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Thread: Fire Mist

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    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 13th September 2004, 05:53 AM
    A dragon that saw everything inside a person's heart. Xer looked around at his companions. He admitted that it was a relief to see none of them were too comfortable with the impending meeting. Then of course, everyone had his or her own secrets. For a person who had nothing at all to hide, or nothing that he did not want to others to know was near impossible. His eyes strayed to Jodi. Exception was hard to find.

    "He said getting to this seer is also a test," Soiren frowned.
    "Feels like old times," he answered, but his voice was slightly tight.
    "It wasn't that long ago," she said, knowing he was referring to their trip to Zarkiara.

    He shrugged. "Wonder what this entails though."

    "Yeah.." she said, watching the firelight waver against the walls of the cavern.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 14th September 2004, 05:49 AM
    The howls of the direwolves had somewhat died down, with a few lone howls echoing emptily in the mountains. Treading on leaf littered ground, Siray Taggen lifted his head to watch the flying forms of the dragons, their wings gliding gracefully in the air. Releasing his hold on the direwolves had given him back some strength. He paused in midstride, sensing the beasts looping east. He was not too keen on getting the report to the Romak, but delaying further would paint him in an even worse light. His cloak was inches from sweeping the ground. He wrapped it around himself to ward off the cold. He was not too good a mana wielder, but he knew enough to get by. There was a certain subtlety in his use of mana and it was in this area he excelled in. The appearance of reinforcement from the dragons was unexpected. Given the new information and more planning, he held no doubt the sword Mexgardus would soon be in his hands. The Romak's, he amended.

    Wiping his crooked nose, thanks to the ground kissing his face while he was young and fell off a tree, Siray headed to the small camp hidden in one of the caverns around the lake. No mana concealed the camp. It would only add unnecessary danger if the dragons detected it. Pushing past hanging branches, he closed on his destination where rocks almost entirely covered the entrance to the cavern. A Zantukite guard had already spotted him for he encountered no attack as he ducked beneath the low ceiling. He acknowledged the guard with a curt nod.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 14th September 2004, 08:18 PM
    Tivanica heard Vrain's explanation and remembered her own encounter with the Seer about a year before. The experience had been... unnerving, to put it lightly. The trip itself had also drained her, though back then she had been past caring whether the Seer accepted her or not. She'd thought then that even being an old dragoness's midafternoon snack was a better fate than the death that... they had had in mind for her.

    "If she accepts you, then we will accept you. If she finds fault with you..." Vrain shrugged. "I cannot say what will happen to you."

    I still wonder what possessed her to accept me, Ti thought wryly. With everything I've buried, and my personal war against The Wench.

    "Tonight we will rest, but tomorrow I will take you to her cave. In truth, just getting there is half of the test." Vrain turned to leave them alone but apparently decided to try and offer some words of reassurance. "I believe you." he said simply, "And I believe you have nothing to fear." with a reassuring smile he left them alone and walked over to where Jodi was hugging an egg.

    At least someone here is confident, thought Ti. Although tempted to ask him about the direwolves, she didn't-- there was probably a good reason he'd only mentioned them to the conclave of dragons. Until they were accounted trustworthy, at least, it was best to leave the strangers out of this.

    I suppose they still consider me a stranger, though, in some ways...
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 14th September 2004, 10:15 PM
    Marble began to direct people where to sit with her ladle, like she was some deranged concert conductor from the legendary choir halls of the Dwarven King StoneHammer. Slade sat back and chuckled at the intent dwarvess who was in her element caring for other folks.

    Jodi was very intent on the dragon egg she held. Tolari's gentle song had settled the small creature and she felt peaceful as she rocked it and kept it warm. She wished her arms were large enough to hold another but one was about all she could manage. When Vrain walked up she turned to him. "Do you feel it Vrain? Something is different... something is wrong. My neck grows prickly... as if we were approaching old Crabby Cat's Lair." She whispered to him in a low voice, but continued to gently rock the egg. She could still feel the fear of being dared to approach the large predatory cat's lair. Jodi knew, if the cat decided to, it could kill her with one swipe of its dreadful claws or one rip from the blade-edge sharp fangs. She had felt so proud the day she took Vrain's dare and finally touched the stony entrance to Crabby Cat's lair.
    Posted by VigilanteHamster (Member #30422) on 15th September 2004, 12:15 AM
    Romak Lysander Valkour wasn't quite sure whether he liked being up here in the mountains, or hated it. Not so long ago word had come to him from the Zalam that he was needed in Calkei more than Correl; the small group of Kyes he left behind had everything else well enough in hand. Correl had been somewhat boring, anyway. True, Sir Harris and his new friend Orrifice had managed to keep things relatively interesting, but the same old battles had gotten... well, old. Nevertheless he had been reluctant to leave so much of his garrison behind. Orders, though, were orders. And a dutiful Zantukite never questioned his orders.

    Which was why he was now hiding out in this accursed cave and freezing his rear end off. The Eyrellian wasn't exactly used to this weather, as he'd lived in warmer climates for most of his life. He didn't dare build a fire, though, as the smoke had a way of building up. He had no particular wish to fumigate his fellow Zantukites.

    At the moment, there was the matter of Kye Taggen... he had been placed in charge of the direwolves, although it was ultimately Lysander's responsibility as to where and when they struck... among other things. Hopefully he'd soon have news to report, whether good or bad. Something told the Romak that it was more likely the latter, though...

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    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 15th September 2004, 04:40 AM
    ooc: ya!

    The Romak was waiting. Siray did not know how he was going to take the news. This was his first time working with Lysander. How reasonable a leader would he prove to be? Keeping his pace even, with only a tiny weight of apprehension, more like anticipation, the Kye approached his superior.

    "The Eyrellian and his companion have met up with some dragons and two elves. The dragons attacked and managed to pull out depite the number of direwolves. We did get rid of unwanted travellers around, but they were of no significance," Siray said without preamble, relating the facts and result of the operation, giving himself no credit and excuses. He waited for Lysander's reply, his eyes weighting the Romak.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 15th September 2004, 11:26 PM
    As Griforol tried to process all that was going on, he moved to where Marble was instructing him to sit. The whole idea of the seer frightened him. He just hoped he would measure up to the seer's standards. Griforol took a moment to look around the cavern and noted that there was not one of their company who did not have some level of worry expressed on his or her face. It didn't help that the dragons were so accusing of them, but he did understand that this was a time of unrest in which everyone had to be considered with suspicion. However, Griforol couldn't help but be desirous for a time of friendly companionship. Quietly he sang a song from his childhood to himself, remembering how his mother would sing it to him to calm him. As the elfish syllables rolled of his tongue, he did feel more composed, more likely from the memories than the song itself.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 16th September 2004, 02:35 PM
    Marble walked by him and ladled the thick stew onto a biscuit on the plate Slade held. "Ah...'tis beautiful laddie, go on." Marble nodded her head at the elven male and moved on.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 16th September 2004, 07:18 PM
    Tivanica smiled weakly and nodded her thanks as Marble ladled stew onto her plate. She had to admit, the dwarvess was a pretty good cook. The stew was just the thing to ward off the chill of the mountains, though it did nothing for the cold lump that had grown inside her since she left Anserak. The people of FireMist really had been kind to her this past year; she wanted more than anything to pay them back for it, but had little idea how.

    No, that's a lie... I do know how, but I fear I haven't the courage. She glanced around at the four strangers. They didn't seem like the sort who might be allied with the cultists, but then again neither had Isliel.

    "Do you feel it Vrain? Something is different... something is wrong," she heard Jodi whisper. "My neck grows prickly... as if we were approaching old Crabby Cat's Lair."

    We all feel it, I think, Ti reflected, pulling her furs about herself to keep warm. She heard Griforol begin to sing something in Elvish and felt a deep pang as it somehow reminded her of her lost friends. Sioth had been versed in several different languages, Elvish included, and would often sing songs at night. Much of the time nobody else could really follow along, though it mattered little because they were still enjoyable to listen to.

    Another thing for which that traitorous healer shall pay, she thought grimly. Once again she stole a glance at the four newcomers. All of them seemed somewhat discomfited by the idea of the Seer, which was just as well. If their intentions were ill they had much to fear, indeed.

    At the same time, though, Ti hoped that the Seer would account the four worthy... in the times that waited ahead, and in light of this day's catastrophe, FireMist would need all the help it could possibly get.

    Which means I had better speak soon, she thought. After a year, though, she was tiring quickly of this whole stupid mental battle with herself. Curse it! I never used to equivocate like this! Kelton would either be laughing right now or he'd want to slap me upside the head! The thought almost made her smirk. Most likely the latter...

    Without warning, Ti suddenly let off a large sneeze. Oh, great... she groaned mentally, embarrassment coloring her face.
    Posted by VigilanteHamster (Member #30422) on 16th September 2004, 08:16 PM
    Lysander perked up slightly as he heard somebody's approach, and tried no to look like he was shivering too much. He wondered idly if that fire might be a good idea after all, but pushed all such thoughts out of his head. So Kye Taggen finally had something to report... good. *Even if it's not good, that's still good,* he thought, well aware of the oxymoron.

    "The Eyrellian and his companion have met up with some dragons and two elves. The dragons attacked and managed to pull out depite the number of direwolves. We did get rid of unwanted travellers around, but they were of no significance," Siray said without preamble, relating the facts and result of the operation, giving himself no credit and making no excuses.

    Lysander simply nodded acknowledgement, his feeling confirmed. This Siray Taggen had the right idea. No excuses, he cut right to the chase... good. Admitting that things hadn't gone as planned... also good. That and the fact that he had been bold enough to report without fear yet respectful of his superior marked him as a Kye well-chosen in the Romak's estimation.

    "Well... that does make our job a little more difficult," Lysander replied finally. Although the poor results irritated him, much of it was directed at the dragons rather than Siray himself. "Have you any idea where the Eyrellian might be now?" He figured it better to skip the lecturing, as that was a waste of time, and instead figure out how to make the best of the situation. He had his own ideas but he wanted to hear the Kye's take on the situation.

    "Anyway... after we are finished talking, rest up, get your strength back. It appears that I need to reconsider our strategy a little." The Romak reached to one side for a mug of hot cider and offered another to Siray. "And have something warm to drink while you're at it. I do not want frozen Kye-cicles." He kept a straight face as he said that, seeming as though he was unaware of the pun.

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    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 16th September 2004, 09:46 PM
    As Griforol continued singing to himself, he fell into a trance-like stare as his mind filled with memories of home and his family, especially his father. As thoughts of his father materialized in his mind, Griforol remembered the horrible circumstances under which he last saw him, and the comforting memories suddenly twisted into the awful ones he had left home with. The images of his father's body lying in the grass, lifelessly limp in its permanent sleep, began to plague Griforol's mind. He couldn't believe that he'd never be able to return home and tell his father of all he'd seen. It seemed such a short time ago that Griforol had spoken with his father that he couldn't fathom the idea of being bereft of the great elf.

    "Ah...'tis beautiful laddie, go on," said Marble, her voice penetrating Griforol's deafening thoughts. This startled Griforol, breaking him out of his thoughtful stare. After a brief moment his mind finally caught up and comprehended what Marble had just said. "Oh, thank you, Marble," Griforol said in reply. "I hadn't realized I was loud enough for anyone to hear me. I don't think I will go on, though, for my voice grows tired." This last statement was only a cover, as he feared the overbearing memories that had just been collecting in his mind.

    Griforol caught Tivanica surveying the company, and he looked over at her, noticing her for the first time. As she glanced his direction, Griforol gave a nod of acknowledgement and then proceeded to chuckle as she gave off a strong sneeze.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 16th September 2004, 11:57 PM
    "Ah...'tis beautiful laddie, go on," said Marble.

    "Oh, thank you, Marble," Griforol replied after a moment, apparently startled out of his thoughts. "I hadn't realized I was loud enough for anyone to hear me. I don't think I will go on, though, for my voice grows tired."

    Ti recognized the half-truth in the Elf's statement-- she knew the spark of memory quite well as she saw it dart through his eyes. She returned his nod with one of her own and wasn't quite sure whether to glare at him or laugh back when he chuckled at her sneeze. For whatever reason, the whole tableau struck her as somehow funny and she covered her mouth to stifle a giggle, only to end up sneezing again.

    Okay, this is getting ridiculous...
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 17th September 2004, 10:14 AM
    Marble stopped ladling and turned to raise an eyebrow at Ti. "Sounds like ye be needin' some warding tea! Don't need ye' gettin' sick on us milady." Marble's piercing eyes and pointed gaze spoke more directly to Ti, urging her to understand there was more to this situation than met the eye. Her concerns perhaps were not being voiced but the dwarvess was not unaware and they would need to all stay alert.

    OOC: Thanks for the prayers!!! 's We felt God's hand over us and HE protected us! PRAISE GOD for His goodness and mercy!
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 17th September 2004, 04:18 PM
    Marble stopped ladling and turned to raise an eyebrow at Ti. "Sounds like ye be needin' some warding tea! Don't need ye' gettin' sick on us milady." Marble's piercing eyes and pointed gaze spoke more directly to Ti, urging her to understand there was more to this situation than met the eye.

    The Perian waved an arm dismissively and shook her head. She was fine-- it had been just a sneeze. The fur she'd wrapped herself in must have tickled her nose or something.

    I might understand what's going on here better than most people here do, thought Ti. Obviously there's the other dragons who don't much like the Silvers, but I'll wager there might be Zantukite involvement. She frowned and started eating. No use letting perfectly good food go cold.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 18th September 2004, 06:44 AM
    Siray kept his eyes from disappearing up the eyebrows. He had expected a measure of calm and firm demand for better results, but Lysander defied all usual circumstances. He accepted Siray's explanation, wasting no time on testing his words and competency. The last part of his words was surprising. With a tremendous effort, the Kye suppressed the mirth that was threatening to bend him double in laughter. He attempted to cover it while pretending to accept a drink from the Romak who had just now earned his trust and respect.


    Girforol's song, though unmistakably poignant, was strangely soothing to her. The prospect of meeting this seer, another dragon, did not sit well with her. She had nothing particular she needed to hide, still, she knew her faults. Her mind shifted through to the time when she deliberately went against her sister, causing her to worry for a whole week. Although she was only ten, the memory had stayed with her. Then there was a time at Kharilin where she had forgotten an appointment as an assistant healer. The patient had almost died as a result since it was during a period of healer shortages. And also.. she stared off in space, incredulous she could recall part of her past with such accuracy.
    Posted by VigilanteHamster (Member #30422) on 18th September 2004, 05:13 PM
    About three seconds later, Lysander's poor choice of words dawned on him. *That... had to be the worst pun in the history of the Zantukites!* he groaned mentally. He saw that Siray was about to explode with mirth and had to keep his own smile in check-- the Kye's face seemed to be turning an interesting shade of pink. "Breathe," the Romak prompted.

    *I never see the Shardalonians laugh it up like that... they must have one large stick up their collective rear end,* he mused. *Then again, were the paradigm reversed between our god and their goddess, I suppose I wouldn't be one to laugh, either.* The Shardalonians were an interesting bunch, but entirely tangential to Lysander's objective.

    "Yes, that was a dreadful pun, but we need to get back down to business," the Romak acknowledged, a smile hinting at his amusement. "If the Eyrellian and his companion escaped, do you suppose it is possible that they may have gone to stay with the Silvers?" The thought made him frown. That would make life far more difficult if that were the case.
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    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 20th September 2004, 04:47 PM
    Jodi curled up with Tolari the two of them nestling three of the eggs. Jodi yawned prodigously. Slopewing cradled another egg and that left the one with Ti. Marble had taken Zan to Jodi's quarters and let her sleep on the deep pile of furs on her bed, Marble stayed to make sure the young elven maid would rest. Marble was very worried about her state of mind. Jodi missed her warm soft bed but having a dragon curled around you wasn't too bad.
    "Please Great Creator of All, watch over these creatures of your making and bless them. We leave them in your care. So be it done Your way, always." Jodi whispered softly, pulling the furs around the nest to keep the eggs snug. Just before she fell asleep she watched Ti. The distant woman of mystery was deeply bothered by something, Jodi could feel it. Then too she had noticed the tender way she cradled the egg, both observations making her curiousity grow. In His time she would learn more about Ti. Jodi hated all this waiting... it seemed like her whole life was waiting on something... waiting and waiting some more.. another yawn took her and soon her eyelids drooped for a final time and she was fast asleep.


    The next morning brought a surprise to the newcomers. Those still sleeping by sunrise were greeted with the sound of one horn note echoing off of the cavern walls. Suddenly a glorious spray of color ignited the crystals within the cavern. The inside of the Silvers Cavern at sunrise had become a world of vibrant color. Adding to the glorious moment was the chorus of dragon voices that erupted. Jodi stood with them, singing, her hands lifted, her eyes closed and an enraptured look upon her face.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 21st September 2004, 04:10 AM
    Ti arranged her furs about herself and the egg she cradled, endeavoring to keep it as warm as she could through the night. I never thought I'd be playing mama to a dragon egg, she reflected, and leaned against Slopewing for additional warmth. For some reason just leaning against the dragoness and hugging the egg gave Ti something akin to... contentment. Her worries receded slightly for the moment, replaced with the singular concern of keeping the egg warm. Let these little ones grow strong, she prayed, not knowing if she'd get an answer but seeing nothing else she could do. Her faith was but a tattered remnant of what it used to be... but maybe, just maybe there was hope yet.

    She soon fell asleep, the egg still tucked in close to her, not realizing how much her stress had exhausted her. As Tivanica drifted off, she noticed that Slopewing had quietly put a wing over her.


    As usual, Ti awakened the next morning right along with the dragons. She never ceased to be amazed by the spray of color that arced through the cavern, or by the voices of the dragons that greeted the dawn. Despite the previous night's tragedy they still sang, a testament to their spirit of survival. That they still rejoiced over the new day left Ti first astonished, then admiring. Jodi was here, too, singing her heart out.

