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Thread: Fire Mist

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    Fire Mist

    Fire Mist

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 10th May 2004, 10:35 AM
    An RPG for Writers

    Tolari tipped a silver wing toward the thick mist and headed straight for the forbidding FireMist Peaks. With the skill borne of vast experience, Tolari began to navigate inside the completely white surroundings. Unable to rely on sight now, Tolari pictured in her mind the volcano rim of FireMist itself. Suddenly Tolari opened her eyes and she was circling the very sight in her mind. She dove toward the center of the dormant volcano. Making a smooth, slow circle but dropping in altitude, Tolari made a smooth landing in the central meadow of FireMist. She knew she was late but she did so love to glide the thermals that preceded a storm down on the plains!

    Krondar roared out to her. Tolari snorted at his rebuke and waddled quickly to take her place in the circle of nine silver dragons. At the center of the circle stood their two human charges, Jodi and Vrain. Krondar began to speak.

    "We have heard disturbing rumors the Body in Peria is being undermined. The wicked one has been busy. It is also with heavy heart I announce, we have lost another colony of Silvers to the Evil Dragons. Marnal and Tram the leaders of the colony sent word out for a healer, the entire colony had been poisoned. The weakened colony were attacked just as Slopewing was on her way here to fetch Medea. It is believed the herd they usually hunted was poisoned, weakening them to the point they fell easily to the attack. From this day on we must be very careful about the herds we select from. As they grow more evil, we will need to grow more cunning. I'm asking for everyone's suggestions."

    Jodi thought for a moment. "Since we have been able to help you, don't you think the other colonies need humans too? We can get into places you can't, we are better able to hide the eggs where the other dragons cannot find them because of our smaller size, we can do many things to help dragonkind. The question is, how do we find the right people, we are hearing so much about deception in those outside... " Jodi's face fell, her sea green eyes studied the rocky floor as she considered the consequences of a bad sort of person working with the Silvers.

    Tolari nodded, "Yes, we would need some sort of test....anyone have any ideas?"

    Jodi looked over at Vrain, he usually had wonderful ideas.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 10th May 2004, 09:19 PM
    The horses came to a stop just outside Calkai mountain. Rising through a stretching mist of obscurity, the peaks, named FireMist, disappeared into the endless sky. The surface of Lake Serres, placid and quiet, was stirred occasionally by a passing breeze and energetic aquatic lives. Sparkling with serenity under the sunlight, the lake seemed to be surrounded by a golden nimbus that made it almost magical, as if a multitude of diamond dust was sprinkled on it. The horses dipped their heads down at the edge of water and started lapping up the liquid, flicking their tails in a lazy way. Anyone walking past would have thought the two humans around were out on a leisure camp.

    Soiren flung back her blue black hair from a hand. Tied by a cord, it hung down her back. She took out a thick woolen coat from the bundle sitting on the ground and put it on. Although it was summer down in Peria, the weather around the mountains was always slightly colder than other places, and the higher up one went, the colder it became. She rubbed her hands, trying to breath life back into them as a tendril of smoke rose tentatively from the small fire Xer managed to coax into existence.

    Sitting just beside the fire, Xer took out some packages of food and unwrapped them. Wrapped tightly in a gray cloak, a pair of dark eyes stared out from a youthful face. Short brown hair shivered in the wind and a stubble of black hair grew from his chin. He had forgotten to shave for a while. He handed one package to Soiren and began to eat. He had spent some time travelling after leaving the army at Eyrel but he had never stepped foot insides these mountains. All he managed was a close glimpse from Til'aren. After all, he had no reason to enter dwarven territory and it was best to stay away least one was mistaken as target practice. He glanced at the sword lying at his feet. If they managed to find the dwarves, how was he supposed to persuade them to repair Mexgardus? He ripped the dry meat apart with his teeth and chewed. Dwarves were a stubborn people and charity was not part of their favourite routine, especially one done for an outsider.

    "Scared already?" Soiren teased, tasting the water just taken fresh from the lake.
    Xer swallowed the meat, "Thanks," he said sourly. Soiren had no obligation to come but her presence here was comforting. They had left Kytah with a string of cautious advice from Soiren's sister, an Intelligence Officer and a tearful parting with Carrea who should be out of the healer's guild by now.

    "The dwarves should be interested. This sword is a highly regarded artefact," Soiren said.
    Xer nodded. So long as they did not try to take it from him after it was fixed. Dwarves could be as greedy as the archeologists in Kharilin.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 11th May 2004, 05:07 PM
    Marble snorted and elbowed Slate aside, impatiently.

    "'ere, 'ere....air ye lazy or jest to weak from 'unger??" She pumped the bellows several times, her muscular arms moving powerfully, until the fire glowed and the heat in the cavern came up a good 5 degrees from the roaring fire. Slate ignored the dwarven female and eyed instead the laden iron tray she brought to them. Piled high with fresh baked bread, cheese, nuts, fruit and a pitcher of ale, Slate was oblivious to any verbal barb. He dashed to the tray and began to attack the food ravenously.

    Flintback growled something very uncomplimentary toward his starving helper then nodded a brisk acknowledgement of Marbles assistance. Had he not been in the middle of forging this particular javelin, he would have dashed off to the tray himself, but this was a special weapon! He was making it for Vrain. He had found a very special rock, one that he himself saw fall from a summer sky in the dead of night. Flintback knew that rock was very special, he could smell the fine ore hidden in its depths but there was something more about it. Falling from the sky he surmised had given it strength beyond anything he had ever seen before. This javelin already had a name: StarVenger Flintback had already had to heat the fire twice as hot as normal, just to work with the metal. This was indeed a special ore. With great care he finished his first step. Marble, understanding the importance of the weapon rendered assistance without much of her usual banter. Flintback found her invaluable during the process.

    Finally reaching a stopping point, he turned with voracious eyes toward the tray. EMPTY!!! Flintback mumbled several things hotly under his breath. Seeing a few nuts that were missed he grabbed them up and glared at the satiated Slate. He was snoozing happily against the rough rock surface of the cavern wall. Flintback would have trounced his friend at that moment had Marble not snorted and spoke.
    "Flintback, do ye 'onestly think I would be as foolish as t' turn me back on Slate and a tray of food??" Marble chuckled and walked over to the weapons rack, where she withdrew a sack of something and a large wineskin.
    "'ere ye' silly ole fool. Cain't 'ave me boy Vrain disappointed now can I?" Marble winked at Flintback and opened the sack, from which she replenished the tray with some added sweet cakes and the ale was tucked into the wineskin.
    "Marble, yer Mr. were the luckiest o' dwarves, I be thinkin'! Ye be a clever Dwarvess, Marble! Yes ye' be!" Flintback's eyes fairly watered at the lovely feast and without further ado he tucked into the fine meal.

    Marble nearly turned the color of iron oxide whilst Flintback was busy with his food, but she only grunted at him and turned to observe the new weapons progress. Finally regaining her composure, she looked back at him.
    "This be a weapon of destiny Flintback.... I kin feel it!"
    "Indeed Missus, I too feel this one be special...." Flintback replied through a mouthful of freshly baked bread and winked at Marble. Marble snorted at him again and kicked Slate's foot.
    "Wake up now and get the forge 'eated up agin.... Flintback will be needin' yer 'elp. I'm going to see the Silvers, they was ta' 'ave a meetin' today." Marble shook a scolding finger at Slate who groaned at her but started to stir. She left the forge cavern with a bit of a lightness in her step.

    {'ow long 'as it been old miss? Since ye 'ad that kind o' compliment!!} She thought happily to herself and made her way quickly along the tunnel that would lead to FireMist Meadow.
    Posted by Talin_Ronyo (Member #33929) on 14th May 2004, 10:46 PM
    ((sorry guys... I'll post when I can think straighter...))
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 14th May 2004, 11:56 PM
    Jodi looked over at Vrain and knew from the way he was standing with arms folded and head bowed that he was deep in thought. Suddenly he raised his head and looked around at the dragons. "I have been thinking," he said slowly, "That there is only one possible way to see what is in the heart of a person." He could feel the curious stares of the dragons on his back and was suddenly unsure about what he was about to say. Krondar noticed his hesitation. "Well, what is it Vrain?" he prompted. Vrain gulped, then blurted "The Seer knows." One of the male dragons in the circle snorted loudly. "The Seer is dead, boy, she cannot help us now. "No!" insisted Vrain, "She is still alive, I have seen her!" Seeing the sceptical looks, he looked to Tolari for support. "It is true." she announced quietly. "The Seer is still alive. Vrain assists me in taking food to her. It is also true that she can see into the heart of a person and know whether there is good or evil within." At this revelation the council broke down into surprised discussion. "Silence!" roared Krondar, and the circle became quiet once more. Looking at Vrain, he asked: "What do you propose, Vrain?"

    "I think we should ask her for assistance in finding worthy allies in our cause. If she agrees, then let us set each person who wishes to help us the task of finding the Seer and getting some token of acceptance from her." He looked the dragon who had argued with him earlier, and was pleased to see him looking thoughtful. Vrain smiled, once again unaware of the worshipful look his sister gave him.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 15th May 2004, 02:34 PM
    Jodi smiled brightly. "I knew you would come up with the idea!" She said, her words lost in the jumble of dragon voices all talking over the proposition. Jodi was ready to go now! She couldn't wait to go see the lands below the mountains! It all sounded exciting, a grand adventure... when she turned her eyes beyond the circle of nine she saw a familiar crop of steel gray hair. Jodi smiled and waved at Marble. The Dwarvess was fairly bouncing and she had a bright twinkle in her eye.
    Before Marble could get to Jodi, Krondor spoke. "Very well then, anymore thoughts on this?" Tolari nodded, "Yes, just a question really...what exactly are we offering them...to make it worth the sacrifice of the lives they have below?" Jodi turned to stare at Tolari. It had never crossed her mind that someone might not WANT to be with the Silvers for she had never known anything else.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 20th May 2004, 10:10 PM

    Tolari tilted her head and looked at each of the others.... They all seemed shocked by her observation. She thought it a fair question...had she said something wrong??
    "Well....?" She finally asked but this time a bit more softly.
    "Well maybe jest a guar'nteed bed and meals 'u'd be a start fer some...'umans down in ther' cities now... they be some as goes 'ungry mighty of'en... that too might be ther thing that lets yer know they be serious now... " Marble crossed her massive arms over her equally massive chest and rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "We c'uld be promising a blade ta' them that comes to 'elp....they be a bit expensive down below these 'ere loverly peaks!"
    Krondor's eyes brightened and he nodded. "That would be appreciated Marble, do you think Flintback would mind making them?" Marble smiled. "If'n 'e does then I'll make 'em! I make a good blade, I do!" Jodi put her hands on Marbles shoulders. "I think that is great Marble!!! Will that work Tolari?"
    "Yes! I think it sounds good. What about you Vrain? When could we go??" Jodi was more than excited. Tolari had already told Jodi she would ride upon Tolari's back! The prospect of flying again was pure joy! Jodi LOVED flying with Tolari. Marble looked over at Jodi and shook her head. "Now Jodi, ye not be goin' fer a joy ride 'ere. This'll be a might differ'nt me scrubkin... which brings me ta me mission 'ere....Vrain me boyo, will ye' be able ta come ta the forgin' cavern tomorrow laddiebuck?" Marble turned her eyes up to Vrain with a serious question in them. Her fondness for him still visible, for those who knew Marble.
    Another Silver waddled into the cavern. "Slopewing, I thought you were out getting something to eat?" Tolari stated in surprise. "I was but I saw some humans at the foot of the mountain....a woman and a warrior...I think. I just thought I should tell you...."
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 23rd May 2004, 12:08 AM
    "Thank you for telling us Slopewing." Tolari bowed her head gratefully. "2 humans might not appear much of a threat, but they must be discouraged from coming any further. If you don't mind, could you go scare them off?" Slopewing nodded. "Right away, Tolari." she started to move off.
    "Wait!" Vrain shouted suddenly. For some reason he felt that scaring these unknowns away was not the right thing to do. "If we want people to help us, we have to start being friendly, or at least observing them a bit until we have a better understanding of their intentions. Let me go and have a look at the situation and meet these people. Perhaps, if nothing else, they will leave with good feelings towards us." Silence greeted his words for a few moments as the dragons digested his statement. Then Krondar barked his approval. "How fortunate we are to have you with us Vrain, for we would never have considered such a strategy. Which is why I think you and Jodi are our only hope for survival. We will go greet these humans together." He crouched down and Vrain climbed quickly onto his back with the ease born of long practice and familiarity. With thunderous strokes of his wings Krondar leapt off the ground and was quickly lost in the mist.

    several minutes later...

    Vrain spotted the two human figures far below, together with some horses. Krondar had already seen them and was descending rapidly, circling around. They were almost upon the strangers when they suddenly looked up and saw the huge dragon bearing down upon them. With a yell both the humans dived for cover, but Krondar pulled up at the last minute, the downdraft from his cavernous wings blowing the fire out. Krondar circled once more and then gracefully landed a short distance away from the awestruck humans. Vrain smiled. Having a dragon on your side was definitely an advantage in any diplomatic situation. He carefully observed the two people, noticing now that they were a man and a woman. He smiled wider when he saw the shock on their faces as they saw him sitting on Krondar's back. He slid down from the dragon's back, landing lightly on his feet, and began to walk over to the stunned humans with a welcoming smile on his face. "Welcome to the Firemist Peaks." He announced when he was within speaking range.
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    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 24th May 2004, 06:12 AM
    They were finishing their meal and was putting out the fire when something in the air told them they had company. Xer snatched Mexgardus up, despite the fact that he already had a temporary sword belted to his side. His mouth dropped open and his face turned white. Descending upon them with scales shining in silver and a shadow easily large enough to cover the camp, was a dragon. His instinctive reaction was to find instant cover. Apparently Soiren was feeling the same. They spotted a large piece of jutting rock and ran to take shelter under it, watching guardedly with their heart rate increasing and the horses bolting to the other side of the lake. Neither Soiren nor Xer had ever come into contacts with dragons, and none of them had ever laid eyes on one. Xer elbowed Soiren.

    There was a human sitting atop the back of the beast.

    Soiren's mind went into an auto mode, searching for what she had learnt about dragons. Unlike eagles, who sometimes consented to carry other races around, namely elves, dragons were a totally separate and aloft race. Legends had it that dragons and humans once lived together as partners, but the stories were so obscured and embellished that most historians discarded them as mere myths and silly inventions for tavern songs. And there was also another piece of evidence which gave weight to their conclusion, for most of the dragons participated in the last war against God's chosen.

    "Welcome to the Firemist Peaks," the rider said loudly.

    "Xer," Soiren whispered, confused at the rider's intention, but her eyes kept being drawn back to the dragon.
    "Have you got some mana tricks ready?" he asked, his voice quiet to mask the fear in it.
    "What can it do against that thing?"
    "We might as well hear him out," Xer said. He pulled Soiren out with him, keeping a firm hold on her hand as he felt her drawing away. She was right, even if she could conjure up something, she could hardly do much in her current state, rendered ineffectual by fear, fed by the history of dragons she learnt from Kharilin. He could not say he was any braver than her, but his travelling experience helped.

    "We are only travelling in these mountains," Xer said, "We had no wish to trouble you or the dragons," he did not bother to point out that humans and dragons could not possibly be together. Right now, he had to convince this person that they were harmless, but he seriously doubted he would succeed. What chance did a human have against a dragon, if it really did as some rumours say, take human flesh as meat?

