could get her ex boyfriend for her. Or it could be Rich. Nah, probably not him. Knowing him, he already washed his hands of her. Next time she saw Rich, it would probably be him trying to have the police arrest her for the death of her husband. She was surprised to see one of the hotel maids on the other side of the door.


    She said to her, not sure why the older woman was here. Assuming that Paul had sent her, since she was holding a cup of tea in her hand.
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    Marie took a deep breath when Diane opened the door. She looked at the woman for a long moment, apparently curious. Madame was a beautiful woman, she thought. Young Shane definitely deserved her, and they would make such a lovely couple. After a soft sigh, the older woman showed a sympathetic smile, the appropriate expression for someone who had just heard of someone's passing.

    "Madame," she started quietly, her voice kind. The woman sighed and looked for the words. It wasn't easy to find them in this situation.

    "I have heard about what happened to Monsieur," she finally added. "I thought Madame would like a cup of tea to ease your nerves, and perhaps someone to talk to. May I come in?"

    The way the woman spoke was very kind and gentle, and she had that motherly air about her which, she hoped, would help Madame feel at ease and trust her guidance about what she should do now. There was nothing more stopping her from being with Shane, after all, and they could be reunited now.

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    Diane Hayes

    "Thank you."

    Diane told Marie when she offered her condolences about what had happened to Martin. She knew how she should act. She should be crying, the world thought the man she had loved was dead. But, instead, she was in shock. She hadn't loved Martin, not anymore then he loved her. They both had their reasons for the marriage. He was gone and she felt lost. Rich had already abandoned her. It wouldn't take long before everyone knew the great Martin Hayes was dead. Once the news spread...She wished she had been an actress. Perhaps, she'd be better capable to handle the shit storm that was coming her way if she could act the way she was supposed. The way a loving wife acted when her husband was dead.

    Marie seemed very kind and Diane nodded her head, moving back to allow her in the room.

    "I would like that, thank you."

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    Marie smiled gently and nodded when Diane allowed her into the room. Excusing herself, the woman went into the bedroom and closed the door. She then held Diane's hand gently and led her to sit on the bed. "There, there, Madame, it will be alright." She spoke quietly, handing Diane the cup of tea.

    "I understand it all must seem too scary now. I have lost my husband in the past as well, Madame." She clicked her tongue and shook her head. "My experience doesn't matter right now, worry not. I just want Madame to know that I understand how confusing and scary this is."

    She patted the woman's hand gently. "I should be quiet and listen, so Madame, would you like to speak? Nothing you may say is right or wrong, as you are going through a difficult time, so just pour your heart out, Madame, and nothing you say will leave this room."

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