    Were it not for her knowledge of what today would bring, Ti expected that even she might have joined in.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 21st September 2004, 07:07 AM
    Xer had awoken early, way before the dragons began their song. He found himself unable to sleep much. It was a dreamless sleep, but the appointment with the Seer kept nagging at the back of his mind. Wrapping his arms about himself to keep from shivering, he stood at the edge of the cavern, the ashes of the fire from previous night going dead cold in a pile on the floor near Soiren's slumbering form. He stared at Lake Serres as the surface of the dark water started to shimmer. The sun was just peeking from the east.

    He tried to ignore the uneasy feeling rising in him. To lay his life in front of a stranger.. he shifted his feet, almost frightened him. He drew his eyes from the lake. No way. Nothing could scare him much nowadays. But this dragon was not El. At least, He would not gaze at you telling you how you had no secrets before him. The sound of movement caught his ears, and he kept still as the dragons emerged into the cavern.


    Puffy eyed, she raised her head off the bundle of clothing she used as a pillow. The soaring song echoed through the cavern. Compared to Tolari's solo, it embodied another kind of luring wonder. She pushed the hair out of her face, and instantly spotted Xer, standing at the mouth of the cavern. Today they were to journey to see the Seer.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 21st September 2004, 08:44 AM
    As the song ended, Jodi shouted jubilantly. "Thank you Creator of All for this day and all of your wonderful blessings!" The dragons murmured something in dragonspeak. Jodi raised a staff aloft, that none of the newcomers had ever seen before. At the top of it sat a crystal that shimmered with the rays of the new day. Tolari had partaken of the morning song from where she lay, still cradling the three eggs. Allowing Jodi to rise and move around to remove the stiffness from her muscles.

    With a bright smile she grabbed up an armload of wood and brought it to the fire pit. Slade raised a sleepy eye to her and waved off her sunny smile.
    "Ah lassie, how do ya keep so chipper?? Too early in the morning I keep tellin' ya."
    "I'll lay the fire Slade, go back to your bed." Jodi said with a twinkle in her eye.
    "Ah, now THAT's a reason to smile!" Slade replied with a yawn.
    Jodi got the fire going and returned to Tolari's side, bringing her a bucket of water. The dragoness drank greedily and emptied the bucket in seconds.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 22nd September 2004, 09:28 PM
    Vermilia waited patiently to see the Romak. Only the Romak knew who Vermilia truly represented and valued the liason with the Red Dragons. She was regarding the ugly dwarf in the robe with distaste. Her inscrutable gaze had sized him up quickly and saw him as no threat in the least. He appeared to settle, his look one of self-assurance he could handle the woman he saw. Vermilia fought the urge to kill him on the spot.

    'Whatever we are, we are NOT hasty...' Vermilia reminded herself then smiled wickedly at the thought. She was not happy about this assignment but that was not something to be helped. She would have to complete this quickly so she could move on to something more interesting. Vermilia hoped the servant sent out to obtain the artifact had succeeded, that would mean she could leave soon. It did rankle her though, that they had to use those horrid direwolves. She loathed them.
    With a flip of her fiery hair she looked over at the dwarf from under long tendrils of hair, her sweeping lashes giving only a glimpse of her dark eyes. A half smile played upon her lips as she started to bring her flute up to her lips. {Vermilia! Remember why you are there!} A weary voice reminded her, echoing inside her being. Vermilia pouted and turned away, replacing the poisoned needle she held ready to dispatch the dwarf with.
    {{You always spoil my fun!}} Vermilia sent back to her contact. All she received next was cold laughter. She crossed her arms and sat ridgid as a stone, her anger building.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 23rd September 2004, 05:23 AM
    Tivanica stretched out a few stiff muscles as Slopewing tended to the egg that the human woman had held through the night. She had had a few dreams, but she tried to put those out of her mind. No use thinking about them too much. They were just products of an overwhelmed mind.

    "Thank you Creator of All for this day and all of your wonderful blessings!" shouted Jodi.

    Ti gave her the smallest of smiles. The younger woman reminded her of... well, herself at about that age. Ti had been a little bit quieter about her faith, but that unmistakable flame had been there, burning brightly. Where was it now? She had no idea.

    "Ah lassie, how do ya keep so chipper?? Too early in the morning I keep tellin' ya."

    That's what I'd like to know, thought Ti. I do admire that about her, though.

    "I'll lay the fire, Slade, go back to your bed."

    "Ah, now THAT's a reason to smile!"

    Jodi got the fire going and returned to Tolari with a bucket of water, which the dragoness polished off in seconds. Ti smiled wryly at the dragoness's thirst, finished her stretches and brought Slopewing some water, seeing as she was occupied with two eggs.

    "This cavern will be safe... right?" she asked Slopewing quietly, a worried expression on her face as she glanced at the eggs. She figured the answer was yes, but after the destruction of the bevy nothing could be certain.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 23rd September 2004, 10:44 AM
    Slopewing grunted happily as she finished the water. "Yes, Ti, this cavern will be safe. It is covered by praises of His Creatures, which brings His Blessings. It is what is allowed to enter the Cavern we must be careful of...." Slopewing rolled an eye toward the general area of the newcomers. "That is why this must be done. We must be very careful." Medea lay curled up opposite where the newcomers had slept. The mistrustful Silver had watched well into the night and only recently fallen asleep.

    Marble only grunted and rolled over more firmly in her furs when Jodi came to waken her. She grinned at the dwarvess and shrugged.
    "Oh well, I'd rather make the porridge myself than tangle with a sleepy Marble!" Jodi whispered to Ti with a shrug and a grin. She then set about doing just that. Soon a pot bubbled to the side of the fire pit, emitting the aroma of cooking grain. Jodi poured fresh cold water into a smaller kettle of beautifully wrought steel and set it to boil. Jodi then loaded a steel 'capsule-like contraption' with various dried leaves and dropped it into the steaming water.
    "umm....thank you...for helping with the clutch of eggs." Jodi said as she sat opposite Ti to wait for the tea to steep.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 23rd September 2004, 05:49 PM
    Slopewing grunted happily as she finished the water. "Yes, Ti, this cavern will be safe. It is covered by praises of His Creatures, which brings His Blessings. It is what is allowed to enter the Cavern we must be careful of...." She rolled an eye toward the general area of the newcomers. "That is why this must be done. We must be very careful."

    Ti knew that Slopewing meant the imminent trip to the Seer, and nodded her understanding. "Definitely," she replied, her glance flicking to the sleeping Medea. She gently touched one of the eggs, a smile momentarily crossing her face. "Especially for the sake of these little ones." She didn't think the newcomers were a threat to FireMist-- after all, Tolari had given testimony on their behalf-- but Isliel's shadow reminded her that even the most innocent-seeming people could prove malicious.

    Ti watched as Jodi unsuccessfully tried to rouse Marble. Finally someone who could beat Elen for sleeping in, she reflected.

    "Oh well, I'd rather make the porridge myself than tangle with a sleepy Marble!" Jodi whispered to Ti with a shrug and a grin. She then set about doing just that. Soon a pot bubbled to the side of the fire pit, emitting the aroma of cooking grain. Jodi poured fresh cold water into a smaller kettle of beautifully wrought steel and set it to boil.She then loaded a steel 'capsule-like contraption' with various dried leaves and dropped it into the steaming water.

    For some reason, that made Ti think of all the stupid puns she'd heard about her nickname. Agnar had been an absolute terror with them, and Teglon often got into it as well. I bet Teglon still doesn't know anything about his love-muffin's true nature, does he? she thought bitterly. Thankfully, Jodi spoke up and broke the Perian's trail of thought.

    "Umm....thank you...for helping with the clutch of eggs," Jodi said as she sat opposite Ti to wait for the tea to steep.

    Tivanica nodded graciously. "You've all been very kind to me... I suppose I've gotten rather attached to FireMist," she admitted, smiling wryly. She knew all too well the pain of loss-- perhaps in helping the dragons of FireMist rebuild, she would find healing.

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    Posted by Paladin44 (Member #7923) on 23rd September 2004, 06:20 PM
    Orrifice and Harris did their best to move through the rocky paths that seemed to be leading them nowhere. Harris was determined to eliminate the entire idea of "Zantukites" and "Shardalonians." The two of them had been walking almost all day, it was now after sunset and it was hard to tell exactly where they were going due to mists that surrounded some of the mountains. Harris was using his halberd as a walking stick and Orrifice had begun to walk sloppily.

    "I'd give anything to have a reliable horse right about now," Harris said.
    "You'd be lucky to find a horse good enough to navigate through this rocky terrain," Orrifice responded. They had left their horses in a town by the border between Peria and the mountains. They had been wandering around for a few days now, not knowing where exactly they were headed.

    They had originally set out in search of a person Harris suspected to be a Zantukite. The man's name was Lysander. The had no idea where he was, they just knew he was in the mountains, so they followed random paths and ended up getting hopelessly lost, luckily, they still had a decent amount of food left.

    Orrifice couldn't stand walking anymore, he was too tired. He dropped his pack and leaned against a tall rock. Harris did the same shortly after.
    "Well, this isn't a very good situation, now is it?" Orrifice remarked.
    "I had a compass, but it broke when I tripped yesterday." Harris sighed, "I don't know--" Orrifice put his hand over his companion's mouth.
    "Do you hear that, Harris?" Orrifice released him. Harris listened hard. There was a hammering noise not too far off. The travelers rose up and did their best to follow the sound, soon, they looked upon a dwarven blacksmith in the middle of forging what looked like a sword. The blacksmith saw them coming from a distance and addressed them as they arrived.

    "Who're you?" the dwarf said in a low voice.
    "I am Orrifice Ryppe, and this is my companion, Harris Mounyan, we are in search of a man known as Lysander, have you heard of him?"
    The dwarf's expression didn't change, "I ain't 'eard of no Lysander around here."
    "Then may we ask for some shelter?"
    The dwarf looked annoyed, "I suppose. Me name's Flintback, go ahead an' sleep where ever ya' want."


    In the morning, Orrifice woke to a lively Harris and a bit of a grumpy dwarf, Orrifice was glad that he was alright, he had tried to keep an eye on the dwarf during the night, but he needed sleep too much to stay awake. Orrifice and Harris ate some of their rations for breakfast. Flintback was constantly glancing around for some reason.

    Finally, Orrifice asked, "Is there something amiss?"
    Flintback glanced at Orrifice, then said, "I don't live 'ere alone; me roomates 'aven't returned since yesterday. I suppose I'll go after 'em in a bit. I think I now where they are."

    Orrifice offered their help and Flintback accepted.

    OOC: How's that for a start?
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 24th September 2004, 10:16 AM
    Jodi raised an eyebrow. She couldn't help her reaction. Ti didn't usually speak more than non-committally to anyone. That was what Jodi had expected. The small glimpse of humanity she got stunned her a bit. She recovered quickly and grinned.
    "It is said FireMist will care for some of the most unlikely and destroy some of the most renowned." Jodi quoted an ancient saying of the Silvers. 'I hope that wasn't a stupid thing to say...I sure wish I had her poise,' Jodi thought to herself. To cover her sudden attack of self-consciousness, she rose to check the tea.
    "Tea is ready, would you like some?" Jodi offered, thankful to have a smooth change of subject.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 25th September 2004, 04:09 AM
    Ti's words surprised even herself. She never thought she would've actually admitted her attachment, but out it came. Well... that's out in the open, I guess, she thought wryly.

    "It is said FireMist will care for some of the most unlikely and destroy some of the most renowned." Jodi quoted an ancient saying of the Silvers.

    "Interesting saying," Ti murmured, her brow furrowing as she puzzled that one out. Sioth and Elen would have had a fun time with all these cryptic sayings... especially that rhyme from last night, she reflected. The wicked malice seeks the chalice... sheesh, Agnar would probably say something about evil wine goblets from Hell.

    "Tea is ready, would you like some?"

    Tivanica nodded. "Certainly," she replied. I will never for as long as I live drink black tea straight. Ever. Thank you very much, Isliel.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 26th September 2004, 09:26 PM
    Griforol had awoken with the resounding song of the Silvers and now sat where he had fallen asleep. He watched all the activity going on around him, as the eggs and dragons were taken care of and Jodi and Ti sat around the fire preparing tea. The whole scene before him seemed so strange, as though he had not yet awaken from his dreams. He felt absolutely no inclination to make any amount of movement with his body. Finally, with a gigantic yawn, Griforol got enough energy to move around a bit. He looked over at Soiren, who appeared to be in the same state as he. With one last attempt to shake of the remaining traces of sleep, Griforol stretched out a bit and jogged briefly around the cavern. He then decided to chat a little with Xer, as he had not spoken much with the man.

    "Hey, Xer. I see you're up and at 'em. Any updates on our trip to the Seer? I'm hoping we can get that over with soon. No need to drag it out any longer than necessary." Griforol tried to conceal his fear as best he could.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 28th September 2004, 04:48 PM
    The elf was not too comfortable with meeting the Seer. It was silly of Xer but the mercenary felt his anxiety ease somewhat seing Griforol's lack of confidence. Just eased a little. To get it over with should be the most painless way, yet... Mexgardus set itself a snarl for him. Was repairing the sword worth risking his life and exposing everything in him to a total stranger? Slipping away while the others were sleeping had occurred to him. A sardonic smile played on his lips. It was too late to do anything now.

    "And the test," Xer said. "We'll have to wait for more explanation from Vrain. Think we might have to go through the caverns?"
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 28th September 2004, 09:32 PM
    Vrain spoke quietly to Krondor. "We should give them a choice." he argued.

    "No, they have seen our cavern. They must go to the Seer." Krondor replied.

    "But how can we force them to take such a dangerous path? If they have no desire to reach the Seer then they will probably fail anyway, even if they are telling us the truth! It was luck that brought them here, we should give them a chance to leave if they want to." he paused. "Although, I hope they don't." he glanced at Krondor. "Besides, they flew in. There is no way they could get back here on their own, or even tell anyone else how to get here."

    Krondor rumbled for a few moments, thinking hard. Finally he nodded. "Yes, I think you are right Vrain. It is fortunate we have you, for we dragons can never be wise in the ways of humans as you are."

    Vrain nodded and smiled with relief. He didn't want to see these people hurt after being forced into going to the Seer. He turned and approached the strangers. They looked at him expectantly as he came over. "We have decided, " he said loudly, "That you shouldn't be forced into this. Right now I'm going to give you two choices. There will be no turning back from either one so think carefully about what you choose." he paused to allow this to sink in. "The journey to the Seer is hard and dangerous, and there is no certainty of reward at the end. However, the reward will be great. You will be accepted by us and become a friend to the Silvers, welcome anywhere amongst us. You will be welcomed by the dwarves as well, and given any aid they can give you." he glanced meaningfully at Xer.

    "However if you decide that you have no desire to see the Seer, then you will be flown back the way you have come until you are out of our territory and then you will be set down. You will never get another chance to join us. Those are the two choices before you. I will give you a short time to think it over and then we will leave, whichever way you decide." he turned and walked back to Jodi.
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    Posted by Paladin44 (Member #7923) on 28th September 2004, 11:22 PM
    Orrifice, Harris, and Flintback traveled above ground for quite a while before finally reaching an underground tunnel. The tunnel was only big enough for the three to fit in a straight line, Flintback obviously led the way, with Orrifice and then Harris behind him. The tunnel was dark; the only illumination was the torch that Flintback carried.

    Soon, tunnel became tunnels, as they traveled left and right and up and down and seemingly every direction possible. Orrifice and Harris got dizzy just thinking about trying to navigate these tunnels, but Flintback seemed to do it like he'd done it thousands of times.

    Atleast twenty minutes had passed before Flintback finnaly spoke, although at the time Orrifice and Harris weren't sure what he meant, "Watch yourselves up here," he said. The tunnel they were traveling through got a little larger; just large enough to have two of them travel along side eachother. Orrifice decided to come up alongside Flintback. Flintback glanced at Orrifice then glanced back forward and shook his head a little.

    Just a few minutes later, Flintback spoke a second time, but this statement was much shorter and straight forward than his previous one, "Stop!" Orrifice obeyed, even though he didn't know why. An instant after Orrifice halted, a loud hissing sound was heard from directly in front of Orrifice on the floor. Suddenly, A great spurt of flame burst up through the ground right in front of Orrifice. Orrifice and Harris both hopped backwards in surprise; Flintback stood his ground.

    After that, Orrifice and Harris moved much more cautiously, they encountered several more flame spurts, but Flintback seemed reliable when determining where they were. Soon, they began hearing nothing but loud hissing sounds emanating from all around them. Orrifice and Harris became quite nervous, hoping they didn't get burned alive.

    They were relieved when they finally left the narrow tunnels and arived in a large cavern. The floor and ceiling seemed to be made up of stalactites and stalagmites. The parts that weren't were covered in a thick, green slime-like substance. The cavern led into an upward tunnel that seemed to have steps carved into the ground. Flintback turned to Orrifice and Harris, "We're almost there." Only one thing came to Orrifice's mind: Where is 'There?'
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st October 2004, 08:58 AM
    A soft, low clicking sound came from an area off to the right of the cavern. One of the Silvers had waddled over to one of the many tunnel entrances and stood with his head cocked toward it. Lifting his head he emitted the sound and immediately all the Silver Dragons turned to stare at the tunnel. Krondor and Ardenor positioned themselves facing the tunnel, ready to roast whatever appeared there unless Krondor approved entry.
    Finally Flintback's face hovered out of the shadows and Krondor relaxed. However, it was soon evident Flintback was not alone and the dragons resumed an attitude of caution.
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 1st October 2004, 08:43 PM
    ((ok this is an atempt to get back in...hope its ok if its not i can fix it))

    Zan walked up to Jodi and asked "Any thing I can do to help? Sorry I was kinda out of it for a while"
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st October 2004, 08:56 PM
    Jodi turned at Zan's voice and looked up. A brilliant grin spread across her face. "Why yes, would you help me make something to eat since Marble is still snoozing? She gets very grumpy if you wake her before she is ready!" Jodi winked at the elven girl and turned back to Ti.
    "Would you pour Zan some tea? I'll go see what we could scramble up for breakfast!" Jodi bounced up and moved off to peruse the storage area. She waved at Vrain as she saw him coming toward her.