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 24th May 2004, 03:24 PM
    Marble shook her head. "That Vrain... what kin' a soul do with 'em??!! Krondor ought to know better than be so impetuous, I don't know who is a bad influence on WHO!" She muttered. Turning she saw Jodi headed for Tolari. "Uh, now missy where ye think ye be 'eaded now?? I know you and Tolari think you are going to join them but the two of ye don't need ta be running down there now!!!" Marble narrowed her eyes and fussed at both the dragon and the young woman climbing eagerly up on her back.
    "Don't worry Marble, we will fly around over head and just make sure Vrain and Krondor are okay...." Jodi turned a bright smile back on the dwarvess. She crossed her arms and muttered a few more comments neither Jodi nor the dragon heard for Tolari was already lining herself up for her take off run. Jodi had quickly slid right into the indentation between her front shoulders and gripped Tolari's muscled neck with her legs. She put her hands firmly on either side of her neck where it joined the shoulders and couldn't help but break into a grin of expectation as the great wings behind her began to lift.
    "Ye 'aven't even got a blade young lass!!! Don't you be putting her in danger TOLARI!!!" Marble yelled at them. Tolari snorted and a wisp of smoke came out of her nostrils as if reminding Marble, Tolari had a weapon. The dwarvess threw her arms at them in disgruntled dismissal. Tolari ran several steps and leapt up, her wings flapping, catching the air and pushing them skyward. She arched her back and they rose in a graceful circle around the inside rim of FireMist. Achieving the warm column of air rising in the volcano, they ascended smoothly. Clearing the rim, the white mist cloud surrounded them.
    With ease Tolari nudged into the cloud. Jodi marveled at the white all around her. It was like being wrapped in a blanket of dense fog. The complete deprivation of sight always gave Jodi a thrill of fear. The human shut her eyes and remained quiet, letting Tolari concentrate as she visualized her way out of the mists. The mist was cool but not cold. Suddenly Jodi opened her eyes and the sun burst forth as they cleared the cloud. Jodi felt the sun warm her face and quickly dry the dampness from her skin. Looking down she saw no sign of Vrain and Krondor. Her eyes scanned the forested hillside to her left. Jodi's gaze skimmed over rocks and clefts as rapidly as was possible with Tolari's flight speed. A tendril of smoke rose into the air ahead. As they rounded a ridge, suddenly Jodi could see her brother and the leader of The Nine below.
    "There's Vrain and Krondor now!" Jodi cried out.
    "We are not going down Jodi, not unless I get a signal from Krondor! I've been thinking Marble may be right... if someone should harm Vrain, we would only have you left!!! I can't risk you that way," Tolari replied gruffly.
    "Oh Tolari, that's not fair...... Vrain is down there....I want to meet new people too!!" Jodi pouted.
    "No, we do just what we said. We circle and keep an eye on them, THAT's all!" Tolari replied, emphatically.
    "Oh Tolari, couldn't we just stop for a minute?? PLEASE?" Jodi pleaded.
    "No. Anymore argument and we go back...."
    "Okay, we watch from up here! Unless we get a signal to come down from Vrain or Krondor...like maybe we can help someway..." Jodi agreed grudgingly. Tolari chuckled at Jodi's persistence.
    "UNLESS we get a signal from one of them...."

    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 28th May 2004, 03:58 AM
    Vrain wasn't put off by the wariness of the travellers. Still smiling cheerfully he inspected them closely. Noticing their dusty, worn clothes, he hazarded a guess. "Travelling, you say? These mountains are indeed beautiful, but I don't think anyone would travel as far as you have just to go sightseeing." Vrain was generally a very good judge of character, and he couldn't see these two going out on their own if they were trying to harm the Silvers. But looking at the strangers he could tell that they were tense, unsure about who he was and what he wanted, but their main concern was the dragon behind him.

    Suddenly Krondar trumpeted loudly. The travellers flinched, eyeing the dragon warily. Vrain looked skywards, searching for the dragon Krondar called to. He finally spotted Tolari circling quite a distance above, and also saw a small figure seated on her back. He looked back at the travellers thoughfully. Maybe they would be more relaxed if Jodi was there as well. "Excuse me for a moment." He said politely, then walked over to Krondar. "Tell Tolari to come down, I think Jodi might be helpful here." he hesitated. "And I think you and Tolari better disappear for a bit, these people are terrified of you. You don't need to go too far, just out of sight." He grinned as Krondar rumbled uncertainly. "Don't worry, we'll call you if anything goes wrong. And I've got this, remember?" He held the small dragon figurine he wore on a necklace out to Krondar. Carved out of a dragon's claw, the dwarves had carved runes of protection into it and blessed it with their most powerful magic. Krondar relented, hurling another piercing cry towards the sky.

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 28th May 2004, 10:05 AM
    Tolari trumpeted back to Krondor's call and the short calls began back and forth as the two dragons conversed. "Well, it appears you have gotten your wish Jodi, Vrain thinks you should join him. The two humans seem frightened of us, so Krondor and I will go back a way and keep an eye on you two. Let's get you down there." Jodi's eyes shone in her intense excitement. She was afraid to say anything that might make Tolari or Krondor change thier minds.

    Tolari began a graceful descent in a small downward spiral, nearing the ground she flapped short bursts with her wings and her back legs touched the ground with barely a jostle to Jodi. She leaned backward slightly and slipped off the dragon's neck, onto her shoulder and jumped the rest of the way too impatient to get to Vrain and the newcomers! Tolari turned to waddle off away from the humans and toward Krondor. They would keep a close eye on Vrain and Jodi, regardless of the fearful humans.

    Jodi rushed forward, smiling and her eyes sparkling with youthful zeal and excitement. "Hello! Welcome to FireMist!" Looking around she saw no horses. "OH my....did you WALK all this way??" She asked, her eyes wide with amazement. She tried not to stare as Marble taught her but she wanted to study both of them in detail so badly!!!

    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 28th May 2004, 11:14 PM
    Feeling Xer's pressure on her and seeing no escape of it, Soiren in turn gripped Xer's hand. The dragon did not make a move on them, but she could feel its eyes scrutinizing them. She did not know why she was so afraid of it. Terrified to be exact. Even though she had read of the dragons from the history books, it made no sense, not when the dragon was not moving an inch from its landing spot. Xer threw her a quick concerned look. His hand was hurting from her nails digging into his flesh, but he made no complaints.

    "Travelling, you say? These mountains are indeed beautiful, but I don't think anyone would travel as far as you have just to go sightseeing."

    His heart leapt. This person, despite his barbarian appearance, was sharper than he thought. Questions surged in his minds. If this man lived among these mountains, would he not have contact with the dwarves as well? Xer needed to find the dwarves. He gave the dragon a fleeting glance. Was the dragon allied with the dwarves? He better made sure of this before he blurted out their reason of coming all the way to the mountains.

    "You've keen eyes," Xer commented just as an idea came leaping to focus. "As you can see, i'm a mercenary. This girl has hired me to be her guard. She's from Kharilin," he applied more pressure on Soiren's hand, hoping she could take the hint. Kharilin was a good excuse, a good reason. Anyone in Ithriya should know the passion some of the students held, who later became famous scholars of their own right. Now unless this man was so ignorant of the outside world..

    Soiren shook Xer's hand free and shot him a glare. Xer was only a few months older than her. Who was he calling 'girl'? She was so suddenly aggravated by his reference, probably just a release from all the fear in her, that she fell into her part perfectly. She was about to speak up when another dragon approached from above. Involuntarily, she took a step back, but refrained with tremendous will to grab hold of Xer's sleeve. She shot him another black look, as if it was all his fault. Xer pretended not to notice.

    A female human, dressed in the same way as the man, slid down the dragon's neck with an ease that made Soiren blench. She was another strange one. Her immediate behaviour was such a contrast to that of the man's. It was hard to imagine her being a barbarian, but then of course, there were not many of them in Ithriya.

    "Hello! Welcome to FireMist!" Looking around she saw no horses. "OH my....did you WALK all this way??

    Soiren found her question offending for some reason. First, she was scared witless by a dragon; second she was called a girl by her reliable bodyguard; now she just realised the horses had run away.

    "Of course we didn't walk all the way," she said, unable to keep the sarcasm from leaking out with the words, "The dragon scared them away."

    Xer gave himself a mental kick. Although he had been travelling with Soiren for some time, he still did not know much about her. It seemed she had an outspoken streak in her when her temper went up. It was reasonable for someone like her, who hardly showed her frustration. He thought of the dragons. They were most likely the cause of Soiren's frustration.

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 30th May 2004, 05:41 PM
    Jodi's youthful face fell. "Oh...I should have thought of that." She looked down blushing. Then she brightened again and looked up at them with an expectant smile. "Shall I go find the horses for you?? Wouldn't take Tolari and me but a minute to find them if you know which direction they ran in..." Her expression was open and held an naive innocence.

    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 3rd June 2004, 12:01 AM
    "Shall I go find the horses for you?? Wouldn't take Tolari and me but a minute to find them if you know which direction they ran in..."

    Soiren placed a hand on her temple. She understood the Tolari being the girl referred to was actually the dragon. "No.. we can do that ourselves, thanks."

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 4th June 2004, 03:20 PM
    Soiren placed a hand on her temple. She understood the Tolari being the girl referred to was actually the dragon. "No.. we can do that ourselves, thanks."

    Jodi didn't take offense at Soiren's words. Her eyes shimmered with green highlights as she observed the obviously distressed Soiren, she was concerned for her.

    "Excuse me but if your head is in pain... Well, Marble has wonderful medicinal root potions that help quickly. Dwarven potions may not be the best tasting but they do work quickly!" Jodi offered, trying to be helpful.

    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 4th June 2004, 09:32 PM
    A huge grin spread over Xer's face. He saw Soiren's vexing was going nowhere. He decided to step in in case she erupted.

    "No, it's fine. We appreciate your concern," he said, finding the girl's attitude refreshing and curious. Soiren nodded faintly towards the girl at his hint.

    "I am Xer, a hired bodyguard, and this is Soiren," Xer said, thinking an introduction was in order.

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 5th June 2004, 04:46 PM
    "I am Xer, a hired bodyguard, and this is Soiren," Xer said, thinking an introduction was in order.

    Jodi turned to face Xer with a big grin. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jodi and this is my brother Vrain. I truly meant the offer of help for the Lady Soiren. Please forgive me if I have offered offense, I didn't mean to. Marble says I'm still a bit rough around the edges." Jodi took a moment to look at both of them. Seeing Soiren was still not happy, Jodi shrugged. She decided to continue to speak with Xer.
    "Is there anything we can help you with? FireMist can be a very dangerous place to be without knowing it well..."

    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 7th June 2004, 07:44 AM
    "Is there anything we can help you with? FireMist can be a very dangerous place to be without knowing it well..."

    Such as dragons, Xer thought, his eyes flickered to the two giant creatures and back to Jodi. He only thought dwarves lived here. It seemed his information was a bit old.

    "These mountains are populated by dwarves," he said. "Do you live here?"
    Who's Marble?

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 7th June 2004, 04:00 PM
    "Many clans of dwarves live in these mountains, yes! Marble, Flintback and Slate's clan is quite small but they like it that way. Plus there are many different clans of 'dragonkind' in these mountains. A few of our parents people still roam the mountainsides in the summer months but there are few of them left. The Red dragons have killed most of them." Jodi stopped to look at Xer and she could tell by the look he had on his face she had not answered his question. She thought for a moment then the thought struck her.
    "Oh..oh I see!!! You mean Vrain and I...why are WE here... Well, we would have died as children if the FireMist Clan had not taken us in. Our parents were killed in a rockslide after a quaking." Jodi blushed suddenly and looked over at Vrain questioningly. She was afraid she had said too much. *First time talking to real live people that look like me and I have chattered like a squirrel!!* Jodi thought to herself derisively.

    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 13th June 2004, 02:45 AM
    Vrain forced a smile. He kept forgetting how little Jodi knew about meeting people for the first time. He responded to her look with a slight shake of his head, hoping she knew what he meant. He looked back at the two, now with names. He almost laughed out loud at the disgusted look on Soiren's face as she watched the horses scatter. Clearly she was unimpressed by their sudden arrival. "Don't worry, we'll help you get them back. Without the dragons this time." he said good-naturedly. He looked at Xer. "Yes, we live here. This-" he spread his arms to indicate the mountains behind him, "is our home." He looked at Soiren again. "What exactly are you researching? Perhaps we can help you find what you're looking for."

    Suddenly an inhuman scream echoed loud across the meadow and all four humans, as well as two dragons, turned towards the sound just in time to see a huge gray shape drag a panicking horse into the forest.

    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 13th June 2004, 11:41 PM
    So Marble is a dwarf. These people live with them! The sudden fortune at finding the right people so soon made Xer speechless. But how could he get them to take him to see the dwarves?

    Soiren was listening with interest. In a few sentences, Jodi had basically revealed everything, from her tragic past to her current connection with the dwarves. Soiren found her trusting stance both a bit comforting and unsettling. She was torn between half wanting to trust this girl and half wanting to get away from her. She had never met someone with Jodi's enthusiasm.

    "What exactly are you researching? Perhaps we can help you find what you're looking for."

    The Eyrellian was aghast. Their whole mission was riding on her shoulders. The sudden interference of a scream saved her from answering, and her head whipped around to the source of it.

    "A.. dragon?" she burst out the first thing leaping to her mind.

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 14th June 2004, 08:38 AM
    "What was that, Vrain? Did you get a look at it?" Jodi asked her brother.

    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 16th June 2004, 03:38 PM
    Jodi looked over at Vrain, then at Xer and Soiren. No one was moving, impetuous as she was, Jodi turned and headed for Tolari. 'Maybe Tolari knows...' she thought to herself. 'A fly by might reveal what that gray thing was!' Jodi brightened at the possibility.

    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 16th June 2004, 09:35 PM
    "No way was that a dragon!" Vrain said emphatically. "I think it was a Direwolf. You check it out Jodi, me and Xer here will try and get those horses."
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    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 17th June 2004, 11:53 AM
    Jodi laughed and tossed back over her shoulder, "I'm on it Vrain!!" Tolari saw the young woman running toward her and she dipped a shoulder allowing Jodi to leap up and be seated quickly on the indentation between her shoulders. Tolari ran down the mountainside until she reached a small overhang of rock. Reaching the cliff she leapt out over the void, her wings pushing the air down ward and her body up. Jodi grinned in spite of the circumstances, how she LOVED to fly! The wind whipped her strawberry blonde hair around and she swept it from her eyes with one hand.
    "Let's go see if Vrain is right. He said that might have been a direwolf that grabbed one of those horses!" Jodi called out to Tolari. Tolari snorted.
    "A Direwolf around here?? We better teach him not to come into our territory!" Tolari answered angrily.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 18th June 2004, 12:32 AM
    Soiren watched Jodi leap onto the back of the dragon with obvious ease. As the dragon took flight, she had a momentary vision of the girl falling off it, but Jodi rode on safe and sound. Relief flooded through her. Soiren shrugged it away.

    "What's a Direwolf?" she asked as she, Xer and Vrain ran towards the forest where the horse was held.

    Xer held his tongue. He did not know what a Direwolf was either. Maybe it only lived in the Calkai and Calkei mountain regions. He had never come across one, let alone heard of it. On second thought, it might had another name which was not uncommon for some of the notorious beasts, or those that were not sighted as frequently.
    Posted by elven, warrior (Member #72489) on 18th June 2004, 11:52 AM
    suddenly a man dressed in a kings dragon nights uniform burst through the woods"run a dark dragon!" he ran up to the three of them looking at him a strange look
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 22nd June 2004, 09:22 AM
    Vrain paused and turned back towards Soiren. "Imagine the biggest, meanest dog you've ever seen. Make it as twice as big as horse, give it the brains of a chicked and you've got a direwolf." He grinned then turned and continued running towards the panicking horses.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 22nd June 2004, 03:30 PM
    Jodi leaned over Tolari's neck and held tight as she manuevered among the tree tops. "There! Over there Tolari!" The direwolf looked up from it's kill and snarled at the dragon's shadow. He began to leap up onto the rocks and leaping rock to rock he was soon much higher and able to see the dragon clearly. The direwolf snarled and bared it's teeth at the dragon and rider as Tolari dipped at the creature her claws seeking the creatures neck. Missing Tolari flew up higher to keep the creature from bounding at Jodi. Tolari saw the murderous intent in the direwolf's eyes as it eyed the human girl.

    Angered, Tolari prepared to flame the creature when a human male broke from the woods and distracted her attention. As she turned to look at the fleeing human, the direwolf made a leap for Jodi, it's teeth bared. Jodi threw up her arms to intercept the thing by the throat, it's dripping fangs and halitosis in her face as she fell over Tolari's other side with the direwolf. "VRAIN!!!" Jodi screamed fearfully. Tolari feeling Jodi suddenly unbalanced and the added weight of the direwolf, dipped a wing toward the surface of the rock. Letting the struggling fall of the direwolf and Jodi roll along her wing. She threw her claws forward and slammed into a jarring landing on the top of the rocky rise, making Jodi and the wolf fall only a few feet. When the two stopped rolling, by some miracle, Jodi was still alive. But so was the direwolf although stunned. It stood and shook then quickly took it's place over it's victim. Jodi seized the direwolf by the throat and was crushing with all the strength she had in her hands. The creature practically ignored the girls desperate grasp, growling it's menace, licking its foul lips in anticipation as it prepared to make the kill.
    "TOLARI!!!" Jodi screamed. The direwolf bit down onto her forearm. The bite not reaching the intended force as the direwolf's attention was distracted by the angrily roaring dragon. Tolari swung her tail in a vicious arc and knocked forcefully into the creature's head and side, effectively knocking the creature from Jodi and off of its feet. Her forearm now bleeding profusely, she ran for Tolari but the direwolf was quick to recover and within seconds was hot in pursuit of Jodi. Tolari roared again and leapt inbetween Jodi and the direwolf. The direwolf drew back and began to snarl, its teeth ready for a lunge at the dragon's throat. Tolari's glittering blue eyes looking hard as diamonds. Jodi heard the rumble deep within Tolari's stomach and knew to get well behind her.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 24th June 2004, 12:34 AM
    "Sounds bad," she said in response to the direwolf description of Vrain's.

