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    About the Archives

    About the Archives

    Quarrels and Quills has posted these archives for your reading enjoyment and so you can read what started our community.

    ~Archive #2 is from the second version of Crossgen Message Board, in which Crossgen transitioned to a new server and made all the members rejoin the forum and start their stories again. The stories are from the end October 2003 until the summer of 2004, when Crossgen filed bankruptcy and it became clear to everyone that it was time for the members to move on. Jason and Lairston created what is now "Quarrels and Quills" as a new home for the Crossgen Roleplayers.

    ~All characters and stories posted are property of the individual writers and not of Q & Q. Each writer is acknowledged in each thread, as is the date and time they originally created their post.

    ~Only In Character (IC) threads are posted, however, some Out of Character (OOC) comments may be found in those threads.

    ~Please note, any links found in the posts, do not work.

    ~Threads are posted in alphabetical order, not chronological order.

    Please enjoy.
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