    Jodi located some smoked meat, a bag of biscuits from last evenings meal and several cawwa eggs. Brining these out she quickly directed Zan to crack the eggs into the lovely pan Flintback had made for Marble. She began to slice the meat and throw it into a skillet also made by Flintback. Jodi smiled as she thought of the master craftsman. As if hearing her thoughts, she thought she heard his voice and looked up toward where the dragons had converged on the dwarf's tunnel.
    Posted by Paladin44 (Member #7923) on 1st October 2004, 09:46 PM
    Flintback walked into the beautiful cavern, accompanied by his two human companions. The dragons looked at the humans coldly. Orrifice and Harris glanced at eachother, both with worry in their eyes. Orrifice had never encountered a full-fledged dragon before; he was a bit intimidated by the massive creatures.

    Krondor informed the other dragons to stand down. The dragon looked down upon Flintback and spoke, 'Who are these humans that travel with you, Flintback?"

    Orrifice and Harris were impressed with Flintback's relaxed posture while facing adult dragons, "This one 'ere's Orrifice Ryppe, and the other's Harris Mounyan."

    Krondor turned his head towards Orrifice and Harris when Flintback spoke there names, "Were you with these two yesterday?"

    Flintback shook his head, "Only over night."

    "Then they could have been the villains as well!" Medea growled. Krondor turned to calm Medea down. Orrifice and Harris looked at Flintback, hoping to know what they were supposedly guilty of. To their dismay, the dwarf did not seem to know the crime. As Orrifice awaited to hear what the draogns had to say, he raised his eyebrows in response to noticing his previous companions, Xer and Soiren.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 2nd October 2004, 06:44 AM
    "We have decided, " Vrain said loudly, "That you shouldn't be forced into this. Right now I'm going to give you two choices. There will be no turning back from either one so think carefully about what you choose." he paused to allow this to sink in. "The journey to the Seer is hard and dangerous, and there is no certainty of reward at the end. However, the reward will be great. You will be accepted by us and become a friend to the Silvers, welcome anywhere amongst us. You will be welcomed by the dwarves as well, and given any aid they can give you." he glanced meaningfully at Xer.

    "However if you decide that you have no desire to see the Seer, then you will be flown back the way you have come until you are out of our territory and then you will be set down. You will never get another chance to join us. Those are the two choices before you. I will give you a short time to think it over and then we will leave, whichever way you decide." he turned and walked back to Jodi.

    Soiren had come over to join them at the edge of the cavern as Vrain strode away. Her arms were wrapped about herself, hidden underneath the gray cloak. Uncertainly flitted through her face in waves. Her eyes rested on Xer.

    "Well," he prompted.

    Her hand sneaked out to brush the already combed hair in a nervous gesture. "Meeting with this Seer is a one in a life time opportunity," she gave him a wan smile. "Although i'm not too keen on having my secrets lain bare, the more i think about it, the more i want to go, but..."

    Xer could have seen that one coming. Embarking on the previous journey solely to do her history assignment, leading up to the holy book found in Zarkiara. She was as bad as the archeologists in Kharilin. He refrained from smacking his forehead in furstration. She studied in Kharilin, you idiot. He had a feeling this wasn't the first time when she had let her curiosity got the better of her.

    "But.. if this Seer did not find me whatever.."

    You might become dragon food. He finished the thought for her in his head. She glanced at him, appealing mutely. He turned to face the forest in order to hide the exasperation growing in him. She expected him to make a decision for both of them?


    He twisted his head sideway and instantly spotted the source of Soiren's surprise.

    What was Orrifice doing here??
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 6th October 2004, 09:02 PM
    Jodi slipped the pan with the sliced, smoked meat onto the waiting rock face over the fire and looked up at the dragon's warning. Seeing Flintback with two strange humans. "Surely this is a sign..." Jodi said matter-of-factly. 'Having gone so long seeing few humans and then to be presented with six in a matter of hours....' Jodi was convinced this was a sign.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 7th October 2004, 04:45 AM
    Vrain looked up at the strangers Flintback brought in with interest. "Nobody new for 10 years then all of a sudden they come crowding in." he muttered good naturedly to Jodi. "I wonder if they'rejust sight-seeing as well." he said, raising an eyebrow.

    Just then he saw the larger of the two, Orrifice, look over at Soiren and Xer and give a quick nod of recognition. Instantly he was wary and sat up a little straighter, watching the strangers intently.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 7th October 2004, 08:03 AM
    "Perhaps Vrain, it is a portender of my own time of trial," Jodi spoke softly. She knew this was a sore spot with her brother, but she also knew her time was growing near. Looking down at the healed direwolf fang marks on her arm, it was as if that incident alone had set her feet upon a path of no return. Jodi shivered a little, then turned her attention to the breakfast.
    "Vrain, why don't you invite the newcomers to breakfast. Medea probably has them convinced they ARE breakfast. The Seer can wait..."
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 7th October 2004, 06:28 PM
    Tivanica watched everyone intently, first pouring Zan some tea and then offering some to Flintback and the other newcomers as well. After all, they could probably do with something to calm their nerves, and tea worked well for the purpose.

    "Surely this is a sign..." Jodi said matter-of-factly. 'Having gone so long seeing few humans and then to be presented with six in a matter of hours....' She was clearly convinced this was a sign.

    Vrain looked up at the strangers Flintback brought in with interest. "Nobody new for 10 years then all of a sudden they come crowding in." he muttered good naturedly to Jodi. "I wonder if they're just sight-seeing as well." he said, raising an eyebrow.

    "Perhaps Vrain, it is a portender of my own time of trial," Jodi spoke softly. She studied the direwolf fang marks on her arm for a moment, shivered a little and turned her attention back to breakfast. "Vrain, why don't you invite the newcomers to breakfast. Medea probably has them convinced they ARE breakfast. The Seer can wait..."

    Something tells me that won't be the case, Ti thought, but didn't voice it aloud. Instead she studied the taller of the two men that Flintback had brought in, swearing that she recognized him-- if only by the rumors she'd heard. If he really was the Fiend of Purity, then FireMist had nothing to worry about as far as he was concerned.

    Maybe one of them will know something about the Zantukites, too... I think I should go along with them, and ask them if possible.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 8th October 2004, 02:52 AM
    "Perhaps Vrain, it is a portender of my own time of trial," Jodi spoke softly. Vrain turned around angrily. "No! It's just random chance, it doesn't mean anything!" He growled. "Just forget about that stupid staff. We don't need it anyway, and you know there's no way I'm letting you try and get it! All it's good for is bringing pain and death, better to leave it alone." He shook his head in exasperation. "I'm going to get some supplies ready for the journey." he muttered as he stalked off towards the back of the cavern.
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    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 8th October 2004, 08:04 AM
    Jodi stared after Vrain, her heart breaking. She hated making him angry or disappointed. She bit her lip and looked down to let an errant tear slip off and disappear into the cavern floor. Jodi could feel the 'call' of the power behind the staff. It had a deep voice that resounded in her heart. She had once heard Tolari speak of the Creator of All as having a voice like thunder that spoke before the storm. That was the way she felt... like she was feeling rather than hearing a deep resonant, distant thunder in her heart. The storm was coming, she could feel it.
    Jodi pulled the meat off the fire. "Who's hungry this morning?" She carefully avoided Vrain's gaze.
    Posted by Paladin44 (Member #7923) on 8th October 2004, 09:35 PM
    Jodi pulled the meat off the fire. "Who's hungry this morning?" She carefully avoided Vrain's gaze.
    Orrifice, Harris, Flintback, and the dragons looked towards Jodi who had asked the question loud enough for everyone in the cavern to hear. Krondor looked at the new humans, "I suppose it's all right for you to eat with us," the dragon spoke, "But it would probably be best for you to visit the Seer as well."
    Orrifice was confused as to what the Seer was, but it didn't matter too much to him, he was a hungry after walking through the underground tunnels all morning.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 9th October 2004, 03:41 AM
    "Breakfast sounds good," Xer remarked, striding up to Jodi with Soiren trailing a step behind.

    Xer took the slap of meat from Jodi with thanks, its oil dripping down to send the flame sizzling. There was still a bit of time left before he had to make that difficult choice. Looking up, he saw Soiren wandering over to Orrifice.

    "Good to see you," the mana wielder said, her expression bright. "How did you come by the mountains?" she asked.
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 10th October 2004, 07:28 PM
    Zan watched the others and heard Jodi ask about breakfast. Zan just stood there and watched, wondering what she was doing there.(is this ok? i kinda got lost again ))
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 10th October 2004, 07:41 PM
    Tivanica spotted Zan just standing there and watching everything. The Perian woman's gaze flitted to the cup of tea the young Elf had left untouched, then picked it up and offered it to her. "I think you forgot about your tea," she commented wryly. "It does wonders for the nerves, certainly."

    Well, she has every reason to be nervous... had it not been for my own circumstances back then I would've been pretty nervous to be going to the Seer, too.

    OOC: My shortest post ever! Go me!
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 10th October 2004, 07:48 PM
    "Thank you" Zan said giving Tivanica a weak smile. (sorry bout it being so short i cant think of what to post)
    Posted by Paladin44 (Member #7923) on 10th October 2004, 11:00 PM
    Orrifice was encountered by Soiren halfway on his walk towards the food, "Good to see you," the mana wielder said, her expression bright. "How did you come by the mountains?" she asked.

    Orrifice smiled, "It's good to see you too; It's been pretty long." then Orrifice's expression went to one of disapointment, "Regretably, my visit to these mountains is not a happy one; I'll tell you about it later," It looked like Soiren was curious, but Orrifice walked right passed her to avoid further questions, I'd rather sort things out right now before I bring about another conflict around here.

    He wandered over to Xer, who had watched him approach, "What did you do? I heard something about a Seer and being a villain as well," Orrifice teased as he grabbed some meat.

    Harris knew that he'd need to have something to eat to regain some of his strength, he cautiously stode away from the dragons with Flintback to get some food.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 11th October 2004, 07:08 AM
    "What did you do? I heard something about a Seer and being a villain as well," Orrifice teased as he grabbed some meat.

    Xer dropped to sit on the uneven ground, chewing thoughtfully on a piece of meat.

    "Me and Soiren left Kytah to repair the sword. Naturally, the dwarves came to mind as they are the best weapon smith in Ithriya. We bumped into a dragon," he barked a short laugh, "And Vrain, who lives with the dwarves and told me that this sword," he patted the shield of Mexgardus, "Is indeed made by dwarven hands. You just missed a confrontation. The dragons' eggs were destroyed at the time yesterday when me, Soiren and the others were escaping an attack from the direwolves. Obviously, suspicion of the culprit falls on us strangers. We are given two choices, either to take the journey and meet this Seer, who is supposed to see through our hearts and find out whether we are harmless or not, or leave the mountains."

    His expression was troubled as his finished the last sentence.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 11th October 2004, 06:06 PM
    Jodi tilted her head and watched the newcomers. One of them was very tall. "You are friends?" Jodi finally asked, watching the exchange between Xer, Soiren, Orrifice and Harris. Finally beyond them Flintback was coming toward the group. Jodi waved at him with a big grin.
    "Come have some breakfast Flintback! I think we kept Marble too busy yesterday." Jodi called with a teasing smile. Knowing full well, Marble would hear her if she was awake by now. Sure enough the grumpy dwarvess came out and picked up a ladle to swat at Jodi's backside. With the grace of a cat she leapt to the side and flashed a big grin at Marble.
    "Good Morning, My Lady!" Jodi said good-naturedly. Marble smiled knowing the love behind the words but sought to quickly remove the smile and look properly stern.
    "Give a body the fright o' their life! I should THINK you would 'ave let 'em sleep in!!" Marble grumbled, only the twinkle in her eye betrayed her grumpy tone.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 16th October 2004, 07:14 PM
    Upon Jodi's call for breakfast, Griforol's stomach led him over to the fire to grab some meat. He took the portion Jodi handed him, and he strolled over to a bench carved from the cavern's floor. After sitting down, he took a quick look around at the company, both old and new. He had heard Jodi's comment about having so many humans show up must be a sign, and he couldn't help but feel something was up, as well. Griforol also took notice of Soiren and Xer's familiarity with the two newcomers. He thought it was amazing that these two would just show up and happen to know two members of the group.

    Again Griforol's stomach commanded his attention, and he turned to the meat in his lap. As he took the first bite, the realization of his hunger hit him and he unconsciously began to eat the meat ravenously. Only once he finished did Griforol notice how quickly and fiercely he had consumed his meat. Embarrassed, he hurriedly glanced around to see if anyone had spotted his behavior. As he did so, he saw Zan sitting over by Ti. She seemed to be a bit overwhelmed, and Griforol didn't blame her. All of the rest of the group were older than she, yet she was going through just as much as them. He was glad to see Ti help her relax a little.

    Finished with his meal and observations, Griforol stood up, stretched, and proceded to wander around the cavern for a bit. He hoped they could depart for the Seer soon, as he was growing restless. The sooner they got it over with the better, as staying in the cavern was only allowing for their anxiety to grow. Griforol began to kick a small, loose rock around in order to keep himself busy.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 16th October 2004, 09:40 PM
    Seeing everyone was getting something to eat and Marble was able to take over, Jodi slipped away. She slipped into her private area, carved from the solid rock long ago. Going to a shelf that she could only reach by tiptoe, she felt along the edge and finally her fingers closed on what she sought. For a moment her fingers merely spun the item around, not getting enough of a grip. Jodi grunted and extended her reach by a fraction of an inch with effort. Success! The smooth wood finally was in her grasp. Jodi took the beautifully carved wooden staff down and caressed the smooth wood with fondness and memory. Gently she touched the leather cover but did not unwrap the top of the staff. Jodi sat down upon the furs covering her pine needle bed. The smell of pine and woodfire smoke although familiar seemed suddenly more vibrant and clear to her. Jodi sat cross-legged, the staff laying across her lap. She closed her eyes and let her spirit become quiet. Tolari had taught her to always seek what the Creator of All wanted above her own desires. Jodi sat earnestly wanting just that. Her own desire was clear, it was HIS desire she knew she needed to seek.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 17th October 2004, 05:46 PM
    Jodi centered her thoughts on thanksgiving. On all the Creator had done for her. As her heart filled with thanksgiving suddenly she felt an overwhelming peace settle upon her and a great thrill of joy. The Creator would guide her, she was certain now. Jodi sat totally enraptured by the Presence of The Holy One's Spirit.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 18th October 2004, 11:11 PM
    Vrain grabbed his pack and strode to the cavern entrance. He turned and announced in a loud voice: "It's time to make your decision. Come with me now and face the Seer, or leave and never return." He gestured to several dragons waiting nearby. "They will carry you back to the lowlands if that is your desire. Otherwise grab your gear and follow me now." he stood still and waited...
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 19th October 2004, 06:10 PM
    Griforol had been getting good at kicking his rock around and was almost disappointed when Vrain told them time was up. However, once he realized it was time for things to start moving, Griforol became very excited and immediately jogged over to his equipment that was lying near where he had slept. He strapped his bow and arrows around his back, making sure the belt of the strap was securely fastened. Looking down at the ground he noticed the silver string Soiren had tied his hair with. He snapped it up and put it back in place, trying to remember how exactly Soiren had positioned it. After feeling he was ready, Griforol strolled lightly over to Vrain.

    "I will be seeing the Seer," he confirmed to Vrain. "I'm ready for some action." Griforol had been wondering who would also venture to the Seer and who would have had enough. He now watched the rest of the group make their way to where they had decided to go.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 19th October 2004, 08:26 PM
    Tivanica had finished eating-- and making sure that Zan had eaten as well-- and stood up. She had made up her mind to accompany the group, mostly because she wanted to see firsthand whether these people were trustworthy. She knew that the Seer's endorsement should be enough but a big part of her steadfastly refused to be reassured until she personally heard the verdict.

    "With everything that seems to be happening lately, it never hurts to have an extra sword," she stated, her hand at the aforementioned weapon. "I'll come, if you don't mind."

    She saw that Griforol was willing to take a chance, and nodded in what could have been approval. The Elf was starting to earn a little bit of respect from her.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 20th October 2004, 09:21 AM
    Jodi stood, hearing the sounds of the dragons moving about had reached into her thoughts. It was time to at least try. She felt uneasy for there was no clear answer yet to her dilemna but she also knew the departure was imminent. She wasn't sure if she was to go or not, so she would leave it in the Hands of the Almighty One. If Vrain fought her too vehemently, she would not go. She took her staff and leaving the leather cover over the top, she grabbed up her pack and went to join the others.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 22nd October 2004, 09:10 AM
    Vermillia paced, growing angrier by each minute Lysander made her wait. Finally her patience gave out. She sidled up to the dwarf, slapped her hands on either side of his stout neck and stared hard into his eyes. Suddenly his eyes widened and he squeaked as the breath was stolen from his lungs. He began to quake and his eyes became incoherent with fear but he was unable to look away from Vermillia.

    "Tell Lysander he will see me NOW or I take my offer elsewhere. He already failed the first task required of him, tell him to anger my consortium no more..." Vermillia snarled into the terrified dwarf's ear. Flipping her flaming red hair with finesse, she turned away from him and the dwarf fell to the ground. He literally turned and crawled into the room where Lysander stood speaking to another man. The dwarf tried to stand but the trembling that overwhelmed him would not allow his legs to hold him upright.

    "Red wants to see you....insists..." The dwarf grunted and passed out.
    Posted by VigilanteHamster (Member #30422) on 22nd October 2004, 05:11 PM
    "Red wants to see you....insists..." The dwarf grunted and passed out.

    Lysander frowned heavily. He hated it when anyone treated his underlings like that; he made a mental note to have a few words with Vermilia on it later. Sure, she was beautiful-- but he found her quite lacking in the personality department. *Fuh. There's plenty of pretty women out there with much better personalities,* he thought to himself.