    "What's it doing?"
    "Fire," Xer guessed at the posture of the dragon. He decided to chase down the horses instead, as the direwolf seemed ready to get toasted. "Take care of it for me," Soiren called and veered off to where Jodi was, circling around the dragon carefully. Xer looked startled, but he remembered she was a healer. Of course she couldn't leave a patient alone. "Aye," he said. Fortunately for him, his horse was too scared to move and it only bolted when he got near. With quick reflexes, Xer caught the reins before the animal had taken four steps. He spent a few minutes struggling with it, holding firm on the reins, looking into its eyes and making soothing noises. Vrain should be chasing the other horse down hopefully.

    "Let me see," Soiren said, oblivious to the two creatures behind her as she knelt down beside Jodi and took hold of her bleeding arm. The wound looked deep even though the direwolf was distracted by the dragon at the time of the bite, but it was nothing she could not handle. Place her palm over the wound, she pressed on it, feeling the pause underneath and the force of rushing blood. Then she began the healing process, speeding up the growth of tissues, the clotting blood cells all the while managing to help stem the flow a bit with her palm. Pain shot through Jodi quick as lightning.

    Soiren removed her blood stained hand. Where the wound once was, it was now covered with a new layer of pale, pink skin.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 24th June 2004, 03:52 PM
    Jodi fell to her knees, the wound in her arm screaming pain throughout her system but she was too frightened to give it sway. She kept her eyes on the direwolf even as it's burning carcass fell to the ground. She was so intent on the direwolf she did not notice or respond to Soiren's first statement. She trembled uncontrollably from the shock to her system and perhaps a bit of realization of what had just happened to her.

    Jodi didn't fight Soiren, rather she seemed to barely notice she was there until the direwolf was definitely and beyond a doubt, dead. As the pain of Soiren's healing efforts surged through her system it seemed to help shock Jodi back to the real world. She looked down, seeming to see Sorien's hand for the first time. Soiren's bloody palm raised up and Jodi saw instead of the ripped flesh she expected, the pinkness of new healing tissue! Her eyes widened with amazement. Afraid to ask the lady the obvious questions that instantly crowded her mind, Jodi dropped her eyes. "Thank you," Jodi searched her memory for Marble's teaching on showing proper respect, "Milady Soiren." Jodi half fell/half sat down, her shaking limbs no longer able to hold her up.

    Tolari had turned and watched Soiren working her healing upon Jodi's badly damaged arm. She blinked, shook her self and settled. She then began to utter a soft flutelike melody watching the healer. The melody was beautiful almost beyond description and lifted the spirits of those that heard it. When Soiren took her palm away from the wound Tolari stopped singing. "Praise You, Master Creator of ALL!" Tolari uttered happily in the rumbling tones of her dragon's voice.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 25th June 2004, 10:11 PM
    The song filtered into her consciousness as the healing process came to an end. A melody in tune she had not heard of. The music lifted, buoyed up by the spirit of its singer and on chilly air, filtered through the thick of leaves and reached ever higher. Soiren let Jodi's arm fell and she turned her head around to the source of the melody, her eyes landing unmistakably on the dragon just a few feet from her. Hard to imagine such captivating singing from creatures that battled against God's chosen one thousand years ago. The music emptied her heart of fear.

    "Thank you. Milady Soiren."

    A slight quirk of an eyebrow indicated the healer only realised Jodi had spoken aloud after the dragon had settled back onto the ground. She turned to regard her patient, for the first time seeing her as exactly the way she presented without the prejudices clouded by the presence of the dragons and the vexing incident with the horses. It could be the music, or Jodi's gratitue, or that brief instance of a healer's concern for an injured person. Soiren fished a small piece of white cloth from her pocket and wiped her hand with it, taking the time for the horrible realisation to set in. She folded the red smeared cloth.

    "I'm sorry if I caused your any discomfort," she said slowly, "It's just that.. I don't know why, seeing the dragons just scared the light out of me," she made no further elaboration on it. Treating Jodi with suspicion at first was warranted, considering her association with the dragons, but not once had she shown malicious intent. The young woman instead kept offering Soiren and Xer her assistance.

    "You have a very good friend here," Soiren commented to Jodi, catching the dragon's eye fleetingly, "And don't milady me, I'm no lady." The cloth disappeared and she rose to her feet. Xer and Vrain were nowhere to be seen. Were they having trouble with the horses?
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 26th June 2004, 02:47 PM
    Griforol sat down beneath the shade of a large tree. He pulled out his journal and began to write.

    I have continued my search in the Calkei and Calkai mountains region today. I came across some fellow travelers who said they had heard of some orc activity beyond the mountains, but they were not sure if this was true. I suppose I'll check it out later, but I find no immediacy in the matter. It is, after all, only a rumor. I'll continue around these mountains for some time. Perhaps I can

    Griforol stopped as he heard a beautiful tone float across the air. His eyes searched for the source, but he could not see it. Quickly he jumped to his feet and darted towards the direction that the sound was coming from. He ran hard, fearing that the music would cease. He passed by some horses, but he didn't stop to admire them. He had become very taken with the beautiful, melodious tones that graced his ears. Finally he found what he was searching for. He stood atop a small hill gazing at an incredible sight. It was a dragon, the first Griforol had ever seen. Many stories had he heard, but never had he had the privelege of beholding one with his own set of eyes. He then saw the other two beings, and he decided to go and see if everything was alright. He had heard of how vicious dragons could be, but this one didn't appear to be a threat. Griforol didn't think anything that made such a wonderful sound could be dangerous. He slowly approached the group and called out to them.

    "Hello! Is everthing alright?" He saw them turn and look at him. Griforol suddenly became nervous as he realized he had no idea who these beings were. He thought to himself, What am I doing? They could be very dangerous. What a fool I've been. What do I do now? I suppose running would only make things worse. If they try anything, I'll just introduce them to my arrows. Griforol put his hand back and grabbed hold of his bow as he introduced himself. "I am Griforol. I hope I am not intruding."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th June 2004, 10:52 PM
    Jodi looked up startled by the elf's appearance. She had never met so many new people, ever, let alone in short period of time! She quickly noticed his attire was very different than the fur and leathers she wore. "Oh!" She said out loud unconscious that she had uttered it. She cocked her head, staring at him. She noticed immediately that he looked different. She smiled at him but continued to stare at him in awe, studying him intently. It seemed to dawn on her he had spoken.
    "Oh....no you aren't intruding. I just... well...ummm..." Jodi looked down, suddenly not knowing what to say, suddenly feeling embarrassed she would say the wrong thing. She was still shaky from her ordeal. Her eyes went to Soiren, pleading for rescue.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 27th June 2004, 02:56 AM
    Of all people.. She remembered the days at Kharilin, where sightings of elf was not uncommon, but what was an elf doing in dwarven territory? and he looked messed up. His hair had a dirty colour to it, and judging by the length, it was as if he had let it grown without giving it much care. An image appeared in Soiren's mind, and she itched to get a string to tie up his hair.

    "Oh....no you aren't intruding. I just... well...ummm..."

    Hearing the stutters of Jodi, Soiren caught her eyes and realised she must be flustered at meeting all these new people. Her lips curved into a small reassuring smile and she turned to address the elf.

    "If you had come earlier, you could have witnessed a fight between a dragon and a direwolf," she said, jerking her chin towards where the direwolf lay, its body blackened and singed.

    "I am Soiren and this is Jodi. You are a rare sight around here," she noted. All of the elven forests lay on the western side of Ithriya where the two kingdoms, Eyrel and Sal Kadedin met.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 27th June 2004, 04:04 AM
    Vrain and Xer emerged from the woods, each leading a horse. "We got them!" Vrain yelled happily, angling over towards Soiren and Jodi. He noticed that their attention was fixed on something over his shoulder and turning around he saw the strange elf standing warily, uncertain of his reception. Vrain's eyes went wide with surprise. He had seen many strange things in his life, but this was something he hadn't seen. He glanced sideways at Xer, saw the same expression of amazement that was probably on his face and chuckled. Recovering his composure he called out to the elf. "Greetings friend! We are just about to celebrate our defeat of the direwolf and recovery of the horses, and, well... you look like you could do with a good meal. Will you join us?"
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 27th June 2004, 08:15 PM
    Griforol was a little uneasy with everyone staring at him, and he was relieved when the one girl finally spoke. She sounded a little shaky, and Griforol thought he might have frightened her. Then the other girl spoke and pointed out the smoldering beast she called a direwolf. "Oh, wow. I'm certainly glad I hadn't run into any of those before." Soiren then introduced herself and Jodi, the girl that had spoken before. At the comment of being a rare sight, Griforol grinned. "Yeah, well, I'm after something, and I'm not about to be deterred by anything."

    A sudden shout demanded everyones attention. Two guys with horses approached. When they spotted Griforol, they stared at him. Why does everyone gawk at me? Griforol lost all interest in their habit of staring when the one offered food. "I would be very grateful and delighted to dine with you." Griforol hadn't eaten a good meal for a while, and he was famished. He looked over at Soiren. "Oh, I noticed you were looking at my hair. I realize it is rather unkempt, but I have not had the tools to cut it properly nor the lotions or soaps to clean it. Heh, the best I've been able to do is rinse it in the streams I pass by. If you would happen to have any of these items, I'd greatly appreciate the permission to use them." Griforol couldn't help but smile at the thought of the possibility of being able to thoroughly wash his hair.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 27th June 2004, 08:55 PM
    "Oh, we can surely help you." Jodi smiled up at Griforol. Her deep sea green eyes sparkling with life. A low rumbling sound came to their ears. Jodi stood on shaky legs and went to stand by Tolari, fondly rubbing one of her ears. "I'm so sorry everyone, I forgot to introduce Tolari, First Singer of the FireMist Clan."

    "Vrain....?" Jodi looked at him and held out her arm for him to see the scarred and healing tissue of her arm. Jodi looked over at Soiren. "She... Soiren is a most gifted healer!"
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    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 27th June 2004, 09:17 PM
    "Thank you for your kindness. It is nice to meet some friendly faces after such a long time without seeing a single smile of a fellow creature." Upon Jodi's introduction of Tolari, Griforol looked with admiration upon the beautiful dragon. "I am most honored to meet you, Tolari. Your singing is quite beautiful. You know, it's sort of funny. In all the stories I heard as a youngster, dragons were fearsome beasts. I am very pleased to find you are not a creature of brash violence."
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 28th June 2004, 02:53 AM
    "We got them!"

    Soiren walked over to take the rein from Vrain, uttering a quick thank you. She rubbed the nose of the horse. The animal nuzzled her palm in an affectionate manner, but she could feel it trembling in the presence of the dragon. So long it does not bolt away. She stroke the mane of it, in hopefully, a reassuring way.

    "Oh, I noticed you were looking at my hair. I realize it is rather unkempt, but I have not had the tools to cut it properly nor the lotions or soaps to clean it. Heh, the best I've been able to do is rinse it in the streams I pass by. If you would happen to have any of these items, I'd greatly appreciate the permission to use them." Griforol was saying.

    Soiren gave him an embarrassing smile. She did not realise her action was so open and easy to see. "You need a string to tie it after you have it washed," she said, warmed up by the elf's friendliness. "And i have just the thing."

    "Or you can always cut it off with a knife," Xer suggested, bringing his horse over. It was more of a joke than a serious suggestion.

    "I am most honored to meet you, Tolari. Your singing is quite beautiful. You know, it's sort of funny. In all the stories I heard as a youngster, dragons were fearsome beasts. I am very pleased to find you are not a creature of brash violence." the elf commented.

    Soiren was envious of him being able to chat with a dragon without falling on his toes. After hearing the music, it was impossible for her to hold any unfounded fear toward the beast. She hated to admit acting like a country girl.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 30th June 2004, 08:18 PM
    Jodi smiled at Griforol's interaction with Tolari. The large silver beast dipped her head and dropped her eyes in a very gracious manner but said nothing. "Tolari rarely is at a loss for words..." Jodi grinned mischievously at the dragon and she grunted at the human girl, a sparkle in her own eye. "What can we do about helping make dinner? Shall we send Vrain and Krondor to hunt?" Tolari snorted. "Oh, I know you can hunt Tolari but...I'd rather not ride just now...." Jodi looked down at her healed arm with a bit of trepidation and bit her lip nervously.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 30th June 2004, 11:11 PM
    "You need a string to tie it after you have it washed, and I have just the thing," Soiren replied to Griforol's request. This was followed by Xer's remark, "Or you can always cut it off with a knife."

    "I think I will follow Soiren's advice, simply because I don't think I could cut my hair very efficiently with a knife. Thank you Soiren, and I would be grateful if you would lend me something to tie my hair with. Is there someplace nearby I can wash my hair?" Griforol was thankful he had met these people. They were very friendly and were willing to help him. Griforol started walking towards the horses and Soiren as Jodi questioned about dinner. "I'd be glad to help, as well," he said as he placed a hand on a horse's muzzle. "I can use my arrows to aid in a hunt." Griforol began to massage the horse's neck, trying to help in relieving the nervousness. Tolari's reaction to Jodi's comment made Griforol laugh to himself. He could understand how such an awesome creature would take pride in being a great hunter. As he glanced over at the dragon, Griforol also noticed Jodi looking at her arm with a hint of fear in her eyes. He smiled and attempted to say as reassuringly as possible, "Jodi, please do not worry about your arm. It looks as though Soiren did a wonderful job in healing it, and the best thing you can do for it now is to use it. That'll keep it from getting stiff." His statement echoed in his mind, and he hoped it didn't sound too much like a scolding.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 1st July 2004, 09:32 AM
    Jodi nodded but looked over at the blackened corpse of the direwolf. "I'm not afraid of using it, Milady Soiren...er Soiren has completely restored it. It's just that... well, what if that thing wasn't alone? I also do not understand why a direwolf would come so far into dragon territory... Ah well, let's forget it and hunt!" Jodi's eyes sparkled. "I'm hungry!" Her quick grin seemed to sparkle as much as her eyes.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 2nd July 2004, 03:36 AM
    "Any good place to suggest? I'll follow your lead," Xer said, tying a horse to a tree as Soiren did the same.

    "I think I'll pass, if you don't mind," Soiren said. Hunting was not in her area. Xer did most of her share during their journey from Kytah. "I'll do some fishing," she told them and walked back to camp, where she and Xer met with Vrain. She picked up the fishing gear leaning against a rock. It was just a particularly long, strong and flexible twig fashioned into a rod with a hook on the other end. She cast the line into the water of the lake and sat down at its edge. Her bait was no worm and meat, just a few layer of green leaves wrapped around the hook.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 3rd July 2004, 10:33 AM
    Vrain handed the reins of the horse over to Soiren, then watched with obvious amusement as she took out a fishing rod and baited it with leaves. His eyes twinkled in silent laughter and his mouth curved in a half smile at this strange practice. Suddenly Soiren swivelled around to say something to Xer, and he quickly put on a serious expression and turned away towards the direwolf. "Xer, my sister is right. Direwolves rarely travel far from their pack, and it has been a long time since I've seen one this close to the mountains." He turned back towards Xer, carefully avoiding looking at Soiren. His eyes strayed to the swords at Xer's side. Suddenly he noticed that there was something unusual about them. "Those swords look like quality weapons." he said approvingly. Then a note of curiosity crept into his voice. "If you don't mind my asking, why do you carry a two-handed as well as the other one?"
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 4th July 2004, 06:38 AM
    "If you don't mind my asking, why do you carry a two-handed as well as the other one?"

    Xer did not see that one coming. It was too good an opportunity to miss. After seeing the dragon in action and Vrain's effort in seeking out the horses, he had relaxed his guard against them. Since they lived with the dwarves, there were no other better people to ask for direction. The Eyrellian mercenary took hold of the hilt of Mexgardus and pulled it out of its sheath. He showed Vrain the side of the blade with a large crack running down its shining surface.

