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    Jenna Osbourne

    "It must be."

    Jenna agreed with Dylan when they found a door that would open. The Puppeteer would only allow them to open doors that he wanted them in. The food smelled good, but Jenna didn't want to eat. She wanted to go home. She didn't want to be a part of someone else's game.

    Jenna told the woman.

    "We just want to go home."

    From the brief time she had known Dylan, she knew he wanted the same thing. They weren't interested in eating whatever she made, they wanted to get out of here.

    "Please, just let us out of here."

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    Dylan Wilson

    Dylan wasn't sure what he expected to find in the kitchen, but the young woman named Jenny wasn't it. She seemed so normal....No, she couldn't be. Not to be cooking in this crazy person's house. He eyed the knife she had been using to carve the ham and wondered if he could take it. He didn't want to harm her but he also wanted to get himself and Jenna out of here. They would probably need a weapon or two in this house.

    "No offense, Jenny, but my new friend is right. We aren't interested in any drink or food. We just want to get out of here."

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    Jenny Wallis

    Jenny sighed as she heard what both newcomers had to say. She shook her head for a moment and then nodded before speaking. "I know. Don't we all?", she replied quietly.

    After these hopeless words, Jenny gave them some time to sink in before carrying on.

    "I'm sorry, you don't really know what's going on here, so I will try to explain it to the best of my ability", she started, cautiously.

    "This house belongs to a person who identifies himself only as the Puppeteer. I don't know his name, or much about him at all. He likes... tests, and teaching people about fighting for their freedom. If they survive and pass his tests, he eventually lets them go. There is a door to the outside - the only one - at the hallway. It has several locks, and the keys are around the house. I know... it's not really helpful, since they're not always in the same places".

    The girl shook her head sadly.

    "I'm very sorry I can't be of much help. I have as much control over this situation as you do - none".

    Once she finished speaking, the girl started picking up the kitchen, giving both Jenna and Dylan time to collect their thoughts.

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenny's reply to them made Jenna sigh as well. She wondered how this young woman got stuck in this house. More importantly, how did anyone get out of it? When Jenny explained what she knew it sounded crazy. Like something out of a movie.

    "Well, I have no interest in his tests. This Puppeteer sounds like a mad man."

    Jenna said with a frown on her face.

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    Dylan Wilson

    Everything that Jenny told them, just confirmed to Dylan that he wanted to leave and quickly. The Puppeteer sounded like a crazy man. Kidnapping people and putting them through tests. He didn't have to ask what happened if you failed the tests. Dylan was sure he already knew.

    He nodded his head to Jenna.

    "He does."

    He turned back to Jenny.

    "You could come with us. We could all leave together."

    He offered her. The girl sounded like she was basically a slave here. Trapped, like they were.

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    Jenny Wallis

    Jenny listened to what Jenna had to say. A smile flashed on her lips when the other woman mentioned that the Puppeteer sounded like a mad man. "Would you say?", she asked, shaking her head. There wasn't real irony in her words, it was more as though she was confirming that.

    "Still, this is his asylum, and we are all inmates. Not much we can do. You pass the tests, he lets you out. You don't...". The young woman fell silent and left the sentence unfinished.

    Dylan's suggestion that she could come with them seemed to upset Jenny. Her face closed into a somewhat unfriendly expression. "No, I couldn't", she replied, not giving them too much of a chance for a reply. "Now, come on. Let's see if we can make our way into the living room", she invited. "It's in your best interest to be friendly with the residents, trust me".

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    Jenna Osbourne

    Jenna pressed her lips together in frustration. Listening to Jenny....It wasn't stuff the woman wanted to hear. Jenny sounded like she had accepted her fate. To be a puppet at a mad man's hands. Jenna didn't want to agree to any of this! She wouldn't agree to this. She just wanted go home.

    It went without saying what would happen if you didn't pass a test...Jenna frowned when Jenny said there were residents.

    "'Residents?' How many other people are here?"

    She asked, looking over at Dylan in concern.

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    Dylan Wilson

    The more Jenny talked, the more Dylan wanted to scream. Or wake up from this nightmare. Actually the second one would be a better option. If anyone had told him yesterday he'd wake up in some crazy man's house to play 'games', he would have asked what that person was smoking. But this was his reality now, he thought. Dylan wasn't one who liked to lose at games. And it felt like there was never a game more important then this one.

    He frowned as he listened to Jenny. Not because he didn't like her, he didn't even know her. But because she was telling him things he didn't want to hear. Like Jenna, he didn't need to be told what happened if you didn't pass a test. He exchanged a look with his fellow 'inmate' and said.

    "You've been here a long time, haven't you?"

    Jenny seemed to just accepted her life. Dylan had a feeling to have that level of acceptance didn't come over night.

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    Jenny Wallis

    Jenny had her own reasons to accept that living in that house was her fate. She had seen people come and go - some on their own two feet, others in body bags. She had been there for them as much as she could. Keeping them fed, and, every now and then, pleading their case to the Puppeteer. She had other reasons that were more personal, but those would be kept to herself.

    "Oh... well. The brothers. And a few others. You will eventually meet them all", she replied, somewhat vaguely.

    When Dylan asked her if she had been in the house for a long time, Jenny nodded. She didn't seem upset at all, though.

    "Yes, I have. I... didn't come in like you guys did, though. You will know more about this and other things in the future, if you have the time. I would prefer to give you a few pieces of advice". The girl paused to make sure she had both Dylan's and Jenna's attention.

    "Always watch your step, especially at night. Hold on to whatever items you find - no matter how useless they may look. You can bring them either to me or Jim - he's one of the brothers, you will meet him soon. We know more about this house than everyone else. Don't believe everything anyone tells you - not even me. Wait, that sounded wrong. I will tell you the entire truth about everything I know. But even Jim and I don't really know everything there is to know. Some of the information we have came from the Puppeteer, so we can't be 100% sure it's accurate, you know".

    Jenny sighed and shook her head. "I just want to see both of you out of this house. Jack and Jim - the brothers - will probably be willing to help you out as well, in their own ways. I can't speak for anyone else, though, in this regard. Now come on, let's move to the living room. We'll be more comfortable there, and can start talking about your plans and chances".

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    Dylan Wilson

    Dylan wasn't ready to accept that someone who had kidnapped him had his fate in his hands. He didn't want to play some sick man's game. Although it did surprise him to learn there were others here. How did people not know about this house? Wouldn't something like this make the news? People don't just go missing....Was he in the news? He wondered that. Did people even know he was missing?

    "You know people are going to come looking for us."

    He said, not knowing if it was true or not. He lived three states over from his own family. Who he called about once a month. He had moved for a better job. He had friends, but they were mostly work friends. Surely, they would realize he wasn't the type to just skip work. Unless his boss just thought he had moved on. Since he was a single man, with no kids or obligations. Shit. How long would it take for someone to know he was kidnapped? Christmas time, maybe? It wasn't a good thing to think about.

    He wondered how Jenny got here and realized she wasn't going to tell them. Maybe Dylan didn't want to know anyway. He made a face when she said to first not believe everything he was told but he could believe her. His trust for her and the brothers she talked about was very low. All he wanted was to go home. Back to his little apartment and eat some Chinese leftovers as he watched a football game.

    Plans and chances...He sighed.

    "I guess we should meet these brothers."

    He said to Jenna, the only person he felt he could trust in the house. Because she had been forced into this place like he had.

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