    He knew Vermillia was getting extremely impatient, so he dismissed Siray and went over to greet the woman himself. He managed a civil smile at her, but there was a spark of irritation in his eyes at the peremptory way she treated the lower Zantukites.

    "You might get a more satisfactory reception if you did not needlessly abuse my men," the Romak said icily.

    OOC: Now you've done it! You've gone and irritated Lysander! Shame on you.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 22nd October 2004, 08:10 PM
    He managed a civil smile at her, but there was a spark of irritation in his eyes at the peremptory way she treated the lower Zantukites.

    "You might get a more satisfactory reception if you did not needlessly abuse my men," the Romak said icily.

    Vermilia smiled but the sort of smile that made most men shiver. Her eyes were icy and hard.
    "The Romak would be wise to remember who I represent. The Red dragons do not like having humans about their mountains. Especially when they fail so miserably in minor tasks," Vermilia purred in a sweet tone, belying the seriousness in her eyes. She waved her hands in front of her dismissively, then shrugged and smiled engagingly at Lysander.
    "You need my clients help. An alliance would prove useful for both. Let's not get off to a bad beginning, in what could prove beneficial to all involved."
    "We did manage to effectively remove the FireMist Falls Bevy. Only a few Silvers are still there and I expect them to leave soon. With the clutch destroyed, we have struck them a great blow." Vermilia ran a finger along the rough rock surface.
    "Even if the direwolf pack failed to complete their part of the mission, I was successful." Vermilia added pointedly. "Now I have found out that the two you were seeking survived and I know where to find them. Perhaps you should rethink being so reproving of someone who actually gets the job DONE.... But then maybe I will just leave and take my alliance elsewhere... where it will be appreciated." Vermilia stuck out her lower lip and pouted, her dark eyes smoldering dangerously. Her hypnotic beauty making any male disoriented. Pulling back on her intensity, Vermilia smiled. "I do so hope we understand one another Romak...."
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 23rd October 2004, 04:29 AM
    Soiren was collection her gear, looking as if she was eager to join Griforol and was anxious of missing the journey. She slung the bag across her shoulder, wearing it so its content sat comfortably against her waist, and walked over to Vrain. She paused half way. Her head turned and her eyes darted around. Xer gave a small sign as she gaze fell on him. Looks like she has totally forgotten about him. Keeping his eyes down, he moved to pack his things, feeling Soiren's gaze that was burning holes through his shirt. His right thumb traced the insignia on the hilt of Mexgardus. A sword he had come to treasure and rely on. How and why the sword ended up in his family was a question that still hung in his head. His hand gripped it tightly. Could meeting with this Seer such a bad thing?

    "Come on," Soiren said, her sudden presence startling him. So she had decided to go after all.

    "Sure." He rose to his feet. Mexgardus was a challenge. Besides, he would never live the shame down for letting Soiren beat him.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 23rd October 2004, 05:17 AM
    Tivanica smiled faintly as Soiren and Xer decided to chance it with the Seer as well. Good on them-- so they were in, Griforol was in, and Zan seemed to be as well. Her thoughts shifted to Orrifice and Harris. Would they go along as well?

    Maybe they'll be embarrassed enough by having the healer and the Elf child decide in the affirmative to go along as well. And maybe they know something about the Zantukites.

    She made a mental note to herself to ask them sometime along the way.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 23rd October 2004, 08:23 AM
    Jodi came up behind Ti and stood quietly. Her pack slung on her back and a staff with a leather covering over the top. Leather thongs with feathers at the end tied the cover. Jodi waited, a knot in the pit of her stomach.
    Posted by Paladin44 (Member #7923) on 23rd October 2004, 02:35 PM
    Orrifice finished a slab of meat, he sighed and said, "Just when I started eating..." He gathered up his swords and walked over to Xer and Soiren, "I can't just let you guys run off, we still hyave catching up to do," He looked back toward Harris, who was seemingly honing his halberd technique, "Are you coming as well?"
    Harris moved his gaze to Orrifice, "I suppose I should, the dragons could be of some help in our quest," He came over to the rest of the group, looking at Xer and Soiren, he said heartily, "I am Harris Mounyan, major in the cavalry of peria, it's a pleasure to meet you two, Orrifice spoke of you on our journey here."
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 24th October 2004, 04:15 AM
    Gradually the strangers gathered around Vrain at the entrance of the cavern. He nodded, pleased that they had all decided to make the Journey. Then he noticed Jodi standing quietly at the back of the group, a pack on her back and staff in her hand. Instantly his smile evaporated as a scowl took its place. He stared hard at his sister. "What do you think you're doing?" He growled.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 24th October 2004, 11:34 AM
    Jodi swallowed nervously, "I should like to go with them." She spoke quietly and looked straight ahead, gripping the staff with ever whitening knuckles.
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    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 28th October 2004, 12:45 AM
    Vrain frowned. "I know you want to go, you can't. I refuse to let you put yourself in dangerous needlessly. You need to stay here and help look after the eggs. And that's final!" he said stubbornly, seeing the protest forming on Jodi's lips. With that, he turned and stumped out of the cavern, beckoning the strangers to follow.

    They stepped out onto a narrow ledge than ran along the side of the cliff that the cavern was in. After several minutes of walking single file the path came to a fork. The left-hand path turned back to go down the cliff to the meadow below, zig-zagging tightly. The other path continued along the cliff, curving around out of sight. Vrain ignored the meadow path and followed the path along the cliff.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 28th October 2004, 09:24 AM
    Jodi visibly struggled with the angry response that sprang to her lips, but instead she considered something and bowed her head.
    "Okay Vrain...but one day the testing WILL come. Whether or not EITHER of us is prepared." Jodi turned, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment but keeping her head held high she moved back toward the dragons.

    As the group made their way along the treacherous cliff face, Jodi silently watched from a ledge above.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 29th October 2004, 03:46 AM
    Tivanica waited until the rest of the group was out of the cavern and exited last so she could bring up the rear. She made no remark on the exchange between Jodi and Vrain; that was their business and not hers. They didn't poke into her affairs, she didn't butt into theirs.

    Ah, Seer, she remembered. You said we would meet again within the year, and lo and behold, you were right. I never would have seen it coming, either.

    Ti stayed fairly close to Zan while they traversed the cliffside path, as if somehow protecting the girl in Jodi's absence. She kept her eye on Harris and Orrifice in particular, though, as she womdered what had brought them into the mountains. Happenstance? No, Ti thought it was something more than that. Her own foray into the mountains had mostly been happenstance, but they were clearly here with a purpose.

    I have a hunch that I should ask them about the Zantukites sometime...
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 29th October 2004, 08:53 AM
    Medea flew up to a ledge and watched the group make their way slowly along the narrow path. She was going with them and going to watch their EVERY move... Another Silver dragon flew up beside Medea and settled beside her.
    "I too shall keep an eye on them," the newcomer said. Medea looked at the newcomer with slow recognition. Her mind filled with suspicion of the humans and elves trudging the cliff face below, she had to take a moment to place the newcomer.
    "Ah... your presence is welcome old friend," Medea replied softly. This new silver dragon was smaller than Medea, one blue eye and one brown eye.
    "Tippit, at your service once again Medea. I heard about this group and couldn't stay away!" The small silver dropped her head to Medea in respect, a twinkle in her eye.
    "Watch them Tippit, I don't trust them."
    "Oh that's the purpose! Krondor and I have already spoken. I'm going to travel with you."
    "Good. The more eyes watching them the better!" Medea spat. Tippit nodded solemnly.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 3rd November 2004, 03:52 AM
    The higher they went, the colder it became. Visibility level dropped and a small shiver seized Soiren. She tried not to look down, keeping her eyes instead on Vrain and concrete wall guiding their way up. Xer walked behind her. All in all, it was a quiet group. Overhead, she spotted two silver dragons, keeping their distance but always in view. In case something happened. Not of us falling but of treachery. But this was the territory of the dragons and the dwarves. Who would be so foolish as to fight on a ground he was most unfamiliar with?

    Whoever that attacked the dragons and controlled the direwolves?

    "How much further?" Xer asked.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 3rd November 2004, 09:36 AM
    "When they get to the other side, on that plateau, we will join them for the rest of the journey. Little do they realize, soon they must find their way through the Valley of Fire Spires, WITHOUT assistance. I hope the guilty will be toasted then and there!"
    "That's only one of the tests but it isn't this the second they must encounter on this path?" Tippit asked Medea. The other dragon snorted angrily. Did they not have the choice of leaving?" Tippit stretched out her wing to make her point with Medea and stumbled, falling on her side with a squeak.
    "Ah yes well.... ahem...." Tippit tried to regain her legs in a clumsy effort and Medea rolled her eyes, a tendril of smoke emitting from her nostrils in annoyance. Tippit had three toes missing on one foot and she was known to be awkward.
    "I STILL want to know who is guilty of killing so many of the wee ones!" Medea snarled as she stared at each of the group below in turn. Tippit smacked into the rock face behind them in an effort to regain her balance, it proved just the thing to get her back onto her feet. She waddled over to the ledge again with Medea, shaking her head slightly.
    "Poor little things...." Tippit whined sadly.
    "Come Tippit, they are about to get to the plateau, come on and for pities sake don't fall off the other side!" Medea groused at the smaller dragon. Tippit dropped her head in abeyance and followed Medea's graceful glide down to the plateau.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 7th November 2004, 03:43 PM
    Griforol shuffled along with the rest of the group upon the precarious path. He felt badly for Jodi, but he felt that it was not his place to say anything. Besides, there may very well be a good reason she should not go that Griforol was not aware of. Whatever the case, he felt badly, especially after noticing Jodi watching them leave with a saddened countenance.

    The two dragons above them soon caught Griforol's eye. He wondered why they were following and how far they were planning on following. He had a bit of a hope that they would remain with them the whole time, in case they were to need protection. Griforol's hand unconsciously went to his bow as vision became more impeded. Time seemed to move so slowly, and everything was so quiet. Griforol feared speaking, that it might disturb the silence so as to draw dangerous creatures hidden outside of their vision toward them. So silently he continued on.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 7th November 2004, 04:27 PM
    Medea glided to land on the plateau gracefully. Tippit came in a bit off balance and tumbled head over tail, one wing splayed out dangerously. By the time she came to a rest two thirds of her wing swung uselessly. Tippit was covered with dust and dirt and had skinned up her chest causing it to bleed. Various strands of grass were stuck in her scales here and there. With her one blue eye and one brown, she presented a complete antithesis to Medea's prim, graceful demeanor. Struggling to her feet the smaller dragon hung her head as Medea gave her a withering look.
    "Well you took the first steps of your journey now let's get to it..." Medea snipped at the group, her eyes still suspicious. Medea lead them across a narrow rock that spanned their position to another plateau. "Come along Tippit and DO try to get some of the grass off of your scales..." Medea rolled her eyes and turned to lead the way over the vast chasm below.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 8th November 2004, 10:14 AM
    "Broken your 4th-12th strutbones... you really should go eat of the white rocks and rest Tippit, I can handle this..." Medea growled at Tippit once they reached the other side.
    "Nope, I'm coming along and 'that be that!' as Marble always says..." Tippit looked up stubbornly at Medea. Medea snorted her consternation but did not argue. Instead she blew a mist of silver around Tippit and when it cleared the little dragon looked much cleaner and no longer seemed to be in pain. Her wing was tucked neatly against her side.
    "Now let's go! They are almost to the Raging Tunnel! I don't want to miss anything!" Tippit announced waddling eagerly off. At the end of the plateau rose another tier of rock sloping upward. Visible from the plateau a large rock overhang jutted out with a dark opening beneath it. In front of the yawning dark mouth arose black, crystalized stick-like forms making a 'hedge' all around the entrance. As the group grew closer several hapless charred animal carcasses were impaled upon the sharp protrusions of the 'hedge' making it less than appealing as a path. Large, ugly black birds circled overhead.
    "The maggot birds are overhead...choose your path wisely," Medea taunted the group as she came up behind them. Her suspicious eyes following them relentlessly.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 10th November 2004, 04:17 PM
    Jodi watched them disappear. Angry with Vrain but also resigned to her older brothers wishes. She knew the time would come and at the right moment not even Vrain would be able to stop that which was coming. Jodi now alone pulled off the covering over her staff. She touched the green stone and she was reminded to be thankful for the grass, herbs and trees. Her finger slid to the next stone and she was thankful of the sky and the water so clear and fresh. The last stone reminded her of the fire purifying the steel, silver and gold in Flintback's forge. Warm and inviting and yet filled with danger and power. She could hear the urgency in her heart the direction was still not clear to her.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 10th November 2004, 04:47 PM
    "The maggot birds are overhead...choose your path wisely," Medea taunted the group as she came up behind them. Her suspicious eyes following them relentlessly.

    Ti suppressed a shudder of remembrance. Although the trials hadn't fazed her then, because she simply hadn't cared, the memory of them frightened her a little. She breathed not a word to the strangers, though, deciding to let them deal with things on their own terms. They did not have the protective shield of apathy that she'd had then-- whether that was good or bad, she had no idea.

    Odd that such beauty and such... creepiness and horror would coexist, she thought to herself. It reminded her of Anserak, as a matter of fact. The desert had its own sort of odd beauty, but what had lain beneath was utterly malignant. The natural world had not given birth to such horror as she had seen there, but the hearts and minds of evil men.

    Why do I feel like I'm being tested all over again?
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 19th November 2004, 09:30 AM
    "Do not tarry here too long, the cave lions tend to be quite hungry this time of year and this is their mountainside...you must find a way into the Tunnels before they catch your scent." Tippit warned the group. She raised her nose to the air and sniffed. "Oh Sheepsfeet! They are coming!" Tippit warned the group.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 21st November 2004, 09:10 PM
    "Well?? Shall I take my alliances with me elsewhere?? Or do you want to play the game with those who KNOW what they are doing?" Vermilia purred at Lysander. The spell she cast wrapped Lysander in seductive warmth and an incredibly intense feeling of well-being. Her dark eyes smoldered beneath the fiery red cloak she pulled up to shadow her face.
    "I'm waiting Lysander but I won't wait forever. Even now the prey might escape if you don't make up your mind." She purred at him again.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 22nd November 2004, 11:04 PM
    Vrain looked up in surprise at the sudden interjection by Tippit. He looked carefully into the cavern but couldn't see any sign of cave lions.

    "Are you sure, Tippit?" he asked sceptically. "I can't see any sign that there have been any around here."

    Just then a stong, musky odour drifted down through the cavern, detectable even to human noses. Vrain frowned and readied his spear. He looked at the others. "I hope you can fight." he said simply.
    Posted by VigilanteHamster (Member #30422) on 22nd November 2004, 11:29 PM
    Vermilia smiled but the sort of smile that made most men shiver. Her eyes were icy and hard.
    "The Romak would be wise to remember who I represent. The Red dragons do not like having humans about their mountains. Especially when they fail so miserably in minor tasks," Vermilia purred in a sweet tone, belying the seriousness in her eyes. She waved her hands in front of her dismissively, then shrugged and smiled engagingly at Lysander.
    "You need my clients help. An alliance would prove useful for both. Let's not get off to a bad beginning, in what could prove beneficial to all involved."
    "We did manage to effectively remove the FireMist Falls Bevy. Only a few Silvers are still there and I expect them to leave soon. With the clutch destroyed, we have struck them a great blow." Vermilia ran a finger along the rough rock surface.
    "Even if the direwolf pack failed to complete their part of the mission, I was successful." Vermilia added pointedly. "Now I have found out that the two you were seeking survived and I know where to find them. Perhaps you should rethink being so reproving of someone who actually gets the job DONE.... But then maybe I will just leave and take my alliance elsewhere... where it will be appreciated." Vermilia stuck out her lower lip and pouted, her dark eyes smoldering dangerously. Her hypnotic beauty making any male disoriented. Pulling back on her intensity, Vermilia smiled. "I do so hope we understand one another, Romak...."

    Lysander nodded, managing to keep a good grip on his wits. As easy as it was to lose himself in front of Vermilia, he knew he could not afford to. "I think we do," he replied.

    "Well?? Shall I take my alliances with me elsewhere?? Or do you want to play the game with those who KNOW what they are doing?" Vermilia purred at Lysander. The spell she cast wrapped Lysander in seductive warmth and an incredibly intense feeling of well-being. Her dark eyes smoldered beneath the fiery red cloak she pulled up to shadow her face.
    "I'm waiting, Lysander, but I won't wait forever. Even now the prey might escape if you don't make up your mind." She purred at him again.

    *Not only a mana wielder but a very seductive one at that,* thought the Romak, trying to shake off the warm blanket of feeling but failing. He knew he should, but didn't really... want to at the moment.

    "It does seem to be in the best interests of the Zantukites to ally with your... consortium," he replied finally. He smiled wryly. "It would be stupidity for me to refuse."

    *A little back-kissing once in a while is a small price to pay, I suppose...*

    OOC: Uber-lame, but at least I'm sorta back into things. Yay.
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    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 23rd November 2004, 03:58 AM
    "I hope you can fight." he said simply.

    Soiren's hand wrapped around the hilt of her dagger. She preferred fighting with magic more. In such close quarter though, illusion could cause unpredictable result in a fight. Either with no effect, or devastating consequence. Noticing a nod from Xer, she moved behind him. Unless i absolutely have to, there's no need to use it, as yet.

    "Cave lion? Can't be worse than the direwolves can they?" Xer commented to Vrain. He unsheathed his sword. Mexgardus dangled from his hip. The mercenary glanced around. Just a few more souls to complete the picture, and it would be like old time again.