    "The other reason we're here," he said solemnly. "To ask the dwarves to repair Mexgardus. A sword legend had it, that it took a swordmaker and a mage to fashion."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 4th July 2004, 07:29 PM
    Jodi's eyes grew large as Xer withdrew the blade. Broken or not it was of fine quality.
    "Oooo, Flintback would love to see that blade! He's an expert at forging blades." Jodi smiled over at Xer. She looked over at the lady Soiren and tilted her head.
    "What can you catch with leaves Milady? I thought you had to use worms or bugs to attract the fish?"
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 5th July 2004, 05:06 AM
    Vrain eyed the sword curiously. He had never seen damage like that to a sword, and he told Xer so. "Interesting... "legend has it" huh? I guess you're after more than just a reforged blade. I've never seen a sword with damage like this." He took the sword from Xer and inspected the hilt and blade more closely. Suddenly he whistled softly with surprise. Then he broke into a huge grin and looked up at Xer. "You've definitely come to the right place though. If the dwarves here can't fix it, no one else will be able to either." He pointed at a tiny insignia in the blade, close to the hilt. It was invisible unless one was familiar with dwarves and knew that a dwarven weaponsmith always put his signature on every weapon, usually in the same place. "I know who made this weapon!" He said triumphantly.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 6th July 2004, 12:05 AM
    "What the fishes see are.. deceptive," Soiren said to Jodi and turned back to the fishing. "I suppose if you four don't want to hunt, i can fish our lunch here. Won't take a moment," she said.

    An insignia? Xer squinted his eyes then they widened in surprise. Vrain was right. There was an insignia there, so tiny and perfectly blended into the colour of the hilt that one would have trouble picking it up. Xer picked up lines of the shape of a hammer. Typical of a dwarf.

    "I know who made this weapon!" Vrain declared.

    An electric surge swept past Xer. He could not believe his good fortune. The maker of Maxgardus! But could he still live? this sword was made a long time ago. What if the dwarf's descendants had inherited the secret method of mana absorbing sword making?

    "Who is that?" he said, a bit unsteadily.
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    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 6th July 2004, 09:31 AM
    "Come on Tolari, let's show them we can hunt!" Jodi winked at the Silver Dragon and she chuckled. Jodi turned to Griforol, would you like to come with us? Tolari can easily carry both of us. Flying is wonderful!!!" Jodi grinned.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 7th July 2004, 09:06 PM
    "Who is that?" Xer said, a bit unsteadily.

    "Well I don't know him personally of course," Vrain replied, "This sword was made too long ago for him to still be alive. However, this symbol is sort of a family crest, passed down from father to son as each dwarf becomes a master smith. Although it might look the same to us, each dwarf modifies it slightly so that any dwarf in the family can tell which individual made it. Luckily for you there is a dwarven weaponsmith around here that uses that same symbol!"
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 8th July 2004, 03:29 AM
    "Great," Xer said, he could hardly believe his fortune. "Would you guide us to this dwarf, Vrain? I'm in your debt."

    He did not realise he was this attached to the sword. The attachment to it had only grown more in the journey from Kharilin, ending at Zarkiara. Wielding the sword's mana absorbing aspect was perhaps one of the most vital factors.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 12th July 2004, 09:34 AM
    Griforol watched Soiren get her fishing gear together and smiled as memories came to him from his childhood. He remembered doing the same thing, but with the leaves from the beautiful nephoril plant that gave off such a pleasant odor to the fish.

    The magnificent sword Xer drew caught Griforol's eye. He saw the crack and felt badly that such a beautiful piece of work should have such a large flaw. When Vrain pointed to the insignia, Griforol suddenly realized it was made of dwarven hands. It didn't seem as spendid now, but Griforol still couldn't take his eyes off of it until Jodi's question commanded his attention.

    "Come on Tolari, let's show them we can hunt!" Jodi was saying to the dragon. "Would you like to come with us?" Jodi then asked Griforol. "Tolari can easily carry both of us. Flying is wonderful!!!" Griforol's eyes grew large at this offer. "I would be most delighted to accompany you and Tolari on a hunt. Only if Tolari doesn't mind another one on her back, though." Griforol's entire face seemed to radiate a vibrative aura, as he was enraptured just dwelling on the idea of soaring upon the silver creature.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 12th July 2004, 11:47 AM
    Jodi grinned at Griforol. "Well Tolari, think you can carry two humans at once?" The Silver Dragon raised her head and rotated her eye back to stare at Jodi. Then she snorted and chuckled. "The better question would be; can you two keep from falling off?" Tolari replied dryly in her deep throated voice, her eye twinkling mischievously. Jodi laughed gailey.
    "Bring your bow Griforol!" Jodi showed the elf how to climb up on Tolari's upper leg and then push up to settle into the indentation between her shoulders and neck. She took her place and nodded behind her, indicating Griforol should ride behind her.
    "We'll be back in a bit with a cliff deer or a mountain goat!" Jodi called to the others. Only a momentary cloud passed over her face when her eyes drifted over the burned carcass of the direwolf. She looked on quickly and concentrated on Tolari's take-off. "Hold on Griforol!"
    Jodi leaned slightly forward as Tolari began to lumber toward the edge of the rock drop off, her wings spread to catch the wind. "Here we go!" Jodi called back with excitement.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 12th July 2004, 12:49 PM
    Griforol had climbed up behind Jodi and situated himself so that he felt secure. He reached back and touched his bow, just to make sure he had it. Griforol became excited when Jodi mentioned the possible game. He had never seen either of these creatures before, and Griforol always loved seeing new sorts of animals. Griforol noticed Jodi's brief change in countenance as her eyes passed over the direwolf on their way back towards the direction of take-off. Griforol placed his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Then, as Tolari started running towards the edge of the drop-off, he moved his hand back to the dragon's back. He felt safe, but not to the extent that one hand would be enough, especially since Jodi had just told him to hold on. As they continued to approach the edge, Griforol got more and more excited. He never dreamed he'd have this opportunity. The dragon's brilliant wings spread, and Griforol could hardly contain himself. Jodi yelled back, "Here we go!" With that, the ground dropped away below them. Griforol whispered to himself, "I'm flying on the back of a dragon. This is fantastic."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 12th July 2004, 01:55 PM
    Jodi's eyes sparkled happily, she dearly loved to fly! Tolari's great wings pushed the air down and sent them soaring upward with long, powerful strokes. "WOOHOO!!!" Jodi exclaimed with pure exhilaration! She laughed joyfully as Tolari tilted first one way then the other to fly around a group of baffled geese who honked their displeasure at the dragon.
    Jodi's eyes scanned the mountainside as they began to cover the lower levels of FireMist. "There Griforol, see? Watch those rocks, right now the cliff deer are not moving and you can't see them clearly. Make them wake up, Tolari!!" Tolari flew toward them and roared. When she did, suddenly the rocks seemed to move and come alive as several perfectly camofluaged deer began to bound over the rocks. They were not very large more the size of a goat.
    Jodi turned around to eye Griforol. "Okay, your turn! We showed you what WE can do!" Jodi laughed again, her eyes sparkling with mischief.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 12th July 2004, 09:49 PM
    Griforol was so taken with all that was happening that when Jodi told him it was his turn, he didn't understand what she was wanting him to do at first. "Oh, right! I'll get one," Griforol said confidently. He scanned the group of running deer quickly for the largest, meatiest one. After a short moment, he picked out the one he was going to go for. He pulled out his bow, two arrows, and a rope. To one of the arrows he tied the rope, and he then set both of them against the string of the bow. "Watch this," Griforol said to Jodi with a half smile. As they got a little closer to the mountainside, he drew the arrows back. After a brief pause, his fingers released. Without a second thought, Griforol leaped from Tolari's back. The roped arrow wedged itself deep into the short trunk of a tree at about the same time the other arrow struck the deer in the head. As Griforol began falling, he grabbed the rope in his hand higher up and then held fast. The rope tightened and he began swinging towards the mountain's side. As he had planned, Griforol swung directly towards the deers limp body. In one fluid motion, he flung the deer over his shoulders and tapped the ground with his foot to send him back out in a different direction. Griforol flew out into the air and, hoping Tolari was circling back toward him, he let go of the rope. "Tolari!" Griforol yelled. "Catch me!"
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 12th July 2004, 10:15 PM
    "Would you guide us to this dwarf, Vrain? I'm in your debt." Xer said.

    Vrain grinned. "Of course! I can show you a bit of the mountains too, I guarantee you've never seen anything like what's around here. I'm sure Soiren will be pleased at the opportunity to 'study' the country as well?" he raised one eyebrow. "As soon as the others get back and we've eaten we can head off. It will take several days."
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 12th July 2004, 10:53 PM
    Soiren pulled on the line and gave it a fling. A fish, its scales running silver under the sun leaped out of the water, spraying droplets back onto the lake and sending ripples across the surface. She caught hold of the fish, pressed it against the ground and untangled the hook from its mouth. She threw the fish to the three she had caught already and searched for another leaf from a nephoril plant she had spied upon entering the mountaineous area. She thanked the creator for making such a plant into existence. People like her who disliked touching wriggling worms could fish without the distraction.

    The hook sank back into the lake.

    "She will be," Xer agreed. Looks like this trip is turning out more interesting than she thinks. "Thanks Vrain," he said, "Shall we help out?" he reached for one of the fishes, drew out a small knife and began cutting it up. Scales flew everywhere as Vrain went to prepare a cooking fire.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 13th July 2004, 08:51 AM
    As Griforol left Tolari's back, Jodi gasped fearfully. Tolari dropped a wing tip and made a quick circle back toward where she assumed the elf had fallen off. Seeing him swing so expertly on the rope the dragon relaxed, realizing the elf was quite skilled and quick. When he shouted to her Tolari chuckled and was ready to swing around and swoop under him.
    Jodi in the meantime was turning her head this way and that to try to keep Griforol in sight. The look of alarm never leaving her face for she had no knowledge of elves and their abilities and she was truly fearful, her heart pounding wildly. When Tolari swept up under Griforol, Jodi held her breath, terrified.
    "Relax youngling...I have him..." Tolari chuckled. Jodi let out her breath in exasperation.
    "You both scared the noise out of me!!!" Jodi scolded when she could breathe again.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 14th July 2004, 02:18 AM
    Griforol had safely landed upon the back of Tolari. "Oh, yeah!" he shouted with glee. "That was so exhilerating!" He saw Jodi's worried countanence and immediately settled down. "Uh...sorry for the scare." Realizing the deer was still over his shoulder, Griforol flung it onto Tolari's back in front of him. He pulled the arrow from its head and tossed it to the side. "We can get a fair meal from this. We might even be able to make some clothing from its hide, as well." Looking up at Jodi, he smiled. "So what'd you think? I've been working on that move and I finally got it down pretty good, I think."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 14th July 2004, 09:45 AM
    "Are all elves so....so impetuous??" Jodi asked, still trying to force her heart to slow down and looking sideways, over her shoulder at Griforol. Jodi could feel the deer's carcass up against her back. She did have to grudgingly admit, Griforol's display had been nothing short of amazing.
    "Let's get this back to the others." Tolari chuckled at Jodi and she wondered what the dragon found so funny.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 15th July 2004, 02:08 PM
    "Yuck...I'm a mess!" Jodi said looking down at the dust on her from her fall with the direwolf now spattered with a few drops of blood from the rock deer. Tolari chuckled and flew over the lake's edge. When the dragon's chuckle grew louder, Jodi knew she was up to something. She went lower, skimming above the water about ten feet.

    "Tolari! Don't you dare!! No-o-o-o...." Jodi's protest was cut off as Tolari tucked a wing and executed a roll, neatly dumping Jodi, Griforol and the deer into the water near the edge of the lake. The Silver Dragon timed it precisely in front of where Soiren, Vrain and Xer stood.

    Jodi splashed in on her back but quickly recovered and swam back up to the surface. She held the rope attached to the deer and swam with the rope trailing after her. She quickly reached the shallows and stood, the water reaching her shoulders. Rubbing the water from her face she looked about for Griforol. Jodi was not anxious to turn around for she knew Vrain was probably laughing at Tolari's little joke.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 15th July 2004, 09:55 PM
    As the dragon grew closer to the water, Griforol became a bit nervous. He hadn't learned to swim much, and he didn't know what would happen if he fell off. Suddenly, the dragon's body tilted, and Griforol's eyes grew wide. As he plopped into the water, he let out a brief shout. A scene of horror flickered before his eyes as he went beneath the surface. He felt the greatest sense of pleasure as his feet hit the bottom, and he realized it wasn't that deep there. He sprung his head up out of the water and looked around with joy. He caught site of the deer's body, and he trudged through the water to it. Lifting it onto his shoulders, he carried it over to the bank. "We brought home some dinner!" he shouted to the others. "It's already washed, too, courtesy of Tolari." He shot the dragon a smirk. Griforol then decided to wash himself up while he was in the water. He dipped his head under the water and wiped his face and scrubbed his hair with his hands. Griforol brought his head up out of the water sharply, flinging his hair and many water droplets back behind him. "May I use that string you were talking about, Soiren?" he asked as he shook his hair to get the water out. He heard a shout and looked up. He suddenly realized he had been getting Jodi wet as he flung his hair. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was getting you wet...or more wet, I should say," Griforol said to Jodi with a half smile at his last statement.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 15th July 2004, 11:09 PM
    Jodi stared at Griforol with dismay. Once again wiping the water from her face she heard Tolari chuckle as she flew overhead to land on the firm ground further from the shoreline. A look of pure mischief came over Jodi. She splashed Griforol and turned to escape out of the water, laughing.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 16th July 2004, 02:44 AM
    Soiren was just towing away the fishing gear, having caught five fishes already when Tolari dumped her riders into the water. She quickly scrambled back, thankful for only getting a few drops on her clothing. The sight of Jodi and the elf breaking surface drew a laugh from her. "Is this.. standard landing procedure?" she said, not expecting Jodi to really answer. She rummaged in the bag for the piece of string that Griforol was asking for.

    "Here," she said, handing him a piece of silver string and a comb.

    Xer was gutting the fishes and saw the deer. He groaned, wishing someone else would volunteer to do the skinning.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 16th July 2004, 11:06 AM
    Jodi had heard Soiren's comment but revenge on Griforol had taken precidence. She came out of the water laughing and smiling. She looked at Tolari and wagged her finger at the Silver Dragon off in the distance.
    "That was not fair Tolari!!!" She shouted at the chuckling dragon. She turned to Soiren, "That was Tolari's idea of being funny...of course I DID say I was a mess...guess I better be more careful WHAT I say around her!!" Jodi shook her head, then broke into a grin. Jodi looked around and saw that Xer needed help. She turned to Griforol, "Would you carry it over there by the fire? I will start on the deer, while you finish up. Xer is doing the fish... thank goodness... I despise gutting fish!!" Jodi pulled a slender and extremely sharp knife from a leather holder strapped to her thigh. With skill borne of practice she made the cuts quickly skinning the hide and removed the unnecessary parts, these she tossed to Tolari and Krondor.
    "...hmm I need to go hunt...these appetizers aren't enough!" Tolari replied when Jodi was finished. The human girl waved at the dragons indicating they should go on.
    "We'll be okay. Go hunt both of you!" Jodi replied then went back to working on the carcass, preparing it for the fire. With help from the others the meat was soon roasting over the fire. Jodi loathed to get wet again but had to clean herself after the work she had done. She ran to the lake and jumped in. Quickly she set to cleansing herself. Looking around she noticed the alca leaves and went to pick some. She scrubbed them over herself and into her hair to help cleanse. She waded out of the water. The alca leaves left a piney scent. Jodi knew she should probably have Tolari fly her home soon... or she would be caught in the throes of the 'sneezing sickness'. She did not wish to leave the company of this interesting group however so she went to the fire and took turns heating her front side and then her back side at the outside edge of the flames. She had been avoiding her brothers eyes. She feared she may be due a scolding from him.
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    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 16th July 2004, 11:38 AM
    After Jodi splashed Griforol, he chased after her, planning to get her good. He stopped short, however, as Soiren offered the string and comb. "Oh, thank you so much," he said to her as he climbed out of the water and jogged over to her, leaving a trail of droplets on the grass behind him. He combed out his hair, straightening it so that it reached down to his upper back. Once finished with this task, he looked at the string, and suddenly realized he wasn't sure how to tie his hair. He had never had to worry about it before. Before he could say anything to Soiren, Jodi asked him to drag the deer over the fire. He walked over to the bank, where the deer was laying, and pulled it up. He put it at the fire and Jodi began working on it. Griforol then headed back over to Soiren. "Um, Soiren," Griforol said with an embarrassed grin, "I'm not really sure how to tie my hair. Would you be willing to help me?"
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 16th July 2004, 11:22 PM
    Vrain had the fire started, and it was roaring merrily beside the lake. Xer snapped off a few sticks to put the fish on and wedged the end of the sticks into the soil near the flame. He noted Jodi's efficiency in skinning the deer and how the dragon had cleaned off the parts they humans didn't want. Very efficient, and friendly to the environment too. He glanced at Soiren, wondering what was holding her up. The mana wielder was showing the elf how to use the string, moving her fingers and touching the wet hair. Silver.. go figure that. She seemed to have always had a silver cord for her hair, but he was not too certain about that. He didn't spend all day observing the colour of the cord.

