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    It can be like those "Choose your own Adventure" books. Except his is "Choose your own Death".

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    I'm very tempted to have Pam accidentally kill him, and then see the whole family lie because well... who cares if Peter dies? lol

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    LOL, that would be awesome actually. Alexis would throw a party.

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    LMAO, poor police officer would enter a house full of people who know nothing, saw nothing, and heard nothing.

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    "Someone died? Oh....no."

    Alexis, trying not to grin. lol

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    "That's unfortunate...*snorts*"

  7. The following user laughed at Shades's post:

    Sojourn (06-12-2017)

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    One more down. Thiking of fading to the funeral for the next round, if that's okay with you?

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    That sounds good to me.

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    Forgot to round to the funeral, because my memory can't be trusted. Will do it soon.
    Especially because I can't wait for Peter to be unfortunately (ha) deceased.

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    I didn't add aunt Bess for now, but I can on the next post if you want to include something with her during this time Pam and Peter were upstairs!

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