    Siray watched the exchange a little distance from behind the Romak. The Kye's exert of mana had enabled him to control the direwolves, but dragons, were an entirely different matter. The mana wielder did not much like this alliance between them. You never know what they could do once the back was turned. Moreover, getting involved in the affairs of dragons, of any other races in fact, was always unpleasant. But in the face of this creature, it would be wise to accept the offer, even if it meant pretending to do so.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th November 2004, 10:50 AM
    "Lysander, the humans have disappeared in FireMist, but I will soon have the location if all goes well. Alas, sadly I must go, I have work to do." Vermilia purred seductively and ran a finger along Lysanders chin. "Very good. I will go to my contact and let the Dragon's know you agree. You are a very wise fellow, Lysander. I look forward to our....union." Vermilia looked up through the fringe of her hair and laughed. She glided away from Lysander and was quickly wrapped in the darkness of the tunnels.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th November 2004, 10:55 AM
    Tippit smashed the blackened spikes with her tail, making a way through the deadly gamut of thorns. "Hurry!" Tippit cried. Medea frowned at her. "Stop helping them Tippit!!! That's not fair! They must do this on their own!" She growled at the other dragon, showing her fangs in her outrage. Tippit backed away in fear.
    Posted by Paladin44 (Member #7923) on 27th November 2004, 12:51 AM
    Orrifice's hand went to his sword; he half unsheathed it. He glanced from side to side, waiting for the lions to show hostility before he pulled it out fully.

    Harris readied his halberd, taking more of an offensive stance than Orrifice. He's a master at fighting on a horse, but he'll soon discover how different it is to fight without one, Orrifice thought, Despite that, Xer and I's technique should be able to get through this battle.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 27th November 2004, 01:25 AM
    Tivanica kept her hand at her own sword, debating with herself whether to aid the strangers or not. The desire to survive won out over her inhibitions against helping as she saw Vrain ready his spear. It was best to follow his lead for the moment; he'd been this way far more often than she had and knew what he was doing. She'd let the strangers do the bulk of the fighting but would help out here and there when necessary.

    She noted the techniques of both Harris and Orrifice, mentally calculating what kind of challenge they'd pose to her. Harris seemed the sort who was far more used to fighting on horseback-- he had the air of an unhorsed cavalryman about him. Xer had his sword out, too, and Soiren seemed slightly uneasy trying to fight with a dagger rather than mana. Ti hissed to herself as it reminded her of Isliel. Orrifice was clearly taking a mostly defensive tack, waiting for the lions to show aggression before attacking.

    I see where his reputation comes from, she thought, recalling his renown for not killing anyone. The Fiend of Purity... isn't that a well deserved moniker?

    "Better lions than cultists," she muttered under her breath, unable to help herself.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 27th November 2004, 11:30 AM
    As the stench rolled out from the cavern, everyone readied their weapons, including Griforol. He didn't know what to expect, as he had never seen cave lions. They were not native to his homeland, and none of the elves he knew had ever told stories of such creatures. He had had several run-ins with plain lions, though, as they were residents of some of the expansive plains that he had often trained in. He wasn't sure how similar the two types of lions would be. He remembered the plain lions being a proud animal, not willing to give up easily. One of them came very close to overpowering Griforol, but he managed to send off an arrow that took out one of the lion's eyes. This had bought him time to finish the lion off. Griforol just hoped now that these cave lions wouldn't pose too much of a greater threat. He readied his arrow and waited to see what would come forth from the crevices of the mountain.

    Griforol didn't know what to do when Tippit smashed the spikes. He thought of taking Tippit's advice, but he was immediately deterred by Medea's disapproval. However, when a frightful growl echoed throughout the crisp mountain air, Griforol had a feeling that it really wouldn't matter if they tried to run or not.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 27th November 2004, 02:36 PM
    OOC: cave lions are like a cross between a lion and a cougar. The cavern blocked by the thorns was not their lair. They have smelled the group and come from up behind them. The group can either fight the lions or go into the cavern or do both... The Cave Lions are very vicious and very hungry, they smelled the group while out prowling the mountainside in search of food.

    IC: Tippit stuck her tongue out at Medea waggling it in frustration at the healer's back. "What do we do now?" Tippit asked, taking quick note of Orrifice's caution at drawing his blade.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 28th November 2004, 12:07 AM
    The menacing sound of growlings reached them a split second before a giant shape, lithe as a cat, but bigger and more muscular, blurred in between them. Soiren let out a short yell and would have tumbled down into the thorns had not Xer grabbed her by the wrist. Another shape followed, prowling head first into Orrifice and Harris, its yellow eyes thinning into slits and paws reaching out to strike.

    The other cave lion skidded to a stop behind the group, stopping its momentum in time to keep from falling off the edge of the cliff. Muscles rippled beneath those smooth black fur. A low rumble issued from its throat.

    And a growl answered, from a third cave lion that had yet to make its appearance.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 28th November 2004, 01:57 AM
    Vrain's eyes narrowed as he gripped his spear and faced the nearest cave lion. It was slightly unusual to see the lions here, they didn't normally come so close to any dragon cavern. He looked carefully at Soiren and Xer, keeping the cave lion in the corner of his eye. First the direwolves, now these cave lions... is someone after them or are they just unlucky? he wondered.

    His attention was called back to the nearest cave lion as he caught a flash of movement and whipped his spear up. The lion broke off its attack and went back to stalking back and forth along the path, just outside the reach of their weapons. Suddenly a deep, threatening roar echoed from the cavern and the third lion stepped out into the sunshine. Vrain clenched his hands tighter around the spear. This was easily the biggest cave lion he had ever seen.

    The lion, obviously the leader, snarled and shook its head, its mane thrashing around violently. It approached slowly, and as soon as it came into the patrolling zone of the other two, it paused and uttered a menacing growl. Instantly Vrain noticed a slight change in the gait of the other two, the swish of their tails increasing in tempo and flattening slightly.

    Just then it looked straight into his eyes, and he was chilled by the menacing intelligence he saw there. Then they attacked...
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 28th November 2004, 12:01 PM
    The cave lions indeed were not behaving as normally they did. Vrain was right. These lions showed signs of being starved but they were on a mountainside filled with game. The hip bones stood out and a sort of wild insanity appeared in the eyes of the two smaller lions. As the one attacked Xer, screaming its rage, he caught sight of several small burn marks on the side of the poor beast. The charred hair and blistered flesh looked terribly painful.

    Vermilia stood watching from a rock cleft above on the mountain they had just left behind. From her vantage point she could see the entire drama unfold. A wicked smile curved her lips and she nodded from her hiding place deep in the shadows.

    Tippit swung her tail out forcefully batting at the lion coming at Vrain. She succeeded in sweeping the lions leap askew and claiming his attention long enough to give Vrain a good shot.
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    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 30th November 2004, 02:02 AM
    The second of the lesser lions bolted for Griforol. The speed was incredible, as well as its agility. Griforol fired off an arrow, but the lion darted to the side. The arrow only grazed its shoulder, and Griforol could not tell if it had even done the slightest amount of damage. Unphased by Griforol's actions, the lion continued toward him at full force. Another arrow fired and dodged. Griforol began to panick. The lion was practically upon him. Griforol shot a third arrow, and the lion effortlessly skidded out of its way. The lion then, in one fluid motion, lunged at Griforol. Its jaws opened wide, revealing every tooth within its starving mouth. The lion's paws came forward with piercing claws extended.

    As Griforol saw the lion leave the ground, he pushed himself backward in an attempt to fall under the lion's pounce. He was successful, and the lion grazed right over top of him. Once the lion had its feet on the ground, however, it reversed its motion, seemingly without losing any speed, and it dove for Griforol again. As Griforol was falling before, he had reached behind him and grabbed an arrow. He now stabbed this arrow at the unsuspecting, approaching lion, who could not avoid it this time. The lion tried to move to the side, but the arrow punctured completely through its shoulder.

    As the arrow entered the lion, it clamped it teeth into Griforol's arm. Not willing to scream before the lion did, Griforol clenched his teeth together in pain. He grabbed an arrow with his free arm and brought it down hard into the neck of the lion, right behind its skull. The lion's body fell limp, finally defeated. Griforol pried its jaw open and stared at his arm, in obvious need of care. He immediately sought out Soiren, hoping she would be available.
    Posted by Paladin44 (Member #7923) on 30th November 2004, 10:42 PM
    The third lion, as if seeing the fault in his stance and concluding that he was a worse fighter, darted at Harris. Orrifice drew his sword, and took a step towards Harris, awaiting both Harris and the lion's attacks, not wanting to get in the way and get struck by both. Harris made a large swing with his mighty weapon, but the attack was too big for it not to be obvious where the lion could dodge. It hopped to the left and pounced.

    Orrifice used the time it took to hop to reposition himself closer to Harris' side. When the lion pounced, he was able to land a blow with the back of his blade on the lion's head, but was unable to stop the momentum. The lion basically collapsed onto Harris. Harris and Orrifice pushed the lion off of him; Harris kicked it to make sure it was unconcious.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st December 2004, 09:12 AM
    Vermilia frowned. 'Stupid lions should have taken out at least two of them...' Vermilia stopped and her eyes narrowed she stared hard at the two dragons. Vermilia began to turn a new hue of purple as rage built in her. "NO! That's not fair they have to do this on their own!" Vermilia snarled and sputtered angrily. She turned back into the dark opening and disappeared, fuming. She would go to retrieve more of her 'menagerie', she was going to make this test unsurvivable!!
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 11th December 2004, 07:14 AM
    "All in one piece," Xer said as Soiren moved over to Griforol and examined his arm. While everyone was busy poking around the cave lions, making sure the threat was over, she healed what she could of the elf's injury. The mended flesh was pink and raw.

    "No more adventures please," she said, helping Griforol up.

    "Where did these come from? Are there more ahead?" Xer said to Ti and Vrain. "I think this one is dead to the world," he added to Orrifice, letting his hand drop from the eyelid of the cave lion.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 12th December 2004, 03:41 PM
    "These creatures are not normal...they looked starved and this mountainside is teeming with game..." Tippit muttered thoughtfully. Medea came up beside her and eyed the group.
    "She's right...there is more than the 'test of the path to the seer' going on here..." Medea looked back up the mountainside, down the mountainside then back to the plateau they had from from, each gaze more puzzled than the last. Finally she snorted.
    "I fully expect you to fail... you don't NEED any help to do that!" She stared hard at the rock face where Vermilia stood and her eyes narrowed. Medea turned and flicked her tail defiantly at the rocky plateau they had just come from.
    "Come on, it's time to enter the Tunnel." Medea looked back over her shoulder and then swelled her chest and marched proudly after the humans into the dark tunnel entrance. Just before her tail drew into the darkness, she swished it in a final dismissal.


    Vermilia was livid. Her skin matched her dress and her hands were balled into fists. "O-o-oooo I will make you pay for that Medea, you hag!!" She sputtered with belligerent, molten fury. Her eyes had become two glowing red lights and she snarled revealing her white teeth. Finally she began to calm down and she smiled wickedly to herself.
    "I have MORE pets and more plans.... You will learn never to dismiss me so quickly, Medea!" Vermilia purred, with deadly intent in her eyes.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 18th December 2004, 03:12 PM
    From the mouth of the cavern came strange sounds. First to their ears came a constant rumbling altering in intensity. Then a sound reminiscent of a monsterous creature burping. Then an odd slapping sound. The fire-blackened opening simply did not look inviting in the least. Just as Tippit disappeared into the opening a high pitched squeal come from far away in the depths of the cavern. Tippit poked her head back out.
    "Are you SURE you want to do this??"
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 12th January 2005, 09:43 AM
    At that moment a small flying lizard-like bat came flying up and squeaking to Vermilia. "Ohhhh?? She's alone?!" Vermilia laughed with crazed joy. Her hands clapped together gleefully. "I'll teach you some respect. you loathesome Silver idiots!" Sinister laughter, followed by the swish of Vermilia's red robes whispered in her wake through the tunnels, chilling any creature that heard it.

    Tippit froze as she walked the simmering darkness of the tunnels upper chamber. From a side tunnel came something only her finely tuned dragon's ear could hear. She listened intently hoping to clarify the meaning of the faint but sinister laughter. Medea came up behind her. "Yes...I heard it too."


    The oppressive darkness was thick and the feeling of apprehension grew as the temperature rose. Suddenly a fiery glow was seen ahead of them and the sounds grew louder. As the group drew closer suddenly there was a deep popping sound from beneath Xer's feet. Tippit shoved Xer forcefully with her tail as the uneven tunnel floor where he had been standing suddenly split and erupted in a small spray of fiery light and molten lava.

    "Vent holes can activate at any time...be CAREFUL you fool!" Medea scolded Xer acrimoniously.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 25th January 2005, 07:39 AM
    Vrain frowned as he led the group into the dark tunnel. This was supposed to be a test of the stranger's courage and loyalty but as they went further a strange feeling of unease began to grow in him. Suddenly a vent exploded right where Xer had been standing just seconds earlier. Stop worrying and concentrate on what you're actually doing! he told himself angrily.

    After a quick glance at Xer to make sure he was alright, and a further warning about the dangers of the tunnels, they continued. Vrain found his thoughts drifting to his sister. He hated having to deny her something she wanted so much. But it only brings death! he thought, defending his decision to himself. She thinks she can control it, use it, but she's wrong. Even as he renewed his resolve about it, he couldn't stop thinking about Jodi waiting forlornly back at the cavern.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 25th January 2005, 11:57 PM
    Ti glanced over at Vrain, sharing his unease. Her years with Perian Intelligence had given her a good sense for when things were not right, and this was definitely one of those times. She was momentarily startled as a vent exploded near Xer, but she recovered her composure quickly-- well, most of it, anyway.

    "Vent holes can activate at any time...be CAREFUL you fool!" Medea scolded Xer acrimoniously.

    Grumpy old lizard today... not hard to understand why, though, she thought wryly.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 26th January 2005, 03:33 AM
    Xer watched his steps with care. How am i supposed to even do anything when i don't know anything about it. But he was grateful to Tippit. Else i would be, literally toasted by now. Behind him, Soiren walked in front of Orrifice and Harris, her eyes fixed on the ground that sent a tremble to their feet every now and then.

    'We're trying to reach the top of the mountain right?' she asked.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 28th January 2005, 10:34 AM
    Vermilia snickered happily to herself. There she was... perfectly unguarded and waiting to be plucked up!!! 'What glorious luck! I can strike a terrible blow without the stupid Silvers even being aware of it! Vermilia you have been a very clever one! At this rate we can ditch Lysander and his whole inept group! The Blood King will be so pleased with my success! Finally I shall gain all I desire!' Vermilia reeled as she stared at Jodi, drunk with the avarice of her twisted thoughts.

    Jodi sat unmoving on the ledge, the staff laid across her lap.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th February 2005, 12:22 PM
    A very solid looking section of rock suddenly split and heaved outward. A plume of gas and lava shot upward but right behind the group another did the same, trapping them between the two plumes and separating the dragons from them. Tippit roared a warning with frustration as she heard the sounds of the flying flamers approaching. The bat-like creatures were common to the fiery caverns but usually hunted the small rodents. Only if agitated would they attack a large creature and then only in a swarm. This swarm was definitely agitated, Tippit could hear the irritated buzzing.
    "The Hyzzers approach!!! Shield your heads!" Tippit cried.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th February 2005, 12:52 PM
    Vermillia wanted to see the results of loosing the fire-slinging swarm on the group but that would have to be sacrificed. She sighed, then stopped and concentrated on the dark sparks of power within her, letting them build. Vermilia stepped back into the shadows of the cave entrance, her smile foreboding.

    Jodi turned, sensing something behind her. She stared at the dark opening but saw nothing. The feeling within her would not be stilled though, something WAS there. Finally Jodi stood and turned to the opening.

    Vrain does not understand. He doesn't know what is within you. I do. If he loved you would he do this to you? Leave you behind? He may even be jealous of the power within you. It may frighten him. Come...seek your destiny...or are you too afraid to try?

    Jodi narrowed her brows. She knew the words entering her mind were not her own but they were so close to what she had been thinking. Jodi shook it off and held out her mothers staff as if to ward off the thoughts.

    The key and the keyhole are useless unless one knows HOW to bring them into oneness. Your destiny lies deep within these mountains. It is time you seek it out.

    Jodi was puzzled by the thoughts and stepped closer to the opening. Fear rose within her as she heard a whisper of scraping across rock. As her thoughts raced from one fearful thought to another, she continued to be drawn into the cave entrance. As she entered the darkness she paused to let her eyes adjust. Nothing happened. Jodi relaxed and scolded herself for being foolish. She started down the tunnel when suddenly she saw ahead a large web across the tunnel she had only recently come up through.
    "Strange, where did that come from?" Jodi whispered to herself.
    "One of my pets!" Vermilia laughed and shoved the surprised Jodi into the web. The spider, about the size of her foot came racing out at the disturbance of its web. Jodi screamed and slammed the thing outward. Using it's silk, it pulled itself back onto the web and again the spider took up course toward Jodi.
    "WHO ARE YOU?!" Jodi cried out angrily at the woman standing behind her, watching and laughing. Once again Jodi was successful in bouncing the sticky mass enough the spider fell off.
    "My name is Vermilia, remember it well. I am your mistress now!" Vermilia was very close to Jodi's ear, her malevolent whisper sending chills up the young woman's spine.
    "I serve only the ONE and you are NOT of HIM!!!" Jodi growled back at Vermilia. The spider had gained access to Jodi's hand while her attention was on Vermilia and the fangs sunk into the top of her hand. Jodi grunted in pain and flung the spider off again but the venom was already working and she felt the walls spinning and the nausea rising in her stomach. Lights exploded in her head and Jodi sank into the web, unconscious.
    Vermilia smiled and brushed the spider off the web, crushing it to death under her booted foot.
    "Well done." With her own staff she ripped the web down, winding strands around Jodi. Laughing softly Vermilia hefted the young woman, wrapped in spider silk, over her shoulder effortlessly and started down the opposite tunnel.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 26th February 2005, 01:58 PM
    OOC: Cyber! Me and Blessed were just wondering were you were! Glad to see you back!

    Ti frowned and said nothing, moving to obey Tippits instruction and gesturing to the others to do the same. A very bad feeling had knotted itself into the pit of her stomach; she was unsure if it had something to do with what was going on here, or... something else altogether.