    "You're getting better at it," Soiren commented, coming over with Griforol. Xer smiled crookedly. Next time he would make her do the gutting instead.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 17th July 2004, 07:30 PM
    Jodi shivered in the fading rays of the sun, her leathers would not be drying soon and she had no other clothes. She noticed Tolari land and curl up a small distance from the fire and horses. The smell of the roasting fish and deer were far too tempting to leave though, even if she WAS cold. She was ravenously hungry and finally decided she best keep moving to stay warm.
    "I'm going to scout around and see if I can find any water roots nearby." Jodi moved away to search by the likely looking group of rushes near their position. She removed her boots and waded in. Spotting the exact leaves she was looking for she garbbed a solid handful of the tough stringy leaves and pulled hard. The roots gave way and she was rewarded with a nice bulbous white root. The white part was about four inches round at the widest point and stretched about seven inches long. The silt slid through her bare toes as she repositioned and pulled at yet another. She found only four in this group of rushes but decided that would be enough. She waded back out and pulled out her knife to remove the tough leaves from the top and the tough feeder roots from the bottom. She then took the top leaves and wrapped them around each of the prepared roots. Jodi walked back to the fire to place them on a rock and shove the rock into the depths of the fire.
    "I'm going to go for a little bit, I will be back very soon." Jodi walked away from the group and came near to Vrain.
    "Vrain...I'm going to go home and get dry clothes. Any instructions from you or Krondor? Marble will be fussing up a blue streak!" Jodi whispered to him.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 18th July 2004, 05:33 PM
    Getting a mere nod from Vrain who stood taking everything in with interest. Jodi nodded, "Okay, I'll face Marble this time...." Jodi didn't relish the thought of Marble's scolding she would unleash on her but dry clothes were more important at the moment. Jodi was feeling chilled to the bone and her teeth were chattering. It was time to do something. Griforol had his pack and dry clothes to change into. Jodi had these things but she would have to fly home to obtain them. She went to the softly snoring Tolari.
    "Tolari??" Jodi wished she didn't have to disturb the sleeping dragon. One eye popped open and stared at her. Tolari raised her head.
    "Why do you shake like a leaf??"
    "I'm a bit ch-ch-chilled... I need to g-go g-get something d-dry on... c-could, c-c-could you take me home?" Jodi whispered through her chattering teeth.
    "Yes! I'm sorry Jodi, I didn't think about you not having any clothes to change into.... you humans and your removable skins. It's just not practical you know... you should have scales, like mine... the water can't get into my scales and make me cold!"
    "Yes, I grant you it's most inconvenient but would you fly me to the cavern real quick?" Tolari chuckled.
    "Indeed! Come on." Jodi climbed up on Tolari's back and soon they were running out into the stretch of field beyond. Tolari leapt into the air and they were off toward the mist covered peak.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 20th July 2004, 08:27 PM
    Tolari landed smoothly and was met by a fuming Marble. "What did you do to the poor child??? Why did you keep her out so long!? I feared you all were LOST to us!" The dwarven woman wailed. Jodi jumped off and smiled at Marble.
    "Much to tell you Marble b-but I n-need dry clothes! Come on..." Jodi raced for her cavern niche she called home. The fur rugs felt wonderful and the fire no doubt Marble had set it, was surely welcomed! Jodi ripped off her wet clothes and quickly changed into a thick, dry tunic and fresh leather leggins.
    "There are two humans a man and a woman AND we also found an male elf down there!! But Tolari and I were attacked by a huge, nasty, big gray dog-like thing. It nearly tore my arm off but Soiren the woman healed it!!! Marble it was incredible, she did it with a TOUCH!" Jodi hurriedly held out her arm to show Marble.
    "Anyway, we need to get back down there. We caught dinner and they are cooking while I came up to change. Marble? How could she heal with a touch?" Jodi asked. The dwarven female eyed Jodi and realized the young woman was speaking the truth.
    "Tis' of The Great One... a gift of the Light... I shall be interested in meeting this healer..." Marble remained mysterious but gave enough answer to allay Jodi's question. Jodi shrugged, perhaps it was not for her to know...yet.
    "The other... the man he carries a sword... it is broken but Vrain recognized the mark on the hilt...it was dwarven." Jodi relayed as she grabbed up her fur cloak and her other leather boots. Marble's eyes lit up but she grunted and let the remark pass without her comment.
    "Think Flintback would be able to help him get it fixed?" Jodi asked.
    "No doubt child... I think ye best bring these folks here as soon as ye can. Well don't stand there lolling about, get moving before Vrain needs you fer something." Marble nodded as if coming to a decision.
    Tolari was waiting. Marble had some roasted mushrooms and beanfronds she quickly wrapped into a packet for the group camped below the mountains. Marble grabbed up her trusty Mass Hammer and situated on her back. She dusted the flour from her clothes and with a stern look she faced Jodi.
    "I'm comin' too. I'm not letting you two get into any more mischief!" Marble grunted and crossed her arms. Jodi stared at Marble with amazement.
    "But Marble you have never EVER wanted to fly before!" Jodi whispered. Tolari rolled an eye back at Marble.
    "Aye' but there's a first time for everything and I don't have a good feeling about this... Let's go!" Marble snorted and Jodi realized it was useless to argue with her. Tolari chuckled and knelt down. Jodi helped her climb up and sit down then took her place in front.
    "Hang on to me, Marble."
    "Like a LEECH lass!!!" Marble seized a hold of Jodi and nearly cut off her breath with the tight hold.
    "Breathing is a nice commodity Marble... " Jodi squeaked out.
    "Sorry lass...come on Tolari get that big bottom movin!" Marble snorted. A loud chuckle came from the dragon and she lifted off. To Jodi's amazement, several others flew in behind Tolari and their were soon four dragons rising through FireMist and winging down toward the campsite.
    As they neared the area Tolari suddenly pulled up. A figure darted from the trees running straight for the group's fire ahead! Then Jodi realized why Tolari pulled up, DIREWOLVES!! There were several on the figures trail.
    "ROAST THEM TOLARI!" Jodi shouted angrily. The dragons following chattered in dragon tongue to each other. Tolari shot something back and then dived to land between the fleeing figure and the direwolves. She faced them and a low growling came from deep within. A blast came out from her nostrils and knocked both wolves back with a wall of fire. The wolves yowled in agony and tried to run to the side for the water but another of the dragons met them with yet another wall of fire. The wolves succumbed to the flames and fell dead, burning on the ground. Screams of terror ripped through the forest, animal and humanoid alike.
    Jodi looked around and seeing no more wolves she jumped down. Looking up she saw a purely petrified, terrified Marble.
    "Marble! Come on, we need to get to the others and make sure they are okay!" Jodi cried with urgency. The young woman's cry seemed to shake the dwarven female from her terrorized daze and she scrambled down.
    "Yer' okay now lass... just been flying when none was meant to fly but dragons... been meant to fly created us with wings 'E would 'ave. Yes... yes, I'm comin' lass... blinkin' dangerous down 'ere now..." Marble stammered her eyes still wide with fright, her hair disheveled and her clothes skewed about clumsily.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 20th July 2004, 09:48 PM
    The meat was roasting with a sweet aroma by the time Jodi was about to arrive. Sparks flew above the fire. Griforol had his hair fixed and Soiren could not help complementing him on his new look. Xer grinned at the exchange. She was back to her old self. Taking up a stick, careful of the heat, he offered it to the elf who accepted it with an inclination of his head. Vrain was cutting up the venison, his wrist moving up and down expertly.

    "Here," Vrain put a slap of meat onto Xer's plate.
    "That's skill," Soiren said.
    "Acquired survival skill," Vrain said, doing the same to Griforol's plate. "You mentioned 'study'. What are you hoping to find here?"

    Soiren took a small bite of fish meat, small as it was so hot. Although her original intention was simply to accompany Xer and witness the rebirth of Mexgardus as a soon to be graduating historian, Vrain's question was not a hard one to answer. Not many healers venture into the dwarven mountains as it was most likely an arduous and dangerous journey. Dwarves hardly associated with other races in the mountains unless they made a point of travelling outside their home.

    "I've heard that the Calkai and Calkei mountains are the most under-researched area in terms of flora with healing properties. I study history as well as healing at Kharilin, you can say this is part of my assignment."

    Vrain glanced at Xer and swept his eyes back to her. "Sounds like you two both have an agenda here."

    "A purpose, yes, you can say that," Soiren admitted.
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 22nd July 2004, 09:14 PM
    Zane looked up at the girl and dragon, "Thank you" she gasped trying to catch her breath.
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    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 22nd July 2004, 09:15 PM
    Zan looked up at the girl and dragon, "Thank you....the others?..Did you see any one else?" she gasped trying to catch her breath. Zan looked around for her friends. 'Were are they' she thought she was getting very conserened(sp?).
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 25th July 2004, 11:15 AM
    Jodi ran up with Marble lumbering behind her. When the stranger spoke to her, Jodi stopped.
    "Others?? What others? Are there others out there besides you?" Jodi asked with alarm, realizing what the girl was trying to gasp out. The chilling screams coming from the forest came back ot her, they had definitely NOT been direwolf. The shouting voices had sounded rather like....Griforol....this girl in accent....ELVES!!
    "VRAIN!!! There are other ELVES trapped out there by those direwolves!" Jodi shouted suddenly piecing it all together in her mind.
    "Marble take her to the fire and Vrain and I will go up on Tolari and Krondor." Jodi said quickly.
    "Come along missy, fire is a bane to wolves! Let's get our backs to the fire and our weapons facin' the lousy beasties." Marble looked at Tolari then shook her head.
    "Nope, done enough flyin' fer a bit now....ye be careful lass." Marble turned and started toward the fire.
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 25th July 2004, 01:58 PM
    Zan followed Marbel, as they walked she said "I'm grateful to you and and your friend. If its all right with you and the other, at your camp I will tell you my story"

    ((is this ok?))
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 26th July 2004, 07:48 AM
    ooc: please visit the OOC thread often, Lady Knight.

    As Vrain moved away, his face clouded by the troubling news, Marble came over to the fire leading a pale faced elven maiden. By the look of her, Zan was very young in elven standard, even someone without the keen elven eyesight could tell. Soiren's eyes flitted to Griforol, wondering whether she was one of his companions.

    "Does this kind of excitement happen often?" Xer remarked to Griforol while he kept cutting at the venison with Vrain's knife. Soiren got more plates out.

    "I'm Soiren," the healer said to Marble, knowing she must be one of the dwarves that Jodi had mentioned before.

    "Xer," the Eyrellian said, raising his knife in acknowledgement. "What course of action do you advise? I think we should get out of here as soon as we're done eating. Do they need help in hunting down these.. direwolves?" the mercenary asked.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 26th July 2004, 09:21 AM
    Griforol had heard the dwarf running from a distance. As soon as she came into view of his eyes, a shudder went through his body. His people had never gotten along well with the dwarves. He wasn't sure what would happen upon interacting with this one, but he certainly wasn't going to commence a conversation. Then another creature caught his attention. It was a girl of elven descent. He could tell she wasn't completely elf, just by the way she moved, but he saw an elven spirit in her eyes. She was young, and Griforol was confused as to why she was out here, especially with this dwarf.

    Xer's remark brought Griforol out of his thoughts, and he saw Soiren's inquisitive eyes focused on him. "Not usually, Xer," he responded. "I know not this girl's situation, but she must be in some sort of trouble to be in fellowship with a dwarf." Griforol pronounced the word "dwarf" with a partial sneer. It wasn't so much he intended to, but he had been raised to have such an attitude toward those people. As the others began introducing themselves, Griforol remained silent. He sat down by the fire and just watched the dwarf and the girl.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th July 2004, 09:50 AM
    Marble nodded to Zan as she spoke but kept her Mass Hammer at the ready to knock any beastie that threatened them. "Yes, lass, time enough fer stories AFTER we get the beasties under control. Hurry now lass!" Marble replied, her eyes searching the darkness well, her dwarven eyesight keen in the darkness. As they arrived at the fireside, she walked into the camp brusquely, ignoring Griforol, Soiren and Xer. Her attention remained on the frightened girl.

    "This 'ere youngin' 'as 'ad the light scared outta 'er! Could we bother a spot o' something warm to drink and a place by the fire for 'er? Vrain, Jodi is going to fly over the forest on Tolari. Think our lass will be okay??" Marble said quickly as she entered the group. Her first concern was for the frightened girl, then for Jodi. Marble placed her Mass Hammer down on the ground to get the young girl situated with a matter-of-fact attitude and yet there was a gentleness and kindness in her actions.
    As Soiren came up and introduced herself, Marble turned as if noticing them for the first time, although her keen eyes had already taken in all the people around the fire.
    "Soiren, is it? Where do ye 'ail from lass? Jodi tells me marvelous things about ye! We've much to discuss but now strikes me as not the time...." Marble sighed sadly. She nodded to Xer and then turned to look at Griforol.
    "I see we 'ave picked up ALL sorts 'ere...I don't bite Mr. Elf no matter what ye might 'ave 'eard!! Well least ways not until provoked...." She said dryly looking at him with a guarded expression.
    Posted by Eternal_Believer (Member #27859) on 26th July 2004, 09:59 AM
    what am i supposed to say?

    If you tell me i could make a really good story
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th July 2004, 12:40 PM
    Tolari waited impatiently for Jodi to return. Her keen eyes swept the forest wtih alarm, the other Silvers had spread out and were scouting the forest. Tolari roared and then finally she saw Jodi running back toward her.
    "I'm coming!!!" Jodi shouted to Tolari and scrambled up onto her place on Tolari's neck and shoulders. The wings had already swept out and the dragon began to run, holding her wings to catch the lift of the air sweeping under them. Launching upward with a powerful leap they were airborne.
    Tolari began to issue several clicks, grunts and deep gutteral tones together which comprised the natural dragon tongue. Jodi remained silent and continued to search the forest floor as best she could. She did catch shadows moving among the trees but what caught her eyes finally was two Silver Dragons by the lake, holding a figure at bay. Tolari chuckled.
    "What did they say?" Jodi asked.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 26th July 2004, 01:07 PM
    Griforol watched the dwarf lady as she attended to the girl. He studied her movements, and he realized she didn't seem harmful. In fact, Griforol found the dwarf very motherly, even along his own standards. By the time Marble addressed him, Griforol had decided to try and be friendly with the dwarf. In response to her remark, he said, "Lady dwarf, you need not worry about me provoking anything. However, you must also be wary not to instigate." Griforol did not want to have tension between himself and the dwarf while they were near one another. He felt it would be an unpleasant experience to always be in dischord with her. Griforol stuck out his hand, offering it for a shake. "I would like to create a pact of peace with you, lady dwarf. Over time you may earn my trust, and I hope to earn yours. For now I'd like to at least be in harmony with all whom I fellowship."
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 26th July 2004, 01:38 PM
    Marble looked Griforol up and down then winked at Vrain, "Instigate? Instigator? ME? Why, never ever crossed me mind ta' instigate anything...'cepting yer basic mischief now 'n then." Marble said with a completely innocent look, only her second wink at Vrain gave her away.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 26th July 2004, 07:38 PM
    Griforol couldn't help but smile at Marble. She didn't seem like such a bad being after all. Griforol felt like so much of what he had been taught was merely disillusionment. Dragons and dwarves were not the horrible, cursed creatures he had learned of at home. "Well, lady dwarf, my name is Griforol. It seems that making aquaintance with you will be a pleasure." Griforol suddenly remembered the girl. He looked over at her childish figure, hunched by the fire. She seemed a little frightened, but the boldness of her elvish spirit was definitely evident. He couldn't understand why she was out here, and he looked forward to hearing her story.
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 26th July 2004, 07:53 PM
    "Thank you" she said as a cup was handed to her. "She keept looking out taward the woods, looking to see if any of her friend had made it out alive.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 29th July 2004, 01:35 AM
    Vrain smiled as Marble barged into the camp. This should be good, he thought. He winked back at her when she winked at him and wondered how the others would respond to the dwarf. He sensed the tension between the dwarf and elf and tensed slightly, prepared to separate them in case it got out of hand. However he was pleasantly surprised at Griforol's response. He looked at the elf with a new level of respect. Then he remembered the dragons flying around and laughed. It was still a courageous thing for an elf to say, but it was probably easier to swallow your pride when you were surrounded by dragons. "Well, I'm glad you two have got off to a good start." He said. "Hopefully it will remain that way." There was a slight warning in his voice, but he didn't really think it was necessary. He looked at Marble. "So Marble, how was the flight?" He asked in a teasing voice.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 29th July 2004, 10:18 AM
    Marble narrowed her eyes at Vrain. "Well now Master Vrain, don't ye be playin' the rapscallion with ME! If The Father Creator MEANT dwarves ta' fly we'd been born with wings like Krondor and Tolari!!! Unnatural is what it is!!! Plain unnatural! I'll not 'ave any more peace with you and Jodi poppin' off on our dragon friends 'ere!!" Marble snorted and shook her graying head.
    "If the lot of ye' didn't NEED lookin' after, I wouldn't 'ave 'ad to experience such a terrible unnatural thing!!!" Marble fussed to no one in particular as she moved about the newcomer, trying to get the girl situated and comfortable. The sound of a breaking twig was heard nearby and Marble swept up her Mass Hammer and turned to stomp out to the perimeter as if meaning to meet whatever it was.
    "If ye be friend come ahead to the light, if ye' be foe come ahead too, I be waiting!" Marble growled toward the shadows beneath the trees.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 31st July 2004, 04:22 AM
    Soiren was glad to see Griforol did not become provoked by the dwarf's bluntness. They needed the dwarves now, there was not much of a point to anger them. As for Xer, the merchanery shrugged and went back to slicing the venison after Marble ignored his question. The Eyrellian probably took that as ill temper. It could be, since Vrain was teasing Marble about the dragon flight and she did not enjoy it one bit.

