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    House Escape Information

    House Escape Information

    Note: This roleplay is loosely based on a game, but I'll use it mostly as a foundation and change elements as needed.

    The basic story: The characters are trapped in a house and must find the elements (keys) to get out along with figuring out why they are there, who is the man keeping them in there, and the secrets the house keeps - that will involve finding several other items that happen to be clues, and lots of interactions with the NPCs.

    The characters: There are a few NPC's who have been in the house for longer. PC's will be getting to the house as the roleplay starts. Many NPC's are connected to specific rooms, and will be presented as those rooms are unlocked. Some others are not connected to a specific place, and will be presented as they enter the story. Please do check the NPC list frequently. It will be on the next this post, along with the list of unlocked rooms, character list and posting order. Those lists will be updated every time something changes.

    Factions: There are two main factions in the house, and at some point, characters will be asked to choose between them. That will affect the quests they get, the treatment they receive around the house, and their interactions with the NPCs. The factions will be presented when the time comes.

    This is a plot driven roleplay, with quests and objects to find. Information will be provided in the form of journal pages scattered around the house to build up the story of the house and its secrets, or directly from conversations with NPCs. Objects will be found as the characters search the rooms assigned to them in the quests. We'll have a once-a-week posting schedule, with longer intervals being looked at on a case by case basis.

    Roleplay rules:
    1- Please do let us know if you need more time to post.
    2- Don't godmode or metagame. The knowledge you have might not be te knowledge your character has. When a character finds a clue or a journal page, it belongs to them, and the others would not know of the exact information unless the character chooses to share it.
    3- The doors will not open in any other way but the keys. So trying to break, smash, or pick the locks will automatically not work.
    4- Despite the supernatural elements, characters are supposed to be regular humans.
    5- Characters should either be born (preferably) or live (mandatory) somewhere in England prior to their coming to the house.
    6- Remember this is not a competition - when the doors are open, all characters will be free, so cooperating is in the character's best interest.

    CS template:

    Age (18+, nobody too young would be lured into the house):
    Profession, if any:
    Skills (up to 5, subjected to approval):
    Blurb on personality:
    Misc (anything else you would like to provide):

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    Unlocked rooms:
    Character's bedrooms

    The Puppeteer

    Character list:
    (To be updated)

    Posting order:
    To be created once all characters are created and first posts are made.

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    After ages, the IC is finally up. Added a picture of the room for reference in the first post! No rush!

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