    If I somehow brought misfortune into Firemist...
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 26th February 2005, 02:19 PM
    OOC: Cyber! Me and Blessed were just wondering were you were! Glad to see you back!

    Ti frowned and said nothing, moving to obey Tippits instruction and gesturing to the others to do the same. A very bad feeling had knotted itself into the pit of her stomach; she was unsure if it had something to do with what was going on here, or... something else altogether.

    If I somehow brought misfortune into Firemist...
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 26th February 2005, 05:52 PM
    Not again!

    Like all the others, Soiren threw her arms above the head as the swarm of bats flew to them. Bats? They were no bats. Sparks issued from their nostrils, their wings, long and thin beat the air in fast motion, emitting a noise like cascading thunder. Soiren thought by Tippet's instruction that the swarm was flying over them, but somebody from the front of the line shouted a warning.

    "Flying flamers!" a woman's voice uttered from behind Harris at the same time.

    The swarm dived.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th February 2005, 05:53 PM
    OOC: Thanks! My Mothers accident and the flu seizing my family and myself definitely took its toll!!! However.... I'm B-A-A-A-CK! (insert ominous laughter here)
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 28th February 2005, 10:39 AM
    Suddenly the group found themselves on an uneven surface as the rock shifted and tilted between the two vents. The Hyzzers loud annoyed buzzing could be FELT now as well as heard. The swarm would be on them soon. Purely gaseous plumes now shot upward from in front and behind them. The sound of the gases rushing upward through the top vents was almost deafening. Tippit was shouting something to them.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 8th March 2005, 09:16 AM
    'Hyzzers' proved to be a bat/lizard-like creature with highly acidic spittle. The flying creatures buzzed in their throats as they manufactured the acidic spit to throw at enemies. "Watch out, these things are stirred up and when angered they are very dangerous!" Tippit cried out. "Usually these creatures keep to themselves on the tops of cavern ceilings and do not bother other creatures. Someone has disturbed this group into a frenzy! Avoid that liquid they are spitting at you!" Just as Tippit called out the last warning the first jet of spit hit a rock near Xer. The rock sizzled and sent off a plume of foul-smelling smoke, the rock surface looking pocked and burned!
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 9th March 2005, 01:06 AM
    Ti shot a glance backward as the Hyzzer spittle hit the rock. "Good heavens, it was not quite this perilous when I took the trip," she commented, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. Eccch. Better a rock than somebody's face. That could be gruesome.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 9th March 2005, 09:34 PM
    Xer uttered an oath and leaped back as the surface of the rock melt next to him. 'What are the chances of avoiding acid at such close range?' he said.

    'Run?' Soiren said, eyeing the damaged rock with anxiety. The buzzing filled her head. She stuffed a finger in her ear. The Hyzzers were closing in.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 10th March 2005, 03:36 PM
    "There is ONE hope, can any among you sing or hold a note??!! Maybe if we match the harmonics of their noise they will see us as part of the hive!" Tippit cried out, her voice high-pitched with fear.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 12th March 2005, 01:58 AM
    "WHAT?" Soiren watched the descent of the insects, their buzzing building in her head as if to burst it. She squinted her eyes, catching a dumbfounded expression on Xer's face. There was no way they could match the noise made by insects! Humans and insects were totally different. Insects, according to what she had heard at the academy centre, could emit a high pitched sound that humans could not hear, let alone imitate. Maybe the dragons could manage a note.

    The wall to Soiren's right sent hissing smoke into her eyes. She unplugged her ear and wiped away the tear with a finger. The buzzing was making it hard to concentrate. As the insects came within reach, their wings vibrating and beating the air with impossible speed, blurring her vision, the Kharilin illusionist drew a breath and her eyes flew opened.

    The buzzing around them intensified ten-fold as the insects swarmed over them. The two sources of noise coming from the Hyzzers and from the direct path of the Hyzzers merged seamlessly into one. Soiren did not feel the insects getting caught in her hair. The stinging sensation on her arms and legs. Straining, she tried to hold herself as her sanity screamed within a crucible of heat. The noise surrounded her, crying as an angry storm, sweeping at its wake - destruction.


    Xer did not see it coming. The second source of buzzing materialising amidst them had found his hands fly to his ears, his knees near to buckling. Discomfort rose in him as tiny bodies bumped against his cheeks, hard and translucent wings hit his forehead and nose, and bits of acid ate holes in his cloak. Squeezing his eyes open to thin slits, he was not surprised to find the Eyrillian swaying. He stumbled to her. As he neared, his hands dropped from his ears. The buzzing jagged his consciousness. Fighting over the flood of Hyzzers, he steadied Soiren, and one look at her seemingly drunken countenance, he seized her waist and threw her over his shoulders.

    Acting reckless again..

    "Come on!" he shouted, his words drowning in the sea of noise. He gestured at the others behind him and ran deeper into the tunnel, knowing the swarm would fly pass them soon.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 13th March 2005, 10:47 PM
    Tivanica's eyebrows arched slightly at Tippit's idea. Now why hadn't she thought of that one before? Had Sioth been around the answer would have been an easy 'yes', but Ti figured she could hold a note passably.

    "I think I can," she volunteered, "but I am uncertain of my strength. We need somebody who can really project their voice effectively."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 14th March 2005, 10:17 AM
    Tippit seized Ti by the shoulder. "Find a harmonic note to what I sing. Medea, another harmonic. Any of you others jump in with a harmonizing note if you can. Hold it and take a breath and hold it again." Tippit sang out a very high D. Medea took they next octave down, then looked at Ti and the others. As the two notes started the attacks began to be disrupted.

    The pitching slab of rock they were on finally began to settle and the fiery blasts in front and back finally seemed to be losing power. Xer was met by the plume of fire as he tried to run forward.
    ...to the topTop

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    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 31st March 2005, 03:24 PM
    The Hyzzers stopped attacking when the harmonic notes were sung out and finally moved on down the tunnel to disappear. Just as the buzzing began to disappear from hearing, twenty-five huge nightmarish creatures closed in on the party from both sides of the tunnel. With looks similar to a lizard/bat-like humanoid, they were muscular and quite scaly. Each was armed with a type of throwing star and swords. A few also were carrying nets and quickly ensnared all of the party. Tippit standing next to Ti, pushed her down and used her tail to roll her under cover of a rock outcropping. Although vicious the creatures did not seem to be very bright and completely missed noticing Ti.
    The creatures freed one prisoner at a time until they had each person they ensnared neatly trussed up in netting individually. The two dragons were being held at bay by threatening the humans. Both Tippit and Medea were tractable with sword points being held at Vrain's throat. Large collars of iron were snapped in place and chains run through the four leglets of iron they clamped on the dragon's feet. Tippit realized this was no chance encounter or these creatures would not have all the necessary equipment to capture two dragons and the humans. She whispered such to Ti when the creatures were securing Medea.
    Vrain and his party were led away. As they worked, Ti managed to hear Tippit growl a parting piece of information. "I should have KNOWN it would be Vermilia behind all this!"
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 4th April 2005, 07:52 PM
    Tivanica allowed Tippit to roll her under cover, trusting that the dragon knew what she was doing. It didn't take the Perian woman very long to figure out what was going on and she stayed utterly silent the entire time, wanting badly to do something but knowing that she would only find herself in the same predicament if she made any kind of move. No, it would be far better for her to remain there and attempt to find help afterwards.

    Whatever these things were, they were prepared for us, she thought. Whoever sent them must have seen us coming. Tippit's words only confirmed her suspicions. She laid low until Vrain and the rest of the party were led away, but before they left she managed to hear Tippit's last few words.

    "I should have KNOWN it would be Vermilia behind all this!"

    The name did not sound familiar, but Tivanica assumed that was the one responsible for the capture of the group. Could this Vermilia be working with the Zantukites, possibly? And if so... then maybe the Zantukites are working with the red dragons... An illogical leap, perhaps, but she supposed it was entirely possible.

    Now, the question turned to one of what to do next, Ti wondered if she should continue to the Seer, tell her what happened and perhaps risk putting the ancient gold into danger, or go back the way she'd come and try and back to the caverns-- which the enemy might have been anticipating, if they somehow discovered that they were missing one of the party.

    I feel like I'm in Anserak all over again...
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 6th April 2005, 02:03 PM
    Jodi awoke feeling extraordinarily nauseous. She was underground but these tunnels were not familiar to her. Saliva began to flow and finally she could stand it no longer and fell to her knees and retched. The spider venom made her head swim but after she had thrown up she began to feel a bit better. She examined the locked door. Made of a stout metal with a small opening about eye level it looked like the retention cells Jodi had heard the historians speak of. She ran her hands down to the lock and saw it was a lock type she was familiar with, Dwarven-make! Kneeling down, Jodi loosed a piece of polished bone from its place around her neck. Using it to gently probe the lock, she finally felt the latch mechanism. She worked at it relentlessly until she heard footsteps in the corridor.
    She backed away from the doorway and dropped back against the back wall in the shadows.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 18th April 2005, 10:43 AM
    "Ah, the prize awakens... Sorry about the effects my spider leaves behind but it's most effective for dealing with puny humans." The woman in the red dress purred viciously. Her beautiful smile was pure wickedness and made Jodi's blood run cold. The strawberry blonde hair dropped seductively over one eye but Jodi felt nothing but evil from this woman and something about her didn't feel right.
    "Oh forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Vermilia. I shall be the death of you, young servant of the Silvers!" Jodi did not respond but kept watching the woman move. Something was NOT right but Jodi could not figure it out yet.
    "Don't expect rescue either. I have just had my servants bag your friends and what luck! I got Medea AND your brother...Vrain." Vermilia watched Jodi spring out of the shadows her face suddenly contorted with fear.
    "WHERE ARE THEY??" Jodi cried and leapt for the bars attempting to claw at the taunting face of Vermilia. Her malevolent laughter echoed down the rock corridors and Jodi felt her face redden with pure rage.

    "Your brother will serve my purposes well..." Vermilia laughed at Jodi again and turned to disappear down the corridor, only her haunting wicked laughter remaining in the darkness.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 18th April 2005, 10:33 PM
    OOC: Wellll... looks like everything's hinging on Ti and my (at best) unreliable creativity...

    Ti thought furiously for several minutes, waiting until the group and their captors were well out of sight before even attempting to continue. She suspected she still had a good enough memory of the route to be able to make it to the Seer relatively unscathed, and if she remembered correctly she was... actually getting relatively close. Close enough that turning back seemed almost... stupid.

    Anyway... I could let her know what happened to those who were supposed to be coming to her... and her guidance would be invaluable...

    She had made it out alive from even more dire circumstances before-- she was relatively confident that her training and experience would aid her through here, but even with all that, her hopes of making it seemed fragile at best. She knew exactly what she would have done two years ago, but this wasn't two years ago, this was now... and as far as her faith went, she had come out a broken woman.

    Consigning her fate to the hands of the Lord-- if indeed He was watching her at all-- she moved from her position and began cautiously making her way towards the Seer.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 18th April 2005, 11:22 PM
    The maze navigated with ease now that Ti knew the secret and the bridge was no problem either. Once Ti arrived at the Seer's chamber though, she was in for another mystery. The Seer was no where to be found. However, there was a fire going and the table was set with fine silver dinnerware made for humanoids. The chamber was empty but it looked as if the occupant expected to return soon... AND that she was expecting company... But the big question was.... WHERE WAS THE SEER???
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 19th April 2005, 02:41 AM
    Tivanica blinked with surprise upon entering the Seer's chamber and finding a roaring fire, a table set, and... well, no Seer. Instantly her guard went up and one of her hands flew to a dagger she had concealed, wondering if perhaps the ones responsible for nabbing the rest of the group had also gotten to the ancient gold dragoness. Unlikely, she supposed... but probably not impossible. She knew that other residents of Firemist hunted food for the Seer, and it was entirely possible that the enemy had observed the route they took and subsequently come in. After all... where would the blind dragoness possibly go on her own?

    If that was indeed the case, she certainly could not have been tricked into it... they would have had to overpower her somehow. But... why, then, is everything still set up so neatly?

    With a mental apology to the absent Seer for poking around her living space so freely, Ti began to cautiously investigate, looking for any signs of a struggle or other enemy incursion...

    "Seer?" she hazarded. "Something's... happened..."

    If there's enemies about, they know where I am now if they didn't before... come on, I'm ready for them, she thought grimly, starting towards the hot spring.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 19th April 2005, 03:37 PM
    Nothing was out of order... it was as if the Seer were going to walk in at any moment. The chamber showed absolutely no signs of struggle or upset of any kind.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 19th April 2005, 06:53 PM
    Tivanica frowned once again. No signs of upset, even to her trained eyes, no enemies that she could see... if anything, that made her even more uncomfortable. With a small sigh, she figured the only thing to do was sit down at the table and wait for the Seer, watching carefully for anything amiss.

    If she doesn't come back soon, I might just have to return to Firemist... I can't stay idle for long.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 20th April 2005, 11:33 AM
    Time dragged by and nothing happened out of the ordinary. The fire was beginning to burn very low, looking as if it had been unattended for a while. A faint screeching was heard coming from the depths of the mountain tunnels, but Ti knew that could have come from anywhere the way the strange way the tunnels echoed from the depths. These mountains were honey-combed with tunnels and it was easy to lose one's way.

    A ledge of rock led up over the entry to the chamber and provided a view out over FireMist where the Silver Dragon clan of Jodi and Vrain were.


    Marble twisted her hands anxiously but unconscious she was doing it. Slade sensing her rising alarm attempted to ease her mind.
    "They be allright now Marble... no reason to get yer apron in a twist."
    "WHAT'd ye know 'bout it Slade?! The Seer must 'ave given 'em a turrible set o' tests ta take this long! Somethin' be wrong I tell ye, I feel it 'ere in the pit o' me gut!" Marble's explosive response let Slade know immediately she was even more worried than she appeared.


    Jodi watched the woman disappear and as soon as she was gone set to work on the lock again. Flint had shown her how the mechanism worked when he built her special locker for her mother's staff.
    'MOTHER'S STAFF!' She thought in alarm. Where had they put it? Had they left it on the ledge where the spider got her? Panick threatened to seize hold of Jodi and she stopped a moment to breathe deeply as Tolari had taught her. 'First things first, I have to get out of here!' Jodi set to the lock once more, her full concentration on the mechanism.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 20th April 2005, 11:44 AM
    Suddenly a silver form began to grow larger coming out of the foggy cover of FireMist. The form was flying straight for the Seer's quarters and at a quick clip. Within moments, Tolari's slim form landed hastily on the ledge leading into the Seer's quarters. She called out in dragon speech but received no answer. Tolari poked her head inside and was shocked to see only Ti.
    "What happened?!" The dragoness sent in clipped common speech.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 20th April 2005, 11:57 AM
    ((here's my char: http://www.christianforums.com/showt...2#post14940932 ))

    Abby wandered around the forest near where she lived. She was just walking and thinking, and she had her bow and arrows just in case she needed them. She was an outcast, a loner. After her parents died, no one wanted her and everyone shunned her, so she fled to the wilderness to live. It had been difficult over the years, but she managed to survive. She had built a crude shelter in the forest, and she hunted for her food the best she could. Abby paused before a large tree, and putting her bow on her back, she began to climb. She got to the top of the tree and looked around. She could see Firemist not too far away, and she wondered if anyone or anything lived up there. It would be interesting if anyone did live up there. It seems a little dangerous.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 20th April 2005, 08:35 PM
    Ti was quite relieved to hear someone else, at least, recognizing Tolari's voice. She looked up as the dragoness poked her head in; the Perian woman wore a grim look.

    "All of the others except for me were captured," she informed quietly, her expression betraying worry and no small amount of anger at this. "The only reason I did not share their fate was because of Tippit's intervention. I came here seeking perhaps a bit of guidance from the Seer and found her gone as well... nothing here looked amiss, so I have no idea what could havce happened to her." Her frown deepened as she recalled Tippit's parting words. "Tippit mentioned that all this was probably the work of a... 'Vermilia'... does the name sound familiar to you?" Another glance around the cavern once more. "And what could have happened to the Seer? I find that perhaps the most disturbing of all. It's like she's expecting to return at any moment, but..."

    So many words at once, coming from her, were probably a bit unexpected. Under the circumstances, though, perhaps those who remained in Firemist would overlook her sudden abundance of words.

    ((Oh, yeah, and a big welcome to Ellesar! ))
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 20th April 2005, 08:48 PM
    ((thanks for the welcome Lady_Firehawk!))

    After a while, Abby climbed down from the tree and jumped lightly down to the ground. She then walked around the forest a little bit more before returning to her home. When she arrived at the crude shelter in a small clearing, she started a small fire just outside and sat there for a few moments before going to the back of her shelter and getting some fish that she had caught earlier that day and she began to cook the fish for a light snack.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 20th April 2005, 10:04 PM
    Tolari listened to Ti and finally tilted her head to eye the Perian woman closely. "Tippit? What or who is that? Vermilia?! She has Vrain and the others? What about Jodi? She is missing too! NO! This bodes evil, just as Marble said! Climb on Ti, we MUST go back and tell the others immediately!"

    OOC note: Welcome to FireMist, Ellesar! "Har, Har there be WRITERS here agin!"
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 20th April 2005, 10:42 PM
    ((thanks for the welcome cyberwing. ))

    After a few minutes, the fish was finished cooking and Abby carefully took it off of the fire. She began to eat, and after she was finished, she cleaned up and then laid down on her back next to the fire staring up at the sky.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 20th April 2005, 11:37 PM
    "Tippit?" Ti echoed, surprised. "Another Silver; a friend of Medea's, I gathered." She did as Tolari said and climbed on, frowning yet again at the news about Jodi. This time, though, there was a great deal more anger perceptible in her expression. Thoroughly used to hiding her emotions, some of those barriers were starting to fall.