    "That's the last of it," Xer said, taking up position beside her with a mouthful of meat. Soiren hoped it wasn't another direwolf. One was bad enough.
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 1st August 2004, 08:35 PM
    'Ohh--no, not now' Zan muttered as she felt for her neckless. It had been her mothers. Her father had given it to her befor she and her brother left for there grandmothers home.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 2nd August 2004, 11:16 AM
    Jodi pulled up short at the sight of a nervous Marble with her Mass Hammer at the ready.
    "MARBLE!!! It's me! I promise I won't make you fly again unless you WANT to!" Jodi broke into a grin and laughed. Marble's stance immediately relaxed and she snorted.
    "Scared me ye' did lass! Flying through the clouds and fighting devil creatures in the dark.... me nerves need a cup o' tea!" Jodi put an affectionate arm around Marble's shouders and walked back into the firelight.
    "Ummm smells good!" Jodi said, realizing she was quite hungry. Also trying to avoid the inevitable revelation she loathed to make.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 2nd August 2004, 08:03 PM
    As Jodi came back into the firelight with Marble, Griforol put away his bow, which he had drawn when Marble said she heard something. He was glad to see she arrived safely. He laughed to himself at Marble's response. He found her to be such an animated character, and he couldn't help but laugh. Griforol was reminded of his own hunger when Jodi directed her attention to the food. He stepped over to the meat and selected his serving. His attention was caught once again by the young elf girl. He took a seat across the fire from her. "So, what is your name," he asked her as he took a bite of the meat, "and what exactly is your business in these parts?"
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 3rd August 2004, 08:32 AM
    Marble studied Jodi's face as she ate. Lass has somethin' weighin' 'eavy on her mind, something she doesn't want to say... The dwarven female nodded as she thought to herself. She could usually tell Jodi's mind by studying her face. She was not skilled at hiding thoughts from her countenance.
    Marble continued to observe the young woman and finally saw the furtive glance Jodi gave the young elven girl. The sorrow and compassion in her eyes gave Marble the final piece. Oh no...she has ill tidings for the wee lassie...
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 5th August 2004, 10:07 PM
    "Did you see any one" Zan asked standing up as Jodi came into the camp. "Any one at all" she said when she saw Jodi's face.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 7th August 2004, 02:43 AM
    "Did somebody else accompany you?" Xer asked the female elf. "How many of you are there?" The dwarves would be better at the search since they knew the mountain area well. He chewed through the juicy venison, feeling somewhat exposed beside the lake. If they could move to a safer position..

    "Do the direwolves attack often?" Soiren asked. "Or do they have an objective?"

    "An animal?" Xer swung his gaze to her, which happened to be her head as she was sitting while he was standing. "Food?" he ventured. How could an animal have an objective? Dragons were rumoured to aid the opposing side against El in the Time of Disorder, but they were intelligent creatures and that made all the difference.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 7th August 2004, 03:59 AM
    Marble wasn't the only one to notice Jodi's reluctance. He shot her a supportive look, one that said; be strong! He decided to try and delay the inevitable by changing the topic but as he opened his mouth to answer Soiren's question a howl echoed out of the forest behind where Jodi had just come from. It carried clearly through the cold air and froze the entire camp on the spot. It was answered almost immediately by another spine-chilling voice from the opposite side of the camp. Seconds after that another howl emanated from the forest somewhere between the first two.

    Vrain was the first to break out of the paralysis that gripped the camp as he leaped to his feet and whistled loudly for Krondar. His action broke the stasis and everyone looked at him. "We have to get out of here NOW." He said loudly, the authority in his voice leaving no room for objection. "As you just heard, we are now surrounded. The only way out is by air." He turned to Xer and Soiren. "I suggest you gather anything from your horses you wish to save, we have no option but to turn them free." Xer nodded and began unbuckling the saddlebags from he and Soiren's horses.

    As the shadow of dragon wings swept over them Vrain addressed himself to Soiren. "In answer to your question, Soiren, you should know that only twice in my life have I seen direwolves this far into the mountains, and never in such numbers." He looked out in the direction the last howl had come from as Krondar, Tolari and another Silver landed with earth-shaking impacts. "I fear to imagine a being capable of bending such creatures as the direwolves to their will."
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 7th August 2004, 10:34 AM
    Griforol sat by the fire listening to everyone's questions build, along with a bit of nervousness. When the howls tore through their camp, he was stunned along with the others. Things seemed to go downhill so quickly that he was caught off-guard. When Vrain broke the silence, Griforol stood up and grabbed his bow. He wanted to be prepared if anything came after them. A shadow darted over him, and he panicked for a brief moment, until he realized it was of a dragon. He began backing up towards where the dragons were landing, keeping his bow ever ready. Griforol heard Vrain's comment about a being capable of controlling the direwolves' wills. "Indeed that would be frightening. I would hate to run across such a creature," Griforol added. After a moment's pause, he continued, "So are you suggesting there is such a being that is trying to get us out of the picture?"
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 7th August 2004, 11:10 AM
    Jodi tried to avoid looking at Zan. How could she tell her what she had seen? She grabbed up a piece of the venison and started to take a bite. As the wolf howls began to start around them, Jodi looked up. The wolves had run off, away from the dragons. What had caused them to go against their natural instincts and come back??? Jodi looked to Vrain. He gave her a look of encouragement. As the others began to unpack the saddle horses and get to the dragons, the other Silvers landed. There were now five on the ground and they stood in an arc with their tails in the center. Every now and then the rumble could be heard and one of them would emit a belch of fire into the night as a warning.
    Jodi knocked the remainder of the venison out into the grass beside the lake. She hoped it would attract the attackers long enough to give them all time to escape. Taking Zan by the arm, she tugged her along.
    "Come, we must go quickly before these wicked beasts attack again!"
    Marble stood with her back to the fire her eyes glinting with pure anger. "Come on ye' little beasties....want to play do ye? My Hammer has been idle far too long! Time to smash some wicked beastie heads!" She growled back at the yellow eyes in the shadows. Jodi touched her arm. Answering growls issued from the darkness.
    "GO lass....get the youngin' ta safety!" Marble whispered harshly under her breath.
    "Marble! Come on, the dragons can get us all to safety, let's go!" Jodi argued. Marble snorted. "Rather face the beasties than fly again!!!" She gave a visible shudder.
    "Marble, if you stay I'm staying...." Jodi replied stubbornly, picking up a burning brand from the fire and facing outward.
    "Ack! Lass, if you aren't the most stubborn, most....dwarf-like 'uman I ever met!!! Very well then, GO! I'm comin'..." Marble shook her gray head and shook her hammer at the dark shadowy eyes.
    "Lucky fer ye the lass is so stubborn!" She snarled back at them. The yellow eyes blinked in surprise to hear that snarl. Quickly they regained their composure and the growling resumed.
    "'aven't much time.... when they begin to growl they are preparing to attack if the tales are to be believed." Marble panted as she ran up behind the two young women.
    "Tolari can carry us Marble, she did it before."
    "This young one...??"
    "Vrain? Vrain will you take this girl with you?" Jodi called over to him. She saw Griforol covering them with his bow and she grinned at him.
    "Griforol, ready to try it solo??"
    As the humans made it to the dragons they shifted to enclose the humans within a circle. Ardenor, one of the other Silvers, immediately took over covering Griforol's withdrawal. Jodi had a thought and turned to Soiren and Xer.
    "We could have the dragons grab your horses. They might have a terrible fright but they could fly the horses out ahead of the wolves and put them back down. It would give them a chance to escape." Jodi suggested it, hoping Xer and Soiren would not have to lose any of their things.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 8th August 2004, 01:25 AM
    Soiren untied the bundle to the saddle and slung it over her back as Xer did likewise. She gave her horse a smack at the rump, sending it running in the direction around the lake. Running over to the dragon where Jodi waited, with Griforal firing his arrows over his back, a large shadow fell over the clearing, followed by the roar of another dragon.

    "We could have the dragons grab your horses. They might have a terrible fright but they could fly the horses out ahead of the wolves and put them back down. It would give them a chance to escape." Jodi was saying.

    Soiren waved at her, "Leave them, they'll be fine," she said, shooting a nervous glance at Tolari then resolving herself and determinedly climb over the dragon's back, listening to the instruction Jodi was giving as the howls around them subsided then resumed to sing a chilling yet mournful, monotonous song in tribute to whichever 'thing' these creatures were responding to. The mana wielder casted out her senses and quickly weaved a cloak for the two horses. In the chaos that followed, no one noticed how the two animals just vanished as if they had been erased from existence by the finger of God.
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    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 9th August 2004, 09:35 AM
    When Griforol realized Ardenor was covering him, he turned around and started jogging over to Jodi. He looked back at the dragon and was amazed by its beauty and infinite boldness. As he reached Jodi, Griforol stepped to the side of her so as to continue watching Ardenor and said, "Yes, I can go solo. Which dragon would you like me to ride?" Another set of howls rang out, sounding, again, closer. Griforol thought he saw something dash into sight for a brief moment just 10 yards from the outer ring of dragons. He desperately hoped they could get out of there before the direwolves could attack them. Even with the dragons, the direwolves might still be able to attack the group if there is a large enough number of them.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 9th August 2004, 02:37 PM
    "Looks like Ardenor chose FOR you Griforol. That is Ardenor there, the one that covered your retreat. He is a young Silver, but very strong. He could easily take another with you. Remember how I held onto the bony crest of Tolari's neck? Slip on behind that and you should settle into flying with him. Always try to remain still as you can and let Ardenor do the flying. Okay?" Jodi replied, hoping and praying Griforol's dexterity would allow him to stay with Ardenor in case the dragon needed to make any sudden manuevers!
    "Let's get airborne!!! They close about us!" Jodi cried out. Tolari picked that moment to belch forth a wall of fire. The frantic yelping let them know the direwolves were indeed closing in.
    "Krondor may have to lay down a fiery path through them for us to take off, Vrain!!!" Jodi called to her brother, anxiety in her eyes.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 13th August 2004, 06:01 AM
    From his position on the the neck of Krondor Vrain could see the direwolves preparing to attack. "You hear her Krondor! Let's have us a barbeque!" he said. He whooped with excitement as Krondor took the air and hovered close to the edge of the forest. Vrain suddenly noticed that there was no movement in the trees and realised that it was the calm before the storm. Then his eye caught a flicker of motion and shouted, "Now Krondor!". A split second before the forest disgorged a black wave of direwolves the dragon drew back his head and belched forth a torrent of orange flame. The fire smashed into the leaders and engulfed the next few beasts. The rest of the pack swerved around the fire and continued towards the camp. Vrain grinned and yelled encouragement to Krondor. Twisting to look behind him he saw that the camp was empty and all the dragons were lifting off. "Let's go Krondor!" He yelled over the noise from the downdraft Krondor's wings.

    The meadow fell away from them as Krondor took up the lead and headed back up into the mountains, the other Silvers trailing behind.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 13th August 2004, 08:01 AM
    Jodi got the mumbling Marble up behind her after seeing Xer and Soiren up on Slopewing. Everyone situated she breathed easier. With a smile of pride in her brother, Jodi watched him and Krondor lay down the fire through the attacking wolves. All the silvers, happy to be airborne again were winging in a circle to make sure Vrain and Krondor got up as well. After they took off, Tolari brought up the rear as they headed toward the mountain.
    "Keep us a bit behind so I can watch the others, remember Tolari they have never been around a dragon, nor flown before!" Jodi told her and her only answer was a dragon chuckle.
    "Let's be makin' sure I stay on too lass!!!" Marble shuddered from behind her. Jodi laughed and gave Marble's arm a reassuring squeeze.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 13th August 2004, 05:10 PM
    Griforol looked all about below him as Ardenor flew along. To have a bird's eye view, or dragon's eye view, was an amazing thing. He glanced back at their camp, where now stood a swarm of growling direwolves among smoldering ash that the Silvers left behind. He thought again about the possibility of a creature powerful enough to control the wills of the direwolves. It was a frightening thought, and Griforol chose not to dwell upon it long. For now he wanted to enjoy the flight upon Ardenor's back. As he began bringing his gaze from their camp back to the front, his eyes caught Jodi's and he gave a nod. The sight of Marble behind her made him laugh to himself. Seeing Marble reminded Griforol of the elven girl. He wondered how she was doing and why she was out where they found her. He also was curious as to what news Jodi had regarding her. He had noticed a worried expression on her face when she came into the camp. He just hoped it wasn't anything that would tear the girl's heart.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 13th August 2004, 10:48 PM
    Although they were climbing higher and higher, Lake Serres remained visible for all eyes to see. Situated between two mountain ranges, stretching from one end to another, it was the biggest inland pool of water in Ithiriya. Like the land itself, it was a distinct landmark that no distance could wipe off. Soiren's eyes flicked past Krondor and Vrain. That spectacular blaze from the dragon had stalled the first wave of direwolves, buying time for the other dragons to take off. These beasts must be a formidable force back in the old days. She shivered, grateful she was not born in an era of extreme conflicts. She covered her face with her sleeve, attempting to prevent her nose from becoming frozen. Hard to imagine the turn of events. These dragons were nothing she expected. She chided herself. Of course, nearly a thousand years have past since the Time of Disorder. All manner of things changed in the passage of time, and the dragons were no exception.

    Ahead of them, mist wreathed around the peaks of mountains. Xer recalled this particular area from a conversation in Til'aren. The firemist mountains where few humans had set foot upon. His hand tightened around the hilt of Mexgardus. Soon he could have the sword repaired, if all went well. He looked at the mountain walls that were closing in as hundred of feet below, tiny black shapes followed in a distant then stopped, their howls echoing emptily in the valley.

    "You're gonna fall off," he said. The healer was wrapping only one arm around his middle. "You did something with our horses."

    "Why, an afterthought coming from you?" she said, her words almost drowned out in the keeing of the wind. Xer grinned. He only remembered them after the dragons had flown off from camp for a while. "Just confirming. I wouldn't want to walk all the way back when our business is finished here."

