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    College Life OOC Information and Discussion

    College Life OOC Information and Discussion

    Disclaimer: All characters for this roleplay are regular humans, without any superpowers or special skills. Also, this roleplay will be about character development and bonding.

    Plot: The characters are all in the same university, and have ended up developing a bond as a group. During one of the terms, all of them will face some personal challenge that will cause them to rethink their choices and consider dropping out, and only the support of their friends will keep them afloat.

    Further information: This will be an unstructured roleplay, with the players creating the story as we go. Posting frequency will be as people are able to post, and posting order will be through cycles, with everyone posting before I start a new one. Romance is allowed, but the characters need to interact with others as well, not just their SO.

    The challenges

    Losing a family member (someone close enough for the loss to affect their emotional balance)
    Mental health issues (if you get this, you get to choose exactly what the issue will be)
    Bullying (if you get this, you'll have to provide a reason)
    Gang involvement
    Getting pregnant/getting someone pregnant and having to face adult life sooner than they planned
    Drug involvement
    Becoming a caregiver for a sick family member
    Losing the job they needed to pay for their education
    Some big (negative) family event happens during their break and they start reconsidering everything (if you get this, you'll be required to provide the event)

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    For the participants: Since it's gonna be just the three of us, and you both ended up with pretty similar challenges, you can feel free to choose a new one, or keep the one you had.
    I'll wait on that choice before reposting my own character (though I may keep the old challenge for mine if nobody else wants to take it).

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    I think I'll go with drug involvement. I'm thinking that Nicole got in a car accident and got addicted to very strong pain killers.

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    Awesome, sounds cool.

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    Still going to keep Joel with losing his grandfather.

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    Great! I'll post my character now, then.
    Also, cool new avatar!

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    Thanks. I'm in a "Sons of Anarchy" mood.

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    Gotta add it to my to-watch list at some point.

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    It's a good show but be warned, it's not a fairy tale with a happy ending.

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    Lady, do you even know me? lol

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