    "Jodi's missing, too?" Ti recalled that heated exchange between Vrain and his sister. Knowing her from observation, it was entirely possible the younger woman had ventured off on her own and gotten into some kind of trouble. "I can only figure that this Vermilia was behind that as well." She lifted her eyes to the sky. "First the eggs, now this... I guess there was something to that accursed rhyme after all."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 21st April 2005, 08:02 AM
    Krondor was circling anxiously, ready to provide Tolari support if needed. The leader of the Silver clan was equally worried. He could feel something was wrong. When he got like this he had to do something or he would explode into a fit of temper. Krondor knew that was not the answer so he busied himself with flying over the clouds encasing FireMist's peak.

    "Ti, describe Tippit for me....when did she first join you? Medea knew her, you say?" The questions seemed important to the she-dragon. Ti could sense the urgency in Tolari's voice.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 21st April 2005, 08:32 AM
    Tivanica thought hard for a moment, remembering a couple of particularly distinguishing details about Tippit. "She had one blue eye and one brown eye," the Perian woman recalled, "and three toes missing from one foot. We saw her and Medea fly overhead at first, but they actually joined us at the plateau." She wondered what Tolari was driving at, and several unpleasant conjectures immediately came to mind.

    Surely there is no traitor among the Silvers? she thought, the very idea repulsing her. She could not dismiss the possibility, though, given her previous experiences.

    "I mean... neither of them said anything specific about being friends; it was just a general feeling I got. In spite of Medea being annoyed over Tippit's... meddling. She was being rather more helpful than Medea would have liked. I mean... they had Vrain with them, wasn't that supposed to be guidance enough?" A brief silence as she collected her thoughts, then she continued. "Then everything all went completely wrong... whoever this Vermilia is, she sounds like a tough customer. She certainly made the route to the Seer much more difficult than normal..."

    She trailed off and began coughing fitfully, much to her annoyance. "Pardon me," she grumbled once that was over with, "I am not used to talking so much at once."
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 21st April 2005, 12:22 PM
    After a few minutes of just staring up at the sky, Abby got up and walked into her shelter, and she laid down. She fell asleep a short while later, and the small fire out front provided some warmth, and a thin trail of smoke wafted up from the fire up toward the sky.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 21st April 2005, 02:47 PM
    As Ti described Tippit, Tolari took in a sharp breath and groaned. "Oh no...this is worse than you have imagined, Ti! We must rescue them quickly!" As Tolari tipped a wing to circle toward FireMist's peak, they approached the ledge where Jodi had been standing watching the group progress toward the Seer. The sunlight caught the gems on the head of the staff and sent a flash of green and blue skyward.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 21st April 2005, 06:04 PM
    Tolari took in a sharp breath and groaned. "Oh no...this is worse than you have imagined, Ti! We must rescue them quickly!"

    "Of course we'd better rescue them quickly, but... might I ask what you're getting at, Tolari?" replied Ti, somewhat confused. Apparently there was something significant about Tippit that she wasn't quite aware of, and she frankly had little idea what it could be. For all of her observation, draconic politics was not exactly one of her strong suits.

    She was distracted from her train of thought by a flash of green and blue coming from a ledge. Now that was a little easier to figure out...

    "Did you see that, Tolari? I think that might be Jodi's staff..."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 22nd April 2005, 07:45 AM
    "Ah yes, you would not understand that some dragons have the ability to alter their appearance. Was the dragon Tippit clumsy, did she..." The questions were cut off mid-thought by Ti's observance. Tolari shouted to Ti, "HOLD ON!!" She made a sharp bank and flew into a landing position headed for the ledge. Tolari had to know if that was Jodi's staff!
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 22nd April 2005, 12:54 PM
    Ti digested that bit of information, frowning as it stirred up yet more unpleasant possibilities. She didn't have time to answer Tolari's question, though, as the dragoness suddenly switched focus and warned the human woman to hold on tightly.

    Ti did so as Tolari banked sharply, feeling a little giddy and quite thrilled at the sensation. That moment of childlike excitement ended quickly, though, as she focused in on the ledge.

    "We better be careful, though," Ti warned. "For all we know it could be some kind of trap. Not to put too fine a point on it, but a little bit of healthy paranoia might not be amiss."
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 22nd April 2005, 01:00 PM
    Abby woke up from her nap and walked outside and built the fire up again. She sat down at the edge of the fire, and watched the smoke waft up toward the sky. There wasn't anything for her to do, so she just sat there and stared into the fire, thinking. Things should be different, but they're not. I live out here now, not in some comfy home with a family. She sighed with quiet resignation, and stood up, walking into the forest for a few moments before returning and sitting near the entrance of her shelter. She took out one of her daggers and started to carve at the piece of wood she held in her hand.
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    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 22nd April 2005, 04:37 PM
    As Tolari came to the ledge she back-stroked with her wings to bring them softly down to the ledge. She saw immediately it WAS Jodi's staff! Her silver head swung from side to side looking for signs of the young woman. Only two openings to volcanic vents could be be seen and one scrubby bush. The rest of the ledge appeared to be a large rock outcropping. Tolari sighed.
    "Ti, check that opening and I will peak into this one." Tolari's held nothing... but Ti's held a giant spider web that had been ripped AND the remains of a large crushed spider. In the sticky web strands though were several shimmering strands of strawberry blonde hair.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 22nd April 2005, 05:08 PM
    Tivanica's eyes widened momentarily at the sight of the ripped spider web and the squished spider. Her lip curled slightly in disgust, but she was otherwise unfazed. Someone less observant might have missed the strands of hair caught in the web, but not Ti-- it was obviously Jodi's hair... and judging my the size of the dead spider, it wasn't too hard to guess how things might have transpired.

    "I think I have a pretty good idea of what happened here," Ti reported. "It would appear that Jodi got caught in a giant spider web... then taken away. I can only assume that this Vermilia is indeed responsible." As cool and rational as her words were, everything else about her bespoke anger. It seemed the layer of ice that had shrouded her emotions was quickly melting away.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 23rd April 2005, 12:08 PM
    Tolari hung her head down sadly. "Then Jodi indeed has fallen into their hands too." She raised her long snout and snorted. "Jodi HATES spiders too..." The dragon's eyes seemed to harden and she turned one eye to look directly at Ti. "Ti, we need help and we need it fast! We must go back to the Clan and tell Krondor what has happened. Come let's go!"

    The flight was swift and soon the two were sinking to a landing inside the crater. Marble ran forward her heavy brows knitted in worry.
    "WELL?? OUT with it! 'ave ye seen me little clucks??" Her brown eyes glittered with unshed tears. Krondor was landing right behind them and he too waddled quickly over to Ti and Tolari.
    "They all have been taken...by Vermilia. Even Jodi..." Tolari stated flatly, the sorrow in her voice evident.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 23rd April 2005, 12:18 PM
    "'y 'at no good scarlet viper!!! I'll 'ack 'er 'ead offn' 'er neck, I will!!!" Marble screeched with rage. She spun around and ran to her heavy warhammer leaning innocently against her cooks ledge. The dwarven woman began to frantically search for her helm. In her haste bowls and dishes went flying out of their proper place. Slate re-entered the cavern from a tunnel above. He stopped and stared at the scene below.
    "FLINTBACK!! Somethin's terrible wrong! Marble's in a worse tizzy than I ever seen her in!"
    The master craftsman came running up and took one look at the littered pans. "Yer right! Let's go!" The two dwarves came racing down the ledge toward the dragons to find out what had happened.

    "....then we MUST risk bringing in new people without the Seer's test. Tolari, Ti will you work together for now? I want you to go to the forest off the lake. Search, see if we can find anyone else, who might help us. We have no time for caution this time. Vrain, Jodi and the others might die..." Krondor's strong commanding voice carried an edgy tone, as if he were barely under control.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 23rd April 2005, 01:33 PM
    The fire was beginning to die down, and Abby put a couple more logs onto it to build it up again, before sitting down near the entrance again. She put down the piece of wood she was carving, and put the dagger back in its sheath around her waist. Abby stood up and went into her shelter, sitting down inside, and watching the smoke from the fire for a few minutes, before beginning to organize her few possessions.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 27th April 2005, 10:09 AM
    Tolari turned and made ready to fly. To everyone's amazement, Marble stomped up to the dragon.
    "I'm goin' too. I got me a vial o courage 'ere and me vengance taker. I mean ta' go with ye!" Marble patted her personal flask and then her heavy warhammer, slung across her back. Everyone knew she hated to fly. She had been more than vociferous about her dislike and intention NEVER to fly again upon returning with Jodi and Tolari not two days ago!
    "Don' be lookin' at me like 'at missy dragon! 'is 'ere be differn't... Vermilia 'as done crossed the line!!" Marble's stubby features were set in a determined scowl. Tolari finally realized Marble would not be talked out of this one.
    "Let's go then!" Tolari urged and spread her wings to get Ti and Marble to climb on quickly.


    The rise through the mist was eerie but once again the silver dragon was able to navigate her way out of the treacherous mist surrounding FireMist's peak. Tolari thanked the Creator for this ability that the other dragons did not possess! In this way their clan was safe.

    Tolari began to sing and her praises and thanksgiving swelled in beautiful strains. The song gave peace to those that rode upon her back and a renewed hope came into their hearts. Tolari finally spotted a tendril of smoke.

    "Look! Let's check that out! I feel that may be an answer to prayer!" She cried to her passengers. Tolari tipped a graceful wing and began to descend toward the smoke drifting up from Abby's fire.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 27th April 2005, 11:35 AM
    Abby was inside her small shelter, staring out at the fire, thinking. She looked around at the small, yet cozy, shelter that she had made when she was 10. It's not a real home with a family, but it's home nonetheless. She stood up dug through her few possessions until she found what she was looking for...a small trinket her mother had given Abby before she died. "I want you to have this Abby. Something to remember me." Tears came to Abby's eyes and she whispered, "I'll always remember you Mama."
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 28th April 2005, 01:41 AM
    Ajora Fenris watched the small fire in front of Abby's shelter for a few moments, idly making small shapes in the smoke for his own amusement. He grinned mischievously and used his mana to form the words "HI ABBY" in the smoke before he plunked himself down in front of the entrance to the shelter.

    "Hey, I haven't come back to annoy you in a little while. What's wrong with me?" he remarked, still grinning. The boy regarded Abby with gray-green eyes, his expression immediately shifting to one of sympathy as he saw that she might not be in the mood for his incessant jokes.

    Ajora pushed back a mess of light blonde hair and stared up into the sky contemplatively, his eyes narrowing slightly as he thought he saw something. "Heeeey... you might want to see this," he murmured, staring hard at the speck as it got closer. "It doesn't look like a bird..."


    "I apologize for my sudden nosiness, but who exactly is this Vermilia?" asked Ti, still confused. "If I am to be of aid, I kind of need to know what we're up against here... she some kind of red dragon or something?" She frowned. "And while we're on that thread... what was that you were onto about Tippit before?"

    Tivanica's inquisitive tendencies were out full force. During her time in Intelligence back in Peria she had always been a curious sort and her self-imposed silence while in Firemist had merely sent that into hibernation. Now that crisis had struck, though, she almost felt like her old self again. Almost.

    Then, as she remembered the Zantukites, her frown deepened. "Even so, for all we know there could be yet more to watch out for," she muttered darkly, hoping that Krondor's sudden dispensing of caution wouldn't cause ruin.

    She spotted the smoke drifting up from below, though, and was grateful for the temporary distraction. She wondered what sort of person would make their camp here. "I certainly hope so," Ti remarked.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 28th April 2005, 01:47 AM
    Abby smiled slightly when Ajora suddenly appeared in front of her shelter. She noticed the change in the boy's expression and said, "I'm fine. I was just thinking of my parents." Abby left her shelter and peered up at the sky. "Who...what...is that? You're right...it doesn't look like a bird. It looks bigger..."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 28th April 2005, 01:55 PM
    Tolari held her wings out steady to allow them to glide down gently on the air currents heading toward the tendril of smoke. She was silent a moment as she contemplated Ti's request.
    "Vermilia is the Consort-queen of the Red King. She is cunning, ruthless and possesses the same rare ability as the Gold dragons once had...to assume other forms. This ability has made her insufferable even for a RED dragon. It is rumored she has killed females of her own kind to gain the position she now holds next to the King. She is a dangerous enemy, Ti. Our clutchlings are in grave danger...." Tolari replied slowly and with obvious anxiety. She turned her head to fasten one eye straight on Ti.
    "Tippit, as you seem to have surmised, I suspect to be none other than the Old Seer herself. If she was clumsy landing on the ledge that told me she was either sick, injured or blind... we dragons pride ourselves in our flight abilities. Then you related Medea seemed to know her... Medea and the Old Seer were very close. Medea has been keeping her 'still being alive' a secret for many years. Krondor and I just found that out earlier, just before the group set out this morning in fact. This is the worst possible situation as I see it.... Vermilia has the only known living Gold dragoness AND our clutchlings! My poor Jodi and Vrain...." Tolari wailed miserably. "We need human helpers to go through the smaller tunnels. We dragons can only go through certain size tunnels as you can guess. Vermilia has no such constraint making her a very dangerous enemy. We must have help and now! Do you think you can help me select humans we can trust??" Tolari's eye pleaded with Ti.

    Circling the tendril of smoke Tolari spotted a rock sticking out near the tops of some trees to the right. She headed for the rock, swept back her wings to slow her speed and landed smoothly on the rock ledge. "Shall I wait here or do you wish to speak to the humans alone?" Tolari asked Ti.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 28th April 2005, 02:06 PM
    Abby stood in the shadows of her shelter watching the "thing" come closer. "That's definitely not a bird. I think it's a dragon..." Abby watched in awe as the dragon landed on a nearby rock ledge. I had heard rumors of dragons living in these parts...but I didn't expect it to be true! It's a pleasant surprise though...
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st May 2005, 11:47 AM
    Marble, clenching Ti with a VERY firm hold and keeping her eyes resolutely shut, now ventured to open them. With a great sigh Marble finally came to life. "Git down there ye' silly bag o' fire!" She scolded Tolari gruffly. Tolari was so excited and nervous she didn't wait for Ti's answer. She hopped up airborne again, gliding to a stop near Abbey's fire. Marble had uttered a stiffled screech and her stubby hands seized Ti with a paranoid grip. When they landed on the ground Marble grumbled under her breath angrily.
    "Give a body notice next time ye overgrown oven!" Marble growled at Tolari.
    "You asked Marble..." Tolari's eyes glinted with humor and just a hint of mischief but her long snout was drawn into the semblance of a pout.
    Marble climbed down, mumbling thanks over and over to the Creator for His goodness. Standing on the solid ground she repositioned her hammer on her back and straightened her attire.
    "Well... shall we be a seein' what ta' wisp o' smoke meant?"
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 1st May 2005, 11:56 AM
    Abby was hiding in her shelter, peeking out from the shadows. Who are they? She took a deep breath and asked from her hiding spot, "Wh...who are you?"
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st May 2005, 01:40 PM
    Marble harumphed and stode up to the fire, letting the light flicker over her stubby dwarven features and light her full for the voice to see. "Aye, 'tis only Marble the dwarvess and her friends, Tolari and Ti. Who be ye, little lass?" She asked boldly, crossing her arms and tilting her head slightly to the side to await an answer.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 1st May 2005, 01:57 PM
    Abby came out of her shelter, and stood near the entrance. "I'm Abby. I didn't know that there were others living near these parts. I've never seen anyone else for as long as I've lived here."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st May 2005, 02:07 PM
    "Well young lass, we 'watch over' this forest from above ye might say. Where be yer people? Mind ifn' I warm me backside a bit?" Marble turned her ample, stubby backside to the fire and sighed out loud. "Oooo be a sight more pleasin' than rubbin' agin over grown lizard skin!"
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 1st May 2005, 02:10 PM
    Abby smiled and walked behind her shelter for a moment and came back with some small twigs and added them to the fire. She sat down next to the entrance of her shelter and said quietly, "If you're wondering about my family...I don't have any. I'm an orphan. I've been living here since I was 8."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st May 2005, 02:17 PM
    Marble's normally gruff expression turned soft for an instant and sorrow and compassion fled across her dwarven features, even her eyes misted. "Poor little waif..." she whispered under her breath then coughed to cover the noise. Letting her gruff expression fall back into place she turned back around to face the girl. Marble arched an eyebrow and studied Abbey's face.
    "An 'ow long might that be, ye bein' on yer own 'ere?"
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 1st May 2005, 02:31 PM
    "I'm 15 now...so for the past 7 years I've lived out here by myself." Abby said quietly. She looked around the clearing that had been her home for so long and sighed quietly and leaned back against her small shelter, that she had built when she was 8.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st May 2005, 04:54 PM
    Marble narrowed her eyes. "Lambsie?? Ye been 'ere sevin yars? Ye must be a cunning clever lass not ta' have been seen by us afore....tell me lass, did ye 'ear ta attack some nights ago when ta wolves be howlin' in numbers far too great fer these 'ere woods? Twas' me an' me friends fought off ta beasties and run 'em from these woods. Twas a down'n'wicked man that called 'em nigh and set 'em ta' huntin' in these loverly trees." She watched Abbey to judge the reaction her words brought. For Marble was always one to judge by more than one manner when sizing up a person, dwarf or elf. Even thought the latter tended to be high-n-mighty most of the time in her dwarven experience. Then she briefly thought of Griforol and smiled. Darned if she didn't really like the lad even if he WAS an elf! She continued to watch Abbey but her heart was softening toward the girl quickly.
    Tolari snorted for she knew Marble would be gruff on the outside but she was a big feather pillow on the inside! She continued to gage the girls reactions herself from her hiding place in the trees. She had to admit though, she was starting to think this was a good candidate for taking back to Krondor!
    Posted by mochagirl (Member #81945) on 1st May 2005, 06:11 PM
    Larielle wiped the sweat off of her forehead with the back of her hand as she leaned against a large rock. She tilted her head back to look up at the majestic mountains that stood in front of her, once again feeling awed by the sight. Ever since she�d first glimpsed the mountains in the distance, she�d been dazzled by them. Kytah was located in a mountainous region, but the mountains there were nothing like those she faced now. Elohim, You outdid Yourself with these�

    She forced herself to look away, and she dug through the pack she had for her canteen. It was getting low, but she figured she would run across a stream soon enough and wasn�t worried. She took a small drink then put it away before digging out the half-eaten loaf of bread she�d purchased in an Eyrellian town a few days before. It was a relief to rest her aching feet and just enjoy the scenery, the food�even as plain as it was�and the shade that the surrounding trees gave her.