    "Back where?" Soiren asked, knowing Xer really didn't have a destination in mind.
    "Something will come up," he shrugged.
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 15th August 2004, 03:10 PM
    ((i'm comfused can someone tell me were Zan is?))
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 15th August 2004, 06:02 PM
    OOC: She is riding behind Griforol.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 25th August 2004, 12:09 PM
    As they rose higher, all who rode the dragons could see the reason for the peaks name. Occasionally jets of flame, lava or heated steam would shoot up from rock formations as the ground released a gaseous plume. These steam vents seemed to have no pattern and were unpredictable. Meeting the cooler and moist air from the mountain streams caused the heated plume to soon turn into a thick steam. So any creature on the ground would be hard pressed to avoid the 'vents' and have an even more difficult time navigating through the heavy fog. Merely walking in the area would be treacherous. at best. As they entered the heaviest fog, no one could see a thing. Looking at the dragons one could see them close their eyes as they entered the dense cloud.
    Jodi heard Marble mumbling prayers to the Creator of All through frantic, panic-stricken breaths.
    The silvers visualized the opening into the cavern. In mere seconds each dragon was dropping down the steep edges of what appeared in the gathering darkness as an even darker hole. As they spiraled downward, the air became clear and the soft glows of firelight came from the edges of the massive cavern. The dragons landed near the side that held the two fires. In the dancing firelight a large area with ledges which held several dark yawning openings. Another fire graced a smaller opening. Two Silvers and a dwarven male, ran up to greet the returning dragons. Chaos reigned as dragons and dwarf began to furiously fire off questions.
    As Tolari lowered her wings the dwarf pulled up short and stared in amazement at Tolari's passengers.
    "Aw, don't ye be givin' me no lip now, mister babble-mouth! Say one word, I'll make ye eat bizzard wings and dry toast fer a week!!!" Marble snorted at him as he stood still staring at her with his mouth agape. As if daring him to say anything else she stared hard back at him, then raised her chin up and crossed her arms. "Hmph. Think ye'd never seen a dwarf fly before!" She grumbled at the still staring dwarf. Jodi slipped off first, doing her darnest not to laugh.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 28th August 2004, 06:54 AM
    Soiren climbed down the dragon's back with Xer close behind. She stayed back a bit seeing another two dragons ambling up to them. The lone dwarf with the new dragons wasted no time shooting off questions but Marble managed to shout him down with three sentences. Soiren noticed Jodi was shaking, but the woman was not shaking from cold. There was a weird expression on her face, as if she was struggling with some emotion she wasn't quite ready to show.

    The healer turned her attention to the cavern they were in. The largest cavern she had ever seen in life. God never ceased stunning one as insignificant as her.

    "A stunning craft," Xer said beside her, looking up to observe the ceiling of the cavern.
    "Craft?" she would have never compared it with art. "You're more artistic than i thought," she commented.

    "Artistic?" Xer said, startled. "Where did you get that from?"

    While they talked, the others were dismounting.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 28th August 2004, 12:51 PM
    Griforol hopped off of Ardenor's back. He looked around for a moment to collect his bearings. He then turned and looked up at Zan. "Slide down off of his back. I'll catch you." After setting Zan on her feet, Griforol looked around some more, admiring the cavern they were in. It was an entirely different environment from anywhere he'd ever been. The approaching silvers and dwarf arrested his attention. The hostile feelings Griforol was raised in arose at the site of the dwarf, but he quickly quelled them. He figured he couldn't be worse than Marble. He listened as they started shooting off their questions, though he couldn't understand most of it due to the deep rumbling bass of the dragons' voices mixing together. Griforol loosed a soft chuckle upon seeing the dwarf silenced by Marble. He looked back at Zan to see if she was alright and how she was taking it all in. She was still such a mystery to them all.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 29th August 2004, 05:45 PM
    Slate continued to stare at Marble as she snorted and managed to tumble, none to gracefully, off of Tolari's back. Jodi knew better than to reach out to help Marble so turned away with a smile to allow her some dignity. Slate however ran up to give her a hand. "Well laddie, don't ye think that hand be a bit late???!!!" Marble looked up at him with her eyes casting daggers, her face bright with embarrassment.
    Slate helped her up even though Marble was angry. His gaze was one of awe.
    "You rode upon Tolari's back?? YOU?" Slate finally managed to say.
    "Pay Slate no mind youngling's, 'e 'as none ta mind at the moment...." Marble snorted. "Take yer eyeballs and put 'em back in yer 'ead Slate. YES, I flew on a dragon!!" Marble lifted her head proudly not about to let Slate know the flight had scared her. She narrowed her eyes and looked to Vrain with a challenge in her eyes.
    She wondered if he would tell Slate how the experience had frightened her. Slate was still looking at Marble with pure awe and she began to bask in the admiration she was getting, no matter what her words were.
    "Yes Slate, twas the most unexpected of journeys but as you can see, we had to go, these folks were in terrible danger... Speaking of the newcomers, won't ya see ta' 'elping get everyone settled." Jodi began to laugh. Marble turned to stare at her.
    Jodi pointed to Tolari, "...uh...it was something Tolari said...private joke." Jodi stammered, her irrepressible grin never leaving her face. Marble looked at her, turned to look at her again then shook her head and started back to her cooking area where the food still simmered in the pot in the fire.

    "Welcome to FireMist Cavern. I cannot wait to hear your story!" Slate chuckled and pulled out his pipe.
    "Slate! Don't ye dare light that up 'til ye bring me more wood! I need ta' make some biscuits right quick." Marble growled at him.
    " ...flew on a dragon..." Slate muttered, shaking his head as he walked off to retrieve the requested wood.
    Posted by Lady Knight (Member #73868 ) on 29th August 2004, 09:44 PM
    "Thank you" Zan muttered as Griforolset her on the ground. Zan was still kinda in shock. All she could do was sitdown and then look around.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 30th August 2004, 07:42 AM
    "A very beautiful cavern," Soiren said aloud, coming over to the fire with Xer. "I've never seen anything like it."

    "I doubt many humans have set foot here," the Eyrilian added an explanation, rounding near the fire and held out his hands over the fire to warm them.

    There must be lots of unexplored places here. The more she thought of it, the more excited she became. There could be some really rare and useful herbs around. Those that grew deep within the caverns.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 31st August 2004, 02:21 PM
    "A very beautiful cavern," Soiren said aloud, coming over to the fire with Xer. "I've never seen anything like it."

    Jodi smiled brightly at Soiren. "Wait until you see it in daylight! The crystal formations are very pretty." She replied to her observation. Jodi was interrupted as Tolari let out a horn-like call. It echoed through the cavern and down the many tunnels.
    "Krondor has called an emergency meeting of the Silvers council..." Jodi said in answer to the inevitable question. Her own mind filled with questions and possibilities. She so hoped the strangers would prove amiable to the plight of the Silvers.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 2nd September 2004, 08:21 AM
    The call of Tolari bounced back and forth along the cavern calls, making it sound as if more than one dragon was calling.

    "Krondor has called an emergency meeting of the Silvers council..."

    Soiren gave her an askewed look. Emergency call for what? something to do with the unusual mass movement of the direwolves?

    "Emergency? is that something to do with the direwolves?" Xer voiced her question.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 2nd September 2004, 10:42 AM
    Jodi nodded solemnly at Xer. "Yes, I'm sure that's a big part of it. No creature has dared attack so close to FireMist before. It comes within hours of an attack on another Silver colony. Things are seem a bit beyond coincedental...." Jodi replied to Soiren and Xer.

    Marble recovered somewhat and was humming happily as she took Zan's hand and led her over to the fire.
    "Now ye best sit and relax here, this cavern is safe." Marble clucked sympathetically over the frightened young maiden. Then she set about making the afore mentioned biscuits. Only a quick sideways glance at Jodi revealed the deep concern Marble had for Zan. She knew Jodi and for her not to tell the young maiden the whole story as soon as she returned, there must be evil news indeed. It was not in her nature to hide things unless she feared an overwhelming painful reaction. Jodi loathed to inflict pain. Marble glanced at the young one again. Her heart went out to the young maiden, but she snorted and bustled about.

    Soon ten Silver dragon's stood in a circle off to the right of where the humans and dwarves were. Krondor called for Vrain to join them. The direwolves here at the foot of FireMist was a matter of no small importance. Krondor asked Vrain to share his thoughts on what had happened, what had possibly brought the wicked creatures so near. The council decided to get each person/dragon to tell their stories and perhaps they would gain a greater understanding of what was transpiring. Slopewing was visibly worried and twisted her tail around her snout.
    Krondor sent Vrain to the others to make the request of them. The dragon's stood watching the humans with expectancy.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 8th September 2004, 07:32 AM
    "Do this.. happen often?" Soiren inquired as the dragons gathered around. Their anxiety was obvious by their body movement even though this was the first time she laid eyes on them.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 8th September 2004, 09:43 AM
    "No, this is not usual at all... Something odd is going on. Those direwolves seemed to keep growing, more shadows..." Jodi stopped midsentence. Something moved her to recall an ancient dwarven saying carved deep in the tunnels where she and Marble would go pitchtole hunting (a type of medicinal fungus). Marble had read it for her but couldn't tell her much about what it meant. Jodi spoke out loud as she struggled to remember it. "Beware the eve the eyes deceive, shadows move and grow; the wicked malice seeks the chalice to enthrone the world below..." There was more but Jodi couldn't remember it. She concentrated but it seemed blocked from her recall. She sighed with frustration then turned her attention back to Vrain and Krondor.
    Posted by The Duke (Member #74674) on 8th September 2004, 11:02 PM
    Griforol walked over to the group of dragons and people. He didn't fully understand what was going on, but he was able to pick out the fragments about an emergency and the direwolves' movement. Jodi's recital of the dwarven saying directed Griforol's ear's attention. Though not spoken powerfully, the words, themselves, moved him within. When she finished he asked, "What does that mean? To be honest, it frightened me, and I don't know why. There is a sense of forewarning in those words." Griforol's muscles tightened, as if expecting an unseen enemy to strike. He was glad to have the dragons there, as they were a great reassurance to him.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 10th September 2004, 01:57 PM
    A silver dragon descended slowly and carefully down through the mists above. Her wings setting up a sweet sigh of wind among the crystals of the cavern, alert those within of her descent. She was tenderly carrying in her forearms a large basket-like thing of fur and pine boughs.

    "Medea!" Slopewing breathed out, her large green eyes hopeful until she saw more clearly Medea was carrying something. Slopewing uttered a wail of sorrow. Medea landed gently trying not to jostle what she carried. She came immediately toward Krondor. Her eyes were sad and Medea did not speak, she simply held out the basket-like thing allowing all to see it's contents. Inside were five eggs about 18 inches tall and 12 inches around. The silver dragon sighed deeply.
    "They were all dead except these five eggs, within hours of my arrival. I was just too late. I lost two of the eggs from getting too cold. Ur was tending them but she must have been one of the first to feed therefore she was the first to die. Slopewing you and these un-hatched are all that remain of The FireMist Falls Bevy...." Medea flung her head up and roared her agony and frustration.

    As Medea lowered her head, her eyes fell upon the new arrivals. "Have you caught the perpetrators of this horrendous crime?!" She cried out suddenly and glared at the newcomers with open malice.
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    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 10th September 2004, 04:58 PM
    Tivanica Ramos stayed silently on the periphery of everything, as was her custom. Occasionally she would give the fire a good poke to keep it burning happily-- she suspected that the fire was probably the only 'happy' thing in this cavern and it wasn't even sentient. There was grim business afoot and the dragons were agitated.

    The newcomers piqued her curiosity, though. A mercenary-looking type with a pair of swords-- the larger one drew her attention, for some reason-- a young maiden, an Elf and another young woman in white robes. The robes of a healer, although Ti had forgotten what the brown belt stood for. It took a great deal of willpower to keep her expression from showing what she thought as the robes reminded her of a certain Sal Kadian healer.

    She put all such thoughts out of her head, bearing in mind that Isliel had been something of an... anomaly among healers. The world is fortunate there is only one of her, but I'd say that is one too many, Ti thought bitterly. She refused to let that bitterness show, lest the newcomers think it was directed at them in any way.

    "Do this.. happen often?"

    "No, this is not usual at all... Something odd is going on. Those direwolves seemed to keep growing, more shadows..." Jodi stopped midsentence, seeming to think of something. "Beware the eve the eyes deceive, shadows move and grow; the wicked malice seeks the chalice to enthrone the world below..." she recited, drawing the Elf's attention and Ti's as well.

    "What does that mean? To be honest, it frightened me, and I don't know why. There is a sense of forewarning in those words."

    Ti nodded her agreement, her crystalline blue eyes meeting Jodi's momentarily before she scooted closer to the fire. She felt cold all of a sudden, and it wasn't the weather, either. Perhaps it was the dragon who had just descended into the cavern, sending up a nice wind among the crystals in the cavern.

    The news Medea bore, however, was not so nice. Slopewing's wail of sorrow made Ti want to cover her ears, but she expected the gesture would do no good. Medea did not speak, she simply held out the basket-like thing she carried, allowing all to see it's contents. Inside were five eggs.

    Five. A heartbreakingly small number.

    "They were all dead except these five eggs, within hours of my arrival. I was just too late. I lost two of the eggs from getting too cold. Ur was tending them but she must have been one of the first to feed therefore she was the first to die. Slopewing, you and these un-hatched are all that remain of The FireMist Falls Bevy...." Medea flung her head up and roared her agony and frustration. As the dragon lowered her head, her eyes fell upon the new arrivals. "Have you caught the perpetrators of this horrendous crime?!" She cried out suddenly and glared at the newcomers with open malice.

    Tivanica had nothing to say, but then again the residents of FireMist were used to her silence. If the perpetrators were other dragons, there was no way the newcomers could have caught them. She had other theories, but decided not to give voice to them as of yet... for now it was probably best to let Vrain, Jodi and the dwarves handle things.

    OOC: Hope that wasn't too sucky an intro.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 10th September 2004, 10:17 PM
    "Beware the eve the eyes deceive, shadows move and grow; the wicked malice seeks the chalice to enthrone the world below..."

    A unease chill swept through Soiren. By the sound of it, it was an old saying, possibly one from the dwarves as Jodi had not had much contact with other humans outside the mountains. She wanted to ask what the words meant, but it was clear Jodi didn't know much of it. Was it a warning or a prediction? those two things had the tendency to confuse people. Then the mystery ring surrounding it made it almost impossible to decipher.

    Something from outside the cavern drew everyone's attention. Through the swirling mist, Soiren saw another silver dragon, her form becoming more distinct as the distance between them shortened. The dragon landed with awkwardness, and Soiren's eyes flew to the her unusual posture. Meadea, as Slopewing called out, was carrying something.

    "They were all dead except these five eggs, within hours of my arrival. I was just too late. I lost two of the eggs from getting too cold. Ur was tending them but she must have been one of the first to feed therefore she was the first to die. Slopewing you and these un-hatched are all that remain of The FireMist Falls Bevy...." Medea flung her head up and roared her agony and frustration.

    So the attack of the direwolves was planned to coincide with the destruction of the eggs?

    As Medea lowered her head, her eyes fell upon the new arrivals. "Have you caught the perpetrators of this horrendous crime?!" She cried out suddenly and glared at the newcomers with open malice.

    Xer put a hand on her back, preventing her from taking a voluntary step backward. He conceded he held no particular sorrow for the destruction of the eggs, for he had not lived with the dragons and hence found it difficult to share their concern. He was however, more alarmed that someone could steal in and deal such a terrible blow to the dragons on their own ground. Plainly, this was not a simple attack. He held steady as Meadea's gaze landed on him and the group around him.

    "I'm sorry for your loss, dragon," he said, feeling the need to speak. He had only met Vrain and Jodi less than twelve hours ago. This explanation could come from no one else.

    "Me and my charge," he said, still keeping up the story that he was Soiren's guard, "Were seeking these mountains and the dwarves in particular when we met with Vrain and Jodi. Griforol here was in a journey who ran into us. Then the direwolves appeared and attacked with no reason. Zan here lost her companions while crossing the mountains. I would like to know who was behind the attack as well."

    Glad that Xer had intervened, Soiren first noticed another human presence among the circle of dwarves and dragons. Strongly built with dark, blonde hair and crystalline eyes, an ominous cloak seemed to shroud her. Those eyes in particular were holding something dark in check. A human living with the dwarves... she could see already see this woman had a story in her. Though not one the healer might want to hear.

    Things are turning out quite unexpected.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 11th September 2004, 09:29 AM
    Jodi noticed the mysterious Ti had come into the cavern. Ti was so distant Jodi had always admired the woman but been a bit fearful of her too. She seemed an impenetrable tower of mystery to Jodi. One that was best left alone as Marble was always reminding her. "That one, leave 'er be. She will speak when the time comes. I wouldn't press 'er if I were you..." Jodi had agreed with Marble's assessment but always remained curious about Ti. She watched the quiet figure move like the shadows themselves and realized most of the others may not even know she had arrived.
    "Mighty convenient arrival if you ask me...." Medea snorted and lowered her head to stare at Xer and Soiren closely. Then she moved her head to look closer at Griforol.
    "Any of you know anything about poisons?? Hmmm??" Medea asked testily, her eyes still suspicious.
    "I say we take them all to the Seer!!" Medea snarled with determination her eyes still warily kept on the new arrivals. Jodi gasped. She didn't know them all that well but the thought frightened her for her new friends!
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 11th September 2004, 09:27 PM
    Poisons? was that the mean employed to kill the eggs?

    "Wait," Soiren said, she was not bold enough to step away from Xer and face the dragon on her own. "What about the poisons you just mentioned? I might be able to identify it."

    She was more apprehensive of the dragons' presence than the seer Meadea threatened to take them to. Whoever they were couldn't be as bad as dragons?
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    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 11th September 2004, 10:27 PM
    "Ah just as I suspected! One of them does know about poisons! Krondor what are you waiting for??" Medea snarled.

    "Wait Medea, this one you accuse healed Jodi when a direwolf had ripped her arm open! She uses 'the Touch of The Light'. It is not of the darkness. I disagree with you. Why don't you let her speak? Go ahead healer... I wish to hear your ideas." Tolari stepped in front of Xer and Soiren, placing herself to face the angry Medea.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 11th September 2004, 11:06 PM
    Vrain stood in the centre of the Dragon Council and spoke quietly, not wanting the others to hear his true feelings about the direwolf attack. His expression was grim as he related what had happened from the time of their meeting with Xer and Soiren. "I am more worried about this attack than I let on to Jodi." He said, frowning. "This is no random hunting pack that has strayed too far from their territory. They were too far into our mountains, and too well coordinated. I have never seen direwolves work together in such an efficient and intelligent manner. They are lethal pack hunters, but not as good as this." he sighed and deliberately fixed his eyes firmly on the glistening claws of Krondor to avoid glancing at Xer and Soiren and betraying his thoughts. "I believe that someone or something was directing the attack, and that it's target was the strangers I have brought, Xer and Soiren. I don't know if they're trying to escape, or if they are truly engaged on a quest and are being pursued without their knowledge." he paused, thinking carefully, then looked up at Krondor. "When we were at the camp Xer showed me a sword with a cracked blade. I recognised it immediately because it had the signature of its dwarven maker, and also its name. I believe this is what the direwolves' master seeks." He took a deep breath, then spoke quietly, "It is Mexgardus."

    The reaction from the Council was instantaneous. They hissed and drew back, some rumbling dangerously, their tails lashing. They were interrupted, however, when a lone Silver spiraled in to the cavern bearing precious cargo.

    When Medea had told her sad tale the council were grief-stricken. Suddenly Medea noticed the strangers and turned her anger, grief and frustration on them.

    "Have you caught the perpetrators of this horrendous crime?!" She cried out suddenly and glared at the newcomers with open malice. She was not satisfied by the response she got. "I say we take them all to the Seer!" she snarled.

    Vrain was half-expecting someone to say this but was still shocked when it came. For the first time he dared to look back at Jodi and the others. He saw Jodi's face go white, and the neutral reaction from the strangers showed their complete lack of understanding.

    "Wait," Soiren said, staying close to her protector, Xer. "What about the poisons you just mentioned? I might be able to identify it."

    Medea snorted in disbelief. "That would not prove your innocence!" she hissed angrily. "Would not the ones who committed this act know their own work? No! They must go to the Seer!"

    Once again the mood of the Council changed as they remembered what Vrain had said. Although he had supported the innocence of the strangers, the Council acknowledged that another possibility was that these strangers could be in league with their enemies, staging the direwolf attack to fake their innocence.

    With a harsh glint in his eye Krondor turned towards Xer and Soiren. "Yes, you must go to the Seer. Only she can tell us who you really are. For your sake, I hope you are who you say you are." with that he turned back towards Medea and the eggs and the Council reformed around them.

    Seeing the confusion on their faces, Vrain hurried over to try and explain.
    Posted by Blessed-one (Member #546) on 12th September 2004, 01:57 AM
    "Ah just as I suspected! One of them does know about poisons! Krondor what are you waiting for??" Medea snarled.

    "Wait Medea, this one you accuse healed Jodi when a direwolf had ripped her arm open! She uses 'the Touch of The Light'. It is not of the darkness. I disagree with you. Why don't you let her speak? Go ahead healer... I wish to hear your ideas." Tolari stepped in front of Xer and Soiren, placing herself to face the angry Medea.

    "Much of the Calkai and Calkei mountain areas are unexplored by the healers at Kharilin, if the poison was taken and made from plants here then I might not be much help. I need to look at the the thing affected by the poison to assess it," Soiren answered.

    Meanwhile, Vrain was in council with the dragons off to a side. They had reached a decision, one Xer thought was most probably prompted by Meadea's outburst.

    "Yes, you must go to the Seer. Only she can tell us who you really are. For your sake, I hope you are who you say you are." Krondor said, turning around to address the humans and elves.

    Xer exchanged a glance with Soiren, disappointed that she knew nothing of the Seer they mentioned. A person, or could it even be a dragon? who could tell whether they were what they said they were. Some kind of a truth seer? he was not aware that such one still existed in Ithriya.

    "So who's this Seer?" he said as Vrain made his way to them.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 12th September 2004, 08:38 AM
    Ti nodded slightly to Jodi in greeting, not that it would reassure her any. She knew that she intimidated the younger woman, and the healer seemed a little unsettled as well. She and Marble, at least, had a sort of unspoken understanding between each other. The female dwarf was quite perceptive and realized that Tivanica needed some space, that pressing her would not be a good idea. The Perian woman truly appreciated that discretion, as well as FireMist's hospitality in general, and showed that in small ways however she could. Not with words but by her actions.

    Mighty convenient arrival if you ask me...." Medea snorted and lowered her head to stare at the newcomers intently. "Any of you know anything about poisons?? Hmmm??" Even though the question was not directed at her, Ti couldn't help feeling just a little bit nervous. There was an unsettling pause before Medea snarled, "I say we take them all to the Seer!"

    "Wait," said Soiren. "What about the poisons you just mentioned? I might be able to identify it."

    "Ah, just as I suspected! One of them does know about poisons! Krondor, what are you waiting for?" hissed Medea.

    Ti knew the dragoness would be nearly impossible to convince. She could fully understand Medea's suspicions; healers were just as capable of evil as the next person, as she had found out the hard way. She wasn't exactly inclined to trust this particular healer, either.

    Wait Medea, this one you accuse healed Jodi when a direwolf had ripped her arm open!" protested Tolari, interposing herself between Xer, Soiren and the angry Medea. "She uses 'the Touch of The Light'. It is not of the darkness. I disagree with you. Why don't you let her speak? Go ahead healer... I wish to hear your ideas."

    The Touch of the Light... that's not enough, Tolari, Ti thought. Isliel played up her healer role like nothing else before she stabbed us all in the back. If these people truly mean well, they should have nothing to fear from the Seer.

    "Much of the Calkai and Calkei mountain areas are unexplored by the healers at Kharilin, if the poison was taken and made from plants here then I might not be much help. I need to look at the the thing affected by the poison to assess it," Soiren answered.

    Medea snorted in disbelief. "That would not prove your innocence!" she hissed angrily. "Would not the ones who committed this act know their own work? No! They must go to the Seer!"

    I know you're angry and paranoid, Medea, thought Ti, but you're also completely right.

    With a harsh glint in his eye Krondor turned towards Xer and Soiren. "Yes, you must go to the Seer. Only she can tell us who you really are. For your sake, I hope you are who you say you are." with that he turned back towards Medea and the eggs and the Council reformed around them.

    A wise decision, Krondor, Ti commended silently. You can never be too sure of anyone's innocence... She looked up to stare intently at the strangers, her gaze locking on Xer in particular. No words accompanied it-- the warning her eyes held was all that was necessary.

    Vrain's conference with the dragons, though, stuck in her mind the most. Although she had only caught bits of it she could tell that the direwolf incursion was something highly unusual in its nature. She had her suspicions-- there were but a few explanations that made sense to her. The way things were transpiring, it would soon be time for Tivanica to break her silence.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 12th September 2004, 11:15 AM
    Jodi simply stood aghast at the turn of events. She saw Vrain coming toward them and was more than happy to let him try to explain to the others the sentence that had been passed upon them. How do you explain to someone they are being sent to be placed in mortal peril? Jodi instead when to the eggs. Drawn by the concern over the remaining survivors of the FireMist Falls clutch, she turned to Slopewing.
    "Let's get them over near the fire, poor little things..."
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 12th September 2004, 07:02 PM
    Krondor and Medea's sentence upon the newcomers shocked Jodi, but seemed to have little effect on Ti. Then again, she had not seen Xer and Soiren's actions during the direwolf attack, whereas Jodi had. She quite hoped that the younger woman was a better judge of character than Ti herself had been. That wench of a Sal Kadian healer had managed to fool everyone.

    Innocence can't last much longer in a climate like this, she reflected grimly.

    Rather than explain to her new friends what exactly going to the Seer entailed-- it seemed Vrain was going to handle that one-- Jodi instead went to the eggs. Drawn by the concern over the remaining survivors of the FireMist Falls clutch, she turned to Slopewing.

    "Let's get them over near the fire, poor little things..."

    Moved by her own worry, Tivanica went over as well. Although she did not voice it, during her year spent in FireMist she had come to care deeply about the silver dragons. She found it something of an odd feeling but she held tightly to it. It had kept her human. It had kept her from losing herself completely to the hatred that burned within her.

    I should have said something earlier, she thought, a pang of irrational guilt stabbing through her. In order to ward that off, Ti began to help Jodi and Slopewing make a warm nest for the precious eggs.

    "Five survivors..." she whispered, grief tinting her voice. "But even these five are a mercy..." She smiled wanly at Jodi. "We won't lose any more if I can possibly help it."

    And that means opening up old wounds, she thought. I need to speak out... I just don't know if I have the strength to. Inside her mind, the image she held of Isliel began to laugh at her. Ti unconsciously clenched her fist. That's it, you harlot. I will say something even if it kills me to do so!

    She seemed almost surprised at her own words. She didn't dare think that anything outside herself had prompted her to say them, for her faith had shattered with Isliel's betrayal, but there had to be something deeper operating there... the lost eggs of FireMist would not go unavenged.
    Posted by cyberwing (Member #11784) on 12th September 2004, 08:18 PM
    Tolari began to sing softly. The melodious song was like a warm blanket on a cold evening and it seemed to Jodi the tiny un-hatched eggs were responding. Perhaps it was her imagination or perhaps just her desire for these tiny Silver dragons to hatch and be healthy. She raised an eyebrow at the intense emotion she saw race fleetingly across Ti's face. Marble was stoking up the fire and Slade had prepared a place on the warmed stone bench next to the fire. She took one egg from the nest and set it on Slopewing's back feet. The silver dragon nestled down to 'cuddle' the egg against her body gently. Jodi went to the bench and sat the nest down. Medea had hatched her last clutch using the 'seat' Slopewing was using now.

    Jodi was small but remembered toting wood for the fire to keep Medea warm and comfortable. Vrain had helped hunt for Medea and Jodi had also brought water to the healer dragon so she would not have to move. Her mate, Persunor had been killed fighting an incursion of Reds into their hunting territory at the base of FireMist. Many of that clutch had gone to the FireMist Falls Bevy and now...they were dead. Young dragons she had known from hatchlings and played with in the mountain meadows. Jodi let a tear fall, knowing Medea's aching heart had done the speaking much of the last few minutes. Jodi knew so many of the Silvers that had died this terrible day, she couldn't think about it anymore. She took a blanket from Slade who had a big pile on another stone bench. Sitting down again, she wrapped the egg in the blanket but held the one side of the egg close to her body. Hugging the egg to send warmth to it as Medea had shown her many years before.
    "Zan? I...I have to tell you something. Those that traveled with you...the awful direwolves..." Jodi drew a deep breath and finally went on, staring into the fire, avoiding Zan's eyes, but finally finding the words. "I counted four bodies and the corpses of two horses from the air near the area where a wagon sat abandoned on the forest path." Jodi said quickly, then looked down at the egg she hugged and a tear fell on the shell. "There was one among the nasty creatures, it was a shadowy creature full of evil and surely none of your kin, but it walked upright on two legs. I felt cold and pure hate came at me from the shadow." Jodi fell silent. Marble placed a reassuring hand on the young woman's shoulder.
    "Tis' a'right lass, that's all ye need reveal. Ask the Great Creator to ease yer mind from the 'orror of the rest o' what ye saw." Marble whispered quietly to Jodi under the pretense of leaning over to check the egg.
    "Now, what say we feed these guests then prepare 'em a bed. The morrow will come soon enough." Marble said out loud and waved her ladle. "Biscuits before ye can get yer 'ands washed in yonder stream!" She shouted then turned back to her thick stew. Slade brought over a large silver hammered bowl for Marble. "'Tis goin ta' be a wicked time if that rhyme is comin' about.... wicked indeed." The dwarvess shuddered and Slade's eyes became wide as saucers but he uttered not a word.
    Posted by Lady_Firehawk (Member #29752) on 12th September 2004, 08:59 PM
    Ti didn't miss Jodi's expression. Most likely the younger woman didn't quite know how to react to her words, as she was used to the Perian's distant silence. Sorrow reigned heavily, but a slender thread of hope wove into that as Tolari began to sing. She swore that the eggs were responding and found herself marvelling anew at how much the dragons cared for each other and their young. Almost human in some ways, though Ti thought wryly that such a comparison probably insulted the dragons.

    How many have died today? she asked herself. Was it my silence that cost them their lives? The thought tore at her spirit and she had to make a concerted effort to keep her emotions in check. Her control slipped, though, and she bowed her head so Jodi couldn't see her face. The younger woman had her own emotions to deal with. Doubtless the deaths hit her even harder because the dragons had always been her family. In order to reassure her, and perhaps to assuage her own remorse as well, Tivanica took the lead of Jodi and the dwarves and helped with the eggs.

    May these younglings hatch and grow strong, she thought. If they do... maybe my faith will be salvageable after all...

    "Now, what say we feed these guests then prepare 'em a bed. The morrow will come soon enough." Marble said out loud and waved her ladle. "Biscuits before ye can get yer 'ands washed in yonder stream!" She shouted then turned back to her thick stew. Slate brought over a large silver hammered bowl for Marble. "'Tis goin ta' be a wicked time if that rhyme is comin' about.... wicked indeed." The dwarvess shuddered and Slate's eyes became wide as saucers but he uttered not a word.

    Tivanica nodded in grim agreement, her countenance deeply troubled. She wondered if she had been, in some way, a harbinger of all this...

    I came here seeking refuge from the cultists, but it appears that betrayal has inescapably connected me to them... in a way, I almost wish I'd never survived.
    Posted by Buskanaka (Member #15017) on 13th September 2004, 04:40 AM
    As Vrain approached Xer looked across at him. "So who's this Seer?" he said when Vrain was close enough. Vrain led them over to the side of the cave where there were some rocks that had been fashioned into seats. When they were sitting down he began to explain. "As you have just seen, we live a precarious existence here. The Silver's are not the only dragons. There are others. However, the Silvers are the only dragons that worship the Light. Because of this, we are constantly attacked and harassed by the many who want to see us destroyed." he sighed. "I hope you can see that we cannot be too careful about who we allow into our inner sanctuaries. In fact, we must be absolutely sure that no one planning to do evil to us is allowed here. We only know of one way of ensuring this, and that is The Seer." Vrain paused, allowing the strangers to take it in. Despite the fact that he trusted them already, having seen their actions on the plain, he knew that there was no other way of protecting what remained of the Silvers, and he definitely wasn't going to choose the safety of people he barely knew over those who had sheltered and raised him.

    "The Seer is a dragon. She is the very old, and was old when the oldest here was born. She is blind but can see into a persons heart; man, dragon, or dwarf. She can see what is in your thoughts: malice and evil intent, or truth and honour. There is nothing that can be hidden from her gaze." he said mater-of-factly. "If she accepts you, then we will accept you. If she finds fault with you..." he shrugged. "I cannot say what will happen to you." he stood up to leave, knowing that his explanation would be quite a shock. "Tonight we will rest, but tomorrow I will take you to her cave. In truth, just getting there is half of the test." he turned to leave them alone but decided to try and offer some words of reassurance. "I believe you." he said simply, "And I believe you have nothing to fear." with a reassuring smile he left them alone and walked over to where Jodi was hugging an egg.
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