    She chewed a piece of the bread slowly, looking back up at the mountains. The Calkei and Calkai Mountains�. The home of dragons and dwarves, she remembered with a shiver. She hoped she didn�t run into any dragons, though she couldn�t imagine that she would. She was far enough away from the inner mountains where their lairs were sure to be. She was more likely to run into a dwarf, if anyone. But most likely she would finish her trek without meeting anything except some birds or deer. It was just a pity she didn�t know how to hunt.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 1st May 2005, 07:02 PM
    "I heard it..." Abby said quietly, looking down. "But I didn't do anything to help. I ran and hid like a scared little girl. I wasn't sure what was happening." Abby looked up again, and there was a small fire burning behind her eyes. "But if I could have helped...I would have. I may not be that skilled with weapons, but I taught myself how to use a bow..."
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 2nd May 2005, 02:00 AM
    After a few moments of hiding, Ajora, too, cautiously came out of the shadows. After watching the two women carefully, making sure they intended no harm towards Abby, he became slightly bolder and ventured into the firelight. He knew well that Abby could take care of herself, but at the same time he held little doubt that either Ti or Marble alone probably had more fighting experience than him and Abby put together. Not to mention that dragon.

    "Who's this?" Ti commented, watching the newcomer just as warily as he was eyeing her and Marble. He seemed barely older than Abby, and probably not related-- she surmised that he was a more recent acquaintance.

    "Name's Ajora," the boy replied, suddenly shy around all these women. He folded himself into a crosslegged position and laid his spear across his lap, still eyeing the women and the dragon but this time merely curious rather than outright wary. "I heard the wolves, too, but was having a few... uhhh, troubles of my own." He ruefully held up a scuffed elbow, and the rest of him showed definite signs of wear and tear as well. "I mean... I wanted to make sure Abby was alright," he added, his freckled face pinking slightly.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 2nd May 2005, 09:26 AM
    OOC: AWESOME Mochagirl! Welcome aboard!

    Marble was shocked, whereas Ti was not when the young boy Ajora made his appearance because she had been so intense upon the girl. She nodded to the boy and watched him sit down thoughtfully. Many silent moments ticked by as she studied the two. She looked over at Ti and winked.
    "Well me clever lass...er and laddie, would ye be willin' ta 'elp in a rescue? Many of our clan have been abducted by a nasty beastie of a black-heart. We need more 'ands ta 'elp in this attempt. It be a dangerous and perilous adventure we propose ifn' ye' agree, ye will be recompensed and given a dwarven-wrought blade from the depths of FireMist. Chew on it fer a bit, me 'n' Ti 'ere will go speak with our friend Tolari." Marble turned and went toward the shadows where Tolari lurked.
    "Do you think you invited them too soon?" Tolari asked. Marble rolled her eyes.
    "Look 'ere Missy Dragon, I don' believe in beatin' 'bout ta bush! We don' 'ave time fer it! Think of Jodi and Vrain!" Tolari dropped her head at Marble's response. The dragoness responded with clear concern in her voice.
    "Yes Marble, yes...I understand..."
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 2nd May 2005, 11:20 AM
    Abby ducked inside her shelter and re-emerged with a few things. She had her bow and quiver, her dagger, and a few other odds-n-ends in a small pouch on her belt. Abby sat down and leaned against her shelter. I'll help them. I want to help them...especially if someone's missing...
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    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 2nd May 2005, 04:29 PM
    Marble crossed her arms over her ample chest and harrumphed again. "Well Missy Dragon, what shall we do?" Tolari lowered her head. "You are right Marble, we have little choice. It seems the Creator of All things has led us to a point we haven't much choice." Marble's stern face softened a bit and she reached out to rub gently the folds about Tolari's ruff. "Sometimes Missy we can do naught against the ragin' stream but flow along with it!" Marble walked back toward Ti and the fire to see what had transpired. Seeing Abbey come out with her things, Marble broke into a brilliant smile.
    "Aye Lassie, ye be remindin' me of the wee clutchlin' Jodi at yer age! Darned if'n' ye don't!"
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 2nd May 2005, 05:20 PM
    Abby had a determined look on her face and said, "I'm willing to help you no matter what. I don't have anything or anyone to lose." She held her bow and looked down at it. Her bow was beginning to get a little worn down. "Remind me to make a new bow." she muttered softly.
    Posted by mochagirl (Member #81945) on 2nd May 2005, 05:51 PM
    Larielle put away her bread and fastened her pack on her back again. It was time to resume walking. She wanted to go another three or four miles before nightfall, and she wouldn�t make it if she stayed still any longer.

    Standing, she rolled her shoulders to loosen the muscles before stepping forward into the trees. She kept in a straight line east, with the mountains to her left. They were mostly hidden from sight behind the leaves, but occasionally she caught glimpses of them. After a while, she caught a faint whiff of smoke and stopped, glancing around warily. All she had to defend herself with was a dagger she�d managed to swipe from her father�s collection, and while she�d been taught the basic rudiments of using it when she was younger, it wasn�t a hobby she�d kept fresh in mind after her lessons were completed. Oh, don�t let that fire not to be from anything dangerous, she thought with a twinge of dread.

    She debated with herself between trying to stay out of sight, and finding out what was causing the smoke, and finally decided that hiding wouldn�t do any good. The smoke was coming from straight ahead, and it would take longer to circumnavigate at a large enough distance to stay out of range of whoever had caused the fire. She crept closer, cautiously, and heard the sound of voices, though the words were drowned by the distance and the breeze. She continued walking, and finally reached the edge of a small clearing, where a small hut stood, and a campfire blazed; but it wasn't those things that caught her eyes. The first thing she noticed was the dragon. She gasped instinctively, and stepped back, her eyes wide with fear. It's a dragon...there's a dragon...the phrase repeated in her mind numbly, for she was too shocked and afraid to respond any further.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 2nd May 2005, 09:56 PM
    Ajora already had his things about him, being the wanderer he was, and he arose as Abby began to gather her things. "A rescue?" he replied, gray-green eyes shining with interest. "Why... if Abby's going, then I'm going!" he stoutly declared, his protectiveness surfacing once again. He wasn't about to walk out on his self-appointed duty because of a rescue mission! Sure, she had managed fine by herself for the past seven years, but these were getting to be dangerous times!

    The boy's earnest expression brought a smile to Ti's face. His heart definitely seemed to be in the right place, though she'd have to watch him for a bit longer to determine whether he was truly trustworthy.

    Just then, Ajora turned as he thought he heard something-- with acute senses he picked out someone else at the edge of the clearing, and caught a glimpse of the interloper as they stepped back. His eyes then darted to the stranger's likely field of view, and suddenly he understood the frightened response: Tolari was right there.

    Tivanica, too, had sensed the intrusion, but said nothing as of yet-- she was curious as to how the boy would handle it.

    "Hey, we mean no harm," Ajora called out reassuringly, venturing out to where the stranger could get a better look at him. He spread his hands to indicate that he held no weapons; he'd dropped his spear near Ti's feet.

    Ti nodded approvingly at him. "Tolari's a friend," she added, indicating the dragoness. "She'd scarce harm a fly, much less a person!"

    Transforming red dragonesses, on the other hand...

    "Uh... yeah," said Ajora. "We're really just a couple of kids, a couple of weird ladies--"

    "Hey!" cried Ti.

    "--and a dragon!" Ajora finished eagerly.

    Ti folded her arms shot Ajora a reproving look, although the effect was somewhat ruined by what appeared to be the beginnings of a smile. "Ohhh, if Marble doesn't get you for that one somehow, I will!"

    Ajora's eyebrows arched and he grinned mischievously. "Well, it's not every day I see a couple of ladies flyin' on a dragon! And especially not a Dwarf!"

    Remembering how Marble had 'handled' the flight, Ti snorted. "No comment on that whatsoever."
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 2nd May 2005, 10:37 PM
    Abby watched silently. She had moved closer to the fire, and she looked down briefly to examine her bow. "This is really getting worn out..." Abby said quietly to herself. "I really need to make a new one, but I don't have time!" She sighed and held the bow at her side. She looked up again, and toward where the stranger was.
    Posted by mochagirl (Member #81945) on 3rd May 2005, 12:13 AM
    Larielle managed to tear her gaze away from the huge silver beast as a boy started talking to her. "Hey, we mean no harm," he said, spreading out his hands as though to prove it. Larielle noticed the others that were present; a woman, a dwarf, the boy, and a girl about the same age as the boy, perhaps a few years younger than herself.

    The woman spoke up next, gesturing to the dragon. �Tolari�s a friend. She�d scarce harm a fly, much less a person!� Larielle swallowed at that, not quite believing it, though she sensed the woman�s sincerity.

    As she and the boy exchanged a few more words, Larielle felt herself relaxing somewhat, and she offered a hesitant smile. In spite of the dragon, she felt�safe; or rather, unthreatened by the people. They weren�t out to harm her, in any case.

    At the remark about �flying� on the dragon, she perked up. They flew on the dragon? It was hard to imagine, but the thought of such an experience made her heart skip with excitement. Such an adventure that would be! If the dragon you're flying on is indeed friendly, and not planning to kill and eat you. She thrust the notion out of her head, and cleared her throat after they finished their spiel. �He-hello. My name is Larielle. I hope you don�t mind�my intrusion.�
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 3rd May 2005, 12:18 AM
    Abby smiled and said, "Hi Larielle. I'm Abby. I don't mind. How long have you been standing there?"
    Posted by mochagirl (Member #81945) on 3rd May 2005, 12:28 AM
    Larielle looked at her and managed a friendly smile. "About a minute, I suppose. Nice to meet you, Abby." She glanced around at the fire and shelter. It was too small for all of them to live there; in fact, it seemed too small for anyone to live there. "Is this...one of your homes?" Her eyes darted back to the dragon, who appeared to be watching her, and she fought off a shiver of fear. Living in the shadow of the mountains...in the shadow of a dragon's lair....
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 3rd May 2005, 12:31 AM
    "Mine." Abby said quietly. "I've lived here since I was 8. It's not much, but it's been my home for the past 7 years." She looked around the small clearing that had been her home for so long. Memories came from when she found this clearing and when she built the shelter.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 3rd May 2005, 11:23 AM
    Marble grunted and stared at Ajora. "Ye best be larnin' a civil tongue young pup. I might 'ave ta turn ye over me knee! I've switched a youngin' a full sight older'n ye and made 'im find a tad o respect!" Marble's eyes searched and finally spotted what she had been looking for. Without a word but to emphasize her incredible dwarven strength, she went to a huge felled tree trunk Abbey had been using to sit upon. Marble lifted the massive trunk and shoved it a tad closer to the fire. "There now Missy. That was just not close enough to warm the toes do ya think?" She said with a wink and a mischievous smile on her lips. She looked at the bow and nodded to Abbey.
    "Ah, Missy don' ye' be worryin' 'bout that bow. I'll 'ave me a little chat with Flintback! He'll get you fixed up!"

    As Larielle came up, Marble studied the newcomer and like the strong line of her features and the self-confidence she had. She arched an eyebrow and just the hint of a smile played upon her lips. She listened as the newcomer conversed with Abbey and she decided this one too had been sent to them by The Creator of All!
    As Tolari sensed Larielle's fear, she began to sing softly. After Ti spoke so kindly of her Tolari increased the volume just a bit as if to reinforce what Ti had said. It was not their intention to harm anyone. Her dragonsong was a praise to The Creator. Her music lifted the spirits and encouraged the heart.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 3rd May 2005, 11:54 AM
    Abby looked in surprise when Marble moved the huge trunk. "How did you...?" she asked in surprise. She looked down at her bow also and said, "Thank you. I would just make another one myself, but I don't have time..." Abby listened silently to the music of the dragon, and sighed. It made her think of happier times, when her family was still alive.
    Posted by mochagirl (Member #81945) on 3rd May 2005, 04:52 PM
    Larielle glanced from the hut to Abby, and wondered what had happened to her...Seven years--has she been alone? What happened to her parents, her family? The answer was of course obvious--death was no stranger in Ithriya. Larielle had met it herself when she was younger.

    Before she could say anything else, however, the sweetest music she had ever heard began, and she instinctively knew it came from the dragon. As the song grew louder, Larielle felt peace rush over her, and awe pervade her mind. Elohim, this is Your servant, isn't it? Only You could inspire such a song.

    She looked back at the dragon, but this time she held no fear in her eyes. "That is absolutely beautiful," she breathed out. "I've never heard anything so...touching."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 3rd May 2005, 06:02 PM
    "The created are meant to praise the Creator. It is one of my greatest pleasures on Christia... Do you know Him? The Creator?" Tolari asked Larielle when she finished. She was eager to know if these three knew of HIM.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 3rd May 2005, 06:47 PM
    Abby looked at Tolari and nodded her head. "I know of Him. My parents believed in Him and taught me about Him. He's the one who helped me all of these years."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 3rd May 2005, 06:51 PM
    Marble laughed merrily and clapped her hands. "Well Missy Tolari, 'ow's me judgment now??"
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 3rd May 2005, 06:54 PM
    Abby smiled at Marble's enthusiasm. "I can see that you're happy." she said quietly.
    Posted by mochagirl (Member #81945) on 4th May 2005, 12:21 AM
    Larielle smiled, gladdened by their words. "I do know the Creator. He is the one constant in my life, it seems. My mother taught me to believe in Him." Her eyes momentarily took on a distant look, but she quickly blinked it away.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 4th May 2005, 02:15 PM
    "Well Missy lamb...(Abbey twas it not?) The Silver Dragons 'ave rejected the yoke of evil 'n' chosen to serve Elo'im. It 'as cost 'em dearly for serving only The Creator of All. 'Tis for this reason we need yer 'elp." Tolari tilted her head to fasten one eye fully on the three.
    "I like them Marble. Truly I feel the hand of The Creator at work here." The silver dragoness was nodding her approval but then sought out Ti. The dragoness was beginning to respect the woman's quick deductive mind.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 4th May 2005, 02:21 PM
    "The Silver Dragons?" Abby asked quietly. "I've heard stories of the dragons...but I've never actually seen one...until now." She looked at Tolari, her blue eyes filled with awe at the sight of the dragon.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 4th May 2005, 07:03 PM
    Ajora nodded understandingly. He could see how the conversion of the Silvers wouldn't go over too well with the other dragons. They sure had a lot of enemies...

    "I, uh, don't really know Him very well... at least the way the rest of you seem to," the boy admitted sheepishly. "But I'd like to," he added, brightening a little.

    Tolari nodded her approval, but looked to Ti for her verdict.

    "I feel pretty good about them, too," replied Tivanica. Remembering Isliel, though, she added, "I cannot trust anyone completely, however; for those who seem the most innocent can do the worst harm if they do prove malicious." She smiled bitterly. "I know from experience." Ti sincerely doubted that any of these three had that streak in them, but short of the Seer testing them, she could not be completely certain.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 5th May 2005, 09:23 AM
    Satisfied with Ti's response, Tolari nodded her head. Marble nodded hers in return and walked away from the camp a short distance. Lifting a mountain ram's horn to her lips she blew forcefully into it sending out a deep resonating note which ended by stepping up one note. This sound reverberated around the FireMist peak. Marble looked around carefully as she returned.
    "We will be leaving shortly. I 'ate tha' need ta' do this but we 'ave ta' fly... can't be 'elped." She spoke apologetically with a mix of sadness and apprehension until she said the word fly, at which point she shuddered involuntarily.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 5th May 2005, 11:47 AM
    "Fly?" Abby questioned. "How are we supposed to fly?"
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 5th May 2005, 03:41 PM
    "Ye be goin' ta' 'ave ta' take ta' the back o' one o' them...." Marble said ruefully pointing to two growing specks coming from the direction of FireMist Peak! She shook her head sadly. "'Tis a terrible awful thing ta' ask o' ye but we must... the dragons fly much faster thin' we kin' walk!" Marble shuddered a bit but put on a brave face.
    Tolari put her nose up closer to Marble to eye the dwarvess.
    "Was THAT a compliment, Marble???!!" The dragoness replied with the slightest touch of humor lacing her tone. Looking over at Lanielle and Abbey, Tolari winked conspiratorily. Marble bowed up angrily and turned on the dragoness in a passion.
    "Now ye look 'ere MISSY TOLARI!!! I'm jist statin' a fact!! 'tis faster than walkin' but I don' want ta be telling the poor lambs how SCARY it tis not 'aving yer feet on decent solid ground!!!" Marble was nearly spitting the words out like an angry cat by the time she finished. Tolari drew her head back and tilted her head to the side.
    "Ti...Ti? Check my head, I'm not sure if it's still there or not..." She whispered over loud to the human woman with teasing laughter in her voice.
    Posted by Ellesar (Member #76200) on 5th May 2005, 03:44 PM
    Abby hid a smile behind her hand, but her eyes shone with laughter. "I'm not scared of flying." she said quietly. "I think that it will be rather fun."
    Posted by mochagirl (Member #81945) on 5th May 2005, 03:59 PM
    Larielle clasped her hands together. "You mean we can fly on a dragon, too?" Her eyes sparkled at the very suggestion. Briefly, she thought about her journey to the Plains of Egara, but from what the dwarf had said, the Silver Dragons were in need of help desperately, much more so than she needed to go to the Plains. She didn't have anyone waiting for her, and she wasn't on a time schedule. Elohim, I feel that this is Your will. You need me to help Tolari and her clan right now. My journey's end can wait until later. I have no promise of finding my mother's family, anyway. She lifted her chin slightly, looking up at the mountains. A soft smile touched her mouth, and she said, "I would love to help you, in any way I can."
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